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The Snow Maiden

Name: Alana 2nd December 2008
this is very beautiful but it made me cry
Name: Sophina 3rd December 2008
i think it is good
Name: Celia 4th December 2008
is this like the russian father christmas
Name: Reesa 5th December 2008
this is fantastic
Name: Kelbel 5th December 2008
it is cooool
Name: Petra 5th December 2008
the story was relly interesting
Name: Chloe Caston 7th December 2008
I really liked this story because there is a lot of infomation I lov this web and I always go on it also chloe is my friend.
Name: Y4H Sinai School 9th December 2008
This was a cool story! We enjoyed it so much. Our teacher gives us treats like this when we work well & behave.
Name: Leyton123 9th December 2008
i love this story
Name: Chloe 9th December 2008
this is a well written piece of work and it has good romance.
whoever wrote they should have a gold medal.
Name: Shabaz 10th December 2008
its a very good story please reply to me
Name: Georgia 11th December 2008
I thought this was very good.
Name: Stephanie 11th December 2008
this is a really nice story lol plz reply!!!
Name: Anish Kurien 12th December 2008
i like it gud very gud
Name: Emily 12th December 2008
well very sad and good i wish i was that
luvely nice girl who fell in love they should let her marry and live happily
ever after.
Name: Kirsty 13th December 2008
this was a good piece of wrighting but was a bit long!
Name: Ellie 13th December 2008
That was a great story.well done
Name: Megan 14th December 2008
that story was great. i love what you done it about.
Name: Ranjit 15th December 2008
i love theseus and the minauter
Name: Izzy 15th December 2008
i love it i really enjoyed especially the part were it says she came back to life at the end.
Name: Matthew 15th December 2008
i liked all of it really but its soundless on the last page
Name: Amy 19th December 2008
i think that website is great because you can make your own storyboard
Name: H 21st December 2008
my PC dosent have a sound system, but i could tell it was still a good story.
Name: Joel Abraham 27th December 2008
It is very good to read and understand.Thanks
Name: Alice 29th December 2008
your story is great and i would like to know how u made this story from alice
Name: Alice 29th December 2008
i do not have sound but i was a lovely story
Name: Richard 30th December 2008
After reading the story I played it for my 9 year old daughter. It is wonderful. I greatly appreciate the old Slavic legends. Thank you.
Name: Barry 3rd January 2009
I like this story because its fun and exciting and I always read the latest ones !!!
Name: Happy 11th January 2009
Oh this story is very good!
Name: Salana 12th January 2009
this is a very good and intresting story

Name: Rose 4th February 2009
I really enjoyed this story
Name: Otex12 15th February 2009
i love it it was so toucing
Name: Elena 2nd March 2009
it was so beautiful
Name: Georgia 6th March 2009
I loved this story it was beautiful!
Name: Billie-lee X 9th March 2009
I love the story the snow maiden because it has many emotions
Name: Rachel Kemp 10th March 2009
it was so beautiful that it made me cry i could neverever write a story as good as this and i am 11.
Name: Merin 16th March 2009
i love this story because of all the snow and i like snow.
Name: EMILY 25th May 2009
Name: Phoebe Anson 27th May 2009
i love this story it is really nice i could write one like this but is quite sad but still if i had a wish it would be to always be friends with my best pal,Emily Reed
Name: Phoebe Anson 27th May 2009
THIS STORY IS is very good i liked the part where snow maiden comes to life .i wish my teddys will come to life so i wont be so bored.please may i ask you 1 question about snow maiden
why cant she go back to her true love after she comes back to life?

