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The Devil's Favourite Game

Name: Me 23rd November 2006
This story is pretty cool.
Name: Banafsha 2nd July 2007
i thought this story was really good and it caught my eye as soon as i saw the title
Name: Jade 11th July 2007
soooooooooo cool
Name: Bob 24th September 2007
what is the point of the story?
no afence to you but that is silly
Name: Brandi 4th October 2007
Do that's a good lesson
Name: Verity 28th October 2007
brilliant - luv this
Name: Josh 13th November 2007
It was very good I didn't like the bit when they were in church but it didn't scare me.
Name: Jack 13th November 2007
It was good when the devil jumped on the
mans back.
Name: Coco 22nd January 2008
hhmmmm i didnt really understand that but some bits were scary i know i wouldnt play out on a sunday definently!!
Name: Millie 29th January 2008
It was ok.And it was very short.Just like the story witch in a bottle.
Name: Demi Bonfield 18th February 2008
This story was funny.The characters in the pictures were also funny.This story(from my opinion) is one of the best and funniest i have read.
Name: Sophie Jones 25th February 2008
hi, is the story true?
I luv it
i wanna watch it ltr
lol! it was funny when the devil picked up the kid
Name: Ryan 26th May 2008
this is sick... nyways make more i luv scary bits lol nyway its awsome
mke more enjoying em all
Name: Chloe Mckenzie 21st October 2008
i love that story i think it is cool when the dragon picks up the kid
make some more stories like that please
is it real because if it is its great
Name: Robyn Hawkins 11th November 2008
i think that was scary i do like it but its sounds scary
Name: Charlie Bramble 25th January 2009
that was wierd
Name: Ffgvvtv 26th January 2009
nice story
Name: Goffy 27th January 2009
wowee. that was really funny when the devil jumped into a group of children's game
Name: Harshane 29th January 2009
that was legend not a myth
Name: Louise 30th January 2009
i would love it if i played with the devil :)
Name: James 10th February 2009
i still don't belive in the devil
Name: Florence 15th February 2009
It was really good and exciting because the devil was really scary.
Name: Jake 17th February 2009
I dont play games on a sunday,i just go on the computer all day then have a healthy sunday dinner,your suppose to have something healthy on a sunday.the devil scared me
Name: Ludwig 18th February 2009
like your story i liked the part when the devil took the man and wnt to hell....

good story
Name: Abbey Gordon Lovin Joe Stewart 26th February 2009
if was gr8
Name: Megan 26th February 2009
It was a really good story and I liked It a lot. I liked the bit where the devil jumped on the persons back.
Name: Luke 2nd July 2009
I loved it
Name: Ellie 15th September 2009
wow that is so scary
Name: Ray 19th September 2009
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!brilantly SCARY
Name: Josh 23rd September 2009
that was totally awesome
Name: Fread 26th September 2009
Name: Imogen 21st November 2009
Name: Jenna Atherton 4th December 2009
The besttist book in the world.
Name: Vedant Chaturvedi 19th December 2009
Great and awesome.Loved it.
Name: Connor 22nd December 2009
it was great that story and i liked that story it is the best one (the person writing is 6
Name: Sophie West 16th January 2010
one of the besttest myth in the world ****************************************
your a star
Name: Bob 18th January 2010
Name: Chill 14 20th January 2010
That was one of the best stories i read you got a A++++++++++++++++++!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Seleena Gomez 26th January 2010
I d'no if u enjoyed writin or typin dis but i sure lovd ridin it.R u cool or wah dude , duddette or fool .ONLY KIDDIN GUYS U ALL LOVE GOOD JOKE,DONT CHA???I aint any judgin freak but i think ur goin 2 .........HOLLYWOOD.
Name: Alij 27th January 2010
mint best storie ever
Name: Dominic 8th February 2010
this is a good story but i think the ending is a bit lame
Name: Lisa Battles 11th February 2010
This story is my all time favorite but it is kinda creepy but other tehn that it's really good and it shows a really good point to you(:
Name: Whitney 11th February 2010
this was a creepy story but also a funny one!i really liked this one the most!:)
Name: Kate 14th February 2010
it's a great story and when i read that the devil jumped on the boys back i thought it came out of nowhere
Name: Lizzie 27th February 2010
Very good ! I would be scared !
Name: Marcus 28th February 2010
i really liked it is the best story i've heard in ages
Name: Monk 4th March 2010
i thought it was a brillant story and had an interesting meaning.
Name: Courtney 12th March 2010
this story was brilliant
Name: Ryan 16th March 2010
I think that the devils favourite game was a very interesting story and i really enjoyed it
Name: Ema 22nd March 2010
this is a great story
Name: Piers 14th April 2010
I' definetly woudnt want that to happen to me!!
Name: Selestina 27th April 2010
that was scary!!!
Name: Salma 1st May 2010
ohh my word that was good but to scary
Name: Jessica 20th May 2010
this was a good story!!
Name: Zoha 11th June 2010
it was good:)but scary HOOOOOOO
Name: Me Xxx 9th July 2010
I like the way the story ended it was also scary though.
Name: Ioan 14th July 2010
that was good have a look at my go on google and tip in ioan fowler and then clik on mavrick the brave dog nice story i relly injoyd it from ioan:):):)
Name: Bieber 16th August 2010
i have to do a myth for english, i have no idea which one tho.... any suggestions ???
Name: Albert 30th August 2010
wow thats mad real.. im speechless
Name: Lolo 8th October 2010
what I LIKE was that
Name: Rimsha 19th October 2010
It was fantastic!5 stars!
Name: Nathan 3rd November 2010
ohhh scary
Name: Jamie 13th November 2010
arghhhhhhhhhhhh scary
Name: Dylan 20th November 2010
so scary but i watch it thanks for this video e2bn i always remember this site!!!!!!!!
Name: Tanae 12th December 2010
OMG this the bit that was the scaryest was when they dropped through the hole
Name: Saeqa Sultana 4th January 2011
Its not that scary u kno
Name: Rabiya 16th January 2011
it was altra fab and i wan every1 2 watch it
Name: Alyissia 19th January 2011
this story is really cool
Name: Nattile 21st January 2011
that waskinder scary!!!
Name: Anonimus 3rd February 2011
i think the graphics and sounds in some of this legends are a little scary
a drive with the devil
an execution and a miracle
this one

