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Come and risk your LIFE!

That was so freaaking funny omg!!!!!!!! 11th December 2018
LOL XD The ending was funny, please write more stories like this, thanks and good job! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)11th December 2018
This is one of my favorites story's!!!!!!6th December 2018
make a new story28th November 2018
omg, the story was amazing25th November 2018
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!24th October 2018
holy moly macaroni that was REALLY scary23rd October 2018
scary story19th October 2018
Spooky story 16th September 2018
Good story!
6th September 2018
Funny story21st August 2018
good story31st July 2018
It is a good story
1st June 2018
bad and good31st May 2018
good story but I wanted to read more:[29th May 2018
Its really good but next time dont rush to the end and use more description.4th May 2018
Cool story...but the ending part was deliberately rushed. When the elderly lady jumped out of the blown-up T.V., that bit should be extended. I was hoping to read more.3rd May 2018
yeah that was a good story...but I as well wish u hadn't rushed to the end, I hoped that there would be more to read18th April 2018
It was surprising only it nedded to slow a little.26th March 2018
I like your story but can you please not rush to the end.21st February 2018
I think it was good and I would like to read more21st January 2018
I thought it was good but it could do with some little tweaks but it was really good
21st January 2018
This story has some detail and plot, but lacks much information and grammar to make it tense or intriguing for the reader. Try to add more speech as well as a past for Gareth. Also, don't try to rush the end but (this is optional) create a cliffhanger to had to the tension. 28th December 2017
wat? i need to know more!!!
2nd December 2017
very good9th November 2017
Very good but it needs more punctuation and more speech8th November 2017
bad grammar!
6th November 2017
This is good 19th June 2017
WOW.I realy liked it my fav part is the end. the guy is stupid.28th April 2017
woah very short6th March 2017
lol, good ending2nd March 2017
That was a good story I like the end19th January 2017
I absolutely... LOVE that story, cos I love creepy stories... ESPECIALLY ghost creepy stories!!:)19th January 2017
wow i want to be that man14th January 2017
This is like something I'd come up with6th January 2017
you not the ruler Annie. I love your story William. 27th December 2016
Well I liked it and I didn\'t like it. I liked it because it was a mystery story. I didn\'t like it because it was like then this happened then that happened. But if you improved it, it could be a very good story.23rd December 2016
super good i liked the sign say ENTER IF U DARE.9th December 2016
Great story
8th December 2016
HS(horrible story) what happened to him did he die? 6th December 2016


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