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How the Troll was Tricked

Name: Kyra 2nd October 2011
it was awesome
Name: Riham 3rd October 2011
Name: Kum 7th October 2011
i love it finally thetrool gets folled
Name: NoOne 9th October 2011
troll is a foolish i wouldnt fol on that one loool
Name: Sammy Li 16th October 2011
I like it very much!
Name: Akshvir 2nd November 2011
it is really good i now hahahahaha
Name: Anthony Cheung 9th November 2011
A genius boy could think about a trick
Name: Anika 14th November 2011
Great story
Name: Regina Matthew 18th November 2011
it so funny how troll killed him self.
Name: Sohail 21st November 2011
Name: Meggan 2nd December 2011
great story
Name: Aasim07 7th December 2011
cool like it
Name: James O 12th December 2011
realy funny and fantastic
Name: Sally 20th December 2011
good story
Name: Amelia 10th January 2012
its cool we heard it a school today sooooo cool
Name: Kelsey 11th January 2012
lol xxx
Name: Emily 18th January 2012
cool story
Name: Chantel 19th January 2012
this is a very good story explaining that it dosent matter about ur size or ur age anythin is possible
Name: Isabelle 28th January 2012
i love the way that the youngest brother tricks the troll.
Name: Sophie 31st January 2012
It is so cool! It shows no matter how small and timid you are you could do anything you wanted!
Name: Katie 31st January 2012
that was an awesome story,that cunning boots
Name: Israa 31st January 2012
this is a good story
Name: Rihab 16th February 2012
good story
Name: Tadhg 21st February 2012
I didn't enjoy this story as much as some of the others.
Name: Olivia 26th February 2012
i like it it was very good and the troll was ugly!!!!
Name: Sydney 27th February 2012
good i had to do home work and it told me alot
Name: Yasin 3rd March 2012
i hate it
Name: Dehanna 6th March 2012
i love this one i am gunna do it for my E.l.A thing lol
Name: Tommie 9th March 2012
i loved it very good
Name: Christo 10th March 2012
it was so terrific especially when the monster roared!
Name: Emily 16th March 2012
Name: Ishan 30th March 2012
soooooooooo nice i loved it.
Name: Macy 31st March 2012
wow that was super exspesially when the troll got tricked!
Name: Lplunkett20 18th April 2012
well done its the greatest i,ve heard.
Name: Ellie And Abi 25th April 2012
we loved the myth the best bit was when they got loads of money
Name: Nichola 26th April 2012
it was great
Name: Zack 29th April 2012
wow stupid troll i woundent fall for that. cutting hole in you vains
Name: Ben 8th May 2012
The troll looks funny
Name: Joshua 9th May 2012
that boy is a genius!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Lisa-Marie 12th May 2012
I like this story. And i dont mean to be mean but i don't think trolls can talk and they would use a knife and cut their stomach. Also how would you know this stuff anyway?!
Name: Nagina 14th May 2012
amazing story i really enjoyed it
Name: Jahnvi Ganga Patel 22nd May 2012
this was a fantastic story brilliant
well don
Name: ******* 14th June 2012
Enjoyed it alot
Name: Katie 14th June 2012
that was well gd i know everyone has said that but i mean it from my heart that was great you should be proud for writing that xxxx
Name: Katie 14th June 2012
its magnificent xxxx trust me!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo
Name: Slinjo98 21st June 2012
Name: James 17th July 2012
Name: Abi 24th July 2012
this story is sooooo awesome!!
Name: Louise 27th July 2012
this is the best
Name: Habs 2nd August 2012
a t way to read i enjoyed italot
Name: NomNomNom 5th September 2012
I Lykes dis storyies :)
Name: Anomnymous 17th September 2012
cool wesitee! keep on going!
Name: Anomnymous 9th October 2012
Great website really handy for a project I am doing love this story as well
keep up the good work!!!
Name: Anoymous 17th October 2012
Twas good
Name: Anna 24th October 2012
Name: Devon 28th October 2012
faantastic myth isn`t it
Name: EPIC DUDE 31st October 2012
Name: Mr Cool 2nd November 2012
11 out of 10 Wow! :):):):)
Name: Mark 7th November 2012
hello i really liked your story it was great
Name: Arizahin Leyva 8th November 2012
lol love it :D
Name: Travis 20th November 2012
I LOVE LOVE LOVED your story.It was thought out,and you have a great imagination! :)
Name: Abbas Alibhai 22nd November 2012
This was a wonderful myth.I loved it.
Name: Gulshan 1st December 2012
nice pot and wonderful story
Name: Jade 7th December 2012
poor troll
Name: Gulshan 8th December 2012
nice story foolish troll suicide
Name: Hunter 9th December 2012
this was a brillant story i wonder what happened to the brothers though
Name: Gabija Alsauskaite 21st December 2012
it was gud bat not brilijant because at the end jiu kan put wat hapin to the brother though
Name: Alvin Roy 30th December 2012
It is a wonderful story with good creativity.
Name: Inayah Latif 3rd January 2013
Was a good story with a happy ending for Boots
Name: Zamzam 8th January 2013
this website is soooooooooooooo cool.the best story i think is how the troll was tricked
Name: Bobmyster 10th January 2013
Absoulutly terrible
Name: Noel 15th January 2013
ilove this stoooory so much
Name: Leo Roberts Smith 17th January 2013
Name: Jennifer Jenkins 27th January 2013
It was yuk yuk yuk because the troll cut his tummy and who does that?
Name: Alex 2nd February 2013
GOLD give me!!!!
Name: Summer 6th February 2013
This was the best! I watched it at SCHOOL!
Name: Eleanor 9th February 2013
Cool story but the troll was really stupid and it was a bit ewwwww because he cut his stomach!
Name: Susan 27th February 2013
i think norway is the bestcountry in the world...
Name: Sarah 3rd March 2013
Wonderful Stories,Loved reading them all!!!
Name: Jaime 6th March 2013
loved it
Name: Ayana 8th March 2013
Loved how the Troll was tricked!!!Soooo Nice Story. Completely Loved It
Name: Alice 9th March 2013
I thought it was good I espeacily liked that the troll got tricked
Name: Ryan 13th March 2013
it is a good story
Name: Kathryn 14th March 2013
I loved this book. The troll was dead thick could he not tell he was being tricked? He looked a girl the troll
Name: Jayvin 4th April 2013
i thought that the troll was stupid enough to fall for the trick
Name: Grady 7th April 2013
this is a very a very good's kind of interesting how the boy tricked the troll into killing himself.
Name: Chloe 26th April 2013
best myth ever
Name: Jake 10th May 2013
Name: Aciea 13th May 2013
This is the BEST I am watching this at home is well so fun and cool the ogar is realy ugly here.
Name: Emily 15th May 2013
i love this myth.Its AMAZING
Name: Regan 15th May 2013
I like the lesson.
Name: Eleanor 18th May 2013
This is an AMAZING myth!!!!
Name: Max 21st May 2013
this has swag
Name: Kaykay 15th July 2013
That was amazing when the troll cut a hole in his belly.It was fabulous man more than fabulous WIKID.