Name: Meni Matai 5th June 2009
hi i think it was a wounderful book i really loved it thank yous so so much you have really healped me!!!!!!
Name: Jasmine 18th September 2009
Hi,I really enjoyed that and I love every bit of it!
Name: Hafsah 23rd September 2009
this story was fantastic
its probably the best one out of all the others
i would give it 10 starsssssss!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Chopstick 25th September 2009
good but not good ..............just joking (LOL) it was fab
Name: Emily 3rd October 2009
yh is was soo good a bit long for my english homwork i have to summrise it and it is very easy to summrise this is a stunning website to look at form myths and legands :d xx love iy xx
Name: Laura 11th October 2009
it was rubbish... JOKE it was really good i think im gonna use it for my english project
Name: Yelana 22nd October 2009
I loved that. I'm going to use it for my Myths and Legends homework!
Name: Holly 17th November 2009
it was well good i like that snegouroka and i didnt when she melted
Name: Amanda 17th November 2009
it was good
Name: Sarah 24th November 2009
I really liked it, infact, I can use it for my "Myths and Legends" project!!!

Name: Callum 27th November 2009
lovely but sad
Name: Julia 27th November 2009
i really enjoyed it but it was a bit sad
Name: Junior 11th December 2009
It was a bit sad its kind of good I hope I see them return.
Name: Helen 14th December 2009
very nice the princess was beatyful but a bit sad
Name: Katie 20th December 2009
I thought it had mixed emotions in there
Name: Lizzie 21st December 2009
I thought it was a beautiful story full of great ideas and characters. It was a excellent read! At first I thought it a bit like the Snow Queen.
Name: Megan 6th January 2010
that was so good i love it lizzie go you whoooooo
Name: James 7th January 2010
Ithink its so wonnndddeeerrrrffffffuuuuuullllll
Name: Lisa 11th January 2010
this is boringg
Name: Dana 11th January 2010
Name: Toureena 11th January 2010
it was lovely and very nice and it had lots of information.
Name: Rachel Moran 13th January 2010
This was a sweet story and perfect for my project!
Name: Hannah 15th January 2010
that story was sooooooo soooooooo sweet and lovely
Name: Rose-anna 15th January 2010
These storys are intresting,fasnating and fun to watch (good). At my school we learn about them,(watch them).
Name: Shajavi 21st January 2010
It was nice but sad
Name: Rose 23rd January 2010
why did she have to die? i wish that she became a normal person and got married to the flute guy but that was a nice story
Name: Chill 14 28th January 2010
I LOOOOVED IT but she hould have ben a normal person at the end and a permenet daughter for the wood cuter and his wife ! other than that great fairy tale
Name: Angel Bellew 8th February 2010
i kinda liked this story...
Name: Milly, 13 9th February 2010
At least I know how Christmas started now...
Name: Liza 2nd March 2010
Name: Tatiana 8th March 2010
This story is sad in the beginning because the old man and old lady are poor
Name: Jae Eun 8th March 2010
I thinked it was good and fun and i liked schekreska she is very pretty.
Name: Rose 15th March 2010
i think it was a really good but sad story!
Name: Ioan 30th March 2010
cool story but sad at the end
Name: Kayleigh 6th April 2010
Great story, sad ending though
Name: Kerri 13th April 2010
This story is so sad !!!!!!
Name: Kirsty 17th April 2010
this story i think was the best because i liked the way they discribed the snow madien
plus it was a bit lame. a
Name: Kirsty 17th April 2010
i did the snow madien for my myth and legeds project and gess what i got 100% because it was so good i hope my teddy comes to life i am soooooooooo bored are should i say my snom madien

kirsty bey uh and keep intoch with me thanks
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love kirsty
Name: Emily 9th May 2010
good great amazeing
Name: Jillian 13th May 2010
It was nice but a little to mythical!!
Name: Sarah 14th May 2010
i really like this myth it was soooooooooo good i did it for my english project and gess what i came first my teacher said it was one of the best and that i got 100% for it. But my teacher said that it was a bit tooooo long to read and that it would take her half an hour to read it i really liked it it was one of the best myth i have ever read in my whole life plz reply back soon.

love sarah xxxxxxxxxx

p.s i go on this web everyday after i come back from school it is one of my best webs
p.p.s if anyone wants to find anything about myrth and legends then i would tell them that this one of the best webs you can find for myth and legednds
Name: Dustin 14th May 2010
Dear E2BN,
The legend the Snow Maiden is nice tought me a moral which i won't ever forget.

