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The Welsh Flag

Name: Monika 20th February 2009
i enjoyed this storey alot but towards the end when the red dragon died i thought that wasnt really necessary because the storey starts off good then bad then good again then at the end it is horrible.:)other than that good work mieke!
Name: Deelna 1st April 2009
i thought this was really good
Name: Dania 1st April 2009
i loved your stary deena so so from dania
Name: Kitty-cat 8th April 2009
hey meike cool story. 8)
Name: Cerys Haf Smith 9th April 2009
I thought this story was really, really good. Well done!!!!!!
Name: Chris 22nd April 2009
very well thought and also very well imaginative
Name: Sharon 3rd May 2009
i loved the storys it was very intresting to read.
Name: Oliver Prowse 14th May 2009
Dead good dude!!!! A great effort must have been put in aswell!!! :)
Name: Jade 16th May 2009
it is even better than my stories! well done!
Name: Emmeline Eyles 23rd May 2009
I think it was good but kind of short.
Name: Ron 26th May 2009
1 of the stories ive hered deffently in my top 3
Name: Izabellea 27th May 2009
i think it was absolutly great but de ending is a bit sab but i still loved it:):):):):):)
Name: Oliver Collins 27th May 2009
It was very descriptive and a very believable myth. Great work! I enjoyed it very much. Someone mentioned it was a bit to short, well it shouldn't be too long because myths or legends are usually short. :-D
Name: Hayleigh 9th June 2009
That was brilliant
Name: Schoolkid 9th June 2009
Well it was exiting in the battle with the Ice dragon. Its not the best i have heard but still its one of my fav =D
Name: Lauren 13th June 2009
well done 5/5.brill
Name: BEE:] 19th June 2009
well done!:], xx
Name: Arbaaz 20th June 2009
i realy like this story because it was very excited to read and i loved reading this story.This story was the best inside the west.
Name: Jasmine 2nd July 2009
it was very good
Name: Rhys 6th July 2009
Name: Ben3200 6th July 2009
Name: Shannon 8th July 2009
go on red dragons
Name: Nicola 10th July 2009
Name: Your Story Is 19th July 2009
cool well done
Name: Me 19th July 2009
your story is well thought out and it is enjoyable to read. i would give it 9.9 out of 10. you rock and are really funny.
Name: Me 19th July 2009
well done
Name: Princess 22nd July 2009
thought out cool and gives a meaning
Name: Princess R 11 26th July 2009
very well explained xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Name: St Ives Junior School 9th November 2009
Wow, we love it...We are studying myths and legends!
Name: Keith 17th November 2009
that was goood needs more to make it more interessting
Name: Lela 10th December 2009
Very good i love wales too
Name: Lil Z 21st January 2010
pritty good but needs alot more detail
Name: Kathryn 24th January 2010
It is a sweet story that needs proof. Who knows it was true.On the other hand I loved it but it needs more detail
Name: Emily 24th January 2010
Is it a real myth??????????????????????
Name: Eleanor-Andrea Rees 26th February 2010
I really enjoyed reading this story it was brilliant, thankyou for sharing it with us.
Name: Alice 2nd March 2010
it's a nice story but it is not the right version
Name: Tani 24th March 2010
i liked the story and i really thought that it was true
Name: Cerys 18th April 2010
i really enjoyed this sory because iv never heard it before
Name: Kerry Moore 13th May 2010
Could you make a short version its hard to read
Name: Clvscows 19th May 2010
i think this story is wicked and that it is really told lovely in this story. my family come from wales so i relish at anything welsh.
Name: Fatalitywolf 5th June 2010
i love this story though the flag is backwards he should be facing the flag pole not away
Name: Nelly 14th June 2010
it is amazing;very discriptive
Name: Mieke (author) 16th June 2010
I'd like to thank all of you for your kind comments and advice. I was 9 when I wrote this but now I am 11. I was born in Wales. It's really nice to hear that people like my story. Thanks, Mieke
Name: Caitie 26th June 2010
Its great and it has great discriptpion!!!!
Name: Annie 26th June 2010
I like this story, and i think it is a very imaganitive story. but i don't believe in it but it is better than the scottish lepricorns story. :)
Name: Bethany 3rd August 2010
i think its lovely and u should write a story with a flag in it again
Name: 3 Apple St Barts Primary School 24th September 2010
We really enjoyed reading your story and we learned a lot about the welsh flag. Thank you.