Name: Maddison Baxter 20th February 2011
this story is to scary for a little child.
Name: Laura 20th February 2011
i really dont think that this is suitable for little children because ofm the voices and the pictures might scare them , as a result i would like to say that this should e over 8's as of the voices and pictures thank you .
Name: Lola 21st February 2011
Not my favourite story but brilliant!

Name: Poppy K 21st February 2011
really goooood x
Name: Princess 1st March 2011
this is the best
Name: Isaac 29th March 2011
man this story is so awsome i could read all day. but i dont really belive in the devil. Sunday is defiently a special day so i wouldnt play like the people in this storie
Name: Angelo 29th March 2011
This storey is so scary and funny
Name: Safa 30th March 2011
love it!
Name: Fazila 1st April 2011
i just kept on reading it over and over again it is amazing
Name: Lydia 2nd April 2011
I liked it that story was a little weird but cool
Name: Milly 15th April 2011
Name: Jaziah 6th May 2011
Lol i love this
Name: Beth 11th July 2011
that was brilliant the best myth i've ever read. But what do you guys think?
Name: Megha 13th July 2011
is it true?

good work!!
Name: Sherie 25th July 2011
i won't be able to sleep tonight! i'm addicted to this site!
Name: Georgia 4th August 2011
I thought this was a really good story for our age group
Name: Zoe 26th August 2011
this was freekkyy:O i will not sleep tonight:/ is this really true??:)
Name: Enzo 4th October 2011
this is are very good story I had to do a story and I chose this one it was good story XD
Name: Jacob 4th October 2011
i like this vgood and this a find is a very good website for myths and legends
Name: Delinah 22nd October 2011
SCARY realy scary
Name: Love303 25th November 2011
it was kool
Name: Ahmed 29th November 2011
Name: Finlay Hitchman 16th December 2011
Name: Ddd 16th January 2012
Name: Charlotte D-l 31st January 2012
I enjoyed this story. Scary and mysterious, just as a story should be!!!
Name: Jadeli 8th February 2012
nice but long
Name: Mmoxam 8th February 2012
sweet story the best i heard
Name: Mackenziemo 14th February 2012
it was good
Name: Ncm2012 14th February 2012
Cool Story Bro
Name: Mmoxam 14th February 2012
its awsome hi nate
Name: Mmoxam 14th February 2012
it was good is it true
Name: Andrew 21st February 2012
Name: Pasha 28th February 2012
Name: Mason 28th February 2012
That was good & funny :)& mad :)!
Name: Keanu L 28th February 2012
it was a bit scary at that part with that pit to hell but one thing was it true?
Name: Izah 28th February 2012
i was realy realy realy realy scard
Name: Tyreese 28th February 2012
It was so wicked. the part that I liked is when they jumped into that red thing it was cool
Name: Isabella 6th March 2012
is it true that the devil actually leaped inside that pit to hell?
Name: Tyler 15th March 2012
It is cool!
Name: Melissa 16th March 2012
A read this before it's really fun to watch this.
Name: Rachael 24th March 2012
Is it true about the devil and his favorite game?
Name: Hollie-Lee 28th March 2012
Wow this story is really good. It tells you not to mess around on a Sunday after church or that will happen!!!!
Name: Leah 30th March 2012
At least now i know not to play a noisy game after church on a sunday!
Name: Laura 13th April 2012
not that scary but still good
Name: Elle 24th April 2012
Thanks. Now for sure i won't play a noisy game after church on SUNDAY
Name: Nat 25th April 2012
it cool
Name: Zoey Marsh 25th April 2012
It was not that scary but the part when they went to hell was epic!
Name: Mythsandlegendsgal_ 27th April 2012
Name: Dylan 8th May 2012
it was a very great lesson.
Name: Zac Shields 13th May 2012
ewwwwww i am scared of devils they are very scary they make me cry but it was a good story except of the devils
Name: Payam 5th June 2012
Name: Katy 13th June 2012
