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A Ride with the Devil

Name: Megan Butler 2nd November 2006
It was ok at first but then got a bit scary.
Name: Lyaoy 5th December 2006
Hi I thought that the ride with the devil was a great myth.
Name: Stacey 27th May 2007
this is the best website and the best story.
Name: Jadine 11th July 2007
gr8 story coz it iz really intrestin
Name: Mardiyyah 11th July 2007
i thought this story was very cool!!! it's builds tension!!!
Name: Jay Evans 25th September 2007
5 out 5
Name: Rachel Shaw 30th September 2007
A fantastic site. I'm a primary school teacher and the great selection of myths and legends have proved to be real life saver!
Name: VIctoria 4th November 2007
It was alright, I'll probably go to where he got took away one day and see for myself if his ghost comes.
Name: Samuel 15th November 2007
Name: Marcus And Tom 20th November 2007
very good story 10/10.
Name: Kester, 7th January 2008
it was verry verry verry good.
Name: Alyssa 7th January 2008
It was good and scary but at the beginning was a bit boring it could be improved
Name: Saood 7th January 2008
It is cool and exciting.
Name: Kiki 18th January 2008
Sooooo Scary at the end but 10/10 :)
Name: Chloe 22nd January 2008
that was freaky i wonder if it was real??!
Name: Bethany 5th February 2008
very good story got me on the edge of my seat the end was a bit scary!
Name: Sdhfcgyh 9th February 2008
I love scary myths and ledgnds
Name: Robbot 8th April 2008
that was tooooooooooooooooo scary i hate it
Name: Della 8th April 2008
the best i soooo like realy scary ones
Name: Daniel 18th April 2008
i dont know how you think any of this is sisters scaryer than this
Name: Bex 19th May 2008
i thought that was really good!
Name: Cheyenne 22nd May 2008
hi it was kinda sad for the horse but i think he got what he diserved at the end of the story.
Name: Max 23rd May 2008
sort of like headless horse man
Name: Omar Hussein 15th June 2008
This story is very scary, but excellent, as all your stories are. I know a story similiar to this one, called 'The Legend of Sleepy Hollow'. It is also scary and breathtaking.
Name: Rhiannon Walls 25th June 2008
i think it was a very good story and it is a very helpful site aswell
Name: Mitchell Ferguson 22nd July 2008
Love the story and the bit were he gets shot is cool
Name: Mitch_ 22nd July 2008
Very cool and i like the part were the horse gets shot

Name: Derek 20th August 2008
Nice stories !! Keep it up. I like this website !!
Name: Emily And Sophie 5th September 2008
this is an exciting story with very good pictures.
Name: Natasha Burns 5th September 2008
this is similer to gost rider i have recently watch it and have seen many simularities.
i reay love these tall tails and will listen to many more :)
Name: Jake Mulvey 9th October 2008
The story of - A Ride with the Devil, it was a very intresting story
Name: Olivia 9th November 2008
hi,it was an interesting story but the one thing that made me laugh was the sounds.
It was QUITE good.
From olivia.
Name: Lauren 9th November 2008
Hi I'm Lauren.
Now this story was quite interesting.
But there were some scary parts of it and that was the shooting parts.
It was quite good but it was sort of a fighting story that i didn't like.
Name: Carl 9th November 2008
A great scary story, my favorite on the site 10/10
Name: Sol 10th November 2008
very exciting an interesting
Name: Louis 10th November 2008
Very scary and breathtaking
Name: Jaylee Clark 22nd November 2008
i thought this story was a bit boring but it was still good and scary!!
Name: Elijah 25th November 2008
fantastic and scary gr8
Name: Sophie 27th November 2008
Name: Khadija 27th November 2008
that was relley good
Name: Nikolas 1st December 2008
wow what a great story
Name: Hamza 5th December 2008
that was mysterious
Name: Jack 6th December 2008
my class thought it was yery weird but good and mysterious!
Name: Georgia 13th December 2008
I can't believe he shot the horse and that was the scariest story so far.
Name: Ashley And Koral 15th December 2008
this story was really ugly i wanted to throw up!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Rima 15th December 2008
i thought that it was scary and i wonder who was the man who was wearing the black cloak
Name: Humail 26th December 2008
terrifying breath taking scary SCARY but very good scary story so far
Name: Salisa 16th January 2009
Scary but Good
Name: Grace&Salisa 16th January 2009
Name: Yazzy 19th January 2009
It's SO TERRIFING!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Hattii 19th January 2009
omg i was sooooooooooooooo scared this is what i am doing for my homework
Name: Nathan 21st January 2009
how scary
Name: Garce And Salisa 23rd January 2009
Freaky on the last day of december we will be very scared ecspecially if i go near to where it is.. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Sabrina 24th January 2009
scary behond all reasons and magical
Name: Reham Bashraheel 26th January 2009
I think colonel deserved that and anyway it was a good story!!
Name: BeckyBoo 26th January 2009
aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh i will be terrified hhhhhheeeeeeeeelllllllllppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Beckyboo 26th January 2009
i luv this we watched it at skwl as welll! i cant sleep at night!
Name: Courtney Rebecca Wood 26th January 2009
hhhhhheeeeeellllllpppppp mmmmmmeeeeee
i think i might faint if i see that agian
Name: Abbie Friel 27th January 2009
i was soo scared i yelled out in class

