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The Flaming Gibbet of Galley Hill

Name: Gamuchirai 22nd May 2007
I liked the story the flaming gibbet of galley hill because it had lots of gore in
Name: Keira Wilmot 22nd May 2007
It was well scary about the dog and how noone knows how it got there it dont remind me of another story, it like totally unique which is good.
Name: Marko Rox 28th May 2007
i liked the flaming dog a lot please put my comment on please.
Name: David.higgins 15th June 2007
i was not scary i think the so called dog could have been a stray not some beast
Name: Mancha 21st June 2007
nice drawings
Name: Lina Brooks 18th July 2007
it is a very good story but i am confused why is it that the wolf-dog appear out of no where is it some sort of evil spirit thank you
p.s. sorry i am sorry if it is a silly question :)
Name: Zinnia Marniel 31st July 2007
,,i really like the story...,, i know it could really help me in my essay writing contest on friday,, cos' i get some ideas from the story!!! i really like it very much!! c^^,
Name: Aaron 18th April 2008
wow its a cool legend lovly to know about thankyou
Name: Shauna Page 1st July 2008
yerr! i like these sort of myths because they get you really hooked in 2 the myth iam intrested in aincient eygpt myths and ledgends maybe you could put the one about the ancient eygpt way thankyou!!
Name: Nakiah 9th November 2008
Awsome that was sort of a copy between harry poter and the prisson of ascaban only the dog part though!
Name: Nakiah 13th November 2008
Name: Ned 20th April 2009
awesome story but 2 short
Name: Mahmood 4th May 2009
It was a really good story but it was far to short you shold make one longer
Name: Miley 15th May 2009
cooooooooooooolllllll.its out of this world.
Name: Tom 2nd June 2009
the black dog is imprinted on my family crest and researching what the black dog is, scares me a little bit.

also they have been known to guard the innocent and young.
Name: Michaeljacksonfan 1st July 2009
black hound as big as a ponii ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that roxx
Name: Hubert 12th January 2010
it was a bit short but overall it was good
Name: Dakirah 1st March 2010
funny (LOL)!
Name: Shamim 19th May 2010
its scary aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Name: Ah Coops 26th August 2010
Name: George 26th August 2010
this is an awsome story
Name: Dylan 21st November 2010
I have just one word to say for this story- AAWWEESSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Alex 30th December 2010
Scared me a little, but still, awesome
Name: Melisa Hogwarts 30th January 2011
where is galley hill whats it called now
Name: Rimsha Noor 9th May 2011
Very good!
Name: Raven 4th January 2012
Name: Rabyah 26th July 2012
i love this one
Name: Woody 16th August 2012
Brilliant. I live just around the corner from Galley Hill so this is a great story for me!!
Name: Beth 10th November 2013
i live in luton its awesome!
Name: SGDUJDU 20th February 2014

cool story bro TELL IT AGAIn
Name: Michael 6th March 2014
My School is there. I look at it every day hoping to catch a glimpse of the beast
Name: HamidK2012 25th October 2014
I am a fan on myths & legands
Name: Sally 22nd April 2015
WOW like it please tell again . AND i am a fan of myths and legend. Because it is so cool and sometimes really scary
Name: Sasha 3rd May 2015
i love the part were it says the unwise travilers lead on and were never heard of again!!!!!!!!!!!!! dun dun durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr im gonna use that for my homework thx
Name: Vivi 30th May 2016


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