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Slaying the Dragon and Cheating the Devil

Name: Sam Luke 16th April 2007
Very good, keep it up thats the best i have evr heard i think it is brilliant.
Name: James 16th April 2007
An amazing story. Where is the church? because I want to go and see it.

Name: Braden 24th September 2007
it was interesting
Name: Shantay Ronholdt 17th October 2007
that was awsome!thanks
Name: Victoria 4th November 2007
It was OKY but I belive dragons are not evil creachers. Some probebly are but mostly good and kind. Look at my story called: Planit Volger! (It may not have come up yet)
Name: SAM 20th November 2007
Name: Julie 1st December 2007
great just great!
Name: Vanessa 22nd January 2008
I was a bit confused but the story was good.
Name: Charlotte 1st February 2008
it was quite good
Name: Robert 27th April 2008
i loved it! 10/10!!!!!

also i got lost at the attacking bit......
Name: Cc 3rd June 2008
Very good but it needs more animation and action to fit its title.
Name: Omar Hussein 15th June 2008
I like this myth. There is a story similiar to this one called George and The Dragon, and I think a lot of people know about it. I also like your narrators.
Name: Joe 11th November 2008
amzing story 10 out of 10......

...a bit blood thirsty thoe!
Name: Charley 19th November 2008
i love them.
Name: Samantha 26th November 2008
it was smashing!i rate this 1000000000/1000000000!wooooooooooooo!
Name: Charlotte 5th December 2008
wow those are amaizing

Name: CALLUM 25th January 2009
Name: Mollie 6th February 2009
i think it was realy good
Name: Sophie 13th February 2009
this mth is completly amazing! i lov it!
Name: Lucy 20th February 2009
that was thebest so far
Name: Jasmin Coral Ward 12th March 2009
I just adore myth's and legend's and this one is SO GREAT!!!!!!!
Name: Belinda 17th March 2009
this story was fascinating.i just adored it.
Name: Harkeerat 30th March 2009
This story was fantastic but i wonder why the bones were so big.
Name: Rebecca Emma Guy 9th April 2009
I found this myth quite enjoyable, but I wonder if the giant's remains really are there!?
Name: Victor 5th May 2009
I loved it touched me so deeply that when I finished it I read it again and made evryone in my class read it
Name: Sophie 9th May 2009
this will help me with my homework thanks
Name: Alisha 7th June 2009
i loved this story i would love to go visit and see if his tomb is really there!!
Name: Pokefan126 11th June 2009
Very enjoyable could not take my eyes of it.
Name: Ashley 23rd June 2009
very enjoyable and it is a great story loved some of the vocabulary you used great say one more think you have a great imaganation
Name: Kunle 8th July 2009
piears shonks was a good man
Name: Noor-ul-ain 18th July 2009
i really liked this story, i like all your stories my eyes be fixed to my computer screen. Can you make more scary myths and legends?
Name: Adele 9th September 2009
very good
Name: Aki Emily 16th October 2009
Oh, that was one of the greatest stories ever! But why were his bones large?
Name: Lucy 24th October 2009
Name: Siti 9th December 2009
is that real?
Name: Kayah Hall 12th December 2009
it was good
Name: Sophie W 14th January 2010
i liked the first pitchure because it had a dragon on it
Name: Melissa 24th January 2010
no it is not real siti any way it was fab
Name: Jacob 30th January 2010
this is boss grate title it is epic
Name: Paige 2nd February 2010
it was the best storty i ever herd.
Name: Jacob 15th February 2010
i really like this story
Name: Kirsty 6th March 2010
cooooooooooooooool i like it!
Name: Littleman 6th March 2010
Name: Louis Costil 14th March 2010
i liked this story beause there are dragons, devils and fighting.
Name: Louis Costil 17th March 2010
i like this story because it has dragones and devils.
Name: Georgia Hilliard 17th May 2010
I quite liked this story as it was different to many others.Whoever made this up then they are genius as it is well said and understandable.
Name: Banda 19th May 2010
it's okay
Name: Luciana 7th June 2010
its very good
Name: Anthony 20th August 2010
the story was very interesting and detailed
Name: Joshua Ho 11th November 2010
I like it, nice and scary
Name: Brandon 17th November 2010
i think its very good
Name: Lacey Marchant 7th January 2011
i loved this myth/ledgend!!! it was fantastic!!
Name: Simran Kaur 17th January 2011
i think that story is a very exiting and also very cool and i thought they could of made it as they end up as friends but i havent red it yetbut now i will................. KOOL KOOL KLKL x
Name: Nicole Park 31st January 2011
This Myth/ledgend wasvery cool because Piers was a strong and the dragon was cool.
Name: NICOLE SAYLE 5th February 2011
Name: ? 20th February 2011
Name: Kevin Washington 28th February 2011
so live have to check it out