Your Sincerely
Dustin Aldrin Solano Dela Cruz
Name: Dawson 14th May 2010
yeah a little bit to mythical
Name: Esha 5th June 2010
yeah it's a bit spooky and the beautiful woman who appeared
Name: Tana 22nd July 2010
I think it was a good story, but I think it went a bit over the top
Name: Shannon 19th September 2010
think its cool i like its diffrent
Name: FizaNoor 19th September 2010
Your story was so good.I loved it!It was so interesting and exciting.I was imaging that I went into that story!I give this story 5 stars!
Name: Rimsha 21st September 2010
I think it was okay not that bad! Keep up the good work!
Name: Abby 22nd September 2010
I like the maiden.. shes really pretty LOL
Name: Jaye 1st October 2010
wow this is great xx
Name: Remisha 7th October 2010
it was great, atb first it was a bit boring but then the beautiful snow maiden turned from ice to snow i so understand the story.
Name: Elesha 20th October 2010
i love the snow madien i aspecilly thought it was really good and i like her tiara so much
Name: Gracie 13th November 2010
i luved dis sooo much i also loved her tiara it waz soopretty hey i hav a freind named tiara
Name: Bree 15th November 2010
i loveeee the snow maiden one
but some of the other ones are bad
Name: Marie Amoc 1st December 2010
I love that myth that i nealy cry beacuse the snow maiden melt . And it was so coolllllllllllllll that i give it 10/10.
Name: Fred 17th January 2011
wooooooooooo dude
Name: Moomoo 26th January 2011
Too much like THE SNOWMAN.
Name: Marsha 26th January 2011
i love this story n think it is much older than the snowman- its sooooo sad
Name: Mira G 27th January 2011
this is excellent
Name: Della 27th January 2011
really good but sadshe should hav lived and ben able to marry
Name: Emily 30th January 2011
nice story
Name: Kotryna 10th February 2011
its a very nice story i wornder why there was no snow mother
Name: Charlotte 13th February 2011
i really liked the story
Name: Kerenza 15th February 2011
i think this story was writen by a very smart person because it is so good
Name: Nana 19th February 2011
i love this story love wow u rock

Name: Lola 21st February 2011
Name: Maddy 22nd February 2011
wow this is good
Name: Aphrodite 22nd February 2011
I5t was so moving, it touched my heart.. i will never forget this story..
Name: Ck 7th March 2011
so awsome :)
Name: Lucy 10th March 2011
a really long story but great
Name: Cloe 11th March 2011
Amazing, beautiful and imaginative.
Name: Keryn 19th March 2011
made me cry
Name: Charlotte 22nd March 2011
great i red it two times
Name: Craig 4th April 2011
i think this is all fibs and allot of lies. there is know evidence of this being true, so i will not belive in any myth ir legand, untill there is soild eveidence and proof that this is true, thanksyouu
Name: Jessica 10th April 2011
heehe this website is cool, it tells you stories
this ones my fave so far xx
Name: Vincent 13th April 2011
Name: Emy 22nd June 2011
I think it was good but could of been better
Name: Kool Kat 28th June 2011
I really love this story, very sad...
Name: Vicki 12th July 2011
i think was really sad
Name: Ellie 29th August 2011
so...... father frost is father christmas?
Name: Marie 26th September 2011
i like it beacuse it has love and it was sad i will give it 10/10 i t was my favriot story and myth.
Name: Ciara 1st October 2011
brill i love it
Name: Biaaanca0 Oooooooooooolivia 4th October 2011
it was really sad how she died :(
Name: Lily 9th October 2011
Wow it was really touching... i loved it. it was sad how she dies though
Name: Kirsty Port 13th October 2011
sorry about the snow madian
Name: Clarissa 1st November 2011
snow sad...great story though...
Name: Ella O'flaherty 18th November 2011
i love this story but its reaaly sad
Name: Lily 3rd December 2011
What a sad story. It really made me cry!
Name: Brenna 9th December 2011
Awww that poor snow maiden :( why did she have to leave? She was soo beautiful!! The story was awesome though!
Name: Maria 11th December 2011
Love it
Name: Victoria 16th January 2012
This is a good story but so sad .
Name: Mm 19th January 2012
loved the story it was cool
Name: Laziba 21st January 2012
nice but a sad ending
Name: Abby 26th January 2012
it was sad:(
Name: Teanna 2nd February 2012
nice bu really sad
Name: Annymous 3rd February 2012
Name: Sophia Danielle Reyes 8th February 2012
I need to see this Myth becuse this is my project
Name: Persephone 20th February 2012
It's a lovely story but i wish it ended better.(Snow maiden lives)
Name: Zahra Abbas 25th February 2012
this story was good.The Myths and Legends team should add Medusa,The Rainbow Sepant and the Willow pattern
Name: Alisha 26th February 2012
I think its really great.
Name: Mufaro 2nd March 2012
the end was sad
Name: Ellie 12th March 2012
i think it was detailed well and was exciting. i understood every word of it it is very child like
Name: Yvette 28th March 2012
wicks my freind comes from Russia
Name: Joshua Hall 18th April 2012
I really loved this story. You should be a real writer.