abbie from derry northen ireland
Name: Khuram 27th January 2009
I am never ever going to forget this astonishing story in my lifetime
Name: Lauren&ella. 27th January 2009
its very scary!
Name: Deanna Jane 30th January 2009
That was mint.At my school ripley juniors we are learning about myths.Miss griffin my teacher said myths was really good at first i did not belive her but know i do.
Name: Ben Bradley 30th January 2009
thats freeky like i want to see the ghost like
Name: Egg Pie 30th January 2009
your all babys i cant belive you was scared

and im in class7at rjs im not saying my name
Name: Christine Joy 31st January 2009
My teacher said that if you go on myths your going to have fun with it, cool and most of all it wasn't that scary but now I saw it it was a bit freaky it was freaky but not that scary so my teachter was right.
Name: Hermione 12th February 2009
sorry i dont realy like it okay im not going mad at you just please make it a bit more sensable please thats all i ask yes i would delite it if i was you rember im not going mad im sorry.
Name: Jack 12th February 2009
l think this so cooool and scarey I am 7 best onsite
Name: Rich 12th February 2009
sooooo cooool g8 story
Name: Stupid 13th February 2009
its alright
Name: Robber T8 13th February 2009
brilliant story
Name: Lucy 18th February 2009
soooooo coooooll
Name: Monika 24th February 2009
i loved it alot

infact im doing my assignment on it!!!

really cool:p
Name: Bambi 24th February 2009
I loved the story !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nearly got the goosebumps
Name: Abbey 26th February 2009
i love this story its brilliant

Name: Sally 27th February 2009
this is gr8

Name: Jacob 27th February 2009
I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.X
Name: Jake 28th February 2009
I Might Go There
Name: Ben Warren 2nd March 2009
this as so kwl and i was only doing my homework!!!!!!
Name: XxVicky Babezxx 3rd March 2009
...kwl lil wierd but kwl... is the legned true tho?.....
Name: Elias Jones 3rd March 2009
when i was 3 i went to norkfolk at night i when down stair to get some juice snd i saw screaming then i saw it
Name: Lauren 6th March 2009
Name: Billie-lee 16th March 2009
This story is really scary but good do you think it was a bit scary too?
Name: Mary 18th March 2009
I want to see the ghost thingeyyy :) But I didnt find it scary but the scream i did find scary!!! I felt sorry for the horsie dieing
Name: Candice 20th March 2009
i love this story
Name: Hannah Basten X 26th March 2009
This is a good legend x thumbs up xThe scream is a bit scary , i suppose x
Name: Jax 27th March 2009
this story is good in all but the horse part was sad i didnt like it but some people didnt like the horse dieing i didnt and i think it sick and that you have a sick and twisted mind
Name: Raja 30th March 2009
that was really good it had good descriptive words i never liked the bit where he shot the horse because it was violent
Name: Bill 30th March 2009
this story is soooooooooooooooooo coooool. i sugest you tell the whole world.
Name: Jade 1st April 2009
this story was cool except when the guy killed the horse my favorite part was when the colonel got what he deserved by getting captured!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Emmagreen 2nd April 2009
omg how cool is this lol
Name: Chloe 2nd April 2009
isnt that incredible
Name: Rebecca Emma Guy 8th April 2009
I thought that this myth was really quite scary and freaky. My friend said that she got nightmares from it.
I suppose it was alright, though.
Name: Emily 18th April 2009
that was scary, my cousin got scared and started to cry
Name: Josh N Charlotte 18th April 2009
It was really cool story but we dont know why people got scared cus WE DID NOT GET SCARED!!!!!!!!!!
Name: A Stranger 19th April 2009
WOW! that was soooo kool!
a bit scary but still good.
I did not like it when he was screemin
it sounded REALLY scary...but not that scary because he sounds like a girl!!
Name: Shade 24th April 2009
i like the way its set out
Name: Charlotte 7th May 2009
I Liked the story it is very wonderful

