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The Glass Knight

Name: Lilah 24th October 2008
Another gr8 myth team, thank you xxx
Name: Sophie Jones 29th October 2008
Is the monster a cockatrice?

Yes - in different versions it was both a basilisk and a cockatrice - The myths team
Name: Rhhiannon 31st October 2008
think the story was great.
Name: Evie 6th November 2008
very good and like the monster
Name: Mej 7th November 2008
isn't a basalisk meant to be a snake that kills with the poison in its fangs an it's stare and if you look at it indirectly it will petrify you?
Depends on the story you read, the descriptions of basilisks, like dragons, vary. Sometimes they are lizard like, sometimes snake like and sometimes very like another monster called a cockatrice- the Myths Team
Name: Beth 10th November 2008
very well spoken
Name: Beth 10th November 2008
very good can't wait to make one at school now great idea it was really well done who made it it was fabulous
Name: Louisa 11th November 2008
It was okay. I am learning about myths ledgends and fables at school. I like king Auther and the enchanted sword best
Name: Nelih 11th November 2008
truly fab were doing our own myths at school 2mrow cant wait
Name: Martha 11th November 2008
very good thanks for making it. it helped me with me homework!
Name: Sean 12th November 2008
great story hey Louisa i am doing King Arthur at school as well
Name: Daniel 14th November 2008
i realy like this myth
Name: Levin 15th November 2008
This is a wonderfull myth
Name: Chanelle Solan 15th November 2008
i am chanelle i am 8 years old and we have been learning on myths and legends at school and this was 1 of the storys that we listened 2 i liked this story the best! it rocked!! it was great and dead intresting i think all my class liked the glass night the best because it was intrestin and it never went stright into the story it introduced the characters and the setting for a while more near the end it went into the story and i think it is better like that even my teacher was even enjoying it we did work on it that is how intresting it is ITS GREAT!!that myth is absolutly great isnt it!!
Name: Josie 16th November 2008
i am 6 it is a real cliffhanger
Name: Lol 16th November 2008
i am year seven and twelve and too i really thought the story was fantastic and just a wonderful myth because at school we are doing this thing in english called webquest and as we travel through scarborough and we stop at different places and when we stop we use our charecters and write a bit more story how cool and homework is to go on this website
Name: 16th November 2008
I thought is was really great.Well done who ever wrote it!!!
Name: Kool K 17th November 2008
i am 10 and we are doing myths in class. this one was quite good but it got a bit boring after a while! so keep it happy and short. thank you for your time to write it well done!!!
Name: Milly 17th November 2008
this was fantastic dont make it less long it introdued us to the charactors and i loved it i am 8
Name: Milinda 17th November 2008
truley wonderful
Name: Anish 17th November 2008
Yea Man Cool?????
Name: Charlie 23rd November 2008
It was great it was not to long and not to short it was just right
Name: Milly 26th November 2008
cool it builds good suspence gr8 monster
Name: Alister 26th November 2008
the story was fantastic 1000/1000
Name: Lincoln 26th November 2008
more like this please, excellent
Name: Brad 29th November 2008
please put robin hood on but great otherwise
Name: Pacer 1st December 2008
This Myth is awsome but also really wierd. More Like this one please
Name: Harry 2nd December 2008
Awsome, it builds good tension and kept me interested my brother jake liked it to
Name: Class 5b 2nd December 2008
Fantastic story, we think he was very brave and very clever to fight the monster.
Name: Zoey 23rd December 2008

I thought it was amazing

and I just loved it!

so so so so so so so so so cool
Name: Mary 27th December 2008
very clever man
Name: Darcey 11th January 2009
this was a really good legend and i enjoyed it
Name: Emma Bolingbroke 13th January 2009
I this myth is wwwwhhhheeeeyyy by far the coolest. It involves information and scartenly not boring
Name: Rhian 16th January 2009
go on myths and ledgnds NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Eddy7789 18th January 2009
brill the best
Name: Lucy 22nd January 2009
This is really cool i like myths and legends
Name: Katie 25th January 2009
this is realy good for a skwl progect. i luv it.
Name: Mcfly1309 25th January 2009
Name: Ayaan 31st January 2009
The story is really interesting.I like it
Name: Kerry 31st January 2009
It was really good, do you have any ledgends about vampires?
Name: Harleys Storys 4th February 2009
your really good. have you read any of my tails yet? look for one called:

