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Name: Mansiba 16th January 2009
its very long and its very good its exellent!
Name: Celsi 18th January 2009
i really love this story omg its so exciting to read
Name: Danielle 22nd January 2009
it was a bit 2 long and a bit boring and was not a long the same lines because they talked a bout the dinosaurs at the end and not at all thought out the story in all it was good x x x x x x xx x x x x x x x x x x
Name: Adam 24th January 2009
Name: Emily 24th January 2009
it was a bit 2 long and boring
Name: Sabrina 24th January 2009
(edited) i thought that i was going to hear the sound thats y i brought my earphones and its tooooooooooooooooooo longggggggggggggggggggggggggggg (The stories we provide have sounds and there is an opportunity for you to make stories with sounds using the story creator but the text stories submitted by users do not have sound - The Myths Team
Name: Liza Lhi 24th January 2009
I really really liked ur story well done and make some more
Name: Cathy 27th January 2009
Hey it's really good! You should become an author lol
Name: Elizabeth 27th January 2009
nice story
Name: Augusta 27th January 2009
its really cool and ur a very good writer completly!!!!!!!!!!! lol(:
Name: MARY 30th January 2009
hey this story was real cool
Name: Milly 30th January 2009
wow what a great story, this is so fun to read. you should conside being a author and make many more of these wizard stories the best thing thats on this site wow.
Name: LISA 31st January 2009
Seach legend of the golden dragon
Name: Hather 1st February 2009
Wow AMAZING. Like mary said, you should consider being an author! Whens your next update!!
Name: Daryl Torkington 2nd February 2009
people i have made a second story to wizards. search in wizards 2 thank you
Name: Mary 2nd February 2009
yeah she s right you should be an auther.
Name: Rex 6th February 2009
cool beans
Name: Thea 8th February 2009
you rock
Name: Catherine 14th February 2009
Daryl your story is awesome! i said that cause i like made up storys with wizards
Name: Daryl Torkington 17th February 2009
wizards 2 is now on the site. Murina and Marty are back and one of them again wants to take over the world while one them tries to save it.
Name: Martha 20th February 2009
This was a fun, entertaining story to read but it didn't quite grip me as much as the others. A bit hard to understand in some parts.
Name: Class 3ND 23rd February 2009
We found the story both fascinating and interesting. BRILLIANT!
Name: Tam 1st March 2009
love it
Name: Cat Meista 3rd March 2009
Name: Jessica 3rd March 2009
I loved it you've got a good inmaganasho !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Chloe 7th March 2009
greaaaaaaaaaaaaat I LOVE IT

PS VERY LONG LOLxxxxxxxxxxx
Name: Gabzy 7th March 2009
this was a really good effort... a story anybody would be proud of! the areas covered are amazing and we are all sure (We is a group of friends) That it is full of genuine imagination, this is why we suggest you write another about magical creatures - such as unicorns- that are under threat. it has been a pleasure to read this wonderful piece. this is the craft of a true author
Name: Daryl Torkington 8th March 2009
i will take that unicorn idea into mind
Name: Milan Zaavy 10th March 2009
I think this story is a very interesting story because its a mixture of mythological and science.
Name: Chloe 15th March 2009
This was a very enjoyable story it has helped alot with my homework thank-you.
Name: Sarah.m 17th March 2009
it was so COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Callum 18th March 2009
Name: Millie 20th March 2009
I think it was AMAZING, but it was very looooooooooooong!!!!!
Name: Lauren 25th March 2009
Name: Brittany 25th March 2009
I can not read it because it is to long.
Name: Maeve 26th March 2009
this was a very mythacul story for me but good
Name: Chloe 28th March 2009
It was very good and it helps with my work on monday
Name: Rachel 28th March 2009
The first bit is good and that's all I can say because I didn't read the rest because it is too long!!!
Name: Chika 6th July 2009
Wow! I like this story quite a lot!
It is fun to read,even though it is not true!
Name: Princess 22nd July 2009
so good can't it not true
Name: Tas 11th October 2009
This story is FAB,WELL DONE!!!
Name: Barry 12th November 2009
cool i wonder if it is really true
Name: Hadjar 31st December 2009
hey, i love ur story.
me and my sister loved it
Name: Zoha 25th March 2010
i like ur story and the picture as-well
Name: Bob 20th October 2014
Nice story, hope you more like these =)
Name: Paigan Torkington 3rd September 2015
hey daryl its a good story of a wizard reading it later on i know its going to be good


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