It was quite sad when the Snow Maiden melted and turned to dust. :'(
Name: Tiffany 1st May 2012
this story was very upsetting.Then it shows us good things which I like
Name: Jessica 3rd May 2012
It was so sad but at the end it sounded that was Santa comes from
Name: Mrs Mastin 8th May 2012
It was a very nice story:) i loved but yes, a bit sad
Name: BlahBlahBlackSheep 12th May 2012
It was so sad! I loved it, but she should have listened to father frost...
Name: HI 26th May 2012
Name: Tigerlily 28th May 2012
I found this story very fond and interesting I liked it very much!!
Name: GEORGINA 1st June 2012
I thought it was not that sad to cry about but it is sad.
Name: Ellie 20th June 2012
all i can say is its so sssssaaaaaddddd
Name: Milliemouse 13th July 2012
wow thats so sad i love it
mills xx
Name: Morgan 28th August 2012
THis story is so sweet and sad but very beautiful
Name: Lily 12th September 2012
it is so sad but happy at the end wa wa wa wa wa
Name: MooMoo 27th September 2012
Name: Beau_lover 8th October 2012
Beautifully written but sad. Very thoughtful.
Name: Jazmine 10th November 2012
This story is so awesome
Name: Virginia Flora Davis 12th November 2012
this story was written so well. I felt like I was there.
Name: Cloe 14th November 2012
that was lovely
Name: Olivia 26th November 2012
Very beautiful and good.
Name: Jacob 29th November 2012
i think it was very intresting
Name: Raia 6th December 2012
haha how ironic
Name: Ben Trenholm 12th December 2012
i like the part when father frost makes the snow maiden come to live
Name: Jack 11th January 2013
Name: Sam 11th January 2013
Name: Louisa 17th January 2013
Lovely story, very pagan much like the English pagan festival of Imbolc where the Maiden Bride wearing a cloak of snow sows the seeds of spring. I particularly like Russian folk tales.x
Name: Hayley 17th January 2013
Awwww its so sweet
Name: Eleanor 9th February 2013
What a pretty story...I feel sorry for lel.
Name: Spidey 21st February 2013
wow santa really?
Name: Anonymous 27th February 2013
Aw, this story feels so lonely.
Name: Georgia 5th March 2013
when was this myth first told?
Name: Indya 27th March 2013
cool stuff
Name: Haja 27th March 2013
this story was the best read it!!!!!!!!
Name: Jawwad Abbas 29th March 2013
Myths & legends is a very interesting way of creativity.
Name: Boy 13th April 2013
Name: BABY 18th April 2013
Name: Cogo 20th April 2013
Its ok i suppose...
Name: Izabella 3rd May 2013
it is a great story and very instresting.
Name: Elise 15th May 2013
I loved this story it was intersting
Name: Hana 1st June 2013
this story is extremely interesting
Name: Serine 6th June 2013
I know why Father Frost said not to fall in love because of the warmth of the love you feel in your heart.
Name: Ann 18th June 2013
This is such as romantic story. The snow maiden who fall in love with a human,but desperate because she's created from the ice and snow. Which is it'll melt her,cause she may not feel the warmth of love
Name: Karan 10th August 2013
a lovely story
Name: Sally 2nd September 2013
Great story
Name: Sapphire 19th September 2013
Very Touching I thought that was a lovely,romantic story but sad at the same time at least she found out what love was :)
Name: Kathrina 26th October 2013
Love this story! Oh dear, at least that warm feeling in her heart can stay with her forever, hope Len lives a long and happy life!:)
Name: Lil Devil 29th October 2013
father frost is called santa also
Name: Garret 2nd December 2013
Very Good.
Name: Luna 7th December 2013
Very good i loved it a very heart warming and sad one nonetheless beautiful
Name: Tammy 9th December 2013
the moral of this story is to listen to grown ups or someone older than you