The wolfs cry

thnx for your great talent!!
Name: Maryam 5th February 2009
a little bit scary,and i do think basilisk is still alive
Name: Maryam 5th February 2009
very nice ,i knew the reflection would kill it.
Name: James 6th February 2009
that is a good story but actions are bit to slow
Name: Chloe 9th February 2009
it is sssssooooooo good
Name: Zahria 11th February 2009
the story of gelert is so sad he should have looked before he accused the dog and killed him
Name: Robber T8 20th February 2009
its a very good story because its a litl scary but overal its BRILLIANT!
Name: George 20th February 2009
it was gggrrreeeaaattt and cool
Name: SACHA 20th February 2009
absalutley brilliant
Name: Bethany 3rd March 2009
it was okay not the best but i liked it you but a lot of writing

it was great
Name: Gail 3rd March 2009
Name: Becky 4th March 2009
yey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its gr8
Name: Chloe Turner 5th March 2009
I liked the bit were the small bird hatched from the egg. I also thought it was an outstanding story even though it was quite long.
Name: Lauren 17th March 2009
It is a really gr8 story. Awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Goober446 17th March 2009
BESt ever i love it
Name: Simonique 17th March 2009
i really like this story and think that it is AWESOME
Name: Kaista10 23rd March 2009
I like all of your storys.
Name: Alex 27th March 2009
this website is awesome
Name: Emily 28th March 2009
wow this story is amazing but it was a bit long
Name: Kayleigh 2nd April 2009
very good but very long!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Jasmine Cory 3rd April 2009
this story was verry good how ever righed it must be fantastic from jasmine
Name: Caitlan 3rd April 2009
this story is a bit cool
Name: Shaun Bushby 21st April 2009
this story is okay
Name: Elijah 5th May 2009
that is a great story
Name: Rubber Duckie 8th May 2009
great story and i hope you make more! looking forward for any new stories to read!!!:-)
Name: Andrew 11th May 2009
I think it was an interesting legend and myths.I hope you can make another interesting story.Hope to see your new one!
Name: Jazmine Denton 20th May 2009
I think this is a wonderful story you should write a book excellent job.
From Jazmine Denton I want another because it was a fantastic.
Name: Nathan 22nd May 2009
That is so cool i got goosebumps
Name: Jordan 22nd May 2009
tht is so cool
Name: Benn 2nd June 2009
i like the games and the stories
Name: Curtis Demello 10th June 2009
OMG, this is the best thing ever mahnn.
Name: Dee 10th June 2009
this was so good
Name: Ben 11th June 2009
this game is mint man
Name: Emily Poole 11th June 2009
i luv the fab story
Name: Alex 16th June 2009
This was a really good story because of the Basilisk
Name: Pasha 16th June 2009
grate story but i just dont understand is it a myth or a legends.
Name: Kunle 17th June 2009
i though dat he won't die
Name: Abbie 17th June 2009
it was skerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry
Name: Abbie Mcmillan 21st June 2009
exelent story. The best part is the beggining.........Oh and the end.
Name: Sharna&jaz 23rd June 2009
its sooo kool
Name: Kelly 23rd June 2009
Fantastic legend! I loved every moment of it, another fantastic folk legend.
Name: Brittz 26th June 2009
Great story, I loved it. What a disgusting creature, whoever came up with that must be really creative!
Name: Mrs Kate 30th June 2009
it was a great story my kids loved it
Name: Rachel 15th July 2009
that story was great.i loved did my grandpa!
Name: Dalvin 21st September 2009
i like dis site
Name: Rebecca 23rd September 2009
i lovethis site
Name: Alex 24th September 2009
its cool
Name: Kim 2nd October 2009
It's awesome...i like the story
Name: Jordaneve 9th October 2009
I love this site and I love all the stories on it!!! good job to the e2bn people!! hiphip horay!!
Name: Sophia 12th October 2009
i think this is a great site i use it in school as well as at home and ive learned loads
Name: James 14th October 2009
Its pretty good
Name: Jessica 15th October 2009
I think its the best story so far
I love stories with wizardry
Name: Nice Guy 18th October 2009
this is great WAHOO!
Name: Tori The Horse Freak 19th October 2009
This story is great and I loooooooooove it because it explains a lot about Harry Potter (my sub. for twilight as I don\'t have all the books).
Name: Jessica 19th October 2009
I agree with Tori the horse freak
Name: Macho Man 22nd October 2009
It was great
Name: Ashlee The Other Freak. 26th October 2009
I agree with tori the horse freak...
Name: Alex 28th October 2009
this was very interesting...
Name: Hazel 1st November 2009
Name: Koolilishious 4th November 2009
coolllllllllllllllllllllllllllll it was very very very very very good because it was very very intresting and i could add on more verys on and i hope you found it polite and not insolent or naughty or rude.
Name: Max 5th November 2009
i loved it. it was interesting and there was a lot of suspense.
Name: Caitlin 6th November 2009
I lovvve it! i think its greeeaaaaaattttttt!
Name: Sirterence Q 12th November 2009
Awesome! So sweet! I thought everyone was gonna die! Wow!
Name: Lauren 17th November 2009
i think that myth s so good
Name: Genralle 17th November 2009
i love this story thanks myths and legendteam
Name: Deon W. 19th November 2009
this an awesome story
Name: Yo 19th November 2009
best 1 ever
Name: Paige 21st November 2009
This is cool
Name: Neha 22nd November 2009
This was a great story
and also this myth was one
my favourites.
Name: Michaloo 23rd November 2009
that is really good
Name: CC 25th November 2009
i liked the story but it was creepy4