Name: David James Laing 23rd March 2011
so good i thought it was epic!!:)
Name: TASHAUN THOMAS 30th March 2011
Name: Riham 27th April 2011
It was a bit like the legend of st Goerge the dragon when he slays the dragon but it is okay. The dragon wasn't scary at all! Why
Name: Leonard 22nd June 2011
Great story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gf it was a book i would buy 1000,0000,0000, copies and read every single one
Name: Lily 3rd October 2011
This is a awesome story! I really enjoyed it!
Name: Verity 4th December 2011
it was so awsome ilove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i would read it every day would u???????????????????????
Name: Faith 18th December 2011
I havent read the story yet but have seen that lily, verity and leonard love the stor so i will look forward into reading it!!! AAAAHHHHH!!
Name: Faith 18th December 2011
Well i just watched the story and guess what.... I LOVED IT!!!! YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT!!
Name: Kolton 20th December 2011
its ok
Name: Ruth 4th January 2012
the devil and the dragon were a bit scarey
Name: Leslie 13th January 2012
that is scary
Name: MoniKa 14th January 2012
nice legend~
Name: Jennifer Chen 22nd January 2012
nice ledgend
Name: Zakaria Mohamed 21st February 2012
good story i had nightmares
Name: Kirianna 20th May 2012
Very good!
Name: Laila 11th June 2012
It was not very nice to kill the dragon but i am glad he did!!!
Name: Wolfie 26th June 2012
I'm Chinese and dragons are good luck, fortune, and prosperity. This sort of insults use by killing the peaceful winged reptiles. They couldn't just try to be dragon friends could they.
Name: Lilz 8th July 2012
I think the Devil is Kinda scary!!!!
Anyway it was a good story 10/10!! :)
Name: Hannah 15th September 2012
this is such a good story i wish i hade the guts to do what he did
Name: Boom Box 25th September 2012
awesome movie!!!! i watched it 5 times in a row!!!!!
Name: Hussain 7th October 2012
This myth is great.I wasn't scared of it at all!
Name: Jacquezs Baxter 25th October 2012
what did they mean at the end that his bones were large im confused on that part
Name: Maria Gale 31st October 2012
It wasn't so scary and the devil looked silly
Name: Raingam 24th November 2012
i really love this kind.
Name: Adam 26th November 2012
is this story a myth or a legend???
Name: Conda 10th December 2012
that was great story
Name: Danny 12th December 2012
so beautiful
Name: Danny 12th December 2012
so frekin awesome
Name: Erika 2nd February 2013
This was a very nice story!!!
Name: Mahosky 15th May 2013
Name: Mayha 25th January 2014
i like this very much xxxxxxx
Name: Mike 19th February 2014
Wow I think i like this thing
Name: Isabel 20th April 2014
this is awesome
Name: Isabel 20th April 2014
the reason the sea is salty
Name: Charlie 4th May 2014
SO good for learning
Name: Louise 24th May 2014
That was absolutely mind-blowing.
Facts, Mystery, Suspense, Drama;
What more could you want?!
Now one of my favourites!
Name: Muhhumad 4th June 2014
I love this story the best part was the devil
Name: Romeo 9th June 2014
ilove this story
Name: Mahiamon 15th October 2014
I like the story
Name: BD 13th November 2014
I like this story very much!!!
Name: Hannah Angel 23rd November 2014
I have been on this at my school lol!
Name: Somto 4th March 2015
I liked the story, it was funny but I am a Christian lol
Name: Lex 23rd March 2015
iam a christian and hate all of this
Name: Gigiock 17th April 2015
I love this lol story but I am chinese lol

Pandora is a demigod; he was famous for the box.
Zeus gave Pandora a box. He told Pandora to not open it.
Pandora was curious so she opened the box.
The box was full of diseases.
Pandora spread diseases all over the world.
People will die if they get ill.
Pandora also died because of the diseases.
Name: Mattie 22nd April 2015
Loved it😎
Name: Halle 18th May 2015
love it
Name: Vivi 29th October 2015
OMG love it!Darlin'it was good squee
Name: Kylie123 19th November 2015
that was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Max 27th January 2016
soooooo good 400 stars I loved it I want to go to the church it's to hard to belive
Name: Ava 27th January 2016
Awesome myth!,
everyone should read this I loved it!
great myth.
Name: Pinkie Pie 28th January 2016
love it
Name: Hailey 4th February 2016
Name: George 1st March 2016
deliousness. i like stories.

i like cheese also
Name: Nigel 14th August 2016
Name: Lol 8th September 2016
Omg XD
Name: Lol 8th November 2016
Omg xD! Best story 1k23
Name: Danilla 29th November 2016
cool cool cool awesome. lol love it.
Name: Arrabellea 29th November 2016
love it do you!?
Name: Coolll 30th November 2016
Awesomely great
Name: Tyric 30th January 2017
the knight killed the dragon with 3 hits. they used their swords to kill the dragon. cooooooooooooooool
Name: Cho Bo Mutton 31st January 2017
that story is TERRIFING!!!!!!!
Name: Georgia 30th October 2017
i loved this myth/legend :D
Name: Bob 1st November 2017
i dont like it as they killed the poor defenceless dragon ;(


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