(10 years old)
Name: Leah Britton 8th May 2009
it is the worst story I have ever seen
Name: Lucy 8th May 2009
I love this story it's the second best story on this site!!!
Name: Fifth 11th May 2009
I like this story and we really want to see the ghost of colonel.
Name: Billy 13th May 2009
Worst story on this site the have way better ones
Name: Michaela Howard 16th May 2009
i love this story a bit short but cool my class and i would to hear it again
Name: Carly 28th May 2009
this is a really great one , i myself would love to hear this again
Name: Philomena The Kool Girl 4th June 2009
i like the story ride with the devil and i think it's hell kool and i like the 3prt of the story it got me thinkin
Name: Tayszea 8th June 2009
That was pretty creepy was the the devil that kidnapped him and where did he take him?
Name: Hannah 15th June 2009
wow that was super freaky, but cool
Great storyQ
Name: Rachel 16th June 2009
The story was the koolest story ever and I enjoyed every moment as it was real scary!
Name: Sophia 16th June 2009
i really liked this story because i felt sorry for the horse and i wanted to know who the person in the black coat
Name: Isabella 16th June 2009
i think it was really sad when he shot the horse it was also scary when the he got taken away by the guy in theblack
Name: Lily.S 16th June 2009
awe-some and spooky, the devil is the best
Name: Bob 25th June 2009
hey i relli like this page it is very fascinating bye luv u all lots
Name: Mary 25th July 2009
the story have many lessons
to us and we
appreciate the good lessons
in this story!
i hope that you can
create many other stories
that have many lesons
to us and to the childrens..
.thank you very much.
.its GREAT!.
Name: Alyx 11th August 2009
it was a cool story
Name: Lucy Blair 14th August 2009
I thought that that was a bit scary but it was also awesome it was very enjoyful just as all of the others
Name: Angelina 18th August 2009
i think that story was really cool becuase the voice was really scary and at the same time it was also intresting
Name: Niamh 27th September 2009
I Think That Was Great I Think That I Will Use This As My Topic To Research On ! (=
Name: Harryblazzer 29th September 2009
Keep It Up!
Name: Sophie 7th October 2009
Name: Tails Doll 8th October 2009
Name: Lesha Lo Lo Wallitonzeck 11th October 2009
lesha like
Name: Ethan 17th October 2009
SCARY but fun?!?!?!?!?!?
Name: Bethany 31st October 2009
really fab but not that scary
Name: Randomizer 1st November 2009
I am not really keen on that story, myth legend whtever. It is not scary which is one of the things I like best
Name: Lilly 1st November 2009
i think its realy scary - n realy good
Name: Leroy Perkins 10th November 2009
i love it and i wish i could have the story for chirstmas
Name: Alex 15th November 2009
I think this story is interesting. But i personally don't believe it. But it's great =)
Name: Nadia 19th November 2009
cool!!!!! bUt i dont believe you can see the ghost!! No such thing duh!!!!!
Name: Danny 22nd November 2009
i love it absulutly perfect but improve on the ghost and the race bit and more
Name: James 28th November 2009
I think this ledgend is the best ledgend ever!
Name: Tyler 30th November 2009
it was good but got bored after he shot the horse
Name: Paige 30th November 2009
I think that it is true.
Name: Abodunrin 7th December 2009
hi my nameis bodunrin andi love your myths because they sound like a real story but it is not because it is not true
Name: Bairavi 9th December 2009
its a great myth
Name: Pooja Sohini 9th December 2009
cool man
Name: Saskia 11th December 2009
It is a good story,but I don\'t think enyone I\'v heard of has sene them.If they had, it would probably be all over the newspaper.
Name: Junior 13th December 2009
I think he is jealous beacause he always wanted to win and the story is awesome!
Name: Voltye 5th January 2010
ya kno i think i heard it once i never sleep very good
Name: Sprinter 11th January 2010
This is a really spooky story.
Name: Wallace 13th January 2010
Brilliant story
Name: Sophie W 14th January 2010
i liked the race pictures because it had horses
Name: Sophie West 15th January 2010
Name: Joe 19th January 2010
good story
Name: Amaan 30th January 2010
i rely like this clip becouse it is very skary
Name: Muhammed 4th February 2010
that was so scary
Name: Carly And Tyler 7th February 2010
it is so kool ever time i go on this program my brother tyler wants me to go on this story
Name: Autumn Brooke 8th February 2010
I loved your story it was like so Ah-mazing(:
Name: Aimee Kindred 14th February 2010
i live near Ranworth, this story is so weird but so awesome.
Name: Will 14th February 2010
That is realy good, you must be skilled at this.
Name: Samantha 15th February 2010
cool story i loved it it was making my bedroom cold
Name: Stella 15th February 2010
great story.
Name: Girl2q 17th February 2010
that was scary man.
i want to go there.
Name: Tyran 22nd February 2010
man that wasn't even scary at all. but i have am having second thoughtd.
Name: Rwest 23rd February 2010
it was cool
Name: Hunter 23rd February 2010
i like the story alot i dont know if yall think like that but this story was very wierd it would be cool to see that really happen they should have called the cops.hahahaha