Name: Mitchell 25th November 2009
awsome the best one ever
Name: Zara 25th November 2009
it's a bit like st george and the dragon
Name: John 28th November 2009
that was great but scary
Name: LIAM 2nd December 2009
i liked it a lottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
Name: Chyna 2nd December 2009
ok that freaked me out
Name: Haley Gomes 3rd December 2009
now im scARD .....
Name: Ellen 4th December 2009
great i loved it!
Name: Lee 6th December 2009
how do they move like that
Name: Ela 8th December 2009
Wow!!!! Its so cool!!! Id love to meet an egg like that!!!!
Name: Sophie 11th December 2009
wow that is so cool!!! i hope i can make a story just as creative as yours!!!!!
Name: Moses 11th December 2009
wow! i love it here...
Name: Charlie 11th December 2009
that wass goood!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Cooper 15th December 2009
I like your story very much. It gave me a few ideas for mine and it inspired me. GOOD WORK!
Name: Katy 15th December 2009
that was acccccccccce!!! i wish mine could be as good as that
Name: Terri-ann 16th December 2009
that took ages but it was good
Name: Alice 17th December 2009
wow you are a master mind!!!! it was so cool on how you just want to kep reading! YOU R AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Vedant Chaturvedi 20th December 2009
Tooooooooooooooooo gooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!
The best story on myths and legends. Loved it.
Name: Anisha 2nd January 2010
Ilove it!!
Name: Gorgina Crook 7th January 2010
It is very good
Name: Ji Marsden 12th January 2010
I dont completly know if thats true but u made it seem real good myth
Name: Aubin Rabia 17th January 2010
May I remind you that a 'myth'isn't supposed to be true. It's false. On the opposite, a legend summons the two. So,a legend may be true or false - 50%.
Name: Jade 20th January 2010
I liked it
Name: Jesus M. 25th January 2010
Name: Caitlan Lund 1st February 2010
Name: Samanta 2nd February 2010
i think it was really fun and its cool because i never saw a creature like that.
Name: Katie 4th February 2010
I thought it was quite good and i really liked the idea of half rooster and half serpent
Name: Dionne 9th February 2010
I love it because it was a intresting story and it was scary. I LOVE IT !!!!
Name: Weronika 10th February 2010
i like the story because it was lots of fun.LOVE!!!!
Name: Beth 22nd February 2010
i thought it was very good a bit scary but awsome hope other people enjoy it mwaaaa.
Name: Max 23rd February 2010
just a great story you should read it
Name: Tom 26th February 2010
it was all rite
Name: Lewis 2nd March 2010
i love myths and legends your exelent but one questuin what was that thing
Name: Suhas 4th March 2010
Name: Molly 6th March 2010
All The Books I listened To Were Great!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Zoe 8th March 2010
Very intresting I knew if you know not to give up you would do it thats a good thing
Name: Kieran 15th March 2010
it was an amazing story but why so poisenous it touched earth then everyone would die unless it flew everywhere but it would grow tired of flying there would be no world left
Name: Kate 6th April 2010
I thought it was really good but the end could still be improved.
Name: Salman 23rd April 2010
very good storie
Name: Kasim 29th April 2010
it was a really scary and a fun story to listen to and i really enjoyed it partically the part when the egg hatched and out came a really weird looking animal. i would give this story 10 out of 10 because i loved it.
Name: Shaun Bushby 21st June 2010
its a very good website
Name: Veena 26th July 2010
i love it all
Name: Helo 2nd October 2010
itz okay... considering itz for kids
Name: Chynnah 3rd October 2010
i wish it was a movie
Name: Jaques 6th October 2010
Very interesting story. It could be better but It is still a very good story.
Name: Rach 9th November 2010
This is very well thought. I wish there was a real book about this! Keep writing.
Name: Louie Albaran 10th November 2010
this story is nice i love its
Name: 3D 18th November 2010
We really liked this super film. It was great we all loved it alot.

