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Rendlesham Forest and the Alien Craft

Name: Jenna Davies 21st August 2007
i love writing storys about spaceships and rokets.The last story what i wrote is a story what i brought to school and it ended up that the whole school was reading it and they said they loved every word of it.
Name: Abbi X 14th May 2008
me n meg reli reli reli love your storys there mintage!! x
Name: Emily 13th November 2008
Really good! Doing it for my homework. Thanks for the FAB information!
Name: Jordan 5th December 2008
realy cool because i made my own myth and got imformation from this myth .
Name: Tehyub 5th December 2008
the bestest ever
Name: Reanne 31st January 2009
realy fab story best alien story eva i have an idea for my homework now
Name: Lucy 19th February 2009
I would have liked to know whether it was a real alien or not but it was still very good
Name: Jake 28th February 2009
Wow! I love aliens,Ghosts and Non-human Objects 1000000000000000000000/5 Well Done Bud!
Name: Raja 30th March 2009
you can do better by adding more adjectives and connectives.
Name: ROMAN 6th April 2009
Name: Anissa 21st April 2009
good story! very interesting!
Name: Tuyo1schoolz 19th May 2009
quite good until i wuz interupted by my lil sis watching mama mia. matildas bracelets cool 2. but scary to.
Name: Dylanboy2 15th July 2009
Name: Dan 6th September 2009
Loved it! Lovely, dark spooky forest, and mysterious sound effects.
Name: Ray 19th September 2009
gives me goose bumps
Name: Aki Emily. 15th October 2009
Did you make this up, or is it real? Cos if you made it up, then i'm going to have to say it was a bit boring. But i think my dad would like it. He's into science fiction- and Non fiction, of course.
Name: Perry 4th November 2009
I have always loved UFO stories!
and thisis one of my favourtes
Name: Danny 11th November 2009
ITS all real i read it on pocket facts and it has been on new papers as well
Name: Ben 22nd November 2009
It was cool
Name: James 28th November 2009
I love UFO's but I hope aliens dont adopt me!
Name: Manhtai 7th January 2010
alsom cool
Name: Izzy 2nd February 2010
i think that is really good as i love myths and legends
Name: Izzy 2nd February 2010
I LOVED IT was really cool
Name: Jordan 7th February 2010
Loved it!but now im scared.NOT!!!!!!
Name: G 4th March 2010
it was ok but sorry i dont think it happend lol xxx
Name: Emily 4th March 2010
i think ufo are cool as anything i believe that ufo r real. My mummy said she wishes my dad would get abducted
Name: Taishi 8th March 2010
I learned that u.f.o is for undintified flying object I did not know it
Name: Aiden G 10th March 2010
definatly not real but a good fiction story for sure
Name: Jessica 11th March 2010
One of my teachers said they lived nearby when it happened they said the sky turned a purpley colour
Name: Tommy De Silva 17th March 2010
ive heard of be for on tv but this re boosted my memory about it
Name: Cerys Watkins 31st March 2010
i think this story is a very goooooooood story.
Name: Youssef 19th April 2010
i love it its amaing WOW at first i belivde
Name: Meggy 21st June 2010
i love this story it fab
Name: Najeem 28th June 2010
I Think This Is An Good Idea Teaching Kids This Encourages Them To Learn More.
Name: Me Xxx 9th July 2010
Pretty mysterious don't you think ?
Name: Jack 20th July 2010
this is coooool
Name: Millie 13th October 2010
i thought it was scary and cool but it made me laugh when i saw the wierd alien
Name: Jake 1st December 2010
I never new alians where sighted.
I never beleved that alians exsisted.
Name: AG8 19th December 2010
Name: KIA TOWEY 11th January 2011
Name: Weronika 28th January 2011
it was SKERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: ABSTER 10th February 2011
Name: Lump 16th February 2011
Do they expect usto believe that?!?!?!?!
Name: Melinda 5th March 2011
this story is real there has been other unsolved mysteries described in despicable con-tense at 10:00pm there are lots of these shows on TV showed as hard evidence of a real alien and U.F.O so yes the do expect us to believe it :)
Name: Guyz 10th March 2011
this is a very good story which about UFO
Name: Loren And Mathew 20th March 2011
Ive got to say that ive read almost all of the stories on this website and this the most freakiest one it scared the life out of me and my brother
Name: Lewis Boon 25th March 2011
that was not scary
Name: Amy 26th March 2011
I thought it was freaky and it is strange that the mystery hasn't been solved.
Name: Cora 9th April 2011
That was just scary really spooky
Name: Lucy 13th May 2011
i love the story so much its facinating
Name: 12345abbie 26th May 2011
really good
Name: Keesha 8th July 2011
i totally love this storry and i enjoyed it
Name: Surj 19th July 2011
what a wird alien but a nice story
Name: Bahara R 15th August 2011
like the story
Name: ZEPPLIN 19th August 2011
its a weird storyyyy
Name: Ndmvcbx 30th September 2011
Name: JASMIN 2nd October 2011
Name: Linda 6th October 2011
hi this looks good
Name: Chloe 17th October 2011
its a very good website it teacher you a lot of stuff about ufos and stuff
Name: Tammy 12th December 2011
i will have dreams about this powerpoint now thx
Name: Halle 2nd February 2012
this is cool
Name: Jessica 12th February 2012
that was awsome it taught me alot
Name: Clair 3rd March 2012
fun but freaky only kiding ha!
Name: Mel 3rd March 2012
Name: Unays 9th March 2012
that was cool it is like a mystary :o :o :] :)
Name: Georgia 11th March 2012
that is my 2nd fav and my first one is pandorrs box :]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Erin 27th March 2012
Weird,is that a myth or a legend
Name: Samuel Halliday 2nd April 2012
This tale was really interesting and flabergastingly superb
Name: Isabel 2nd May 2012
this website is really good it tells you loads of things that happend
Name: Jacob 17th May 2012
scary,cool and freaky
well done
Name: Jack 13th June 2012
Name: Mad Nutts 20000 14th June 2012
it was epic man you is so coooooooooooooooooooool (=
Name: Lithusha 16th June 2012
i like this story because it is scary and cool.
Name: Hayden 11th July 2012
Name: Beady 28th September 2012
This is a crazy story....

