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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Name: Sophie Jones 12th January 2009
Wow. This is a pretty long story. Very good, I liked the way you made the voice of the reader lower to suit the character. Very clever. I always thought that Camelot was somewhere near London...I am but a child so what do I know? Are there certain days you guys post tales?
Name: Minni Gleeson 13th January 2009
I am a DHT and year 5 teacher. I have just found your site and it's amazing! we are studying myths and legends and and I will registering my school so that our pupils can create their own stories. Thank you for a brilliant resource- my pupils have loved listening to your stories. More please!
Name: Sophie 22nd January 2009
This story is quite interesting, a bit confusing at the start but I like it!
Name: Emily Bennett 22nd January 2009
I am a Y7 student and even though this page is meant for younger children it has really helped with my end of unit tests. Thanks Alot.
Name: Helen 25th January 2009
im in y5 and it is realy helped me with my english test
Name: Micha 26th January 2009
i am in year 5 and we have been studying sir gawain and the green knight.this story has really helped me with my test
Name: Libby 30th January 2009
I`m y3 Iso love and I mean love this story
it has so helped me with my Myths and legends test its good well done
Name: Emma 12 1st February 2009
in yr 7 we are learning about myths and legends and some of these stories are helping me achieve my best so thanks to all these stories i have good grades in my test so that is great and i would not have done it without these stories they are very helpful thank you so much very much appriecated
Name: Courtney Babe 2nd February 2009
this story is great now if i watch it again my mum will scream
Name: Dominic 3rd February 2009
i think it very good
Name: Cool Dood 8th February 2009
It is a wicked story man i love it!!!!!!!!
Name: Libby Fox 18th February 2009
I'm Libby thiis story is great my mum says its freaky. I really like this story why dont you add more to it!
It rocks like i said
Name: Lucy 19th February 2009
i thought it was very good.
Name: Melisa 23rd February 2009
It was Fabulous!!!
Name: Aisha 25th February 2009
ur so right Libby by the way my name is Aisha and as i say everybody can agree with me that this story is ace and it rocks!!!!
Name: Annie 15th March 2009
i didn't get to see it 1st but it was gooooooooooooooooooooddddddddddddddd

pace out dode
Name: Sophia B. /Lauren A. 17th March 2009
We did it broseph!!! We watched it I mean it was NOT scary and really good!
there is a gost at the end of (sophia's)
our street!!! Bye broseph!!!!
Name: Bob 17th March 2009
dude it was AWSOMEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
Name: Ryan 20th April 2009
I love violence and legends, and that is just what I got.It was amazing!
Name: Lionel 6th May 2009
it was legendary
Name: Jack P 6th May 2009
it was cool
Name: Elliot Hurley 17th May 2009
i love was so cool
Name: Azer 12th September 2009
that was good i loved it....
Name: Azer 12th September 2009
that was good whooowwwwwwwww
Name: Ashlynde 16th October 2009
dosent make sence to me but nice movie so im rating 4
Name: Della 16th October 2009
realy WOW best on site love it
Name: Mohammed786 19th December 2009
best myths and legends club in the world . so join nowand you will like it. ITS FREE
Name: DAVID 20th December 2009
Name: David 20th December 2009
fantastico i love it i rate it 90000000000000000000000000
Name: Britney 22nd December 2009
ive got my comment for this 999999999999999999999999 hows that im the queen of pokemon
Name: Charlie 22nd December 2009
woooooooow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...... it was the best
Name: Gaia 29th December 2009
wow this is scary ill wach out 4 him lol
Name: Loveheart247 4th January 2010
wooooooooooooooow!!!!!!!!!!! that was realy scary again again
Name: Jessieca 4th January 2010
wowwwwwwwww!!!! that was scary wiked and frigtining
Name: Shan 6th January 2010
haaaaa it is too hot in this winter. nice night scary story
Name: Debbie 9th January 2010
OMG . Lool , Doing This In Class ..
Name: Leon 10th January 2010
i loved i loved it at the end when his freind was the green knight
Name: Katy 11th January 2010
good story bit scary thow wish my legend was as good as that
Name: Saffron And Frankie 14th January 2010
i thought the story was okay, was boring in parts and a bit mite be scary for a little girl.
