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The Black Egg, Pan Gu and the World

Name: Zac 3rd November 2010
My school go on this website And I think its great!
Name: Zac 3rd November 2010
hI ITS me Again just tosay some ofe the music and storys are to scary!
Name: Tim 7th November 2010
it is horrible
Name: Jada 8th November 2010
ive read this is book
Name: Lucy 10th November 2010
Thsi is the myth that my class have been studying and I love it!
Name: Gennie 13th November 2010
I like it how the parts of pangu's body spread out
Name: Megan 13th November 2010
I love it!
Name: Hailing 26th November 2010
It's cool!! I used to read it in chinese!!!
Name: Lewis White 15th December 2010
that was good better that any story.
Name: Jordan 12th January 2011
Name: Catherine Rox 6th February 2011
I like myths from China. Very fascinating.
Name: Guyz 10th March 2011
pan gu is a myth in the epoch-making figure,pan gu culture is Chinese culture in a bright pearl.
Name: Riham 1st May 2011
This is a kind of funny story Where does it actually come from?
Name: Pucee:) 12th May 2011
Name: Jack 25th May 2011
it was verey good
Name: Tia 27th May 2011
This is really cool
Name: Tal 28th May 2011
good and intresting legend you have
Name: Ciara 14th June 2011
wow good story
Name: Shezza 25th July 2011
loved it
Name: Olivia 13th September 2011
Heeey!!xxxxxx good stuff for young mandarin students xxxxxx
Name: Sadie 17th September 2011
Name: Lily 20th September 2011
a bit terrifuying
Name: Tally 24th September 2011
very gruesome ewwww !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: GWRALD-WU 28th September 2011
Name: Louis 5th October 2011
It was good but somewords didn't make sence to me.
Name: Louis 8th October 2011
it is very interesting
Name: Omar 9th October 2011
i like it
Name: Megansippitts 22nd October 2011
very good
Name: Jake 1st November 2011
loved it
Name: Bindi 16th November 2011
Tjis is soooooooooooo cool and I'm sooooooooooo using it for my hmework project on Myths and Legends(and yes I doooooooooo like using looooots ooooooof oooooooooo's because they are soooooooo coooooooooool)
Name: Kabir 17th November 2011
It was a good story
Name: Sage 19th November 2011
it is me sage i wanna say someone said they didn't like it but i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Ferrie 22nd November 2011
I really really thought it was very usful.
Name: Laura 26th November 2011
it was the best ever
Name: James 8th May 2012
it was good
Name: Abigail 15th July 2012
it was great to watch and it really helped me with my homework
Name: Sam 15th July 2012
It was briliant helped me with my homework
Name: Bob 18th July 2012
this is extremely good it helps with my homework

Name: Rimsha And Guy 30th July 2012
Fantastic! But we don't think it's real though. Any way who ever wrote this story it's GREAT! Different way of telling how the world begin.
Name: Grace Ann DiGiacomo 2nd August 2012

Awesome work! Bravo to the creator!
Name: Leo 10th September 2012
short but really good
Name: Micheal 18th September 2012
the story is good. I think Pang Gu is very
Name: Milan Paul 9th October 2012
second time i watched it and it just got better and better.
Name: Aaliyah Henare 14th October 2012
That myth is amazing.
Name: Rayhan Naufal 13th November 2012
It was a good story and i like it very much is his myth or legend
Name: Max 12th February 2013
that is amazing
Name: Rocco 13th February 2013
I think this myth is very interesting and it grabbed my attention. I now want to read more of the myths on this website.
Name: Leon 25th February 2013
this is a amazing myth
i like it a lot and so does my teacher to

Name: Ben 6th March 2013
Name: Tails Doll 7th March 2013
Wow, this is one of the most interesting myths i've ever read. Bugs turning into people hahaha that's good.
Name: U Dont Know 7th March 2013
Name: U Know Who 14th April 2013
Love it ! I'm interested in it ! πŸ˜†
Name: Serine 12th May 2013
Is this like really how the earth was created or...?
Name: Cameron 18th May 2013
that was the best
Name: Hi 19th June 2013
that was amazing
Name: Elizabeth 6th July 2013
Wow, that was great
Name: Carmen 18th July 2013
I think you should make or find out about a Peruvian legend because once i heard a very interesting one called the Peruvian Yell maybe i could share some info
thank you very much!

