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The Church Jester

Name: Britters 6th November 2009
great story
Name: Sarah 16th November 2009
amazing story
Name: Joel 3rd December 2009
the story was ok lol
Name: Jasyendy 16th December 2009
This is the best! Why didnt they put his sandle on his foot at the first place? Because there would'nt of had been a hooded ghost. Or maybe i'm wrong.
Name: Ariana 20th December 2009
the story is great.
Name: Chill 14 26th January 2010
I really liked it but after he realized what had happend he should have put on the sandle ... at the end of the story~!
Name: Hannah 30th January 2010
Why didn't they put the sandle on this story is HANTUINGLY GREAT!!!! (MOAN!!)
Name: Crystal 7th May 2010
that was brilllllll
Name: Georgia 11th June 2010
It was fantastic
Name: Suzanna 15th November 2010
I think that it was good that it said it sounded like...... sandals
Name: Kaydee 24th November 2010
Name: Olivia 24th November 2010
This story was reallygood and to be honest ghost stories are of the best myths!
Name: Rebecca Green 11th December 2010
I think this story is just like so awesome it is just spooky and that is what myths and legends is made for kk xx
Name: Kishan 12th January 2011
I quite like this story, its maybe not as good as some others I have heard. Its also very mysterious and makes you think who it is and also how they got in! It is a little bit creepy too, also it uses good sound effects.
Name: Fraser 12th January 2011
That was truely awesome. It was actually quite terrifying because of when the monk haunted the church. I've heard loads of spook stories and have never heard anything like this. Maybe this could be true, you never know. And again, it was really cool.
Name: Conor 12th January 2011
This story really pulled me in and urged me to read on. I think this story is really interesting and somehow really eerie!This my favourite story yet!
Name: Matthew 12th January 2011
This was immense because it starts all spooky until you start to guess who it is.
It isn't just fantasy your'e also learning about the medieval times.
Name: Rosa 12th January 2011
This story is really good I like it at the end when they told the story that it was Rahere who was hanting the church! I really liked that bit and I liked the bit were they were telling the story of rahere. I was so scared I didnt want to look! but it was very descriptive and amazing!
Name: James 12th January 2011
That story makes me feel like there's a ghost watching my every move! It's almost like in a minute I'll be in a tomb all alone. This story was frightening me all the way through, but it was one of the best legends I've ever read! I think I'll have trouble sleeping tonight!
Name: Rachel 12th January 2011
Wow, this is the most scary thing I have ever heard of and when I go to church I willcheck the floor every foot-step,and I think if I saw those foot-steps in church I would faint.
Name: Anna 12th January 2011
That was TERRIFIC!!!If I was in that church I would be petrified! I like all of the story, I feel like I want to read it again!
Name: Catriona 12th January 2011
I think that it is a mystery nightmare , it was very freaky because your'e attacking a church and what if someone finds you, you will get charged or even put in jail.
Name: Beth 12th January 2011
I thought that was really amazing and I liked the bit at the end when he said he was wearing sandals. Some of it was quite scary like the grey footprints and I would be quite scared if I was in the church!! Rahere's shadow was quite terrifying aswell! It was weird how he stole his sandle though!!
Name: Harry 12th January 2011
This story got a bit boring at times like when they went on about the sandals that was boring. But the good was that it used some good words, adjectives and adverbs. I would say it was a legend because there is no magic in the story so it, can't be a myth so it's a legend.
Name: Amy 12th January 2011
This myth is the most terrifying story I have ever heard! Especially at the end when he haunts the church.
Name: Bobby 12th January 2011
This is amazing! I particularly like the part when he enter's the church and hears footsteps and then as he tried to go away from the church, the police arrived and everything was fine. (The alarm people said the same).
Name: Patrick 12th January 2011
I think it was really good especialy when the creepy footsteps came walking up the wooden floor"I think those type of myths our the best because they our really intresting!!!!!!!!
Name: Ayesha 12th January 2011
I really enjoyed this myth because it's full of mystery and eagerness-but the sandals were the best bit!I think that
its very strange though.Still,that was still a pretty well-written myth because it was very spooky and frightening.
Name: Julius 12th January 2011
It was quite scary, but also exciting because I wanted to find out what was making the footsteps.
Name: Ellie And Jim 19th January 2011
We go to school near that church...... but we don\'t believe in ghosts! Why would anyone want to open a tomb?
Name: Bethany M 20th January 2011
Well that was cind of scary! but not really.At school we all when in to the ict room and when on this it has lots of storys to.