Name: Samantha 2nd March 2010
it was so scary but wiced
Name: Amanda 3rd March 2010
i love your story
Name: Muguette 4th March 2010
I liked it too but i watched it before on this and i thought that the colonel was going to be draged by his nose across the marshy land!!!!
Name: Drason 8th March 2010
The guy in here are so mean. He got captured and that deserved him right. Man its creepy.
Name: Tommy De Silva 8th March 2010
It was a great story and the colonel desirved what he got.
Name: Maya 8th March 2010
i think it could have a bit more spook and sipris to scare people
Name: Frances 8th March 2010
i really injoyed the story but it was kinda scary and i agree with them because the conal deservid it after killing someone and he dident even care !!!!!!!!
Name: Findlay 8th March 2010
It was an interesting story it was kind of scary but it was awesome and I really liked it
Name: Louis.t 8th March 2010
I think that the conel deserved to die there sort of is a morel to that
Name: Louis.c 8th March 2010
i liked the story.i liked it how the devil takes the man away.
Name: Oscar 8th March 2010
I think it is a good book because it has
lots of horror and I like horror
Name: Aiden G 10th March 2010
i like it a lot it is very gory and kwl
Name: Hi 10th March 2010
i like this website!!
Name: Josh And Reiss 15th March 2010
What and amazing story! It really is top quality!
Name: Fergus 15th March 2010
he was a pretty selfish man, but it surevd him right
Name: Daniel 17th March 2010
ride with the devil was my favouite story
Name: Harry 19th March 2010
i dont really belive it
Name: Lolly 22nd March 2010
It was cool! The end is scary, but apart from that, I love watching it. thanks for making it, cus every time i watch it i crave to watch it again! Please make another one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Joshua 26th March 2010
I'm researching this at school; although, were also doing it in DT which results in us making puppets about it. In addition to this, on the day we show our puppets and dco our performances, we also have dress up as them. (And i'm The Colonel!)
Name: Sarah 5th April 2010
wow this is so cool that story was fab U ROK MYTHS AND LEDGENDS
Name: Johnny 24th April 2010
Wow How long did that take you?
Name: Zoe 4th May 2010
OMG I loved this story it was so inspiring it just screamed out to me "read me!Read me!".
Name: Niamh Frend 5th May 2010
thats scary
Name: Sian 6th May 2010
i dont likey likey it
Name: Amelia 10th May 2010
that was so cool!
Name: Poppy 13th May 2010
I enjoyed it
Name: Laura 14th May 2010
that wasent nice or cool
Name: Luke 15th May 2010
ttthat was scary so scary
Name: Komal 20th May 2010
This is a great story!I really want to see the colonel and the devils ghost.It sounds really scary!
Name: Harry 24th May 2010
Name: Sam98 25th May 2010
thats cruel hearted shooting someones horse and killing the man
Name: Carly Smith 29th May 2010
love it
Name: Charlie 14th June 2010
This is acctually a really good story!! i grant you that shooting a horse is out of order but he got what he deserved lol......LOVE this site!! xx
Name: Fern 18th June 2010
I like the story so much, its really nice. I LOVE IT!! I would rate it number 1. Maybe you should try another one.
Name: Cameron Thorpe 28th June 2010
some of thses myths are good but a number of people read these from 10 - 16 witch a lot of people think that these are boring witch you could but more information about these myths and legends to make it more intersting
Name: Me Xxx 8th July 2010
It was nice and creepy at the same time, but i enjoyed it !!!!!
Name: Pamy 4th August 2010
that story was verry lovely it toote me that i shold be good in life and try not to kill when i get older or it will come back to me. thank you myths and legends team. p.s keep it up.
Name: Fiza Noor 19th September 2010
Your story was excellent!It was really,really good.I'm love your story!From my opinion I'll give you 5 stars!
Name: Genny 22nd September 2010
perfect edxacly what i needed for my english homework :) thanx
Name: Su 27th September 2010
I love this story :)
Thankyou thankyou!
Name: Svaleigh1 27th September 2010
I found this story very relative and approrite to children.This story was very good and clear to here and read i enjoyed working on it for my i really like it.
Name: Rakanpro 22nd October 2010
this story is so nice :)
i love modern warfare 2
Name: Sophiecasle 28th October 2010
he really deserves that after doing that to his neibouir and the horses i love animals that was cruel the horses did nothing to him the cornl should have been killed by the consle
Name: Joshua HO 11th November 2010
I like it, it is nice and scary
Name: Georgina 15th November 2010
it looks awsome
Name: Alex 27th November 2010
Its a good story but i think its not scary enough
Name: Mariane 4th December 2010
this is such a nice and scary story.i love this website. i love myths and legends.this websites is so interesting that i love reading it's legends and myths!
Name: Sriya 20th December 2010
not always you have to win!

