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A Night Never To Forget

Name: Jarryd Townsend 22nd March 2007
Is that real
Name: Joane Kenel 16th April 2007
good and interesting
Name: Rory Hutchings 25th June 2007
My god that scared me out of my wits, Have you ever tried looking in the mirror and saying black magic six times. I did and I still have the scars to prove it
Name: Nat 21st July 2007
wow that was a good story i have heard of bloody mary and i have been to scared to try it but now i am defeatly not going to FREAKY
Name: Ammikle 26th July 2007
it aint true so dont worry.......
Name: Amber 9th August 2007
That is not scary to me as i have had things like that happen to me but i did not die and it was dark magic that did it to me so now i dont like people to see my face and legs.
Name: Elijah 19th August 2007
I tried it. nobody do it you can never forget.
me and my friends did it we haven't forgot.
all you can think about is bloody mary.
it worked. dont try it
Name: Devil Boy 2nd October 2007
yes its really nice but am nt scared of anything coz its nt real if it is real even am a boy nt a girl or nt a chick......
Name: Mollie 13th January 2008
god am I scared i hear a lot of diffrent stories but this is OMG!
Name: I Have Better Stories 15th May 2009
OkoK,... I got alittle scard! ALITTLE!!!! But ur going 2 have 2 do more that tat 2 really scare MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Odalis 7th October 2010
this was really scary lol
Name: Colin 30th April 2014
there's a bit of bad grammar, but otherwise Good XD


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