Name: Bethany Blue 20th January 2011
They just make these storys a just telling you storys they are good but that is why they are on myths and legends kkxx
Name: Sam 26th January 2011
it doesnt sound true but it is ibecouse iremembe my older sister telling me about it then i read this story and she told me the same story in 2008.
Name: Megan 2nd February 2011
Me and my dad saw this story and now my dad's always scaring me by saying he can hear some one with sandals!
Name: Adria Montia Pitre 2nd February 2011
i love this story. it is educational and i understand it as well. because we are in writing and in writig we are creating our on myths.
Name: Rufaydah 5th February 2011
i liked this story but i do not understand how the man with the slippers died
Name: Lola 21st February 2011
Brilliant at start got bad in the end! sad face for that!
Name: Cindy 21st February 2011
Name: Marielivy 18th March 2011
ok but what happens at the end?
Name: Hanan 22nd March 2011
to come with a story of yours, it can encourage others to be such like you. thank you for writing such a motivating story.
Name: Samaira 27th May 2011
their was once a boy called joe he visited the haunted house but he really didnt know it was a haunted house so he decided to go inside but then a lady came up to him and said how can i help you but she was strange looking which was quit unuaual........
Name: Riham 1st September 2011
I don't belive in spirits hauting. And I have heard people saying if you say that they will haunt you!!!!!!.......
So far I haven't been hauted!
Name: ANNABEL 9th October 2011
This is so NOT TRUE!
Name: Owen AKA The Real Black Shook 7th March 2012
ghosts are real ive not saw one yet but my mate ben has he did bloody mary
Name: Victoria 25th March 2012
i kinda beleive in ghosts but kinda dont and bloody mary is a load of rubbish
Name: AJ 11th May 2012
this is brill i rate it 5 star
Name: Mary And Sarah 19th June 2012
I see a ghost b4 I was in the toilet and i was looking for my friend and i opened all the doors and none was there then i was gonna walk out and one of the doors shut and locked by its self !
Name: Jay 3rd September 2012
this is very good
Name: Letcia 27th September 2012
verry good i like it.
Name: Olaf 11th October 2012
this storys not that scary
Name: The Chunky Muddy Finger 11th October 2012
very..... interesting!!!!!!!!!
Name: JessieBelle 20th October 2012
:\'( this scared me because of the black figure on one of the animations......
Name: Gabrielle 31st October 2012
This is not scary at all
Name: Victoria 10th November 2012
I love this story
Name: Jjabrams 4th December 2012
wicked but made me scared
Name: Nicole 16th December 2012
i love this story and i always will
Name: Tchadel 24th January 2013
good, but i'm scared about it
Name: Armaani 7th February 2013
Wicked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing use of imagination!!!!!!!!!!!!!! loved it and always will. keep on commenting folks. no-one would not like it
Name: Sienna 24th February 2013
i love it so musch
Name: Jay 25th February 2013
the best
Name: Jo 8th March 2013
sooooooooo good
Name: Ashley 18th April 2013
Scary....I like it!
Name: Jack 20th April 2013
i had a nightmare about this story... very scary.
Name: Regan 15th May 2013
That story was a liitle bit scary.
Name: Kaylee 23rd May 2013
Scary a little bit but COOL!
Name: Freya 7th June 2013
OMG i am only 8 and i think i might have a nightmare because it includes ghosts in it.
Name: Kaylee 8th June 2013
Name: Freya 14th August 2013
It is a bit scary but it was still a bit good I am a bit scared now about the story even though i never go to the church.
Name: Daniel 17th October 2013
Name: Green Shagy Hair 23rd March 2014
cool!!!!!! myth
Name: Mia 7th May 2014
Name: Gisselle Ortiz 8th May 2014
Name: Hanna 19th February 2015
That's was super scary
Name: Mansoor 1st March 2015
That wasn\'t quite scary
Name: Heather 16th March 2015
That was so not scary😃
Name: Mia Talerico 19th March 2015
super weird
Name: OWAIN 13th May 2015
ok very good
Name: Taylor 18th May 2015
So not scary i agree with heather😴
Name: Cam 8th December 2015
wooooow reallly scary
Name: Ggbghh 24th February 2016
its not scary at all
Name: Brianna Brown 7th March 2016
Name: Kaustubh 14th March 2016
Name: Lowri 10th July 2016
was scary but not that scary!
Name: Daniel Naiken 19th April 2017
I think this book was intresting
Name: Raghav 23rd May 2017
Name: Oliver Dix 16th January 2018
that was amazing even so creepy its the best one I seen in my whole life WOW!!
Name: Bob 6th March 2018
Name: Alex Warman 21st March 2018
This story was pretty good, and creepy


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