Name: Jessica Edwards 23rd December 2010
The colonel deserved what he got coz he was so stuck up he always wanted to win.
Name: AG8 26th December 2010
yeah i think the people are right you don,t always have to win and there so
right about this that it is not scary
Name: Molly 2nd January 2011
this is scary
Name: Hana 2nd January 2011
ok well its interesting but i dont really think that it will cum backkkk yeh absoluteley..........and im not scared just to let u no!
Name: Laura 3rd January 2011
Name: Aziza 4th January 2011
Name: Roxy 11th January 2011
I think it was very sad when he killed the horse so i will give it a 1/5
Name: Aisling 13th January 2011
I do think it was a sad story but I did like it ......I want to go there now and see the glimpse of the man being caried off.
Name: Kezzy Scott 14th January 2011
i love the ride with the devil cause i love devils so out of all of them i would say that the ride with devil would be my favorite.
Name: Hana 14th January 2011
It was a bit sad but i still liked it!
Name: Aliya 16th January 2011
i didn't like the bit where the little horse was killed.
Name: Tighe Handley 18th January 2011
i did not like the end
Name: Kyle Snell 18th January 2011
i liked this story because it had detail the characters were doing alot of movement. it has a good description of the characters.
Name: Lilly 19th January 2011
I personlly found this story very boring i found myself difting off to sleep but thats just my opionion
Name: Nell 19th January 2011
Name: Lauren 20th January 2011
i thought it was scary i am scared now
Name: Shah 26th January 2011
Really good story but not sure if i would see the colonel and plus i have to wait another 12 months or so
Name: Anisa 27th January 2011
this is very good and i like it who agrees
Name: Moomoo 29th January 2011
I agree with Shah. And Lauren your a scady cat.
Name: Emily 30th January 2011
wow,good,fab more good sefl
Name: Emily 30th January 2011
Name: Jack Rowley 5th February 2011
Name: Yunus 10th February 2011
so good story it wil famous
Name: Leah 10th February 2011
Name: Annalise 12th February 2011
this story is not as good as i fought it would be sorry
Name: Janice 21st February 2011
i luved it
Name: Jessica 23rd February 2011
it was absolute fab it was one of the best
Name: Nicholas 26th February 2011
I really liked it
Name: Sellotape 8th March 2011
great its awsome but a bit creepy
Name: Ben 10th March 2011
it was ok not the best
Name: Lucy+jasmine 10th March 2011
its spooking me out! But i loved it , it was amazing
Name: Chloe 14th March 2011
its not best i like it but it freaked me out!
Name: Jessica 23rd March 2011
wow that is so scary its freaking me out every last december now hahaha
Name: Rimsha 13th April 2011
Yeah guys I agree with ya that story was so scary that I could of died. Not!
Name: Caroline 16th April 2011
i love this story its not my favorate but i like it
