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How Did the Butterfly Get its Beautiful Wings

Name: Jojo 23rd March 2007
This story is so beautiful, it really touched my heart.I can't believe a 9-year-old girl did this!!!!!!!!
Name: Elyshia 1st May 2007
Wow that is amazing. I went on the site to look for ideas for homework and then I read that. I was amazed. Well done!!!!
Name: Josephine Marinog 27th June 2007
Wow!!!!!!!!!!this story was very good story for the children that had problem with thier self...its realt touch my heart............
Name: Refugia 7th November 2008
That was an awsome story.
Name: Class 2 At Palgrave 16th January 2009
We really enjoyed reading this story
Name: Lucy 3rd February 2009
such a touching story.
the picture is nice too!
Name: ? 5th March 2009
Great job on that story! I have to do a project at school where we have to wirte a butterfly myth.
Name: Justina 9th April 2009
i have enjoyed this story
Name: Rafaella 23rd April 2009
this story is pretty short add some more to make it more intresting and more touching.
Name: Elizabeth An Marsh 3rd May 2009
I loved your story, it was amazing u have used lots of adjectives you tried very hard. from elizabeth ann marsh.
Name: Benjoot 6th July 2009
I think very good should go on TV
Name: Lucy Heald 30th September 2009
great make more & i will read evry single one
Name: LUCY HEALD 4th October 2009
Name: MARYAM 4th October 2009
Name: Yasmin 16th January 2010
i just made a story but they have not put it on how do you do it and i have never heard that story about how the butterfly get's it's butiful wings
Name: Eden 17th February 2010
Really exciting!!! I can't get away from this story!!Ten out of ten!!!!
Name: Bob 25th March 2010
is this even true
Name: Grezzell 31st August 2010
it was so beautiful story I had never read before. so enjoy the story.
Name: FizaNoor 1st October 2010
I loved this story.I just can't stop looking at this story.It was so good.But you could have written more. Thanks FizaNoor
Name: Rimsha Noor 1st October 2010
Name: Shabarishan 1st July 2011
It was the best story Iever so heard
Name: Sadhvika 9th June 2012
It was a remarkable story, but i daresay you could have used a bit more descriptive language... if u no wat i mean!
Name: Tylah.harris 24th July 2012
an absolutely fantastic story 5/5 good work!!
Name: Rosalyn 18th December 2012
Name: NAEMAN 13th January 2013
I GAVE THE STORY A 4 out of 5 it was fantastic!
Name: Emely 30th January 2013
I loved it. It is worth a 5.
Name: Kimie 24th February 2013
Nice story...imma use it for it for my English...
Name: Issa 21st November 2013
Nice story can you do more?
Name: Cygee 4th February 2014
i like this story it is awesome
Name: Abi 10th February 2014
such a nice story with a great moral
Name: Tako 3rd March 2014
I agree Cygee
Name: Te Atawhai 11th April 2014
these are very helpful
thanks for your help i will be all over the place thanks
Name: Breanna 13th April 2014
thank you very very very much
Name: Adelia 27th June 2014
thanks soooo much it was so helpful mwahz from adelia
Name: Adania 23rd July 2014
I really enjoyed your story but it's just to short I wanted a more touching end
Name: Dddd 26th August 2014
Name: Bob The Girl 6th November 2014
Name: Mieyari Brittian 23rd March 2015
Alsomeeeeeeeeeeee yesssssssssssssssss ittttttttt ossssswssssssssssssss
Name: Bruh 6th June 2015
Name: Erika Damasco 17th August 2015
Name: Op Pikachu 21st October 2015
wow,it said its real but they lied about it.
Name: Dauntless44 30th March 2016
its a good story but i think its a little short.
Name: Abigail 8th September 2016
Good but a little quick and short
Name: Poppy 15th January 2017
It's a bit short but it's okey
Name: Grace Mitchel 28th February 2017
nice myth
Name: Sankalp 28th November 2017
It's good


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