Name: Caitlin Smith 26th September 2010
this is a great stori i love it even tho i am from scotland
Name: Pixie23 20th October 2010
I am from Wales and now I know what my flag means!
Name: Louise 10th January 2011
Thank you, I have been looking for a story to help explain the Welsh flag to my brownies and this will be a huge help
Name: Me 8th February 2011
This is really good
Name: Sarah 12th February 2011
Inspection next week!
This is PERFECT!
Diolch :)
Name: Jodie-Pie 16th February 2011
fab story just wat im looking for Diolch yn fawr
Name: Harrison Pugh 22nd February 2011
It was realy good because the good dragon wins and I loved it too
Name: Macey Webb 27th February 2011
I enjoyed it and I am glad that the red dragon won. I am sad that the red dragon died and happy that the white dragon lost.
Name: Sir Rhys Drew 1st March 2011
wow ! That was an amazing story of our dragons !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Tamara Williams 2nd April 2011
this story was brilliant, it was so cool when the red dragon flys in the air and comes speeding down and cuts the white dragon in half. but,theres two things i want to tell you 1) that is the real legend of the welsh dragon so you copyed it. 2) you made a mistake you spelled decended wrong
Name: Callum Glyndwr 8th May 2011
I think that really is an amazing story. I showed it to a friend in the states & he loved it. Shame he doesn't know where Wales is lol
Name: BethyMae;) Xxx 27th June 2011
I really like it!! Very cool!!! Xxx
Name: Samiha 1st July 2011
Brilliant. It was the best story eva. xxxxxxxxxxx
Name: Madeleine Hunt 11th July 2011
My class in Pill Newport loved this
Name: Aneliese 4th October 2011 cool.
Name: Peter 5th October 2011
brilliant tale. very welsh
Name: Julia 11th October 2011
Do dragons have horns?
Name: Anonymus 11th October 2011
thus helped me with my school project thanks!
Name: Iashia 11th October 2011
ilove this story
Name: Anonymus 20th October 2011
i got an a1 in my project
Name: Xxx 21st October 2011
lol babes this wuz reely gd but i cryed cuz the end wuz sad . luv ya mieke my bezzie mate. but it was still writen 4 yrs ago
Name: Rrr 21st November 2011
this story is amazig
Name: Yyy 21st November 2011
i love this story
Name: Dana 23rd November 2011
i love this story it makes me proud to be welsh!!!!!!! im fasinated by dragons im using the story of dragons for my english essay
Name: Miekes Friend 5th December 2011
IT IS AMAZING LIKE! ! ! ! ! And i loves it lotsly and such ! ! ! !
Name: Doug 4th January 2012
10/10 for the story but 0/10 for the flag. The dragon on your flag is facing the wrong way and as such the flag at the top of this page isn't the welsh flag. The Dragon should face left on the flag.
Name: Bella 1st February 2012
aahhww red dragon died!:(
Name: Leighton 11th February 2012
the red dragon will live on!!!
Name: Deepa 21st February 2012
I was looking For a story to help my son understand the concept of welsh flag with red dragon. I read about Merlin and dragon with him and later I found this story ! He loved this story and he understood it better.!well written
Name: Earl T. Williams Jr. B.A.,MiDiv. 11th March 2012
Please note: That to properly use the Welsh Flag as a post above the Dragon faces LEFT not Right as above. the USA flag has a proper way to post and so does the Welsh Flag.
Name: Megan 10th May 2012
the story i know is that the dragons were fighting under the castle and the king thought it was a ghost. so he tried to sacrifice his daughter, but then somehow found out it wasn't a ghost, so told the dragons, whoever lived could be on the welsh flag.
Name: Meshach 15th May 2012
I had to look for a welsh story for my drama homwork and this really helped me. Good job!!!! :-)
Name: Finley Taylor 1st July 2012
I always wanted to know the story behind the welsh flag. Finley age 7
Name: Jericho Evans 2nd July 2012
I love this story
Name: Jodie 12th July 2012
we did a play on this
Name: Doop 12th July 2012
this is a really good story! I think that it is well written! I love wales and am really interested in welsh culture, so to be filled in on why the flag has a red dragon on it is very exciting! THANK YOU for writing an amazing piece!!
Name: Antonia Mazzone 28th August 2012
I love the story it is very entertaining with lots of exciting stuff in it.. thank you for writing it and helping me to learn about wales!