love it !!!!!!!
Name: 25th June 2012
loved it so much i wanted to see them amillion times in the whole intire world even though i\'m a christian of good it will be good to see more of the movies you create especallthe devil part
Name: Ailsa .map 25th June 2012
loved it!
Name: Amy 26th June 2012
I love this story. It is a cool one to show and read to your family and friends.
Name: Ethan 10th July 2012
I thought that the story was cool!!
Name: Jack Smith 18th July 2012
this site is cool
Name: Matt Sandford 18th July 2012
this is coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooll
Name: Courtney 20th July 2012
That was a brilliant tale thanks for sharing it.
Name: Mithell Eckford 3rd August 2012
i absolutely loved it thanks sooo much but i was really scared
Name: Kaitlyn Lea Rees 6th August 2012
this is cool but boring and its not for me sorryx lol
Name: TNT Agent 202 9th August 2012
So Cool The Devil Went To Hell
Name: Georgina Richards LOLX 20th September 2012
The Devil is pretty ugly and in 'Matilda's Bracelet'the Devil appeared at the end, if you think I'm rude, sorry NC.
Name: DERPY DOOVES 8th October 2012
This is cool
Name: Ayush Sarkar 14th October 2012
This is good and wierd.
Name: Mark 5th November 2012
that was the best story i ever heard
u are so creative
Name: LOVERTA BROWN 13th December 2012
that was creative
Name: Matthew Wraight 23rd January 2013
very good quite amusing
Name: Alp 27th January 2013
this was scary having fun and the devil gets you we have fun on sundays now im scared
Name: Zoya 8th February 2013
is this true
Name: Eleanor 9th February 2013
A good myth and I would use it as a morel. Now I am scared that if I play on a sunday I might go to hell!
Name: Ruhan 10th March 2013
Wow! such a nice legend
Name: Nazoo 17th March 2013
really?how nice(!) im muslimbut this is crazy
Name: Michell 17th March 2013
I would never play out on a Sunday again
Name: Alex 13th April 2013
i am staying indoors on sundays now
Name: Kaylie 21st April 2013
this is crazy im never going out on a sunday again creepy but cool im scared ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ;]
Name: Safwaan 16th May 2013
not scary
Name: Charlotte 7th June 2013
oh- my- gosh! I am sooo totally staying inside now! LOL
Name: Nabhan 11th June 2013
thats WICKED!
Name: Lilly Rose 27th July 2013
wow this is sooo OMG im now not gonna go out with mi friends to play a game football LOL BTW im a girl and BTW I love this myth or legland
Name: Tiana 31st July 2013
OMG!!! Did that actually happen? Im going to avoid playing leapfrog for the rest of my life.
Name: McDonalds Dom 13th September 2013
That was really weird it could be true which make it even more scary
Name: Abraham 27th September 2013
This myth is so scary because the devil is on the top of the church and he umped on the mans back while he was playing
Name: Keyla 27th September 2013
I think this story was scary. I think it was scarier than "A Ride With The Devil." I think it is scary because in the beginning it wasn't really scary but when I got to the end it really frightened me.
Name: Arielle Bonita 26th November 2013
what a story is this !!!! it was cool!!!! i got to tell my friends about this!!!
Name: Kiera 7th February 2014
this is not nice you may add in a bit of romance at least
Name: David 26th February 2014
The Devil's favourite game is "LEAP FROG"? I though he would have a favourite game like "MANHUNT"!
Name: Johnathan 3rd March 2014
leapfrog! dang i though he would love to KILL!
Name: Will 26th March 2014
realy leap frog lol
Name: Betina 27th March 2014
this was creepy and cooool - an yu'all he did kill he leap frogged them all down to hell
Name: Gavin 20th April 2014
Name: Lily 27th April 2014
Name: Brandon 29th April 2014
good good
Name: Mr. Cool 29th April 2014
cool story
Name: Harley 30th April 2014
The video was good
Name: Kenzie 6th May 2014

