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The Little Blue Man

Name: Stephan 12th December 2006
There is a story about the little red man similar to this.
Name: Lucy 10th November 2007
i no a myth from the norfolk broads the story is called the headless mounk!!!
Name: Christopher And Samuel And Connor 13th November 2007
Name: Thomas And Kaya 7th January 2008
the blue was very glowey and blue and strange
Name: Yr5 Pebble Brook 6th October 2008
I like the little blue man because he flashes a little faded blue and makes peoples eyes go small and then big again.
Name: Samantha 26th October 2008
okay now that was so freaky!
Name: Ximena 4th November 2008
The blue man is funny!
Name: Hannah P 3rd December 2008
thats a very funny story
Name: Michael 4th December 2008
Did the boys have fun seeing the alien?

I would be happy if I saw the little blue man.
Name: Allana 9th December 2008
its funny expecially the blue man because me and my mate tanisha watched it in school and we got told off for laughing
Name: Zahrah 11th January 2009
i liked the story very funny! I liked the story the little blue man but it was a little short
Name: Grace&Salisa 16th January 2009
A bit freaky i wonder if its true???????!!!!!!!!!
Name: Annie 25th January 2009
Hello. I didn't really like it, so outta 5 stars i would give it ** sorry but it wasn't that great. and aliens arn't real!
Name: Leena Li 25th January 2009
i think the cud b aliens and i realy liked this story, i wish i could met a alien
Name: Tom G 29th January 2009
That sounds coool but is it TRUE!!!
Name: Freya 31st January 2009
I bet that alien was real. That was a intresting. Out of ten stars I would give it *****! Beacuse it sounds soo cool!
Name: Emily 4th February 2009
I think that was awesome! But I thought aliens were supposed to be green not blue - what do YOU think?
Name: Laura 11th February 2009
It was dead cool but the story is a bit too weird to be true.
Name: Bex 14th February 2009
the blue man is like so weird
Name: Rangi 18th February 2009
That was a stunning story but i don't think its real but the story is brilliant!!!
Name: Paul 21st February 2009
I wanna read what the boys wrote so i can compare them
Name: Paul 21st February 2009
Looks like a gnome
Name: Anissamariaaa 20th April 2009
well, i am doing a report on aliens and i think is a very good peice to use. its a good story. but i think the boys probably made it up...
Name: Jasyendy 6th June 2009
That was interesing if I saw it I would faint (Lol)
Name: Carly&fatmah 16th July 2009
is that rain? whats dell mean
Name: Anika 18th August 2009
can u fix this movie because it keeps stopping and i am sorry
Name: Megan 18th September 2009
yea really cool i would actully love to meet the little blue man!
Name: Eleanor Potter 26th September 2009
cool story. I like the blue man\'s hat.I would be feeked out if i saw the blue man.
Name: Aki Emily 16th October 2009
I like it! But one thing. Nothing really happens very much inside this myth/legend, so it's not the best story ever...
Name: Georgia Dean 3rd December 2009
My opinion is that this myth/legand is toatally rubbish because nothing really happens.
Name: Teena 4th December 2009
i really like it i wold be scared eo see him
Name: Keon 7th December 2009
This is crazy cause my friend told me he seen a little blue man glowing with wrinkled skin and long nails like ten years ago and we was just talking about it. this is not a myth
Name: Lamia 11th January 2010
i like the myths and ledgends because they are based on true stories for exaple the stary of hound gelert
Name: Someone 21st January 2010
i thought the story was great the end left left me wondering what would happen next i realy had to think
Name: Mike 8th February 2010
the book is a good storey.
Name: Omar 14th February 2010
i thought the story was great the end left left me wondering what would happen next i realy had to think
Name: Wendy 14th February 2010
I wonder what a dell is?
Name: Hunter 23rd February 2010
i would really like to meet the little blue man
Name: William 23rd February 2010
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that was a very good story but it didnt have a very exciting climax but thats how it is when it is nonfiction or supposedly nonfiction because a myth has mystery to it so this is only a myth thx
Name: Rebecca Jackson 23rd February 2010
I thought the little blue man was cool when he disappeared and appeared
Name: Isabelle Shutt 1st March 2010
it was really good!!
Name: Victor 30th March 2010
my teacher needs to know this site!
Name: Anonymous 5th April 2010
This is a good story but it wasnt much of an ending...
Name: Lauren 12th April 2010
I think I'm going to do this for my "Myths and legends" project at school! It's so cool but kind of creepy at the same time. :)
Name: Alex Butler 27th April 2010
Hi All. This is Alex Butler and I am the one who amongst others were reported to have seen the Little Blue Men. I just thought I would update you now I am considerably older on my recollection from that day which was over 40 years ago!
I can tell you we all agreed on that we had indeed seen what appeared to be little blue men in various positions around the dell, and it was an exciting and also fairly frightening experience. However, at the time you have to understand there was thunder and lightening, and all of us were already spooked by this. I cannot say for certain whether the Blue Men were real but being older now I look for a more rational explaination, so therefore it is possible that older kids could have been trying to scare us, but were to afraid to own up to the teachers.