Name: Sam 24th September 2012
its really good and stuff, but try the grammar, im 11 and have spotted at least 7 mistakes! and check how you spell decended, its spelt descended (s instead of c)
Name: Glenn 8th October 2012
nice story put i still prefer the actual myth the Mabinogion story Lludd and Llefelys. But nice nonetheless
Name: Megan.T 19th November 2012
good, great but not what im looking for!
Name: Max 16th January 2013
awesome story it rules
Name: Jenna 22nd January 2013
I loved this story, really helped
Name: Stevie 5th February 2013
We found this story interesting and we were able to understand easily.
Name: Kirsty 6th February 2013
i love this story soo much it was really well written and it really helped with my homework lol
Name: Jessica 8th February 2013
This really helped for my topic calon luan
Name: Anju 12th February 2013
this is a really good story it helped with my eistedfod entry a lot lol and yolo!
Name: Amelia 23rd February 2013
Me and My Best friend Nia Loves the Story. Nia and Amelia we are 7 year old Girls . Its a lovely
PEREFECT Story for us. I would Love to write a Beauty ful Story but Me and my best friend Nia cannot.I have written a story but yours it is not as good as mine xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
Name: Harry 25th February 2013
thanks for the story bro :)
Name: Jone 25th February 2013
very good story if it was real
Name: Jack 26th April 2013
cool story bro text me the rest
Name: Kay 7th May 2013
Wonderful Welsh Story (thank you)
Name: Kelly 10th May 2013
The Red Dragon has been the symbol of Fortune, Immortality, and Wisdom for a very long time. A symbol of Moral ethics in life, while achieving greatness. -k
Name: Lauren Kacey 23rd May 2013
Excellent help for my homework, thank you.
Name: Riddhima 27th June 2013
This is great help for my Eisteddfod poem. Thx :3
Name: Yvonne Hambley 13th July 2013
This is so perfect for my 6 year olds homework where she has to tell a story about her cultural heritage... Many thanks!
Name: M Denny 17th July 2013
Just returned from a trip to the UK where we visited Cardiff, Wales. I was intrigued by all the Red Dragons. I even bought a toy dragon at Cardiff Castle. Thank you for the more detailed explanation. Loved Wales!
Name: LC 8th August 2013
Name: V Davies 28th November 2013
I thought the red dragon went back to his cave to sleep and would awaken again when wales was in danger and defend the land
Name: Pitch 2nd December 2013
the flag is flying the wrong way and He should be facing to the left
Name: Jasmine 20th January 2014
Our Welsh flag is great
I love It xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Name: Chinl 27th January 2014
Name: Spike 2nd February 2014
not reall
Name: BAT 7th February 2014
Thanks! I can use this as an example for my students!
Name: Amelie Williams 7th February 2014
Dragos arn\'t real but myths are
love the story!!!
Name: Amelie Eve Williams 7th February 2014
love the story iv read the book aswell
Name: KELSEY MCLEAN 8th February 2014
Name: Erin 6th March 2014
That was a good story and its real
Name: Chris 25th March 2014
Great story that I will enjoy teaching children in school, appeals to all.
Name: Shannon King 29th March 2014
This is a nice story, but different from the traditional story in a way that is less interesting and does not include the elements that link it to Wales and the Welsh culture.
Name: Ben Willis 7th April 2014
amazing story i am going to teach this to my two year old son and my daughter
Name: Ryan Bardsley 4th June 2014
Ryan (aged 7) liked the story, but not the bit about the Red Dragon dying because that was too sad. We all think it's still a very good story, and does have a Welsh connection.
Name: Clive Osborne 14th July 2014
We should'nt be teaching children nonsense.The dragon, as with the welsh language,was taken from the romans during their occupation.
Name: Madison 25th July 2014
I believe that this story represents the welsh flag accordingly. The story will always stay with me as I am Welsh.
Name: Aaron 9th October 2014
Liked the story very much!!!!!
Name: Ian 24th October 2014
Clive Osbourne comments are rubbish The Welsh language is much older than the Romans and is closely linked to Basque which is the oldest language in Europe Years older than Latin
Name: Lol 14th November 2014
thanks to this ive done my work
Name: David 26th November 2014
A lovely story, pity the Welsh flag in back-to-front. The dragon should be facing the flag pole, not have it's back to it.