Name: Natalie Koh 11th December 2013
LOL Santa took a vacation in Russia with his brother!
Name: Billy Bob Jr 2nd January 2014
very good
Name: Marianna 24th January 2014
it was very sad but a good stroy
Name: Jeremiah 5th February 2014
Sad, but really good.
Name: Lidia 10th February 2014
What a beautiful story! The simplicity of it only adds more magic.
Snegurochka's goodness and curiosity of the world defines her life and ultimately ends her short existence.
Name: Afrah 13th March 2014
I really like this, i reweiew it 10000000000 over 10000000000.
Name: Nobody 27th March 2014
it wont let me have big screen to listen to it so i am very angry but i think it will be a good story from russia
Name: Hellohello 5th April 2014
this is a good storrrrrryyyyyyyyy
Name: Katie Melissa 17th April 2014
This is a very very very good story
Name: Arjun 29th April 2014
like Santa Claus!
Name: Dhanushica Gunawardhana 23rd July 2014
Name: MGirl 3rd September 2014
what message is it trying to send?
Name: Cristabelle 23rd September 2014
Weird but awesome
Name: Zoe 24th September 2014
realy good
Name: Merliah 16th October 2014
i really love this site keep sending new thanks alot but send scary stories
Name: Kat Marks 29th October 2014
jeez.... that's sad...
Name: Someone 30th October 2014
It\'s really intresting with a good moral
Name: Salina 6th November 2014
it jest sounds so magical
Name: Kylee 10th November 2014
I liked the story I read.
Name: Baily 28th November 2014
Gonna watch it over and over again
Name: Sahra 13th December 2014
I really liked this story because it describes the character a lot,
and it is fun to read this book!
Name: Sahra 13th December 2014
The similar story to it is the spider and Christmas tree because in it the spider made web and Santa made it as a sparkle string and in this story winter god is making faithing kind people wishes !!
Name: Ridhaam 29th December 2014
love it but i agree sahra
Name: Kabishanaa 1st January 2015
it is very good
Name: Samiya 6th January 2015
so nice story
Name: I Remain Annonymous 15th January 2015
hi this story is okay not my type
Name: GracieBear 16th January 2015
Thank you so much for a great website and story. This story is so peaceful and nice. It was great for a school project.
Name: Keira 4th February 2015
thanks I love this story
Name: Gigi 15th April 2015
Name: Mattie 23rd April 2015
loved it
Name: Lelman 15th June 2015
Name: Kevin 22nd June 2015
Amazing bae
Name: Selah 13th July 2015
this is soo cool
Name: Abbey 19th September 2015
I only watched 16 pages but it was awesome!
Name: Ana 20th October 2015
omg! was a really beautiful story
Name: Kaomi 18th November 2015
This was very imspiring! I loved the stoy!
Name: Naymer 27th November 2015
i love this website i love the creators who created this website
Name: Shifa Khan 1st December 2015
Keep it up.The climax was really good.
Name: Unknown 8th December 2015
I really like that story so heart warming because the snow maiden melted
Name: Unkonwn 12th January 2016
its funny
Name: Lina 27th January 2016
Sad but I like it
Name: Ava 28th January 2016
This was an amazing myth I cant believe how good this was! loved it!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Pagie 29th January 2016
very nice story
Name: H 7th February 2016
I really liked it 😄😄
Name: Brady 16th February 2016
I am so excited
Name: Princess 25th February 2016
Name: Eggs 8th March 2016
It is like a cross between Frosty the Snowman, the gingerbread man, and Frozen.
Name: Farha 29th March 2016
lovely and sad story but i like it
Name: Miss. Granger 25th April 2016
I liked it but it was kind of sad.
Name: Shataya Young 27th April 2016
very intresting
Name: Panda Cute 29th April 2016
This story is so awesome!!!!!!