Thank you for your attention
Name: Hey 29th July 2013
it was cool
Name: Izzy 30th July 2013
i love this story1
Name: Liam 3rd September 2013
hi it was great
Name: Liam Pudney 5th September 2013
it was to scary
Name: Hayden 5th September 2013
it was great
Name: Adam 6th September 2013
Name: Tim 6th September 2013
Name: Sugarsweet 12th September 2013
wheres the story
Name: Martyn 20th September 2013
verry cool
Name: Maddie 18th November 2013
very short and wheres the story?
Name: Jay 15th January 2014
is pangu really real?
Name: Ehsan 17th January 2014
Yes it is real Jay.
Name: Sasha 27th January 2014
what is the Moral of the story?
Name: David 27th February 2014
Who knew yin and yang was formed by an egg?
Name: Lacy 18th March 2014
Name: Ella 31st March 2014
there should be more action to it
Name: Bilal 7th May 2014
Name: Dakoat 13th May 2014
i love story.
Name: Tenley 21st May 2014
wow!disgusting when his eye became the sun.
Name: Reynald Alfred Sy 14th July 2014
h! your IM is really helpful! How is it possible for me to download it? You in our school we don always have an internet connection.

Thank you very much!

Name: Bailz 23rd July 2014
Cool story!
Name: Stephine 23rd July 2014
Awesome story!
Name: Sirling 26th September 2014
Good for an english person. It is great!
Name: Malthine 6th October 2014
Nice but we are not that giant guy
Name: :) 12th November 2014
Great, I love it, it is very attractive and interesting to read. Everyone should read this, it is INCREDIBLE!!!
Name: Sam 24th November 2014
Name: David 11th February 2015
Great but bit boring. But did make citizenship betterπŸ‘³πŸ˜ŠπŸ’ͺ
Name: DINNERS 11th February 2015
I absolutely love it πŸ‘Œ it is so so so GOOD πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸπŸπŸπŸπŸ
Name: Tom 11th February 2015
Pangu in love. Pangu is life 🐧
Name: Chicken 1st March 2015
Name: Taylor 2nd April 2015
Awsome job$!!!!!πŸ‘‡πŸ³πŸ’„πŸ’° Make another one like this
Name: Dave 10th April 2015
This is so fun ilove it.+=+
Name: Jaelynn 15th April 2015
this was a good book the black egg pan Gu he like another god that an amazing jod
Name: Potato 20th April 2015
Great story love it
Name: Werido 4th May 2015
I don\'t think this is real and I don\'t believe it but this was a great story/video
Name: Agam 18th May 2015
That was an interesting myths.
Name: Cool 12th June 2015
don't belive it but it's a thumbs up for me :-)
Name: Chloe Stone 25th June 2015
really great as a reading book for homeschoolers!! thumbs up :)
Name: Jared&Jack 23rd September 2015
Good story very interesting I liked the bit when pan Gu cracked out of the egg. I would rate it 7/10
Name: Emily And Holly 14th October 2015
We both think this myth or legend is cool
Name: Jimbob 23rd October 2015
soooooooooooo good
Name: Joseph 5th November 2015
This story is so cool. I Rate it 10/10
Name: Him 17th November 2015
Name: Lina 27th January 2016
Very sort but very sad
Name: Ben 2nd February 2016
so cool that the creator of the world is a big man :)
Name: How 8th May 2016
How is the world made by a giant ??? Interesting though and theres good ideas in the story i think you should keep up the good work
Name: Victoria 10th May 2016
nice story but I think that myth is very old probably 100BCE
Name: Angus 13th May 2016
this story is awesome:)
Name: Aarmau 30th May 2016
yea i heard that story before :(
Name: Marshfeild 3rd May 2017
I love ❀️ this story it's wonderful
Name: Madison 24th May 2017
I would like to read the power point.
Name: ... 2nd June 2017
Name: ... 11th June 2017
Nic e story
Name: Carlos 12th June 2017
Very nice egg x bigbang
Name: P5B Student 4th November 2017
Interesting and funny, great!
Name: Emily 5th November 2017
Name: Yaoyao 24th January 2018
Name: Yaoyao 24th January 2018
good story!
Name: Alleks 20th February 2018
this book is kool


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