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The Welsh Flag

Really all kinds of very good info.
19th April 2018
You should research your facts better. A Welsh dragon always faces to the left, any true Welshman would know this.28th February 2018
Very nice work Mieke! :-) Gwyliwch y ddraig goch!10th January 2018
Very nice legend. I haven‘t Seen a so good legend so often.
(I‘m from Germany, thats why May English isn‘t so good)
21st September 2017
I am Welsh and we all have our beliefs but this is a very good one I believe this one but many say that it is fake. Whoever wrote this is very smart and is very confident.
28th August 2017
I like it a lot!!!1st April 2017
Your picture of the flag is facing the wrong way round. It should face the pole to lead the welsh regiments into battle

30th March 2017
Very good28th February 2017
This story was exciting. Dragons are my favourite extinct animal too.21st February 2017
This is kinda insperatinial17th February 2017
love this story best story ever13th February 2017
This was great becuase I a doing a proud to be welsh project in my welsh lesson and this really helped me, thank you!12th February 2017
straight FIRE
9th January 2017
Rise red dragon25th December 2016


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