Name: 💎addi 💎 29th April 2016
What kind of story is that? It's sooooooooooo sad!
Name: Someone 4th May 2016
its a awesome book!!
Name: Banana 16th May 2016
Name: ALLYSANDRA 26th May 2016
Name: Don 786 1st June 2016
i enjoyed and it is useful.
Name: Happy Singh 1st June 2016
i do enjoy a story that is humpty dumpty
because it helps children's to get some knowledge.
Name: Ellie 3rd June 2016
Amazingly awesome
Name: Flora 25th June 2016
great story but OMG the wolf is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo KAWAII
Name: Laveena 2nd July 2016
why cant you show the synopsis of the book the snow maiden.i mean that you could have show a brief explanation of this story in short words why to give it in a long mode if someone wants it just to be a summary.
Name: Kara 10th July 2016
this story is lovely it teaches that listen to older people like your parents.
Name: Silver 16th July 2016
It's nice to know about myths and legends from another country and this story achieves it all.
Name: Barbara Moore 8th September 2016
how do i do this
Name: Bokai 13th September 2016
WOW! that story was great but it was a bit sad when the maiden melted.
Name: Ivy 24th October 2016
i really like this story
Name: Nikki 24th October 2016
I really like your story it is really create.
Name: Pearl 1st November 2016
i like your story
Name: ABY ROGER NDRIN 8th November 2016
i like it where is this
Name: Sneguroshka 15th November 2016
beautiful story i love the snow maiden we have got the same names
Name: Faith 16th November 2016
it is a very good daughter
Name: BEATRICE 17th November 2016
very nice story
Name: May 22nd November 2016
It is very useful
Name: Amit 30th November 2016
This legend is very nice
Name: Annie 6th December 2016
It was a nice and peaceful legend at first I thought it sounded like a cursed legend
Name: Olivia 17th January 2017
it was a useful book for school.I loved this book and hope to read it again :)
Name: Keiona 24th January 2017
good good book
Name: IZZY 1st February 2017
amazing book want to read it again
Name: Emily 17th February 2017
I really like this legend. This is on of the best legends I have ever read.
Name: Lucia 21st February 2017
I wish I was like the Snow Maiden, elegant and beautiful
Name: Snowveil 13th June 2017
I really LOVE this story!! It was perfect! I like Snegurochika too. I would love to meet her. Even once is ok.
Name: Florence 5th July 2017
really fasinating like Hell yea
Name: Almira 7th August 2017
Your stories are so awesome and fun to read I read them every day for like 1hour🙂🤓👍🏻😀
Name: Kitty 28th August 2017
I love this story and it would be so nice to meet the people who's life were changed by her kindness.
Name: Jessica 22nd October 2017
wow that story was amazing now i read it almost every day on winter
Name: Jenny Wang 21st January 2018
I like the story I gave a 5 star.
Name: Lola 2nd February 2018
so sad


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