Name: Hootybob 9th December 2014
Wow... This was really helpful at 6 in the morning. Now, my homework is done :D
Name: Lonely-Wanderer 9th December 2014
If you have nothing to do this is a lovely read. It's also very helpful for research possibly for H/W
Name: David_is_right 9th December 2014
I have lived in Wales all my life. The story is beautiful and it is quite a pity :(
Name: David Moris 14th December 2014
It is said that only a few centuries ago, small dragons were very common in Wales. they were the size of a large dog when fully grown. In colour they were like oil floating on water, all the colours of the rainbow with a shimmering effect. Unfortunately they had a taste for chickens, so in defence of their flocks the farmers trapped them and killed them all.
Name: Katelyn 9th January 2015
This is an amazin story
love it,
thx it is helping me with my wales project.
Name: Cesca 8th February 2015
this is an amazing story , i have live in wales all my life sad story
Name: Macie Edwards 19th February 2015
Very good story it has made my imagination bigger and helped me with my school work thanks to Mike ann hateboer
Name: George H. Evans 21st February 2015
Great story,but right now my city,Fredericton,N.B. is in the vice grip of the white dragon! Is there anyway we could have the red dragon resuscitated???
Name: Joe 23rd February 2015
I loved the story: )
Name: Rebecca 26th February 2015
i love this story its get and helps me with my homework a lot!!
Name: Hhhhdgd 7th March 2015
i live in germany and it helps me with my Homework
Name: Emily 7th March 2015
a fascinating story that certainly know one will forget this really helped me with my homework too because it is so easy to read
Name: Ella Keenagh 12th March 2015
like it
Name: Oliver 17th March 2015
#swag realy intresting
Name: Myrddin 13th April 2015
Unfortunately this is not how the legend goes at all. Made up.
Name: Kirsty Roberts 28th April 2015
i love it
Name: Imogen Doyle 2nd May 2015
this is so nice i have to figure out why my friend who was year of the dragon gave me an invitation to a slumber party.
Name: Imogen 3rd May 2015
Name: Chelsey 3rd May 2015
I thought that was really interesting.
Name: Liz 4th May 2015
I enjoyed reading this as I always wondered about this will save it to read again
Name: Veleirian 27th May 2015
Really nice story. Thanks.
Name: Bebe 31st May 2015
I enjoyed reading this and it is a very interesting story😊
Name: Rhys 9th June 2015
I was lead to understand the white dragon was saxon the red one welsh and they fought inside a mountain and the red dragon won. a little like mrs T and the miners only this time the saxon dragon won. I was also told flag was decended henry the somethings golden dragon emblem/flag and the green and white field behind the red beasty came from the 1st military uniform forced upon the welsh archers because they tended to get into frequent drunken brawls and needed to be identified. dats ma boys. there was chap in a village close by Caerphilly called jaci 2 fingers. he was very old, I don\'t suppose?? no probably not. keep confusing the myths.
Name: Doug 23rd June 2015
The Welsh folk group Calan have got a single out about this its called The Tale of Two Dragons. Very interesting story
Name: Helgi 10th July 2015
Very interesting story, and very enlightening.
Name: Keith 11th August 2015
Very well put This is something I did not know well you learn something every day a very interesting.
Name: Lisa 23rd September 2015
This is great to show children how the Welsh flag has come about.
Name: Janet M Barry 27th September 2015
Wonderful....I believe it to be true 😍😙😙
Name: Hildai Piwi 18th October 2015
very interesting history.My children loved to hear the history of that red dragon.
Name: He Who Dominates 26th October 2015
i believe this story refers to the two dragons that were fated to fight each other over and over, the red dragon being the welsh dragon, and the white being the vanishing dragon. I know the red one's name is draig, but i do not know of the white one's name.
Name: Oliver 25th January 2016
i love the way it all comes together
Name: Sioned 20th February 2016
Roedd y stori yn ddiddorol iawn.
Name: Ryan 24th February 2016
I loved the action in the story 5/5
Name: Dalia 6th March 2016
Good story
Name: Giorgia 7th March 2016
Thanks,I italian, the story is very interesting, and thanks because I write
for school the story of the welsh flag
Name: Legin 13th March 2016
Nice story. Have heard it before but would have been nice if on the Welsh flag at the top, the dragon was the right way round! It should always face the flagpole.
Name: Lara 18th March 2016
Pretty good, although the red dragon never died
Name: Jolene 9th May 2016
In Welsh legend.
The white dragon was one of two warring dragons who represented the ongoing war between the English and the Welsh. The white dragon represented England, as opposed to the red dragon of Wales.