Name: Penny 14th October 2012
it was wierd
Name: Jon 12th November 2012
The Rendlesham Forest 'incident' was an
ordinary event, that has been turned into a legend. The people involved realized it was to their advantage to lie about what happened. Many reliable witnesses to this 'event' have said all along that the party who went into the forest were fooling around and goofing off.
Name: Angelica 1st December 2012
it was really freaky and weird
Name: IBRAHEEM 4th March 2013
these stories have really godd adjective s and adverbs etc.
Name: Talvin 5th March 2013
I honestly don't want to sound like a fool but I think that what happened was true because people in the U.S Airforce wouldn't even dare to lie in public.
Name: ERSkates9 6th March 2013
Very Good and Quite an educational Myth/Legend
Name: Brandon Sinden 16th April 2013
this is all fake i can tell because the reports from area 51, the ufo isnt a pyrimid it a rounded shape
Name: Chelsea 1st November 2013
it might be fake but you never know
Name: Charlie 31st March 2014
an excellent story great help...thanks
Name: Sara 31st March 2014
Cool helpful
Name: Saying 4th April 2014
Name: Loveday 7th July 2014
cool story bro
Name: Micah G. Watson 13th October 2014
The story is very interesting, but it lacks information. I do not fully think that the story is right or wrong, but like it said, it could just be their imagination.
Name: Johnny E. Carnley 13th October 2014
I think that this story could be real or fake there is no way to tell.It could of been a metro or a ufo.Maby one day we can find the truth.
Name: Lily Moore 13th October 2014
I believe this is an extremely reliable source due to all of the hard evidence the story gives the reader and due to the eyewitness accounts.
Name: Garrett 13th October 2014
I feel aliens could be real because how did we get god or the big bang whatever you think but they could have another god if we have one. And big bangs happen all over the universe.
Name: Kaiyu 5th November 2014
this is an interesting story!!!!!!
Name: Ceara 14th January 2015
its ok... and fine i guess
Name: Ellie And Charlie 14th January 2015
Name: Brendan 17th April 2015
i rely injoy that
Name: John Watkins 26th April 2015
I fully believe the story as a few years earlier to the Rendlesham case something happened to me and I still have nightmares even now.
Name: Jeremiah 15th October 2015
cool and interesting
Name: Mary 24th January 2016
I love these story!
It is like a legend!
Name: Ava 2nd February 2016
I really liked this story!
I would totally recommend this!
Name: Cienna 18th February 2016
this is good for students
Name: Jordan Alessa Graham 11th May 2016
dude that was amazing
Name: Ka 17th January 2017
I really like it
Name: Olivia :l 31st January 2017
Umm it was creepy, I uh guess but I loved it!


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