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The Legend of Devil's Dyke

Name: Pippa 13th August 2007
This story is very interesting however I think it could be improved.

Well Done

P.S.- Your catchy title forced me and my friends(Emily and Lisa) to watch this as I accidently typed in this website.
Name: Yasmine And Kelsey 7th May 2008
ur story was great we relly enjoyed it u should do more scary stories

love yasmine and kelsey
Name: Lucy 21st May 2008
That was a brilliant story! My teacher will be happy to see this story!!
Name: Louis 12th June 2008
Name: Lachlan 26th June 2008
i can't wait to start writing
Name: Jodel 9th August 2008
i like your stories, it was educational and beautiful
Name: Bradley 10th November 2008
Name: 16th November 2008
It was OK but...
Name: Rimsha 1st January 2009
dis was such a grt stry i thnk itz mch bter dan da udders
Name: Ellie 1st January 2009
This was okay but i believe it was the devil trying to flood south england. However he only had one night to do it. An old women awoke and heard him. She lit a candle which scared her rooster to sing his song, making the devil think it was morning. He rushed off to avoid daylight leaving villages stunned at the magnificent ditch he had dug. If the rooster hadnt sung the devil would have succeded and the south of england would have been flooded.
Name: Alex 12th January 2009
that was cool
Name: Sophie Jones 13th January 2009
I think it's silly how every myth or legend you tell always seems to have
a 'black dog.' Why not have something different like a horse or a bird?
Name: J 20th February 2009
What the devil...?
Name: Alexandra 13th April 2009
this is a cool story
Name: Charlotte .B. 20th October 2009
This is a good story and it is good to know there is a legend knear Cambridgshire :)
Name: Lal 29th December 2009
I thught some bits of it were not explained very well but v goooood
Name: Callum 1st March 2010
superb !
Name: Royell 1st April 2010
I like this sight!
Name: Patryk 14th April 2010
i actually liked liked that it was superb thoe some bits were a little bit short
Name: Yvette 19th October 2010
the best story's ever.
Name: Michala 6th March 2011
i love this storie
Name: Bethanie 12th September 2011
have heard this one before is it a myth or a ledgend though??
Name: Jim B 24th October 2011
hi guys i agree with all good story
Name: Aliyaan 6th January 2012
this is a good story but i wanted the fire demon to die
Name: Oneisha 27th February 2012
i thought that this story was a very good story to listen
Name: Georgina 27th February 2012
I liked it
Name: Keanu L 27th February 2012
i thought the title the legend of the devil's dyke was scary but it was not
Name: Jay 27th February 2012
it was a good story
Name: Pasha 27th February 2012
Name: Mason 27th February 2012
I did't undesstand it
Name: Camron 27th February 2012
i thort it was really good because at the end thay made me want to now what that monster was
Name: Tyreese 27th February 2012
I think it was all right the thing I liked it when the fire demon sent the fire to the men the thing I did not like is at the it got a little bit boring
Name: Celine 27th February 2012
I liked this story i am surprised the fire demon did not die.
Name: Maeve 21st April 2012
That was kinda weird and scary! The creepest part was the part with the dog! When I was lisening to this with my headphones on, I started a unusual sound. So I took my headphones off and the sound stopped. I don't know what to do! I think I will tell my parents after I add this comment.
Name: Izzy Alton 26th April 2012
that is a great myth the thing i like best was were they burid there treasur in the water
Name: Alexandra Hall 27th September 2012
i lve ledgons and im ales halls sister
Name: Grace D 19th October 2012
This is so scary.
Name: LalalalA 6th December 2012
Name: Bobby Joe 13th December 2012
really nice mith
Name: Yana 1st February 2013
wow!it's so cool! I llove this website, it's awsome!
Name: Monica 2nd February 2013
i am soooooooooooooooooooo glad i dont liv there cos iwould be havin nightmares every night
Name: Elisha 1st March 2013
its not that good i dont really like it
Name: Cara Thomas 18th April 2013
i like it but it is the same black dog that was in the black dogs of bungar.but i am so glad i live in scotland and not england or i would allways be having nightmares about the black dog.
Name: Kian Georgie 23rd May 2013
The chiefs name was cool.
Name: Brunella Alexandra Giahayra 30th December 2013
please informetion in on atenea poseidon hades apolo zeus
Name: Imma PWN U 12th March 2014
Name: Fridge 31st March 2014
whoa man
Name: 8 R Difgtg 1st April 2014
this was weird but cool
Name: Finn 14th October 2014
Name: Sam 27th October 2014
it is good I looed it
Name: Kaiyu 4th November 2014
I like the story
Name: Kaiyu 4th November 2014
I really wanted to continue the story
Name: Shafiga 31st January 2015
its so nice.
Name: Amelia 15th May 2015
The story was very exciting
Name: Zaynah 27th November 2015
I liked the story and my brother liked it too! He said he would give it 3 and a half stars out of five stars
Name: Leslie2.0 4th February 2016
Dude I like it I don't know if it's supposed to scare me or not🤔
Name: Jenny Gamvo 9th March 2016
It's beutiful
Name: Tyler Hunt 19th January 2017
Awesome 👍🤑🤑🤑🤑😆😆😆😆👽😝😝😝😝😝😝😝
Name: Myth Genious 29th May 2017
It's! I like the way people placed treasure & trust to the water god. From now on, I would try to love & respect the god of water.
Name: Jeff Jefferson 8th September 2017
i thot dat eT woz willy goid nd remindead meh bout hawy pootr


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