Name: Georgia 14th January 2010
it was a bit scary but not that scary my friend samatha when the head fell off she said thats yuk man she could not look at it agin never could i it was yuk. wirten by georgia
Name: Kiwi 14th January 2010
Wicked but a bit scart lol
Name: Olivia Rhodes 16th January 2010
i thought this story was disgusting but the knight in it was very brave as to nearly have his head cut off
Name: Thomas Yates 16th January 2010
i injoyed it but it was not scary.
Name: Laura 18th January 2010
freaky but cool
Name: Brittany 18th January 2010
hi there are very good
Name: Jasmine Bauer 24th January 2010
Hi,everyone i think it is very groosome and very horrible i hope they get rid of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Name: Ann 29th January 2010
Name: Lauren King 31st January 2010
i think it was boring no offence !
Name: Amelia 1st February 2010
Superb story xxxx
Name: DANA 2nd February 2010
Name: Jjj 4th February 2010
that was so cool
Name: Iffat 7th March 2010
This was a good story i enjoyed it really much. Can You put more stories on the website.
Name: RHONAI WORTHY 23rd March 2010
Name: Maya Genwright 29th March 2010
This was a good story it was kinda scary of what will happen next i will love to read this story agin
Name: Banda 19th May 2010
Name: Priyal Kesurwala 24th May 2010
this is quite big story but is it very interesting. i enjoyed this story. i will tell to my friends to see this story. even i like this website. i think we all should make our own story and put it on this website.
Name: SUAD 2nd October 2010
this story is good but it needs a bit more scary in it. Also its wondreful
Name: Suad 418 2nd October 2010
it was fabolusssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!
Name: Bethany 4th October 2010
That was a good explanation of the story. I love that story it has a great moral.
Name: Izzie Whitman 13th October 2010
Hey izzie here good story but it needs to be scary in a way. xx
Name: Fifi 15th November 2010
this was long as a sort story OK so next time make in shorter
Name: Annie 28th January 2011
is this an actual legend?
Name: Olga G 29th January 2011
l like this its tells the whole story in a simple way but keeps close to the original
Name: Lord Stranger 4th February 2011
The story of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight takes place in Cheshire.
Name: Lola 21st February 2011
um...well WOW!It's not favourte but WOW I liked:
it was about to end chritmas but christmas!,
i liked it about the King and it links well to my story but my name is etf it's going to be out in 5 days today is
21 0f February so it's out in 26 of February!
Name: Jacey 25th February 2011
it is awsome
Name: Xyra 27th February 2011
Wasn't it obvious that the Green Knight was the Host?
Take away the green beard add a brown beard,take away the green hair/suit/armour and add brown hair and the Host's clothes.
Name: Amber 4th March 2011
this story is good i like how it was placed on Camelot and the green girdle it was good i liked it.
Name: Amber Jade Foster 26th April 2011
I really have really fun have playing around with myths
Name: Riham 14th May 2011
Funny and a bit of anuswal story a bit silly because Athur never became king and there is no such thing as some one beheads you and you don't die......
Name: Lorraine 20th May 2011
I really like this story...:)
Name: Ashley 30th May 2011
that pretty confusing but cool
Name: Jess 6th September 2011
I did this for a play called pendragon
Name: Jess 6th September 2011
I know Its rellay wird
Name: Brandon 17th September 2011
this really helped me out with my literacy thnx
Name: Adam 29th September 2011
helped me in art
Name: Marie 9th October 2011
i like it but Sir gawain was not Arther's newph it was a kinght only . But i will give it 9/10 because it was a half fact.
Name: Emma 9th October 2011
This was really helpfull , i have to do a homework on this and what its about :)
Name: Alex 12th October 2011
awesome story
Name: Sam 7th November 2011
ok it was very good
Name: Bella Little 8th November 2011
this story really helped me with my own story ideas !!
Name: Olivier De Jonge 17th November 2011
Its a amazing story!!!!
Name: Teigan Benoit 19th November 2011
That was so long,but so good.
Name: Rhianna 28th November 2011
this is realy lomg but intresting!
Name: Tori 28th November 2011
i thought that the story was very interseting in a good way as it was colourful and can catch the readers attention. and as well i would recommend this to a myths and legends reader as it has royalty, adventure and gives you alot of ideas of how to preduce your own myths and legends scene.
Name: Izzie 11th December 2011
I think it was great and camelot is in wales
Name: Paigeallina 15th December 2011
this was aaaaaawssssssssome!!!!!! better than the boooks!!!!