The battle between the two dragons is the second plague to strike the Island of Britain in the medieval romance of Lludd and Llefelys. The White Dragon would strive to overcome the Red Dragon, making the Red cry out a fearful shriek which was heard over every Brythonic hearth. This shriek went through people’s hearts, scaring them so much that the men lost their hue and their strength, women lost their children, young men and the maidens lost their senses, and all the animals and trees and the earth and the waters, were left barren. The plague was finally eradicated by catching the dragons and burying both of them in a rock pit at Dinas Emrys in Snowdonia, north Wales, the securest place in Britain at that time. The dragons were caught by digging out a pit under the exact point where the dragons would fall down exhausted after fighting. This place was at Oxford, which Lludd found to be the exact centre of the island when he measured the island of Britain. The pit had a satin covering over it and a cauldron of mead in it at the bottom. First, the dragons fought by the pit in the form of terrific animals. Then they began to fight in the air over the pit in the form of dragons. Then exhausted with the fighting, they fell down on the pit in the form of pigs and sank into the pit drawing the satin covering under them into the cauldron at the bottom of the pit whereupon they drank the mead and fell asleep. The dragons were then wrapped up in the satin covering and placed in the pit to be buried at Dinas Emrys.

The ultimate source for the symbolism of white dragons in England would appear to be Geoffrey of Monmouth’s fictional History of the Kings of Britain (c. 1136), where an incident occurs in the life of Merlin in which a red dragon is seen fighting a white dragon which it overcomes. The red dragon was taken to represent the Welsh and their eventual victory over the Anglo-Saxon invaders, symbolised by the white dragon.[4] The tale is taken up by Nennius in the Historia Brittonum. The dragons remain at Dinas Emrys for centuries until King Vortigern tries to build a castle there. Every night the castle walls and foundations are demolished by unseen forces. Vortigern consults his advisers, who tell him to find a boy with no natural father, and sacrifice him. Vortigern finds such a boy (who is later, in some tellings, to become Merlyn) who is supposed to be the wisest wizard to ever live. On hearing that he is to be put to death to solve the demolishing of the walls, the boy dismisses the knowledge of the advisors. The boy tells the king of the two dragons. Vortigern excavates the hill, freeing the dragons. They continue their fight and the red dragon finally defeats the white dragon. The boy tells Vortigern that the white dragon symbolises the Saxons and that the red dragon symbolises the people of Vortigern. If Vortigern is accepted to have lived in the fifth century, then these people are the British whom the Saxons failed to subdue and who became the Welsh.
Name: Gds 20th June 2016
Name: Gds 20th June 2016
good although the white dragon isn't an ice dragon
Name: Trevor LEE 2nd August 2016
The white dragon[dagon] is of the seas of the Polar Caps. The Red Dragon [Dagon] is of the Blood from of Jesus Christ the sun[Apollo] of God Uuiphar [jupiter] who's blood is at the core of our lives. which is druidism of the Python v jesus the risen Christ risen sun of GODi. [Norse tradition] of the Gododdin ie. woden Got=The and the i of Sol Invictus
Name: Martin Grundy 16th August 2016
Cute story, but is clearly fictitious and does not adhere to the story in old Welsh legends.
Name: Neil Hughes 22nd September 2016
The dragon on the flag illustration is facing the wrong way. The Welsh dragon always faces \"in\", towards the flagpole.
Name: Barbra 18th October 2016
why did he die?? my childhood has been destroyed!!
Name: Linette 25th December 2016
Rise red dragon
Name: Alfie 9th January 2017
straight FIRE
Name: Sarina Shah 12th February 2017
This was great becuase I a doing a proud to be welsh project in my welsh lesson and this really helped me, thank you!
Name: Lucy 13th February 2017
love this story best story ever
Name: Yasmin 17th February 2017
This is kinda insperatinial
Name: Katy 21st February 2017
This story was exciting. Dragons are my favourite extinct animal too.
Name: Skyeline 28th February 2017
Very good
Name: Robert 30th March 2017
Your picture of the flag is facing the wrong way round. It should face the pole to lead the welsh regiments into battle

Name: Anomymous 1st April 2017
I like it a lot!!!
Name: Brooke 28th August 2017
I am Welsh and we all have our beliefs but this is a very good one I believe this one but many say that it is fake. Whoever wrote this is very smart and is very confident.
Name: Anonymus 21st September 2017
Very nice legend. I haven‘t Seen a so good legend so often.
(I‘m from Germany, thats why May English isn‘t so good)
Name: Arcturus 10th January 2018
Very nice work Mieke! :-) Gwyliwch y ddraig goch!


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