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The Grassy Mound of Notwood Forest.

Name: Niamh 29th March 2009
i think it was full of imagination.
Name: Becky And Sav 30th March 2009
We would recommend this myth because it was very creative.
Name: Mrs Stewart 30th March 2009
A fantastic tale Rachel. Never stop writing!!
Name: Mrs Fletcher 30th March 2009
This is a wonderful story and I can see how you have used what you have been studying in class as your inspiration. Well done Rachel.
Name: Jammyjames! 30th March 2009
i think it was a very exciting myth!
Name: Alex 30th March 2009
good story but where did the flying horse come from?
Name: Emily Mc And Lauren 30th March 2009
hi its us i really like it
Name: Paddy 30th March 2009
good story Rachel. I like the griffen part.
Name: Rachel 30th March 2009
To Alex
It just swooped down from the sky, exactly the same as the Griffin!
Name: Lewis 31st March 2009
You sound like you've put loads of effort into the story
Name: Emily 31st March 2009
very good work
Name: Dominic 31st March 2009
I liked how you started it off and how you described the Griffin.
Name: Grace 1st April 2009
yo cool rach
Name: Elizabeth 19th December 2009
Your myth was OK but it needs to be longer.
Name: Frances 7th January 2010
I loved it I mean you wouldn't get a better story then that but it dose need to be a bit longer and that Griffin I am not to shure about but gooooo rach
Name: Jessica 26th February 2010
great story rachel
Name: Owen AKA The Real Black Shook 6th March 2012
im the black shook dont look at my face oh great story please make another one
Name: Chloe, Courtney And Lucy 5th December 2012
Very good,but not a lot of discription.
great story
Name: Chloe,shiva ,jamie 5th December 2012
we liked it and it just needs more commas and less paragraphs...but aside all of that over all it was the best we have seen so far and it inspired us to make our own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Tia And Matt 5th December 2012
Good beast good storyline but not good enough.
Name: Cara 28th February 2016
nice story dude nicceeeeeeeee
Name: Annie 29th March 2016
I liked it's very good.
Name: Alecia 15th April 2016
Pretty awesome story dude
Name: Jessie 25th May 2016
I like this story
Name: Jay 18th June 2016
good but needs work
Name: Percy Jackson Book Lover 28th June 2016
good but use more detail
Name: Queen Nofretari 1st September 2016
I love the story!
Name: Hank 17th September 2016
Amazing story put into great detail and shape.


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