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The Blind Boy and the Loon

Name: Riham 3rd October 2011
Cool story guys! New but cool!
Name: Michael 7th December 2011
Name: Victoria 17th December 2011
awesome storie
Name: Turquoise 7th January 2012
Loved this story!Some bits were sad (for me) but the rest of the story was exiting and happy.I tried to concentrate the first time, but I just didn\'t get it.Thankfully, when I tried reading it out the second time, I got it.I don\'t know why there hasn\'t been a lot of people commenting on the story!The story was a*!!!
Hopefully next time more people
will comment!
Name: Ryley 12th January 2012
I love this story so much its really good!!!
Name: Zuhal 19th January 2012
I love the story and I wanted to read it again and again. Every body must read it. I wish lots of people will comment.
Name: Zuhal 20th January 2012
I didn't know that the water was full of unblindness. I wish that happend to me!
Name: Leila 24th January 2012
this story is soooooooooooo gooood
Name: Brittania 24th January 2012
good story
Name: Alice 25th January 2012
I love this story, I want every body to go on the internt and see it.
Name: Sky 25th January 2012
it was quite interesting. I am a LOONatic.
Name: Tasha Mckinly 26th January 2012
it was fantastic
Name: Gloria 26th January 2012
it was sad and i was good at the same time
Name: Martin 27th January 2012
Not bad it was good this website is good and educational to children
Name: Jessica Smith 28th January 2012
this story was very good and i enjoyed listening to it.
Name: Aleena 29th January 2012
That was a very good story but i do not belive that you can still today that you can here the stepmothers voice!!!!!!!!!
Name: Annabelle 29th January 2012
it was OK and it was interesting
Name: Oliver 29th January 2012
i was good but how can you go in a lake then come out and not be blind!!!
Name: Thea 30th January 2012
Name: Nasteexa 30th January 2012
This is a really good story,it makes me think what is going to happen after. I loved this story,I hoped you enjoyed it. WAAW!!!
Name: Francesca 31st January 2012
This is a good story. One of my favourite stories is Pandora's Box.
Name: Libby 31st January 2012
This is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!I love it,I did not want it to end!
Name: Lily 1st February 2012
i love pandra box who agres with me
Name: Melody 2nd February 2012
Name: Jaymes 13th February 2012
this is a good story
Name: Mariyah 16th February 2012
I just luv this story never wanted it to end!!!!!
Name: Emilia 17th February 2012
That story was very good! :)
Name: Milly 19th February 2012
i liked this story pus lovedddddd it never wanted it to end
Name: Tenielle 21st February 2012
it was really interesting on how he got his blindness back by going into the ocean and being able to see again.
Name: Kayleigh 21st February 2012
It was brilliant I liked the stepmothers ending and the new life for the now non blind boy.
Name: Alexander Cockayne 21st February 2012
Name: Adebayo Olubunmi Grace 24th February 2012
What goes round comes round. It is what one sows that he reaps.
Name: Damy 26th February 2012
the story was awesome and i loved how the step mother was drowned to the sea
Name: Izah 27th February 2012
realy realy realy good
Name: Keanu L 28th February 2012
it was.....AWESOME
Name: Natasha 29th February 2012
this story good and it was good that the boy could see again and let the stepmother drowned that was funny.
Name: Shannan Harkess 2nd March 2012
it is very good but it can be abit inproved
Name: Charlie Findley 2nd March 2012
wow who ever made that up im blown a way that was amazing!!!
Name: Clair 3rd March 2012
funny story i hope the boy can soon see! other bits were really funny ha!
Name: Mel 3rd March 2012
funny ha!
Name: Mariah 6th March 2012
wow....dat was nice legend...
Name: Hamza 8th March 2012
i really liked this story and how it was set in the north pole
Name: Nina 9th March 2012
That\\\'s kinda scary.... At the end with *shivers*
Name: Shannon Curtis 10th March 2012
Great legend. Nice storytelling.