Name: Naqi Abbas 27th August 2013
it has tremendous stories which I really like

you should have more stories
Name: Kehaolani 28th August 2013
love the storry
Name: Lucy 17th September 2013
Wikid and tots fab
Name: Catrin 17th September 2013
Love it
Name: Holland 18th September 2013
Very interesting to read to the children - they especially liked it when the troll cut a hole in his belly.. YUK!
Name: Kady 13th October 2013
ok not to good
Name: Kiernan 20th October 2013
very good
Name: Chelsea 28th October 2013
ok thats gruesome where the troll cuts his belly even i was touching myne
Name: Sumaya 25th November 2013
it was a good story thanks to people who wrote it
Name: Ellie 9th January 2014
i really liked it
Name: Ollie 16th January 2014
I like the story
Name: Ehsan 16th January 2014
Very brave
Name: Kittykat123 11th February 2014
Hi love this book its my fave.Look at this website at school all my friends love it also the other amazing books and we love them

Name: Katy Ship 11th February 2014
love story got friends that love this
Name: The Lol Dude 11th February 2014
XD XD The Yolo Dude
really good story
Name: The Yolo Dude 12th February 2014
LOL THE TROLL LOST cool story and why did you take down my other cOmment saying TRRRRRRR OOOOOOOOOO LLLLLLL OOOOOOOOO L
Name: THE REAL RONALDO 18th February 2014
I have a dream that all stories should be like this
Name: Bob 1st March 2014
Pretty Cool
Name: Mackenzie 10th March 2014
a pretty good cunning story. I loved it!!!
Name: Bdml 11th March 2014
Super great !we loved it
Name: Jamie 13th March 2014
IT was so nice.
Name: Sahat 13th March 2014
it was good
Name: Chizubem 13th March 2014
I like this one
Name: Hallie 18th March 2014
what is the time of this story
Name: Aubl 18th March 2014
This story was great we loved it
Name: Bbs 20th March 2014
I think it was quite good :)z
Name: Chelsea 24th March 2014
i like this story and it teaches a good lesson.
Name: Mattybraps 2nd April 2014
loved it
Name: ASI 22nd April 2014
Name: Kai 30th April 2014
that was the best st ever
Name: Krisztian 30th April 2014
it was a great story and i found it amazing.
Name: Lucy 1st May 2014
Name: Anomous 8th May 2014
Was this a myth or legend

Name: Daniel 23rd May 2014
the troll looks like something out of a toilet! :-)
Name: Marie 8th September 2014
this is actually a norwegian folktale not a myth :)
Name: Zainab 25th October 2014
The giant looks like vomit and spinach that's came out of person
Name: Rameesw 30th October 2014
I like baba yaga and proper scary myths yeah