For the record I do believe in Alien life, in fact judging by the weird behavious of some of my old teachers, I believe some of them could have been aliens - LOL!

Name: Me Xxx 9th July 2010
Not bad it was ok
Name: Me 26th September 2010
It was ok but i think it could have improved a bit
Name: Lauren 1st October 2010
hi ya how ya doin i think ive seen a little blue man somewhere lol hahahaha but it is a good story,
i thought it was intresting but not as intresting that i would watch it over and over again but verey intresting thanks xxx
Name: Sam 6th October 2010
It is coooooooooolllllllll
Name: Iamme 23rd October 2010
I think that it's good considring how hard it is to makea myth
Name: Coco 28th October 2010
i in joyed that it was a good story we have a story evry day at school i liked how you discribed the little blue man i could watch that 100 times whih out stopping good story.
Name: Amanda Leite 14th December 2010
the story is very coollllll.
Name: Lola 21st February 2011
I would not like to see it again because
it's a little annoying when the man is there and then he's not and so on!
Name: Kaine And Nikita 6th April 2011
I think the little blue man was a good story but we want people to add more to it
Name: Jasmine 25th April 2011
the little blue man was quite creepy but... it was quit fun thought!
Name: Jaz Uyen 17th May 2011
it was abit awarked at times with the little blue man and her lookes weird
Name: Yan Yan 6th July 2011
wow!those stories were really cool!!!
Name: Lolly 6th August 2011
That was a great show or movie
Name: Ally 31st August 2011
i liked it so much its one of my favourites.It better than my one and mine was recommended by james carter.
Name: Abigail 1st November 2011
this is cool lol
Name: Tom 7th November 2011
that is really cool
Name: Liam 23rd November 2011
i like it but needs more legends
Name: Manal 30th November 2011
i just wanted to say i love it but when hopscotch theartre came to my school the theme was myths and legends and there was something ccalled the little brownie man.
Name: Jamiejam10125 1st December 2011
Name: LOL 8th December 2011
Nice . hope its a real story (:
Name: Turquoise 7th January 2012
Funny story!!!Loved the little blue man, he was sooo cute!LOL!
I also liked it when he glowed.My favorite color is blue (by the way, I\'m a girl, not a boy)
I also loved it when hopscotch came to my school.
There was also something called \"The Brownie Man!\"
Funny name.
Name: Mia 9th January 2012
i loved it
Name: Macie 6th February 2012
my favrite colour is blue but that story was a bit scary p.s I am a girl
not a boy
Name: Stephy 27th February 2012
That was really funny
Name: JAY 28th February 2012
Name: PASHA 28th February 2012
Name: Mason 28th February 2012
That Was Short & funny & i liked it because my favuorite colour bule
Name: Owen AKA The Real Black Shook 7th March 2012
mason,your cool blue is the best colour
Name: Mandy Williams 16th March 2012
i think that they will someday find out what the little blue man is i also liked the story it was a good myth
Name: Adreial Bickham 16th March 2012
i like the story. I think the newspaper people didnt work hard enough to find evidence, but they also tryed really hard to figure it out.
Name: Nuri 2nd May 2012
I like this story!!!
Name: Kayla Clair Dylan 2nd May 2012
I like it :)
Name: Leah44 30th May 2012
Name: Amy W 4th June 2012
cool what was the little blue man?
Name: Sam 27th June 2012
Name: Tien 8th July 2012
cool,I wonder what happened to this man
Name: Sedricka 5th August 2012
Your story was awesome and top selling. I wish there was more to the end because I totally didn't want to stop reading. I will love if your school wrote more Myth, turning out your getting really good at it. Keep up the good work!
