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The Fiddler, the Alchemist and the Black Monk

Name: Brandi 4th October 2007
Name: Kieran 13th November 2007
It was very good and it was not scary at all.
Name: Thetoadlord 22nd January 2008
that is cool
Name: Nicolehassell 1st December 2008
A very good story and not scary at all.
Name: Akhil 7th January 2009
It wasn't scary,It was spooky.
Name: Reanne 1st February 2009
i was crying when i heard about the dog was lost and really sad when they found its skeleton it must of really loved its master to looking for him
Name: Bhavin 16th April 2009
It was spooky and very very scary also I was shocked at the end of the story when they showed the bone
Name: Bob 21st April 2009
Thats scary
Name: Maryam 16th May 2009
this is just toooo scary for me
Name: Jasyendy 14th June 2009
OH MY GOD that was scary maybe the dog bone was the dog I am sure it is the dog must of gone back for its master weird and scary.
Name: Moobaa 4th July 2009
very sad and touching how mr doggie went to find his master
Name: Tobymoore 19th March 2010
Name: Mikaela.h 4th April 2010
I like storys like that but that 1 was the best 1 yet but very very scary!!!
Name: Jamie 30th September 2010
really good i liked it
Name: Dillon& Luke 23rd February 2011
We thot it was a great story. It had lots action.It was very scary
Name: Riham 1st May 2011
That shivered my body of. Why do you mostly give scary tales............?
Name: Agwiel 15th May 2012
i love this story its like it play in my head
Name: Georgina B 30th June 2012
Wow that is creepy i ain't ever goin there ever it must be like haunted or somthing like that!the people who go in there must be mental or naturally crazy!
Name: Amelia 6th November 2012
i love the moves
Name: Nicholas 19th February 2013
this is cool nice job
Name: Harry J Wiktoria 23rd May 2013
That video was creepy but awesome
Name: Rebecca 2nd July 2013
spooky good ending
loved it all the way through
Name: Oliver 24th January 2014
poor little dog
Name: Rachel 23rd February 2014
pooor little dog

Name: James 4th December 2014
Name: Sasha 3rd May 2015
awwwwwww poor dog love the storie
Name: Gurion 21st October 2015
Name: Ginger 5th February 2016
Little weird, but interesting!
though I liked it
Name: Ahkeel 5th January 2017
yeah why did he go mad and the abduction part that really sucked! if i were them my soul would have came backed and i would've hunted people.
Name: Glamorous Girl 17th March 2017
awesome story
Name: Death Race 17th March 2017
really interesting
Name: GTA5BOI 17th March 2017
I somewhat liked it


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