From Class 3D
Name: Daniel 27th November 2010
this is a terridle horror film the creature is terrible i would give this a -100 rating.
Name: Andy Pipkin 5th December 2010
this movie is very very very very very very verrrrrrryyyy awsome! i wanna watch it again :)
Name: Mia 19th December 2010
well well well i read that to my class and we acted it out very very well to mum's and dad's and i had one come up to me and say "well well i wish i had broght my video camera!" and i just laughed
Name: Classs 4d 19th December 2010
whooopey hoooray for myths and legands
Name: Billy-kane 5th January 2011
I really enjoyed the film.I just want to watch more.
Name: Kieran Baioley 5th February 2011
Name: Eunice 16th February 2011
Wow the best it is the best story eeeeeeeeeeevvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Name: Arianna 25th February 2011
I like this story even though it creeped me out
Name: Shaniel 1st March 2011
I lik dhis story..Dhatt knight lyv!!And I gt a bf last name knight..Dnts why i pick dhis story...
Name: Precious 5th March 2011
really nice
Name: Tobias 15th March 2011
I think it's spooky and I like it.
Name: Olivia 17th March 2011
i used to live in saffron walden, thats y i chose this story xx :)
Name: Ella 17th March 2011
I like this
Name: Master 15th April 2011
asowme the best 1 yet 100000000000000000 thumbs up oh and my friend saysthats the best one i have ever seen
Name: Selma 19th April 2011
i like it
Name: Carly 26th April 2011
Name: Caroline 2nd May 2011
the story is good planned but i thought basilisks are only gigantic serpents.
Name: Shazia 3rd May 2011
i like it
Name: Riham 15th May 2011
Name: Rafa 15th May 2011
Name: Krissy 23rd May 2011
please help me do my homework i do not no what to doo !!
Name: Amira 8th June 2011
it ws rely interinstin bt uf cld b a ltle bt shrtr
Name: Anjali 11th June 2011
ican't wait till i see this. it better be good!
Name: Charlie 4th July 2011
this story was very good and detailed i hope other people read it because it was very good , i am well doing this for my homwork this woulde be a great story to tell all of my class mates back at my school they will shure love it so will you read it , it is amazing you should love it like me read the story and you will be amazed by the detailing this story has read it !!!!!
Name: Laraeb 12th July 2011
hello, these myths and ledgens are great and interesting my fav one is THE GLASS KNIGHT!!!
Name: Lucy 21st August 2011
is this story a myth or legend
Name: Jack 23rd August 2011
i just want to tell you that id really like a story/picture of the mongolian death worm for a project that is due soon so id really like something i can use.
Name: Dan 28th August 2011
The Baslik closes its eyes to drink because it do not want to see its own reflection. I only figured it out after one day.
Name: Angleena 29th August 2011
Tell you what Jack if you like to take my advice ask people which story they liked best and then see which story was liked more. And if there nis a draw then you chose which one you liked better out of them.
Oh and Lucy this isn't a true story.
Name: Hazzer 13th September 2011
i like your story
Name: Kum 7th October 2011
i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee your story
Name: Matthew 19th October 2011
this is awesome!welldone! 10/10 from me:D
Name: Stubbz 19th October 2011
I dont think this was scarey.. But it was still intresting..
Name: Ross 19th October 2011
nothat that good!!
Name: Yeoooo 19th October 2011
Its absoutly BRILLIANT!! i love it .. its amazing,class,cool!!