Name: Sis 6th August 2012
its relly good
Name: Abi 7th August 2012
the little blue man is cute ;)!!!!
Name: Chitvan 24th October 2012
awsm story...
Name: Ella 14th November 2012
really good i wonder what will happen next
Name: Brian Le 15th November 2012
I tink the blue man is so so scary I got scared there so it is a good legend
Name: Grate 13th January 2013
Name: Brodie 21st January 2013
i love this story every time we do a task ni always do it about this it is mint !!!!!!!!
Name: Amanda 9th February 2013
Name: Fern 21st February 2013
love this story
Name: Liza 22nd April 2013
I love what other people make, never seen it but I HOPE its FANTASTIC!
Name: Tkd Champ 27th April 2013
That blue man is funny but some reason, cute Lol
Name: Emily 19th May 2013
Name: Jessica 8th June 2013
So cool but i really do wonder what happens after?
Name: K_dunn 3rd July 2013
Name: Kelly 7th September 2013
It isn't a proper story but I do agree, it was spooky!
Name: Angela 20th December 2013
Almost all the story's are spooky of course but why can't there be a non-spooky one???????
Name: Pati 8th May 2014
It was fantatic
Name: Jake 23rd June 2014
100th comment YAY!
Name: Micah G. Watson 13th October 2014
The story lacks LOTS of information. The boys didn't see a U.F.O, the babbling voices could've just been other students talking, and the children could've been imagining everything. I like that the story exciting, but there is very little proof that it is true.
Name: Andrew 13th October 2014
you wouldn't think they would call him "THE LITTLE BLUE MAN". But dont get me wrong this was a interesting and factual story. Like scientists a people say its a mystery wich mean you will never know.
Name: Taylor 27th March 2015
AWSOME BOOK I cant stop playing it
Name: Craig 8th October 2015
i love the little blue man
Name: Gavin 17th November 2015
Pretty good story in my opinion 🚄
Name: Brianna Brown 12th January 2016
it was pretty mysterious, I cant wait to hear news of this strange creatures's sighting. Maybe this isn't real,the boys could have used imagination
I am not so sure
Name: Cheddar 21st January 2016
i didn't like the story sounded like Scooby-doo
Name: Us 28th January 2016
pretty good
Name: Justin 15th March 2016
Name: Col 21st March 2016
Actually, in early 1970s a small blue man used to float outside my bedroom window and wave me to come out! I told my Mum as he did this several nights! She told me to ask him to go away and got my Dad to fix the old windows so it didn't open fully! I told the little Blue man to go away please that night, and he never returned! He was small and had a blue bowler hat, blue skin blue clothes blue all over! I lived in East Anglia ( won't say where)! I was about four years old, he was my height! I remember it very well! I was amazed to read this story on here all these years later! A very similar Elf type person! I must say, it rarely thunders in January (thinking of the original story) something strange must have happened? I only found this story because I wondered if there were blue Elf's one day, whilst remembering this that happened to me!
Name: Rusty 16th January 2017
When I was younger about 1994 95 I was 18 or so and I had a blue and bright yellow man that came running up to me in the dead of night and pranked me almost. As if to mock me. Then as fast as he came he was gone equally fast. He flew down the stairs leading from my room to the downstairs. I still to this day do not know what exactly it was.
Name: Caitlin 4th February 2017
This is creepy.
Name: Layton 2nd May 2017
Immmm little blue man
Name: QA 4th October 2017
Wow I am only starting to watch this


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