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The Farmer and the Hogboon

Name: Morgan 14th June 2009
I think this story is so cool. I wish I made it up.
Name: The Red Head Man 15th June 2009
it was a good story ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Funny Guy 16th June 2009
this story rocked my world.
Name: Lilah 17th June 2009
G8 story, best on site
Name: Kunle 17th June 2009
i think the hogboon is a scary little thing
Name: Jasyendy 17th June 2009
I think that the hogboon was a little freaky and if I saw one I would RUN FOR MY LIFE CAUZ they look scary.
Name: Sahba 18th June 2009
I like how the hogbon looked and I loved your story
Name: Gwen 18th June 2009
I Think Hogboons are scary liltle creatures lol :P i think the story was Gr8 !
Name: Jessica 18th June 2009
i though it was brilliant
Name: Yasmin 21st June 2009
The hogbon was discusting.
Name: Rachel 21st June 2009
it was just gr8! iloved it!
Name: Joe B On The Mic 22nd June 2009
this was so cool

Name: Hashim 22nd June 2009
Name: Kelly 22nd June 2009
A brilliant tale, I enjoyed every moment of it!
Name: Conordavenport 22nd June 2009
it was good but why didnt the farmer tell his wife about the hogboon? an can you please explian!
Name: Kyle12345 24th June 2009
i think it was ok when he was putting the milk out and about respecting it and stuff but i didnt really like most of it...but i admitt it takes a while to do a good story so i give you credit for this, mines about a knight whos sister dies so he avenges her death and his village and meets his mother and father when he gets older its really good...
Name: Elisah 25th June 2009
Absolutly awsome best on site
Name: Brooke P 25th June 2009
very funny koooooool
Name: Biilly B 29th June 2009
ssssssooooooooooooooo cooooollll and funny
Name: Jasmine 30th June 2009
i fout the story was good
Name: Storm 3rd July 2009
it was wickedd x
Name: Fred 6th July 2009
it was so funney lol
Name: Zac 7th July 2009
thou story was brilliant thy shou be praised in thee great story
Name: Jelly 8th July 2009
Name: Sidrah 16th July 2009
it is very good
Name: Livsy 23rd July 2009
How awesome is that! Cool or what!
Name: Rebecca 24th July 2009
This is an ace story.

I still don't think it's true though.
Name: Georgia 29th July 2009
I think its funny and coulld be a real myth.
Name: Katherine O 4th August 2009
amazing isnt it but not as good as mine its called twitches.
Name: Bethany 10th August 2009
I could just watch it again and again
Name: Anika 11th August 2009
this story's morle might be true for as ithappend to me, you see my grandmum had some jewlley missing and the troble kept from anite roise, she was baned from the family for being bad to her father(my grand dad) so i think its true, and it WAS funny.
Name: Josh 11th August 2009
unlucky farmer
Name: Chloe Hambrook 15th August 2009
the hogboon look vary FUNNY haha i got to tell my friends
Name: Shannon Bretherton 1st September 2009
That was pretty funny but also unlucky you just shouldnt be banned from the family its not right
Name: X.lil.emo.girl.x 8th September 2009
cool im usin this 4 my homework asaignment
Name: Evans 11th September 2009
it was realloy nice,i enjoyed quite alot
Name: Roxy 14th September 2009
it was an excellent story. i really enjoyed it.
Name: Caitlinharper 25th September 2009
i thought it was really good and i say 4/5
Name: Coolcat 25th September 2009
it was cool
Name: Cassidy 29th September 2009
The story is great, I like the words.
Name: Scott 6th October 2009
Name: Ooos 7th October 2009
it was fantabulous, woooooooooooow
Name: Awsome 7th October 2009
it was fantabulous
Name: Pinocio 12th October 2009
it was the best story ive heard
Name: Batty Z 15th October 2009
cool story i thot it vas gr8!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: James Smit 21st October 2009
it wasnt 2 bad it was ok could had bin better
Name: Lena 22nd October 2009
supurb best on site so far xxxxxx
Name: Bob 27th October 2009
good job
Name: Emma Capra 8th January 2010
ok a bit long
Name: Thomas 8th March 2010
I really liked the hoggbon storie because it was so scare at the first and the hogboon was so funny.
Name: Sereece Austin 17th April 2010
love this story
Name: Michelle 11th May 2010
love this story! very funny!
Name: Sky Marhold 22nd July 2010
your story was brill.
Name: Melissa Fatanitavake 2nd August 2010
its a intresding strory and a wonderful great stroy

By Melissa Fatanitavake
Name: Eliot Wilson 4th November 2010
Very Good!
We went to this island on holiday, and we actually went inside on of the mounds!
It is a beautiful place and I would definetly reccomend it for a holiday!
It only rains at night, and it looks like greece!
Every one there is really friendly, and if you pass someone on the road, they will always wave to you!
If you want a great holiday go to sanday.
Name: Shadow 5th December 2010
awesome storey as are all the ones on this site and if your school is not involved get it involed now, with these morals and great tales, it will enthral any veiwer from 8 to 80.
Name: Woodpeckers 2nd February 2011
A great story which we enjoyed listening to very much.What a shame the farmer forgot to tell his wife about the Hogboon!We hope he takes better care of the Hogboon in their new croft.
Name: Winddrop 22nd February 2011
Name: Riham 13th May 2011
A strange creature and I don't think it is real and if it is send me a mesage
Name: Dillon & Jack 19th July 2011
you need to have the Kraken
Name: Sassy 31st October 2011
i have never laughed so much in my life
Name: Jim 11th October 2012
this was fantastic
Name: Courtney 30th March 2013
Name: Adrian 12th October 2013
hogboons look ugly.
Name: Tom 16th October 2013
I hope I never meet a Hogboon!
Name: Lizzie 31st October 2013
i dont understand it people
Name: Jodhi 7th February 2014
very funny n well read
Name: Mari 22nd February 2014
Name: DA ONLY PK 12th March 2014
Started off as a good story flopped like EVERYBODY DO THE FLOP.U should build more tension and the surprise at the end was TERRIBLE. Just some words to explain what i thought. Anyway PEACE
Name: Della 12th March 2014
i realy loved this and thought the ending was very funny. I did not expect it
Name: Ddb 13th March 2014
fantacticccaaallly coooool
Name: Kaiyu 11th November 2014
that Hogboon looks like a troll
Name: Romeo 24th January 2015
hi lovely story where does it come from
Name: Sasha 3rd May 2015
i loved the ending it was a real dun dun durrrrrrrrrrrrrr at the end
Name: Lenny 29th January 2016
very funny an well read
Name: Brian Tulloch 30th May 2016
I found your rendition of the story very enjoyable. This is a traditional story from the Island of Sanday in Orkney. It relates to the farm of Hellihow, the most northerly farmhouse in the Parish of Burness, which is the smallest of the 3 parishes in Sanday. I was born in the south end of Burness Parish. I have traced all my ancestors back to the middle of the 18th Century. My earliest known Tulloch ancestor lived at Hellihow.
Name: Angel 1st December 2016
It was fuuny
Name: Lionel Messi 1st December 2016
I like it
Name: Omegaduck 30th March 2017
i really liked it
Name: Skye 6th September 2017
It is great and it helpt with home work


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