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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Name: Sophie Jones 12th January 2009
Wow. This is a pretty long story. Very good, I liked the way you made the voice of the reader lower to suit the character. Very clever. I always thought that Camelot was somewhere near London...I am but a child so what do I know? Are there certain days you guys post tales?
Name: Minni Gleeson 13th January 2009
I am a DHT and year 5 teacher. I have just found your site and it's amazing! we are studying myths and legends and and I will registering my school so that our pupils can create their own stories. Thank you for a brilliant resource- my pupils have loved listening to your stories. More please!
Name: Sophie 22nd January 2009
This story is quite interesting, a bit confusing at the start but I like it!
Name: Emily Bennett 22nd January 2009
I am a Y7 student and even though this page is meant for younger children it has really helped with my end of unit tests. Thanks Alot.
Name: Helen 25th January 2009
im in y5 and it is realy helped me with my english test
Name: Micha 26th January 2009
i am in year 5 and we have been studying sir gawain and the green knight.this story has really helped me with my test
Name: Libby 30th January 2009
I`m y3 Iso love and I mean love this story
it has so helped me with my Myths and legends test its good well done
Name: Emma 12 1st February 2009
in yr 7 we are learning about myths and legends and some of these stories are helping me achieve my best so thanks to all these stories i have good grades in my test so that is great and i would not have done it without these stories they are very helpful thank you so much very much appriecated
Name: Courtney Babe 2nd February 2009
this story is great now if i watch it again my mum will scream
Name: Dominic 3rd February 2009
i think it very good
Name: Cool Dood 8th February 2009
It is a wicked story man i love it!!!!!!!!
Name: Libby Fox 18th February 2009
I'm Libby thiis story is great my mum says its freaky. I really like this story why dont you add more to it!
It rocks like i said
Name: Lucy 19th February 2009
i thought it was very good.
Name: Melisa 23rd February 2009
It was Fabulous!!!
Name: Aisha 25th February 2009
ur so right Libby by the way my name is Aisha and as i say everybody can agree with me that this story is ace and it rocks!!!!
Name: Annie 15th March 2009
i didn't get to see it 1st but it was gooooooooooooooooooooddddddddddddddd

pace out dode
Name: Sophia B. /Lauren A. 17th March 2009
We did it broseph!!! We watched it I mean it was NOT scary and really good!
there is a gost at the end of (sophia's)
our street!!! Bye broseph!!!!
Name: Bob 17th March 2009
dude it was AWSOMEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
Name: Ryan 20th April 2009
I love violence and legends, and that is just what I got.It was amazing!
Name: Lionel 6th May 2009
it was legendary
Name: Jack P 6th May 2009
it was cool
Name: Elliot Hurley 17th May 2009
i love was so cool
Name: Azer 12th September 2009
that was good i loved it....
Name: Azer 12th September 2009
that was good whooowwwwwwwww
Name: Ashlynde 16th October 2009
dosent make sence to me but nice movie so im rating 4
Name: Della 16th October 2009
realy WOW best on site love it
Name: Mohammed786 19th December 2009
best myths and legends club in the world . so join nowand you will like it. ITS FREE
Name: DAVID 20th December 2009
Name: David 20th December 2009
fantastico i love it i rate it 90000000000000000000000000
Name: Britney 22nd December 2009
ive got my comment for this 999999999999999999999999 hows that im the queen of pokemon
Name: Charlie 22nd December 2009
woooooooow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...... it was the best
Name: Gaia 29th December 2009
wow this is scary ill wach out 4 him lol
Name: Loveheart247 4th January 2010
wooooooooooooooow!!!!!!!!!!! that was realy scary again again
Name: Jessieca 4th January 2010
wowwwwwwwww!!!! that was scary wiked and frigtining
Name: Shan 6th January 2010
haaaaa it is too hot in this winter. nice night scary story
Name: Debbie 9th January 2010
OMG . Lool , Doing This In Class ..
Name: Leon 10th January 2010
i loved i loved it at the end when his freind was the green knight
Name: Katy 11th January 2010
good story bit scary thow wish my legend was as good as that
Name: Saffron And Frankie 14th January 2010
i thought the story was okay, was boring in parts and a bit mite be scary for a little girl.
Name: Georgia 14th January 2010
it was a bit scary but not that scary my friend samatha when the head fell off she said thats yuk man she could not look at it agin never could i it was yuk. wirten by georgia
Name: Kiwi 14th January 2010
Wicked but a bit scart lol
Name: Olivia Rhodes 16th January 2010
i thought this story was disgusting but the knight in it was very brave as to nearly have his head cut off
Name: Thomas Yates 16th January 2010
i injoyed it but it was not scary.
Name: Laura 18th January 2010
freaky but cool
Name: Brittany 18th January 2010
hi there are very good
Name: Jasmine Bauer 24th January 2010
Hi,everyone i think it is very groosome and very horrible i hope they get rid of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Name: Ann 29th January 2010
Name: Lauren King 31st January 2010
i think it was boring no offence !
Name: Amelia 1st February 2010
Superb story xxxx
Name: DANA 2nd February 2010
Name: Jjj 4th February 2010
that was so cool
Name: Iffat 7th March 2010
This was a good story i enjoyed it really much. Can You put more stories on the website.
Name: RHONAI WORTHY 23rd March 2010
Name: Maya Genwright 29th March 2010
This was a good story it was kinda scary of what will happen next i will love to read this story agin
Name: Banda 19th May 2010
Name: Priyal Kesurwala 24th May 2010
this is quite big story but is it very interesting. i enjoyed this story. i will tell to my friends to see this story. even i like this website. i think we all should make our own story and put it on this website.
