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The Split Grey Goose Feather

Name: Zinnia Marniel 7th July 2007
i like it!! even in just the opening part!!
Name: Dan 2nd November 2008
I liked this and wondered if it happened - my dad dresses up to fight civil war battles and im intrested in this civil war.
Name: Joe K 4th December 2008
really interesting and gud
Name: Joanna 14th September 2009
Name: Niamh 23rd September 2009
ididn`t really get the story
Name: Anna 27th October 2009
i think this story had a really good meaning.
Name: Jacob 26th January 2010
it was weird
Name: Kirsty 17th April 2010
i think that this story was weird becase one how can you get help if you split the fether and two i didn't get most of it.
Name: Rimsha Noor! 10th October 2010
I didn't had much time to read it all,but some words and pictures were really interesting, that made me thought that I should give it 4 stars! I hope you write more stories! Any way, do, any children write these, great stories! Please reply me back, because if any do, I hardly want, to know the name of these talented childrens! Even one! Any way, you've written a great story! By Rimsha Noor!xxx
Name: Kristine 19th November 2010
these stories are asome!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Jane 10th December 2010
thank you! this is such a good idea; i needed some inspiration at the end of a long term and here it is!
i know my students will love this too
Name: Becca 28th March 2011
this is amazing x
Name: Riham 16th May 2011
Cool! Amazing but I don't think Charles I died like that. It is true that he was exacuted. I didn't understand the bit when Charles I felt terro when the man gave him the split goose fether.
Name: Kool Kat 28th June 2011
I think that this is hars to belive appart from the bit when king Charls I got his head choped off!
Name: Thor 10th December 2011
Good! I am using this myth for my homework.
Name: Georgia 23rd December 2011
very original coz it normal.
Name: Zakaria Mohamed 21st February 2012
this story is scary
Name: Holly 23rd April 2012
I do not understand. I might want to check again and read it more properly... thank you E2BN people. I loved your stories.
Name: Serena 23rd May 2012
this story is so cool
Name: Te Rangi 23rd May 2012
it was so awesome
Name: Bella 26th June 2012
This was very helpfull for me and helped me do my homework.It is easy to learn from and is intresting!!
Name: Minhanh 19th July 2012
This is a very good web site to use!!!!!
Name: Maureen James 9th August 2012
Regarding the Grey Goose Feather legends, Gordon Phillips, who runs
workshops to teach traditional Fen dancing, ( been informed by two different
children, one in Littleport and the other in Benwick, that they had
found a grey goose feather amongst the possessions of their great
grandfathers after their death, but had, until then, no idea of the
Name: Kathrina 26th October 2013
I like this story, very interesting.
Name: Faye Bryan 3rd June 2015
looking for a book about gossip in an Indian village about a goose feather laid at the opening to each teepee and to be gathered and then forgiveness. And a saying: ....."and there are travelers in the Middle Mist...."
Name: Elise 1st October 2015
love it
Name: Angel 10th October 2016
I love the storyπŸ˜˜πŸ‘„πŸ’‹πŸ’—πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜ΈπŸ˜ΊπŸ’©πŸ‘½
Name: Andy 2nd July 2017
cool amazing animation is great perfect for children!


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