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The Fire Fairies

Name: Amy 2nd November 2008
WOW The Fire Faries are pretty mean or arnt't they????????????
Name: Lily 4th November 2008
it is a nice story but a bit too short
Name: Year 5 5th November 2008
It was a lovely story-we thought it was 'fairytastic!'
Name: Princess123 5th November 2008
I really like this story
Name: Co Co 5th November 2008
i love it but its to long and silly and it is brilliant
Name: KIRSTY 6th November 2008
It was a lovely story-we thought it was 'fairytastic!
Name: Lizzi 9th November 2008
i absolutely loved this story and so did my little girl i read it to her every night before bed she is obsessed with the stuff thank you and well done x
Name: Abigail 9th November 2008
This story was planed well. well done 2 the writter with some fab vocab (vocabulary) I cant wait 2 here some more storys from u u might just make a writer when ur older!

good look 4 other storys and i rate u a fab 10/10 xxx
Name: Louise 10th November 2008
gd story i thourght it was brill
Name: Elizabeth 12th November 2008
thank you all who left comments,its nice to know you all liked it.And yes there is another story on its way!!!
may be a little longer this time.
Name: Shannon 12th November 2008
that was fab how did you get so good ideas
Name: Arrjun 14th November 2008
That was fabulous
Name: Amy 16th November 2008
Name: Sophie Jordan Evie 18th November 2008
i love you story its great
Name: Emily 19th November 2008
that is brilliant you are a great story teller!
Name: Megan 20th November 2008

So gud u were so kool lol
Name: Radhika Popat 21st November 2008
I absoloutley loved the way you left the storie in suspence
Name: Chloe 22nd November 2008
its good and its really about keeping a secret and belief. i luv the story u should be the second j.k rowling
Name: Sophie Warren 24th November 2008
its great do you like fairys i do
Name: Elizabeth 25th November 2008
yes i do like fairys.
Name: Aalliah 25th November 2008
this story is so coooolll!!!!!!!!!!! and it aint often u hear me say that you should publish books when u r older
Name: James 25th November 2008
I liked this, thanks for making it
Name: JEN 28th November 2008
wow wow wow wow wow!
Name: Chloe 28th November 2008
your story is ok but i would have done much beter
Name: Elizabeth 28th November 2008
dear chloe.if you can do much better why isnt one of your storys in show case.maybe you need to concentrate more on your own storys rather than saying you can do better than other people.
Name: Me 2nd December 2008
good thing well done
Name: Lucy 3rd December 2008
i really enjoyed that story thanks
for sharing it with us
Name: Anyesha 5th December 2008
i love it especillay when they meet the faries!
Name: Ellie 5th December 2008
i liked the part when they found the fire fairys.
Name: Ashwin 12th December 2008
Name: Estel 7th January 2009
I think its agreat story but the thing is...theres no proof that they are real,
but i will try it any way.
Name: Shruthi 18th January 2009
Name: Kim V 9th February 2009
I like your story, I haven't done many but yours is fab.
Name: Radhika Popat Class 5r 17th February 2009
i just love myths and legends.i think this is one of the best and is also in my top10 favourite myths. sorry,got to go now,my little brother is pestering me ALOT so ........................guess this is bye
Name: Rachel Grace Kemp 10th March 2009
i loved it loads i would never ever be able to make story as good as this i am 11 and really loved it i hope i see another great story from you
Name: Kimberly 23rd August 2010
hi you really have a great story
Name: Saba 20th October 2010
Name: Elizabeth 15th April 2011
A very interesting story!
Name: Kamesha 28th March 2012
this wasa very great story. :)
Name: Jemma 11th November 2012
this was alright
Name: Bobo 12th January 2013
If you believe in something so strong it will come true.
Name: Vani 28th July 2013
lovely story. Do you believe in fairies? I do I really want to see a fairy. Maybe you're right I'm going to try putting some twigs and food.
Name: Vicki 23rd February 2014
I truley think that those little creatures are out there.I know I saw one when I was a young girl of 11 years old.I have a tattoo of water nymph on my leg and a full back tattoo of fairies.
Name: Taytay 10th November 2014
I think that fairies are nor real.They just make them sound so rela. Its all fake.
Name: Miriam 23rd April 2015
I like this story
Name: Laila 18th December 2015
I really loved this myth I really think that you should be a great writer trust me I am not telling a lie


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