Name: SUAD 2nd October 2010
this story is good but it needs a bit more scary in it. Also its wondreful
Name: Suad 418 2nd October 2010
it was fabolusssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!
Name: Bethany 4th October 2010
That was a good explanation of the story. I love that story it has a great moral.
Name: Izzie Whitman 13th October 2010
Hey izzie here good story but it needs to be scary in a way. xx
Name: Fifi 15th November 2010
this was long as a sort story OK so next time make in shorter
Name: Annie 28th January 2011
is this an actual legend?
Name: Olga G 29th January 2011
l like this its tells the whole story in a simple way but keeps close to the original
Name: Lord Stranger 4th February 2011
The story of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight takes place in Cheshire.
Name: Lola 21st February 2011
um...well WOW!It's not favourte but WOW I liked:
it was about to end chritmas but christmas!,
i liked it about the King and it links well to my story but my name is etf it's going to be out in 5 days today is
21 0f February so it's out in 26 of February!
Name: Jacey 25th February 2011
it is awsome
Name: Xyra 27th February 2011
Wasn't it obvious that the Green Knight was the Host?
Take away the green beard add a brown beard,take away the green hair/suit/armour and add brown hair and the Host's clothes.
Name: Amber 4th March 2011
this story is good i like how it was placed on Camelot and the green girdle it was good i liked it.
Name: Amber Jade Foster 26th April 2011
I really have really fun have playing around with myths
Name: Riham 14th May 2011
Funny and a bit of anuswal story a bit silly because Athur never became king and there is no such thing as some one beheads you and you don't die......
Name: Lorraine 20th May 2011
I really like this story...:)
Name: Ashley 30th May 2011
that pretty confusing but cool
Name: Jess 6th September 2011
I did this for a play called pendragon
Name: Jess 6th September 2011
I know Its rellay wird
Name: Brandon 17th September 2011
this really helped me out with my literacy thnx
Name: Adam 29th September 2011
helped me in art
Name: Marie 9th October 2011
i like it but Sir gawain was not Arther's newph it was a kinght only . But i will give it 9/10 because it was a half fact.
Name: Emma 9th October 2011
This was really helpfull , i have to do a homework on this and what its about :)
Name: Alex 12th October 2011
awesome story
Name: Sam 7th November 2011
ok it was very good
Name: Bella Little 8th November 2011
this story really helped me with my own story ideas !!
Name: Olivier De Jonge 17th November 2011
Its a amazing story!!!!
Name: Teigan Benoit 19th November 2011
That was so long,but so good.
Name: Rhianna 28th November 2011
this is realy lomg but intresting!
Name: Tori 28th November 2011
i thought that the story was very interseting in a good way as it was colourful and can catch the readers attention. and as well i would recommend this to a myths and legends reader as it has royalty, adventure and gives you alot of ideas of how to preduce your own myths and legends scene.
Name: Izzie 11th December 2011
I think it was great and camelot is in wales
Name: Paigeallina 15th December 2011
this was aaaaaawssssssssome!!!!!! better than the boooks!!!!
Name: Bob 15th December 2011
This story is one of the best stories i have ever read, also I read this story at school!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!:)
Name: Adam Pomeroy 6th January 2012
its good
Name: Niamh 19th January 2012
it needs a pause button because if your drawing one part you cant draw it because its moving
Name: Georgina 31st January 2012
this is an amazing story! i go on this website at school and this one by far is my favourite legend!
Name: Jayruler 1st February 2012
amsome!!!!!!!! i loved it!!!!!
Name: Essy 12th March 2012
i think dis story is the bomb it just needs a better understanding of it, it confuses me about challenge.
Name: Arzoo 3rd May 2012
this story is realy nice i like the part when the dragon got big biger and biggest
Name: Safa 14th May 2012
it was ok.
Name: Canada 7th June 2012
You da man!
Name: :33 28th June 2012
cool story bro
Name: Alex 2nd July 2012
you know how to tell a story!
Name: Lottie 25th August 2012
it was cool but a bit long.
Name: Liana 26th September 2012
I loved this
Name: Liloj 2nd October 2012
that was awesome
Name: Yvanna 5th November 2012
i love it
Name: Bernice Grail Wagsey 23rd November 2012
this really helps me a lot . :D english and american lit .
Name: Brodie-alice And Danni 7th January 2013
we think that this story helps you with myths and legend
Name: Leighton 25th January 2013
I loved it Because Theseus killed the Minotaur
Name: Liam 8th February 2013
my favorite by far go Gawain
Name: Spunty 16th March 2013
I like the way their noses were weird. It really helps with the story
Name: Rick 18th March 2013
i love reading
Name: Hisham 3rd May 2013
I love the story the best legend i have ever read AAAAAAWWWEEEEEESSSOOOOOOOMMMMMEEEEEEE
Name: Ilias 11th June 2013
Name: Aa 17th December 2013
OMG best 1 one thingamig!
Name: Wasi 10th January 2014
best one ever
Name: Sadia 12th January 2014
Name: Luci Thrower 29th July 2014
I learnt about that in school and it was a great story.
Name: Scoot4life 11th September 2014
Name: Chotika 14th September 2014
I like it because It gives you lessons
Name: A Person 6th October 2014
why does it stop at a certain point??? its not even into the minute of the story!!!
Name: MTG 3rd November 2014
Great story
Name: Kinza 18th February 2015
Really interesting. The illustrations are really informative in themselves. The actual storyline and the music create a really eerie, spooky atmosphere.
Name: Caleb Christiensen 19th February 2015
I loved this story it really made me think about the myths and legends this is my favorite one yet!!!
Name: Gawain Arthur Green 15th April 2015
the best stor y
Name: Alim 3rd June 2015
it was good but not great


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