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Kaang's People

Name: Kirsty Bray 17th January 2009
Can we have more stories
Name: Carys 18th January 2009
It has taught me not to break promises
Name: Charlotte Age 9 29th January 2009
cool but a bit weird
Name: Reena 3rd February 2009
need to be a bit shorter but it was a good myth
Name: Lucy 18th February 2009
loved it and i love africa
Name: Alisha 18th February 2009
I loved it ; I read it again and a gain ;
Watched it more ;
AMAZING. Very inspiring!!
Please consider publishing!!
Name: Patrick 3rd March 2009
It is sooooooo cool!
But it is a bit sad that we can't talk to animals anymore
Name: Jasyendy 9th March 2009
Oh so thats why we dont understand the animals, and us, thats quite sad.
Name: Wako 24th March 2009
I think that was cool and you can understand now why we cant talk to animals
Name: Maeve 4th May 2009
A very interesting story it's shows you how africans think the world was created. Also interesting to find out how they interpret us not being able to talk to animals.
Name: Peter22 15th May 2009
Now all the animals can't interpret us. Not exacly fair though cause they were cold and afraid.
Name: Diego 28th May 2009
This might be actually true because right now animals can't understand us and some of them are also afraid uf us humans. I also think that the people should have listened to Kaang's laws because thanks to them they brought the curse of getting the animals to leave and to understand us. I think that little village was animal friendly because if not they wouln't have tried to get the animals to come back and get them to stay in the village. This story was really great and I think other kids will like it.
Name: David 2nd June 2009
i thought it was a good myth because it teaches you a leson to listen and do what your parents,king,president,older people or any other kind of ruler. Mostly they always are right.
Name: Caroline 7th June 2009
i think it is true because animals don't undertandus now
Name: Andy 27th September 2009
coool and cool and cool and cool and cool Cooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllll
Name: Ciaran 28th September 2009
I think it teaches you a lesson to not break promises
Name: Aki Emily. 15th October 2009
Thats so cool! I like it. And i think it sounds like a legend, because animals don't really understand us know. I know, because i've got a cat.
Name: Alex 29th October 2009
this is very interesting...and I think the lesson is to always keep your promises...
Name: Gingerg 2nd November 2009
this was so good it will teach people not to break promses
Name: Jack 6th November 2009
I think this will help children undestand that lies breaks friendship
Name: Liam 12th November 2009
could of used some more animation
Name: Zach 17th November 2009
cool story
Name: Iddi 19th November 2009
I think this myth will make people fulfil their promises.
Name: Dosbarth Arian 26th November 2009
It was ok, but Tyler didnt like it, because he thought it wasnt very realistic.
Name: Troy 1st December 2009
that was good annd meant a lot and if i had to guess if it was a myth or a legend i will be correct and say myth:)
Name: Liam 10th December 2009
i dont realy believe dat it is real but it was pritty funny dou
Name: Junior 27th December 2009
Its a good story because he created the earth
Name: Martina 10th January 2010
Good Myth. It tells you why Animals arent very friendly with people.!!!!
Name: Cathrine 13th January 2010
its kinda strage but it dose show the connection between animals and people.
Name: Jess 27th January 2010
it shows the connection between animals and humans
Name: Sfk 28th January 2010
i think it was good and it shows the relation between animals and humans. If the people hadn't lit the fire, we would have been able to understand the animals and they could understand us!!!!!
Name: Smith 24th February 2010
this story is sad
Name: Hunter 24th February 2010
i liked this story
Name: Stella 26th March 2010
this was a sad myth but it has a good lesson ( not to break promises ) and by now we might ( if its true ) be able to talk to animals which i ALWAYS wanted to do coz i have a cat called Max !!!!!!
Name: Catherine Owen 27th March 2010
I hve not read this Myth yet but I am a fan of myths and legends so it would make a nice change from having my nose in a book !!!!!!
Name: T.J 19th April 2010
People never understand the consequences util thier done!
Name: Lucy Kidd 15th May 2010
great fabby amazing
Name: Lajhra 20th May 2010
omg you are from afirca to cause i remember this creation myth from bushman story back in tanzania
Name: Ngarie 21st May 2010
Could you please tell me the name of the writer of Kaangs People. I have used it for a critique paper on myths but I can not achieve full marks without the authors name.
Thank you
Name: Me Xxx 9th July 2010
It was good but it was sad that it had to end like a tragedy
Name: Kaang 15th August 2010
There is a mistake on page 8 of Kaang's People. Fur (animal hair) is spelled "F-U-R" and not "F-I-R".
