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The Blind Boy and the Loon

omg wow
4th June 2019
This story was alright, but I like some of the other things on the website much more
7th May 2019
This isint working it won't load
1st May 2019
It is a very god story. Thanks27th April 2019
This is a super good book4th April 2019
i love this book
28th March 2019
it was good

27th March 2019
R.I.P Stepmother25th March 2019
This story is amazing😮😮😮😮25th March 2019
it was good16th March 2019
the story is amazing! :DDD17th February 2019
This is a very cool story, just work on the animating17th February 2019
Very nice, I really like it
3rd February 2019
Good3rd February 2019

31st January 2019

30th January 2019
nice true book28th January 2019
pretty good,just work on the animating9th January 2019
Very good story 👍7th January 2019
I loved it so mush it was the best story in my life 5 thumbs up for me.2nd November 2018
i lilke
1st November 2018
yay12th October 2018
sooooooooooooooooooo sad !!!!!!!!!!!11th October 2018
so right person
11th October 2018
11th October 2018
this was sad just proves to you don´t be mean or else karma will strike and you will regret doing the mean things that hurt others
10th September 2018
it was so so so so funny !!!!!!!!!!2nd September 2018
lol sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny26th July 2018
at first, it was sad and depressing but then at the end, it was a moment to enjoy!23rd May 2018
so sad18th May 2018
so sad ~ :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(7th May 2018
Ilove the book because it has a meaning to it and that is if your even blind you are wonder ful7th May 2018
OMG it is so cute the loon helped the blind boy from the polar bear.:)16th April 2018
It is very interesting to know a blind boy was helped by a loon.And I liked it so please continue publishing new Myths and Legends8th April 2018
Cool and interesting:)!!!!!!!!!!!19th March 2018
It is Good

20th January 2018
do not let your kids see this10th January 2018
super funny and creative, great job legends and myths, you guys described it so well I could paint a picture in my head!
21st October 2017
best4th October 2017
WOW DA BEST21st June 2017
I loved this! Story of the year!16th June 2017
Really sad 😭6th June 2017
Love it intresting funny20th May 2017
Cool best storie ever intresting20th May 2017
it was a good story. very interesting and a bit sad. a perfect twist18th May 2017
cool15th May 2017
great story loved it12th May 2017
wow12th May 2017
I really liked it.10th May 2017
I really liked this book but it was quite cruel2nd May 2017
i loved it26th April 2017
like it20th April 2017
this is awesome
9th March 2017
ya pas de chien la de dans24th February 2017


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