Name: Amy Leigh 19th October 2011
very good story
Name: Matty 19th October 2011
WOW this is brillant
Name: Noah 3rd November 2011
This is awsome and I think the basilisk was spectacular and I really like that knight wearing mirrors.
Name: Lola 8th November 2011
The knight in the mirrors is the same as the one who wondered off after looking in the window.
Name: Imy 10th November 2011
lol well this was really intresting......
Name: Ed S. 10th November 2011
I loved this!! I wish i could make his soundtrack my mobile ringtone!!!
Name: Shay.kevin 10th November 2011
That was amazing the dragon thing was scary!
Name: Kainat 3rd December 2011
this story is ausome exsept it was a bit too long
Name: Rachel 11th December 2011
that was amazing excapt it was a bit to long...
Name: Sidnei 19th December 2011
Amazing, fantasic - best on site
Name: Sylah 31st December 2011
amazing story
Name: Selena Gomez 18th January 2012
tht was scary but amazing!
Name: Emilie Rose Leasor 19th January 2012
very good i love it
Name: Isobel Boot 27th January 2012
A brilliant story
Name: Jack Tarran 23rd February 2012
very good
Name: Paulo 28th February 2012
this story is good because it has nice description good verbs and connectives also time connectives so ill give the story a 5 star
Name: Poppy 29th February 2012
Moral- Don't underestimate chickens.
Name: Georgia 29th February 2012
it was amazing I loved the description in it
Name: William 12th March 2012
absolutely amazing loved the desription in it. that knight was brave because i certainly woudnt of done that. AMAZING. oh and i loved the beast.
Name: Mizhi 13th March 2012
i love it
Name: Lomani 15th March 2012
this is a great clip it teches me alot that i can use on my own myth i am just astonished about this clip it a clip to love peace out:)
Name: Laura 14th April 2012
so cool and so clever where did he get
the cool armor?
Name: Ishmamah 17th April 2012
i love this story
Name: Caitlin 23rd April 2012
wow!! that story's amazing
you learn alot from it to!
Name: Joshua_K 27th April 2012
this is kl
Name: Jerin 29th April 2012
This story is great!
Name: Holly 2nd May 2012
its really good plz read it
Name: Louise 6th May 2012
it is great i have seen it 1000000000000000 times
Name: Person 8th May 2012
this story is interesting
Name: Hamish 14th June 2012
its a very weird story
Name: Philip 16th June 2012
it was brill
Name: Cal 26th June 2012
Name: The Thirds 11th July 2012
dat so wierd
Name: Jess 25th August 2012
That was a pretty cool myth! I learned about the Basilisk in Harry Potter! (: xx
Name: Harry 16th September 2012
i liked it but should of been a bit longer
Name: Phoner 20th September 2012
Cool myth, like it。
Name: Ruby 25th September 2012
this was totally awsome man i wud recomnd to evry1 cul
Name: Megan 24th October 2012
is this story sutable for homework
Name: Dylan 9th November 2012
neat story
Name: Emily 27th November 2012
i love this story the best lol x

