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How the Troll was Tricked

Wonderful story! 1st October 2019
30th September 2019
Its ok and interesting 5th August 2019
it is ok?

3rd June 2019
a great story!28th March 2019
I like it! Maybe a bit faster next time as it took up a lot of time.
22nd March 2019
It was okay, I guess.27th February 2019
hi, this is a great story

11th February 2019
this is a really great story7th February 2019
Great story
16th January 2019
why oh why did the troll die11th December 2018
It's inappropriate for children under &
11th December 2018
YOUR STORY WAS OK11th December 2018
this is a weird story11th December 2018
i love your storys
11th December 2018
why did boots kill the troll i'm just wondering11th December 2018
very good22nd October 2018
It was perfect and I watch this at home because I started watching it from school and I got addicted so I would give you 5,000,000 thumbs up12th October 2018
ok10th October 2018
espically since the youngest brother does it but the older ones fail lol XD
25th September 2018
wow i thought boots would never deafat the troll but he did
22nd August 2018
I am a school student from home and I read this is school I really enjoyed
17th July 2018
i liked the way the son beat the Troll. The story was so much more interesting than other stories i have ever seen.20th June 2018
I loved this story it wqas super cool.4th June 2018
Loved the story amazing great for all ages26th May 2018
This story is way too loooooooooooong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!12th April 2018
Hi i like turtles because im happy thank you for this amazing story19th March 2018
It is not good because it doesn\'t seem to be like a full story.27th February 2018
17th January 2018
A bit scary in the beginning 1st December 2017
this was a very interesting story-i loved it!22nd October 2017
Huh? Why did boots tricked the troll18th October 2017
Good storys5th October 2017
the troll was way tooooooo screen cracked when I saw the troll.19th June 2017
that was awsome29th May 2017
A witty story19th May 2017
It was ok but the troll was to ugly9th May 2017
is this a myth7th May 2017
Cool28th April 2017
it was awesome I loved how the boy thought so quick.
7th April 2017
I loved this store!!!!!!Iliked how Boots was clever
15th March 2017
This story is really cool! Wow those older brothers were mean, who cares if your younger brother isn't like you! He's not the same person!

This story is one of the best on here!
7th March 2017
I love this!!!!24th January 2017
BEST STORY EVER!!!!!!23rd January 2017
Spooky and best story love it
22nd January 2017
best book ever20th January 2017


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