Name: Elliott 7th October 2010
there is a good work kaang
Name: Vee 19th January 2011
nice work i like it
Name: Katy Anyon 3rd February 2011
I lllllloved it
Name: Panda200 4th February 2011
i got so excited it was awsome
Name: Xaer 11th February 2011
It was a great story I realy LOVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it
Name: Izzy360 12th February 2011
it was brilliant.
Name: Kuddlykoala230 19th February 2011
it was great!
Name: Zoe 15th March 2011
Definately using this for my school assesment task!
Name: Mylee The Great 15th March 2011
it is a good story to listen too
Name: Ruusunen 19th March 2011
a very vey good story well done!!
Name: Grace 21st March 2011
teaches us a very good lesson .....aww we cant talk to animals anymore!
Name: Jamal 26th March 2011
im reading this cool story now
Name: MADRACING 8th April 2011
its ok
Name: Dan 27th April 2011
Extremely simple cartoon for such an emotive story. - I\\\'m disappointed.
Name: Riham 13th May 2011
Come on you can do better than that!
Name: Desley 14th May 2011
its allright.......................
Name: Kia 16th May 2011
okay wat a good book
Name: Jay 25th June 2011
it all right but not perfect
Name: Elliott 20th July 2011
I think it's a myth, but very good job putting that together! :)
Name: Bex X 1st August 2011
1 of my favs !
Name: Looloox 23rd August 2011
its cool
Name: Haroon 16th September 2011
Name: Goody Too Shoes 21st September 2011
i love a boy and i am a boy
Name: Becky 22nd September 2011
Name: Kaaaaaaate 5th October 2011
it was an average story there are better ones on this website i like it because it shows how much people jump to conclusions and how they dont follow instructions
Name: Lilly 4th November 2011
kaangs people is a myth.
Name: Hannah 15th November 2011
is nice but i did like th idea fo makeing a fire. this website is the myth and legends for all stores. in year 5
Name: Tanya 3rd January 2012
i got hwork 2 research a legend but i dont get the difference, can u pliz separate them so that peeple know if its a legend or a myth
Name: IJ 7th January 2012
this story i cool. btw what is the difference between a myth and a legend i don't get it
Name: Lucy 10th January 2012
I need to do homework on Myths and Legengs. Was that a myth or a legend?
Name: Imy 11th January 2012
thx needed the reaserch i love this site xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Name: Swimfish 20th January 2012
So glad I managed to find this story again, I'm using it for observation week, wish me luck!
Thank you for your beautiful site
Name: Tobisi 22nd January 2012
i loved this story!
Name: Rach 23rd January 2012
Cool Website!!!
Name: Kasim 2nd February 2012
this is a good story and i like it
Name: Jasmine 3rd February 2012
I love it
Name: Damian 23rd February 2012
good job
Name: Dan 1st March 2012
very nice
Name: Amy 2nd March 2012
realy good
Name: Owen AKA The Real Black Shook 7th March 2012
well good
Name: Meg 8th March 2012
I think that this story is really interesting and different to the ones i have heard before, i love it!However i think it is quite sad though
Name: TOM 16th March 2012
Name: Niamh Leonard 31st March 2012
All The Stories Are Epic And Ace
Name: Code 16th April 2012
he made me very angry
Name: Adam 26th April 2012
This is such a primordial myth. I love how it expresses the idea that illumination both creates a brighter world but also a lonelier world. Much the same as the Adam and Eve story to come later, it shows that our self awareness as people outside of the world disconnects us from our harmony as a living thing on Earth. The more we know of the world, the more we are alone in the world.
Name: Zara 1st May 2012
i liked the story because its got anmails in the story thanks zara
Name: Ben 22nd May 2012
It does not make sense, and is that really how you spell animal
Name: Leah 29th May 2012
I think it was really good and I liked expression of the animals
Name: Lucie 26th June 2012
Name: Billie-Mae 15th July 2012
It's a great story but we could off had contact with the animals if they hadn't broken the rules!
Name: Ella 17th July 2012
i thought the story is very good and had a great moral to the story. :)
Name: Angelina 26th July 2012
I love it. it really explains well and i love all the sound affects and pictures because it goes well with the story. Its great.
Name: Ashleigh 8th August 2012
didnt get any of it :/
Name: Lol 17th August 2012
good story guys (:
Name: Vanessa 14th September 2012
I Loved it i diddnt get the last bit
Name: Laura 19th September 2012
good story annd i understand it
Name: Ian 29th October 2012
i hate comments!