Name: Kamryn Drakes 31st January 2013
the story was very interesting
Name: Anton 11th March 2013
This story was very cool however it had action in it
Ps you are a great writer
Name: Jonno Mcgowan 25th March 2013
That was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Austin 20th April 2013
Name: Angelika 29th May 2013
I think it was carefully planed with the resolution and I thought it was beautifully and clearly set and ended
Name: Katt 10th June 2013
the hitch hiker one was scary .
Name: Aafyab 27th June 2013
The creature was a really happy one.
Name: Police 10th October 2013
Name: ASHLEY 28th October 2013
its good for schools to watch
Name: Becca 30th October 2013
i gonna use this for my art project
Name: God 7th February 2014
This story is true i saw it happen
Name: Jodhi 7th February 2014
very ace
Name: Rose 25th March 2014
This is true I faced something i was scared form:(
Name: Konke 10th April 2014
what a brave knight that is
Name: Jemima 1st May 2014
This amazing super and amazingly so creative and life moving enjoy this right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Lim 4th June 2014
this film was toooooooooo short
Name: Justin 25th June 2014
i enjoyed this creative story. i suppose it is better for boys because some bits and pieces are freaky and can make most girls a little terrified.
Name: Jylian 25th June 2014
girls are not frightened by freaky stories justin we luuuuuvvvv them - this is ace
Name: Hi 29th June 2014
Name: Emily 6th July 2014
very interesting.
Name: Jahan 21st July 2014
hello im jahan i like
Name: Chole 10th August 2014
The myth was easy to under stand. It was interesting. Clear. I like the story.
Name: Poppy 17th August 2014
Name: Annabeth 20th September 2014
I liked it, even though it was quite fast!
Name: Kitana 24th September 2014
Name: Sasha 14th December 2014
Wow! The title gave off what the knight was going to do, but I didn't realise that monster was a basilisk!
Name: Annoymous 9th January 2015
wow this is really intersting you helped me with my homework about myths and legands thank you so much
Name: Anonomus L 22nd January 2015
Amazin!! Wow!! Love
Name: Fun 4th March 2015
Great and very interesting
Name: Zac 16th March 2015
Good story
Name: Bobby 16th April 2015
amazin and col
Name: Lilly 21st April 2015
II like it and the greatest story
Name: Alston 25th April 2015
This was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Anonymous 11th May 2015
I really liked this story. I would definitely recommend it to my students.
Name: Dude Perfect 11th May 2015
it is great!
Name: Rena 19th May 2015
omg wats up with his eyes
Name: Elliott 8th August 2015
I th0ught it was cool, because I liked the sound affects, and the book was enjoyable. I liked how the book was joined up. I LIKED THE CREATURE IT WAS FUNNY AND the chicken head was really funny...................
Name: Awesome 21st September 2015
I liked the story.
Name: (>^_^>) 9th October 2015
This is a good myth, but roosters don't lay eggs so the creation of the basilisk cannot be true.
Name: Christopher 12th October 2015
that chicken looking thing with the bat wings had no areodynamics how could it have flown and this is just a different version of mudusa.
Name: Monkey 12th October 2015
really intresting
Name: Amelie 12th October 2015
it's very cool and really awesome !!
Name: Anil 21st October 2015
Name: Bob 17th November 2015
Great story bit long but intrestingβ€οΈπŸ’–πŸ’˜πŸ’πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’„πŸ‘™πŸ˜˜πŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜ŽπŸ€“πŸ€“πŸ˜πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ˜”πŸ˜±β˜ΊοΈβ˜ΊοΈβ˜ΊοΈπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬πŸ™‚πŸ˜†πŸ˜…πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜‚
Name: Law 3rd December 2015
Heheheh that's a bit cool. Totally short
Name: Madi 24th January 2016
That is brill! Is it a myth or a legend?
Name: Bantlord 1st February 2016
Name: Shreks BBFL 17th February 2016
LOL so gud 10/10 -ign

dank lvl = 9000
Name: Veronica 30th March 2016
Really good alot of good detail interesting good twist at the end
Name: Stratus GH 17th April 2016
Name: Htewzh 23rd May 2016
so fun
Name: Hafsah 2nd July 2016
i really enjoied this legend and it was funny
Name: Darren Leong 23rd September 2016
it might be just one of the best stories i have ever heard
Name: Jamie 5th October 2016
Name: Alex 24th January 2017
Meh I like πŸ—
Name: A Jo 5th February 2017
a It was really good. I read it myself
Name: Matthew 13th February 2017
this was okay I have heard it before in a different way
Name: Werewolf13keemstar 16th February 2017
Name: Max 23rd February 2017
i love this website and my kids love it it has a lot of info for there school
Name: Keemstarking123 27th February 2017
Name: Keemstar12332dramaalert 28th February 2017
Name: Ieafyishere 7th March 2017
best myth ever
Name: Mr Flopadom 6th June 2017
This is the best website EVER
Name: John Cena 8th November 2017
Oh yes
Name: Ryan 1st December 2017
like ya story! :p
Name: Lola 2nd February 2018
wonderful xxxx
Name: Madison 13th March 2018
I love this story
Name: Alden 18th March 2018
aw that little chicken snake thingy was cute


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