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The Green Children of Woolpit

Name: Tina 29th January 2008
i loved the story, i mean its fantastic, for young children who like listening to stories its very entertaining.Thank you for making this myths and legends site.
Name: Samantha 26th November 2008
Name: Joe K 4th December 2008
Name: Brianna 12th December 2008
i'm doing this 4 a school project. I think it's cool
Name: Gemma 16th January 2009
Its good but i cant hear the sound. :)
Name: Tasha 25th January 2009
it was a good story it would have been funny if they were hulks kids
Name: Tamara 2nd February 2009
I think this story is great!
Name: Jonathan I 4th February 2009
green is my favvvvvvvvv color to be green thats cool!
Name: Megan 4th March 2009
Name: John 11th March 2009
What happened to their "strange cloths of an unknown material". Surly this would be an interesting and important artifact.
Name: Caitlin 17th March 2009
this story is spooky and freaky. It made me feel like i was in grat danger from those children
Name: Eta 23rd June 2009
is this story real?
Name: Kacey 8th November 2009
i liked this story beacause there were green and i think it is weird to be green and i didn"t think it was scary.
Name: Melissa Jer 17th January 2010
this story was weird because there is know such thing as green children
Name: Chill 14 27th January 2010
WOW i thought it totally rocked it was ausome and creative i never thought to make a story that GREAT!!
Name: Sarah 24th February 2010
I think this is a very interesting story, and I think I have seen that banner before. It does have green children on it.
Name: Aleena 3rd June 2010
this is a true story but the thing is the children are from belgium they are orphans their parents used to own a cloth factory they are green because of they had the dye on they lived in the woods for a long time and are used to vegetation the boy died of melnutrition i got the information from horrible histories

Name: Pickman32 17th July 2010
i enjoyed it
Name: Andria 11th September 2010
WOW. It would be cool if I ever had a GREEN friend in school. But then everybody will make fun of her. But I will back her up. :)
Name: Nafiso 10th October 2010
i would love to have a green friend
Name: Joana Batista 8th December 2010
This story is very good.
Is the best one.
Name: Class 3W 12th January 2011
The class were thinking about whether this story is actually true. It was very exciting! Fahad likes spooky stories, The class thought it was a little spooky becuase the children didnt know how they became green. They wondered how the boy died.
Name: Jon 14th January 2011
That is wierd lol:P
Name: Ellen Mae 31st January 2011
The story is really good .
Name: Ellie 7th February 2011
very good
Name: Lola 21st February 2011
wow,cool I like this story a lot!
Name: Courtney 18th March 2011
so cool i love it
Name: Max 1st April 2011
This was well cool I love this site
Name: ROGER 19th July 2011
i like the style of writing made me wanna read on ... enjoyed it LOL ;)
Name: Grose 20th September 2011
i doo relly enjoy this man
Name: Shauna 17th November 2011
wow graet myth is it a true myth
Name: Jake 19th November 2011
super cool and also very interesting
Name: Ishika 23rd March 2012
this is really weird!!
Name: Laura 13th April 2012
that is really wierd but cool at the same time
Name: Ashly 29th April 2012
weird but it\'s a nice story
Name: Bret 20th May 2012
I love to hear about myth and legends.
Name: Kevin Langthorne 6th June 2012
Watching national geo channel about the green children , I love legend , myths etc .
Name: Maureen 23rd June 2012
I heard of this story today on Ancient X-Files and thought it fascinating. These kind of stories make you wonder what is really out there.
Name: Rehan 30th June 2012
This is one of the best myths or legend s
Name: Mogaburu Maria Ines 4th July 2012
One of my favourite English myths. My doubt is about the possibility of them suffering from chlorosis, but that doesn´t prevent me from such ominous feelings as this story can cause me.
Name: That Guy You Hate 29th July 2012
It's been proven that this actually happened so technically not a myth but still good!
Name: Kila Brennan 12th September 2012
COOOOOOOOOOOLL!! I Loved It! I love the coulor green!
Name: Sever 23rd October 2012
Awsome myth/ledgend!
Name: Purplelaws 22nd January 2013
awesome-tastic story[i was watching the incredible hulk today on tv!
Name: Maya 6th March 2013
i know why they were green they only ate vegatables so that turned them green and they were foiregn so that's the whole language thing
Name: Student 22nd April 2013
very strange myth with no moral. more of a weird tale
Name: Laura 22nd April 2013
The children were green sue to working on a dye factory with their parents, they only knew of the beans because that was what they normally ate and foraged for. They were forign, which explains the language. The boy died from influenza, because of poor imune system, and that is that.
Name: Kate 1st September 2013
It was a strange story
Name: Jeren 4th November 2013
it werid
Name: Sophia 25th November 2013
We re doing myths and legends in school so our teacher gave us the link for this website. I must say that in my facts book there is written of two gren children but it didn\'t give many details. It is a big mystery about where they came from and why their skin was green!
Name: Lily Reyes 27th April 2014
:) I love this story so much!
Name: Johanna 20th October 2014
what were their names? am just curious
Name: LindaGail 16th December 2014
have a cousin who as a baby was feed carrot baby food all the time because that was all he would want to eat , and yes it couse his skin to be orange, also there are so called suntan pills you can take that have a red food dye in them to help your skin look reddish ten like you\\\'ve been sunning or tanning. So if the only food they seemed to be familiar with is freash green beans and that is all they ate prior to being found it could explain why their skin was green
Name: 1234567890 9th February 2015
?what were their names?
Name: Livy 2nd May 2015
Good game
Name: Loron 10th October 2015
wow is this thing actually real
Name: Tom 23rd February 2016
very good
Name: Robi 17th February 2017
I like this. 9/10
Name: DeBrickashaw 14th August 2017
I heard of this story on the news, didn't they, like, fly and terrorize people?


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