Name: Ian 29th October 2012
i like the story
Name: Gabrielle 31st October 2012
sad story
Name: Yolanda 1st November 2012
Excellent story...I will use it tomorrow with my second graders who are just starting the theme of mythology.
Name: Megan 22nd November 2012
Wow that is a really sad story... but it is quite interesting. I like it!
Name: Devin 17th December 2012
going to use it for my paper next week very good story
Name: Freya Webb 20th January 2013
i really enjoyed that myth but i think it could have had a better ending and that kaang should be shown punishing the people and making them loose the understanding with each othe like god did with the people that were making a fake god statue so when they all got up in the morning and went to work they all spoke different languages
Name: Jennifer Jenkins 27th January 2013
it is nice
Name: Rachel 10th February 2013
I love this Story! I am using it for my Social Studies project on myths! It is perfect! Thank you!
Name: Chance 13th February 2013
awsome and funnn kinda story that make you want to watch it so many times
Name: Gummy 16th February 2013
Name: Seidy O. 26th February 2013
Sort of cool and sort of scary.
Name: Sam 12th March 2013
that was cool
Name: Pornor 124 17th March 2013
adam and eve
Name: Dustin 9th April 2013
it is cool
Name: Anna 28th April 2013
A really good story....
Name: Austin 21st May 2013
Name: Charly 20th September 2013
i think it was really clever
Name: Vanessa 28th October 2013
Name: Chelsea 1st November 2013
i think its true because its not like a myth in that way so it must be a legend
Name: Sofia 6th November 2013
its cool but Kaang didnt create the world, god did.
Name: Kiera 13th November 2013
it is a great story
Name: Lol 24th November 2013
I like this story
Name: Tatenda 21st December 2013
Very Good it talks about why humans are unable to interact to animals.
Name: Peter 8th January 2014
It is really good and sent an example to the world and also me too
Name: Akbar 9th January 2014
good very good is it about how animals seperated
Name: Buzzingbee5 28th January 2014
Whoa it is breathtaking
Name: Isaac 25th March 2014
Poor animals.They got separated from the humans.
Name: Gigi 6th May 2014
aww thats horrible :(
Name: Bob 16th June 2014
Name: Alina 24th June 2014
Aww I feel so sad for the animals
Name: Jord 28th August 2014
hey tyhats cool
Name: Katie 4th September 2014
this really helped me
Name: Toby Vincrowson 4th September 2014
yumy yumy i love the story of kaang
Name: Jim 24th September 2014
Jim will have this story for nap time

Because I'm happy
Name: Grant Montoya 3rd November 2014
This is the coolest story ever!
Name: Yoyo Towan Baba Teef Osama 19th February 2015
hello i am from nigeria i would like to add onto this
Name: Viktoria 6th March 2015
it doesnt mater if they broke the promise should they die or what if they are freezing col and they are very scared of the dar
Name: Evie 16th March 2015
This is a great story that hasn`t got any scary parts to it so its suitable for all ages.
Name: Robin 24th March 2015
my friend lives in Africa
Name: Jana 13th April 2015
i love it
Name: Parca 13th April 2015
Name: Ggggg 23rd April 2015
is it a myth or legend
Name: Nic 23rd April 2015
i don\'t like it it horrible
Name: ILAN 12th June 2015
hey like the book
Name: CherryGirlFairy 21st August 2015
What's the ddifference between a myth and a legend ?
Name: Malin 20th October 2015
I wish I could tell what my hamster is saying dang it Africa
Name: Sam Zekeria 26th March 2016
i think kaangs people is the best story of all and at the end of the story i wonder what will happen at the end
also i like the bit when kaang said there will be evil opon the world if you make a fire kind reguards sam zekeria
Name: MoonFire 23rd April 2016
Nice story. It really makes you realise THAT YOU SHOULD REMEMBER STUFF BEFORE YOU DO THEM!
Name: Cay 2nd May 2016
I think is good that there is an African myth on here. Thank you Myths and Legends Team!
Name: Serena 9th September 2016
awesome story very useful
Name: Someone 10th October 2016
I cant here it.
Name: Heli 17th October 2016
The story helped me with my homework.
Name: Naing Thanh 4th February 2017
Among Asia, South East Asia, Myanmar ( formerly called Burma) has different ethnics and among Chin State, there also Kaang people that have similar story have as well. Is there possibly way to research Kaang people from Myanmar?
Name: Anonymous 8th March 2017
what is the culture
Name: Javier 14th April 2017
is good to know african legends
Name: Yeeeeet 8th May 2017
why is he always sitting
Name: Moisturizer101 25th May 2017
very very intresting


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