Name: GeminiGirl 12th March 2012
Nice one
Name: Malak Ashraf 12th March 2012
waw!! nice story + story telling but is it real that fisher men hear the voice of the stepmother until now?
Name: Khadijha 12th March 2012
i love this story your a best story teller
Name: Shannon 12th March 2012
very good
Name: Mike 12th March 2012
What is the moral of this myth?
Name: Pawandeep 19th March 2012
Name: Archisha 19th March 2012
i love this story
Name: Rachael 24th March 2012
The moral is what comes around goes around
Name: Dominic 26th March 2012
Name: Erin 27th March 2012
I love it.
Name: Seif Tadros 28th March 2012
Name: Zoe 1 28th March 2012
it is ok but could be better
Name: Isabella 30th March 2012
thats story is soooooooooooooooooooooo
Name: Lele 30th March 2012
only one thing to say - boring
Name: Popavich 31st March 2012
i was really good I LOVE IT and poor stepother NOT!!!
Name: Charlotte3107 1st April 2012
i love it
Name: Polly 2nd April 2012
That was a amazing,fantastic,brillient.You must have spent a long time dooing that.
Name: Polly 2nd April 2012
Yes I do know a similar story but I do not know the pursons name.
Name: ? 3rd April 2012
I thought that it was really cool!
Name: Katie 9th April 2012
this is a realy good legend i love it
Name: Laura 10th April 2012
its amazing i mean its really good
noone coud do beter
Name: Harvi 12th April 2012
best story ever
Name: Becky 15th April 2012
this is an amazing story it is dramatic
Name: Sarah 16th April 2012
Its was okay:/
Name: Chris 16th April 2012
it was good not it was not good
Name: Laura 16th April 2012
that story is the most awsome story
Name: Rysia 17th April 2012
it's ok
Name: Sam 22nd April 2012
I liked it. Do you know where it originated from??
Name: Adrian 26th April 2012
I think the story is from greenland.
Name: Lex 26th April 2012
i like it i was talking to my friend on the phone at the time so i let her hear it and she said it was wierd but i changed her mind and when i have explanied everything to her she understood and she thought it was a very good book and she wanted another on just like that to be made but with a differnt thing and theme then that one because she didnt undet stand it until had explained it her
Name: Megsy 29th April 2012
I found the story fascinating.
Name: Gooie 1st May 2012
that was funny when the step mum shouted at the boy lol
Name: Sophie123123 1st May 2012
wow this is cool
Name: Kathrin 1st May 2012
hey i really like it
Name: Sid 7th May 2012
i like this story
Name: Jellj4771 9th May 2012
well this is a awsome story

*long and awsome
*good how the sister is nice
wish i think it is a legends
Name: Alfie 10th May 2012
That is realy good how do you do it.
Name: Lilly Floyd 11th May 2012
i really like this becase i like it when he doesent tell his stepmother that he could see :)
Name: Madison O' Hara 11th May 2012
wow that was the coolest thing I have seen.
Name: Cadie 18th May 2012
Name: Alannah 18th May 2012
Great myth well said and told.
Name: Kirianna 20th May 2012
Pretty good!
Name: Jacob 21st May 2012
in the midd
Name: Jalen 21st May 2012
good story
Name: Zach 24th May 2012
it ok!
Name: Zoe Sanders 28th May 2012
Fantastic Story!
Name: Molikesbidernisebiletiyorus 30th May 2012
its realy nice the boy was blind and then he became lookeing everywhere!
Name: Amber 7th June 2012
Its such a good story. That would be so good if that would happen to everyone who's got an illness.
Name: Nikita 8th June 2012
i liked it it was realy good howw you done the words t the same timee as the chartes moths was showing
Name: Malique 14th June 2012
i really like the story but it was a bit sad.the ending was happy though
Name: Dzeneta 27th June 2012
im writing about this story
Name: Natalie 7th July 2012
I'm gonna write something similar to this story because it inspired me.