Name: Bob 15th December 2011
This story is one of the best stories i have ever read, also I read this story at school!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!:)
Name: Adam Pomeroy 6th January 2012
its good
Name: Niamh 19th January 2012
it needs a pause button because if your drawing one part you cant draw it because its moving
Name: Georgina 31st January 2012
this is an amazing story! i go on this website at school and this one by far is my favourite legend!
Name: Jayruler 1st February 2012
amsome!!!!!!!! i loved it!!!!!
Name: Essy 12th March 2012
i think dis story is the bomb it just needs a better understanding of it, it confuses me about challenge.
Name: Arzoo 3rd May 2012
this story is realy nice i like the part when the dragon got big biger and biggest
Name: Safa 14th May 2012
it was ok.
Name: Canada 7th June 2012
You da man!
Name: :33 28th June 2012
cool story bro
Name: Alex 2nd July 2012
you know how to tell a story!
Name: Lottie 25th August 2012
it was cool but a bit long.
Name: Liana 26th September 2012
I loved this
Name: Liloj 2nd October 2012
that was awesome
Name: Yvanna 5th November 2012
i love it
Name: Bernice Grail Wagsey 23rd November 2012
this really helps me a lot . :D english and american lit .
Name: Brodie-alice And Danni 7th January 2013
we think that this story helps you with myths and legend
Name: Leighton 25th January 2013
I loved it Because Theseus killed the Minotaur
Name: Liam 8th February 2013
my favorite by far go Gawain
Name: Spunty 16th March 2013
I like the way their noses were weird. It really helps with the story
Name: Rick 18th March 2013
i love reading
Name: Hisham 3rd May 2013
I love the story the best legend i have ever read AAAAAAWWWEEEEEESSSOOOOOOOMMMMMEEEEEEE
Name: Ilias 11th June 2013
Name: Aa 17th December 2013
OMG best 1 one thingamig!
Name: Wasi 10th January 2014
best one ever
Name: Sadia 12th January 2014
Name: Luci Thrower 29th July 2014
I learnt about that in school and it was a great story.
Name: Scoot4life 11th September 2014
Name: Chotika 14th September 2014
I like it because It gives you lessons
Name: A Person 6th October 2014
why does it stop at a certain point??? its not even into the minute of the story!!!
Name: MTG 3rd November 2014
Great story
Name: Kinza 18th February 2015
Really interesting. The illustrations are really informative in themselves. The actual storyline and the music create a really eerie, spooky atmosphere.
Name: Caleb Christiensen 19th February 2015
I loved this story it really made me think about the myths and legends this is my favorite one yet!!!
Name: Gawain Arthur Green 15th April 2015
the best stor y
Name: Alim 3rd June 2015
it was good but not great
Name: Christopher 13th October 2015
it was weird and horrific when the green night just picked up his head and rode off and by the way everyone knew the owner of that house was the green night
Name: Annabelle Law 18th October 2015
I liked the gory parts but still not as good as some myths or legends and I think that this website should add some unicorn storys!
Name: Fox 21st November 2015
it is good
Name: Nic 29th November 2015
hi. this article is very important for me. I need to write a school licence and i want't to ask you if i can use this in my project. Thanks.
Name: Karina 8th January 2016
Love it is a few adventure
Name: Wubcarp 7th March 2016
According to the Anglo-Saxon poem, I believe Sir Gawain finds the Green Chapel on the Wirral.
Name: Samantha 8th March 2016
AMAZING!I need to use this for a project too as i have a test tomorrow. I understand stories better when people read them.Thankyou
Name: Iona 15th March 2016
Helped me with my Homework, and its for free!
Name: Boss 5th May 2016
hola amigo
Name: Awais 16th September 2016
Huh nice one how do we create a
Story of are own
Name: Harry 17th September 2016
help me in homework
Name: Will 2nd November 2016
Name: Bartek 14th November 2016
My teacher wants me to write a new ending to this myth (250 words).
Name: Lorraime 3rd December 2016

Name: Emma 10th March 2017
Wow I'm impressed
Name: Batman 16th March 2017
Good story mah dude.
Name: Ross 21st March 2017
Good and funny
Name: Murray 3rd May 2017
Name: EastRaptor38085 21st May 2017
Name: Jeff 16th November 2017
cool and explains the story
Name: Fatima 5th February 2018


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