Wow this took my breath away and it was really exiting
Name: Tshego 11th May 2014
Wow its a interesting myth
Name: Holly Lewis 29th June 2014
Name: Callum 5th September 2014
It was quite good I likd it
Name: Wendy 29th September 2014
Name: Alexia Leal 30th October 2014
I like it sounds good
Name: Charlotte 31st October 2014
Never play leap frog
Name: Seleena 9th November 2014
I d'no if u enjoyed writin or typin dis but i sure lovd ridin it.R u cool or wah dude , duddette or fool .ONLY KIDDIN GUYS U ALL LOVE GOOD JOKE,DONT CHA???I aint any judgin freak but i think ur goin 2 .........HOLLYWOOD.
Name: Charlotte 13th November 2014
Well, I found this story quite amusing...
Name: Jamilla 20th December 2014
woah that myth was amazing but not that scary but u never know if its true
Name: Myth Lover 29th January 2015
Oh my God guys this is scary ESPECIALLY if u live in England because you never know.... Lucky if you live in US, USA, or anywhere that ain\'t England!!!!!!!!
Name: Ben Macfarlane 17th February 2015
OMG amazing 9/10
good job
Name: Julianna 6th March 2015
That was a good story but why did the ether guys go down to hell with him? :|
Name: Brian 23rd March 2015
That's not rite they are kids shame on the devil
Name: Taylor 24th March 2015
Great job lol love it
Name: Chloe 25th March 2015
Iove this video
Name: Kahlei 8th April 2015
Awesome storie
Name: Fergus 30th April 2015
rely cool rely helped I had to use this for my home work I would recommend it.
Name: Elijah 5th May 2015
i love this stroy
Name: Bryan 5th May 2015
lol this scared me
Name: Della 12th August 2015
it is scary yet epic myth

Name: Emma Harrison 26th August 2015
cool story i like it do on about more dangerous devils please if you do that would be great.
Name: Emily And Jade 23rd September 2015
This Myth is wird in away. The rating should be 10/10
Name: Kat 666 7th October 2015
This is nothing like what I was hoping it would be.
Name: Heather 19th October 2015
It was ok but not scary at all
Name: George 26th October 2015
Not bad
Name: Aquasimmonds 13th November 2015
That was creepy cool.
Name: Teresa 4th February 2016
Name: Coolyocreeps 24th February 2016
I love this story cool yet creepy just like me! Ha😈😎😎😜😜
Name: The Minecraft Gamer 29th February 2016
This story is so so so so so awesome I really ❀️Love it thanks for whoever made its lease more πŸ“πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
Name: Zhoriah 29th February 2016
I love this story
Name: Raghav 14th March 2016
Name: Blah 20th May 2016
Name: Bianca 27th May 2016
I can't seem to findthe story, only the picture and comments.
Name: Leo Addler 17th October 2016
Very nice site to read
Name: XX=sadpotatoes=Xx 18th April 2017
The devil is way scarier in this than real life I might have nightmares! LOL!
Name: X_Smol_Bean_X 21st April 2017
BRUHH... Think the drawing of the devil is more scarier then the book.... >_<
(Like really look at the drawings in the book) >->
Name: Michael 25th September 2017
it's very nice
Name: Javier Gonzalez 29th November 2017
You guys look like you don’t read the Bible the devil is not ugly Lucifer is not ugly god created Satan to be the most beautiful angel off all before sending him down to hell


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