Name: Ethan 10th July 2012
That story was legendary and I enjoyed it.
Name: Tien 20th August 2012
that was a very cool legend
Name: Ella 4th September 2012
I'm going to use this myth for speaches
at school except I'm going to change it into my
own words

Name: Hannah 15th September 2012
horibble stepmother man she dseverces to die
Name: Vanessa 18th September 2012
Cool story i
Name: Elizabeth 19th September 2012
Awasome ness
Name: Eleanor 29th September 2012
it was allright
Name: Ruby 29th October 2012
i like this story it makes me think ,and who ever made it welldone u realy thought.
Name: Teleisia 12th November 2012
its the cool
Name: Ccdayy 13th December 2012
It should have ended better
Name: Alice 13th January 2013
Name: Aysha 16th January 2013
It is a Great story
Name: Aramani 7th February 2013
Name: Cody (9) 10th February 2013
This book is really good and I really enjoyed it. It is one of the books that I have never read before but it is still exiting anybody wanna comment back just go on the blind boy and the Loon
Name: Jessica Praveen 13th February 2013
It is a nice story
Name: Karina 21st February 2013
A very good but horrible story because I feel sorry for the boy.
Name: Shaneya 24th February 2013
the story was good but it was also very sad because the boy was blind and his stepmother treated him badly.
Name: Maddison 13th March 2013
it was good
Name: Orapeleng Gaeilwe 28th April 2013
good story but shame on that boy
Name: Sijuola 9th May 2013
fantastic!i love this story it is the best one ever.zjk
Name: Terah Sanchez 21st May 2013
Very good, I feel so bad for the boy though the way he was treated.... You MUST read this story it's worth it!!!!
Name: Giorgia Doughty 1st June 2013
Its good though I feel sad for that whale having to drag that women around
Name: Taryn 19th June 2013
you r reyt good at these storys
Name: Abdirashid Elmoge Sheikh 31st July 2013
gud myth but i feel
srry 4 de young blind boy, he should n't be treated like dat becouse of blindness.
Name: Aubrey 6th August 2013
i like it
Name: Caitlyn 20th August 2013
It was a good story
Name: David 26th September 2013
I have read this story before and what really happened was that the stepmother put whale blubber on his eyes because she was really tired from doing all the work with skinning all the animals and making cloths from all the dead animals she started to hate how he was good at hunting and that's why he could see when the loom took him to the bottom of the lake
Name: Jade 2nd November 2013
I really liked the story, but I do not feel pity for the step-mother. She did something wrong now she has to pay the price.
Name: Alyssa 13th November 2013
I really liked this book!! It was very good i wish you would put more pictures but good:)
Name: Trisha 1st December 2013
this is very good legends
Name: Saabrina 2nd December 2013
This book is so enthusiastic.It`s a pity the stepmother got driven by the whale and that is what she get`s `cause it`s called P.A.Y.B.A.C.K.
Name: Yasaman 15th December 2013
it was amazing
Name: Hoda Dadbakhsh 17th December 2013
lovely and amazing
Name: Lolz 29th January 2014
lol that payback to u stepmother
Name: KittyCat 123 8th February 2014
Best story EVER!!!
Name: SashaDog!! 9th February 2014
cool myth
Name: DJMIXX 9th February 2014
Evil stepmothers deserve that
Is ther ever a evil stepfather
if so leave the movie name in comments
Name: Fred 12th February 2014
am glad to have discovered this page and am hoping to make the best out of the exciting stories......i enjoy listening to stories but never knew how to tell am glad i can now learn
Name: Mia Kelly 15th February 2014
This story is awesome but why is it called The blind Boy is it because he is blind.
Name: Kevin 22nd February 2014
I thought a loon was made up and I don\'t want a step mother

Name: IP 3rd March 2014
Name: Edward 7th March 2014
nice story
Name: Zaria 9th March 2014
Is this myth or legend?
