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The Enchanted Ring

Name: Mrs Stantley 12th November 2008
Super story Lilah, and well done for being brave enough to put it on the site and share it with others. - Mrs Stantley
Name: Katherine Lammas 19th November 2008
Very good story lilah. I enjoyed it alot.Can't Wait to see it in the SHOW CASE.
Name: Cleo! 6th December 2008
thanks for sharing!
Name: Elizabeth 9th December 2008
what a fab story i really liked it what a good imagination you have.Well done.
Name: Maria 11th December 2008
Name: Poppy K 12th December 2008
i really liked yur story plse write another
Name: Caitlin 13th December 2008
i had a look i liked it it is fab
Name: Cerys Haf Smith 17th December 2008
It was AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Coli 18th December 2008
hey u'r story was awsome
Name: Samantha 26th December 2008
good but could have been better
Name: Bhy 28th December 2008
I think your story could have been better.
Name: Liam 28th December 2008
Superb brill, well done, best on site
Name: Tamsin 28th December 2008
What a well thought out story - well done
Name: Rosie 1st January 2009
very good piece of writing very beliveable well done and i hear you come from new yourk city i had been there before it was brtllant i loved the shops and the statue and the empire state
Name: Amber 7th January 2009
Woah, this story is the best ever! You should be an author, y'know! I wish I could write stories as good as yours!

Well done!
Name: Sam 8th January 2009
WOAH , thay one was awesome! WE LOVE YOU LILAH, story wise?
Name: Maggie Beale 12th January 2009
I am a primary school teacher n London. I like the peer-feedback to these stories.
Name: Megan Clegg 19th January 2009
Wow great story i really think you have a good fairytale imagination keep it up keep writing stories.
Name: Elisha 19th January 2009
it was a good story but i think it could have a bit more detail!
Name: Joey 14th January 2010
Name: Beth 27th May 2010
Name: Ewen Aaron 26th February 2011
i thought it was briliant i liked it so much i showed my mum
Name: .,diana 28th November 2012
so far, its a good story! it gives lesson.


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