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The Giant Jack O'Legs

Name: Thomas And Kaya 7th January 2008
we fought it was good nice pictures
Name: Lauren O' Legs 11th June 2008
this is wonderfull!
Name: Abishek 19th November 2008
this story roks
Name: Isabella 27th January 2009
lol thats was a rly good story!
i thought it would be about a giant pumkin!
But yeh its Kwl!!!!!
Name: Jack 11th February 2009
COOL stuff
Name: Arisa 23rd February 2009
A very good story.
My friends would love it.
It was intresting too.
Name: Courtney 23rd February 2009
it was ok i think
Name: Molly 9th March 2009
Wicked i done a project on it!
Name: Cheeki 27th May 2009
it was ok i just didn't think it was suitable for age
Name: Mohamed 23rd June 2009
the story is quite good i will make a story just like it
Name: Ellie 15th July 2009
this was ok but i don't like the ending do any of you?
Name: Doodle 29th July 2009
this story was very good and the bit where he gets hung is funny
Name: Megan 4th October 2009
It was a very good story, but simple and very tragic.
Name: Garrichia Ray 22nd October 2009
i like this story because it was sacry
Name: Mely Rocks 16th January 2010
this story was like robin hood and it was a bit sad
Name: Fiona Clark 24th January 2010
this story wasn't discribed aswell as it could of been and there was no interesting vocabulary or laguage.
Name: Dazi 24th January 2010
i thout it was brill and easy to read xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 10/10
Name: Rimsha 20th September 2010
Name: FizaNoor 20th September 2010
Wow! brill.That story rocks.
Name: Olivia 23rd September 2010
brilliant,a really good halloween story!
Name: Gea 14th January 2011
fab story
Name: Ellie 22nd January 2011
i loved it
Name: Alex 17th March 2011
i lovved it
Name: Sophie 17th March 2011
story was so cool and awesome
Name: Danny Mulley 17th March 2011
this story is so cool and funny!!!
Name: Dale 18th May 2011
this myth is the best yet
Name: Lozzle 11th September 2011
i have been to his grave and the two stones really are there.
Name: Shae-lea6 10th January 2012
awwwwwwwwwwwwww so horrid
Name: Ann Mary 10th January 2012
Name: Tanasia Campbell 29th March 2012
The one that i just read is so scary.
Name: Mario 2nd May 2012
Scary And Sad
Name: Taylor 17th May 2012
sorry u died jack... now everyone will think twice about stealing
Name: Isabelle Hardisty 16th December 2012
i wont sleep at night well it aint that bad but it is defenatly scarey so like its also very sad why oh why is it so scary
Name: Joshua Welch 18th February 2013
i was watchig thhis in year 3
Name: Regan 22nd May 2013
That was a good story.Now everboty is going to think first about steeling things from other peoples houses!!!!!!
Name: Emily And Eliza 23rd May 2013
We loved the story! Did not like jack that much cause he was a thief but GOOD!!!!
Name: Chris Abelate 12th June 2013
This story was great because it shows Jack helping and stealing. That means he was an interesting charecter because he was good as well as bad.
Name: Lebron James 12th June 2013
I think it is a sad story because Jack risked his life for the Weston townsflok. I did not like the story because Jack died!!!
Name: Hello Kittie 12th June 2013
I thought it was good. My favorite part was when they blinded Jack and hung him.
Name: Hemila Asadi 11th January 2014
i think this is a bit like a boy movie witch i think b i dont know who made it though?
Name: SWAAAAAGGGGGG 20th February 2014
This doesn't make sense if he was 8 feet (as told in the story) how could he reach the window of the FIRST floor at ease usually it is usually 12 feet high my windows at least and I'm around 4 ft and i can't even reach halfway. Anyway Great story!
Name: Yolo 22nd April 2014
cool story
Name: Don\\\\\\\'t 11th May 2014
Name: Janicia 5th September 2014
ilike the book it was interesting to me it is about a men named jack thatn have the strength and look like a giant some people say it is based on a real person but i dont think so lie he lived for a long time he lived in a cave in the middle of Weston Wood......
Name: ThisTitle 4th November 2014
Hi, this is a really good story I applaud you keep up with the good work:)
Name: Julianna 13th February 2015
this is a good story but why wound the giant keep on steeling the flower if he knows he's doing some thing bad? if you can you send me what you think
Name: Jack 16th February 2015
Great Story, Very interesting as I am very close to that are :)
Name: Alimah Dugbartey 7th March 2015
Sorry to innturuped you but there is a few things I do not like on your website.I would like you to please change a few things on your website.I would like you to please add some dvd's,cd's and If there any more video's available please could you add bit more video's to you website If that is OK.Have a nice time.
Name: Rian 6th May 2016
great story
Name: Hiujm 25th May 2017
very good
Name: MrRicky 29th November 2017


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