Name: Kaiyu 4th November 2014
this is a funny story
Name: Meep 2nd December 2014
Name: Nathan 13th December 2014
Name: Jinaen 14th January 2015
good well cool
Name: Charlie 15th January 2015
nice story
Name: HgEWKFDCBH 28th January 2015
Name: Sasha 29th January 2015
thanks so much this website hellped me with my home work it gave me some really good ideas i made my friend see this and she really couldnt stop saying GROSE it kind off freaked her out felt a little bad afterwords but anyway i like it so thats that thanks again really epic ............... ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm BYE THEN....... i guess
Name: Ibiby 8th February 2015
good story
Name: Farah 21st February 2015
gross troll but cute little Boots.. love it.. an exciting story
Name: Gunter 8th March 2015
cool story the troll is cute with his warts and green skin. :-)
Name: Denise 10th March 2015
never believe in someone
Name: BROOKLYN 15th March 2015
Name: Heather 16th March 2015
So not scary
Name: Hiek 17th March 2015
OMG, it myth is gorgeous, pure amazing
Name: Eva 25th March 2015
OMG it was a it scary but cool
Name: Kiara 9th April 2015
OMG,i love greek myths and legnds this is isso cool and not sceary
Name: Maggi 14th April 2015
its soooo nice i love it also very useful for my lesson plans and plays i love it super RECOMMENDED
Name: Sarah K. 14th April 2015
wooooow! its so good! my children LOVED it!
Name: Kim 14th April 2015
so superb...i know right
Name: Casey 21st April 2015
i love it it was amazing
Name: Lucian 29th April 2015
it was awsome
Name: Coel 5th May 2015
It was kind of good
Name: Rhys 7th May 2015
i loved it so fun
Name: Brayden 12th May 2015
Not that good or scary
Name: Jeff 14th May 2015
pretty good
Name: Afrah 17th May 2015
I like it
Name: Courtney 21st May 2015
Our teacher put that on and we all enjoyed it
Name: Batman 23rd July 2015
this is awesome
Name: Cheese No I Love Cheese 5th August 2015
This is awesome
Name: Polandball 6th August 2015
awsome fresh cool
Name: Awesome Cool 19th August 2015
Name: Go Man 14th September 2015
this is really good
Name: Anna 16th September 2015
thank you for making the book it is so cool trust me and everyone online IT IS SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXO
Name: Carl 16th September 2015
it was so cool
Name: Layla 22nd September 2015
It was a good story
Name: Jess Law 29th September 2015
cool book
Name: Rose 6th October 2015
Great story. It has a great moral too - you don't have to be big or strong to succeed.
Name: Hongjea Kim 14th October 2015
It was nice nice story!!!!!
Name: Bryan 17th October 2015
Very great I rate it 8/8!
Name: Anisha 22nd October 2015
This was better than the Ancient Greek ones we are doing in school! I quite like the english ones!
Name: Karl 22nd October 2015
nice lengends and the story was great
Name: Basa 31st October 2015
I like the ancient Greece
Name: Cheyanne 4th January 2016
Poor troll!i kindove feel bad because he was nice to Boots
Name: Riaregi 20th January 2016
I rly like reading this book it was enjoyable.
Name: Fatma 24th January 2016
this story is really good I can read it all day over and over again and boots is actually strong then you think he is
Name: Max 28th January 2016
So really good 500 stars :?)
Name: Cat Lover 25th February 2016
Name: Anna 4th March 2016
Name: Rosy 11th March 2016
awesome story!!
Name: Cherie Smith 26th April 2016
I am going to use these stories to teach theme! This is awesome!
Name: The Best Thing 4th May 2016
Name: Amaia King 28th May 2016
It's a really interesting story.
Name: Rehaan 13th July 2016
it is kind of silly
Name: Fred 22nd September 2016
Is this a myth or a legend? Thanks

Name: Samo 28th September 2016
Awesome funny
Name: Pham 14th October 2016
Wow this is a great story. I really enjoyed it
Name: Desmond 25th October 2016
I really Like This story it's awsome who madu this story thanked
Name: Helen 11th November 2016
Name: Venna 17th November 2016
i heard this 11 days ago!
Name: Jazzy 20th January 2017
best book ever
Name: Hasi 22nd January 2017
Spooky and best story love it
Name: Shahmir Qaisar 23rd January 2017
Name: ? 24th January 2017
I love this!!!!
Name: Someone. 7th March 2017
This story is really cool! Wow those older brothers were mean, who cares if your younger brother isn't like you! He's not the same person!

This story is one of the best on here!
Name: Sara Capelli 15th March 2017
I loved this store!!!!!!Iliked how Boots was clever
Name: Vanessa 7th April 2017
it was awesome I loved how the boy thought so quick.
Name: Hj 28th April 2017
Name: Salsabil 7th May 2017
is this a myth
Name: Bob 9th May 2017
It was ok but the troll was to ugly
Name: Gm50 19th May 2017
A witty story
Name: Jaymes 29th May 2017
that was awsome
Name: Bob V2 19th June 2017
the troll was way tooooooo screen cracked when I saw the troll.
Name: Mya Lanae Ramirez 5th October 2017
Good storys
Name: Warren 18th October 2017
Huh? Why did boots tricked the troll
Name: Maryam 22nd October 2017
this was a very interesting story-i loved it!
Name: Manvi Bhargav 1st December 2017
A bit scary in the beginning
Name: Saron 17th January 2018
Name: Thomas 27th February 2018
It is not good because it doesn\'t seem to be like a full story.


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