Name: Jada 11th March 2014
Very instresting story.but guys look out for my story charlotte and the fat frog
Name: ASHER AND CAM LIKE PIKACHU 26th March 2014
Name: Vanshika Nijhawan 31st March 2014
Great story but which genre? Myth or legend
Name: Konke 10th April 2014
has anyone read the blind boy and loon that story is nice
Name: Roger 1st May 2014
I like it
Name: Blaze X4 1st May 2014
yeh myth or legond
Name: William Baker 19th May 2014
Wow that was a good story at first, but then it got crazy
Name: Ashanti 21st May 2014
That is cool
Name: Jesse 23rd May 2014
the sound dosent work
Name: Blazed Fury 29th May 2014
Cool Story!
Name: Samsam 25th August 2014
cool story
Name: Ella 2nd October 2014
cool pictures
I love it
Name: AMANDA 27th October 2014
Nice story! I love the moral!
Name: 5star 3rd November 2014
Good but not grat
Name: Fun 3rd November 2014
Name: Asal Iran 3rd January 2015
great.loved it.β™₯
Name: Bobby 21st January 2015
it was a enjoyable story and it was a bit funny.
Name: Dania 1st February 2015
it was great
Name: I Dont Know 4th February 2015
amazing story
Name: Morgan 21st February 2015
good story
Name: Althea 21st February 2015
So interestingπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡
Name: Fabs 11th March 2015
Wow this was great
Name: Gunin 18th April 2015
Name: Rylee 11th May 2015
Name: Jo 25th May 2015
I loved it
Name: Skylar L 25th May 2015
nice story smiley face
Name: Ruby 1st July 2015
i like dis story even though it is very sad.. i love ur site
Name: Shinieka 4th July 2015
this was a terrific story a marvelous one
Name: Shinieka 4th July 2015
:) :) :) :)
Name: Jess 30th July 2015
awesome story really got to me
Name: Jade 30th July 2015
Awesome story really hit mean means a lot means that you can do anything no mather what and that even if you have a disability that maybe and loon want come and save you but there are ways that you can get through it with the help of friends and family anyway awesome story :)
Name: Kai And Matthew 23rd September 2015
awesome story but a bit sad and depressing about the step mother
Name: Carlos 26th January 2016
This was a very good story
Name: Ruby :3 7th February 2016
Why did the stepmother think that he was blind and yes it is depressing about her but he did NOT hit the wolf and that dog is sooooo cute :3 i would name it Luna or Lumanuss
Name: Jamie Clarkson 16th March 2016
Name: Apini 19th March 2016
I love it and I agree that dog is so cute I would love it if you guys made more stories on dogs
Name: Nuala 12th July 2016
very good legend and an excellent moral
Name: Sydney Is Awesome 19th August 2016
It is great
Name: Charles 24th February 2017
ya pas de chien la de dans
Name: Nick 9th March 2017
this is awesome
Name: Like It 20th April 2017
like it
Name: Jana 26th April 2017
i loved it
Name: Patricia 2nd May 2017
I really liked this book but it was quite cruel
Name: Jessica 10th May 2017
I really liked it.
Name: Hope 12th May 2017
Name: Laney 12th May 2017
great story loved it
Name: Amy 15th May 2017
Name: Jay 18th May 2017
it was a good story. very interesting and a bit sad. a perfect twist
Name: Hadi 20th May 2017
Cool best storie ever intresting
Name: Hadi 20th May 2017
Love it intresting funny
Name: Bob 6th June 2017
Really sad 😭
Name: Anna 16th June 2017
I loved this! Story of the year!
Name: Zuhair 21st June 2017
Name: Bob 4th October 2017
Name: Ella 21st October 2017
super funny and creative, great job legends and myths, you guys described it so well I could paint a picture in my head!
Name: Gill 10th January 2018
do not let your kids see this
Name: Michael 20th January 2018
It is Good

Name: Irish Girl 19th March 2018
Cool and interesting:)!!!!!!!!!!!


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