Name: Francesca Lyon 17th April 2011
i love this story it's not my fav but i like it i'm with you caroline
Name: Ellie And Davinia 3rd May 2011
that was amazing at the end it freaked us out x
Name: Jess And Niamh 11th July 2011
This story is really Freaky!!! we like it xxx
Name: Jake_wynn 12th July 2011
nice story check out COMET HONDA by j_wynn02 )thats me.)
Name: Doug 20th July 2011
I got freaked out by this. Don't like the bit were he gets dragged away by the devil- its scary.
Name: Nikisha 2nd August 2011
that was a great story thats what you get if ur selfish
Name: Girl 26th August 2011
it was amazing
Name: Alexis 3rd September 2011
Sad but he deserved it i really liked it
dont like the wayn he shott the horse in the chest and how he got draged a way by bthe DEVIL!
Name: Molly 4th September 2011
Name: Jasmine 15th September 2011 all i kan sayy.!
Name: Zara 26th September 2011
so good
Name: Aaronflylikeag6 28th September 2011
its so wierd
Name: Robert 5th October 2011
this story is scary
Name: Dude 3rd November 2011
this is cool
Name: Henry 4th November 2011
its weird
Name: Olivia And Bob My Grandad 13th November 2011
Olivia and Bob It was really good and interesting story i liked the bit when the man and the house and another man and a horse had a race.My Grandads favourite bit was when the man in the black cape come in.
Name: Jack 15th November 2011
it was scary.....but i liked the story.
Name: Jake 15th November 2011
that was very good
Name: Oliver 23rd November 2011
It was funny when the devle shot the hores
Name: Amyy 24th November 2011
that was wierd but funny the funny part was wen he shot the horse and the blood came out hahaha!!! LOL!!
Name: Ellen 30th November 2011
This was quit interesting and spooky
I'll look out for this on the last night of december
Name: Sian 8th December 2011
cool story but it wouldn't scare me even if it was 3d with ghosts coming out at you and all that but i would recomend it to people if they wanted something intresting to read might want a bit more detail and discription though no afence or anything and i myself wouldn't beleive the story but thats just me again no afence or anything but i do think it's great
Name: Oliver 12th December 2011
Name: Isabel Osman 17th December 2011
I love this story,the Colonel deserved that!
I'll look out of this on the last night of december
Name: Rubymay 21st December 2011
i think the same as sain it would not scare me. and oliver i like your idea i feel more sorry for the horse than the person on it the colnel real did not have a right to shoot a a horse.
Name: Hayleyg 25th December 2011
that conel is mean! he deserved that
Name: Michelle 12th January 2012
the colonel rightly deserved the 1 who shall not be named kidnapping him so this is a warning to all you naughty people
Name: Harriet 17th January 2012
the storys were good
Name: Leonne 18th January 2012
i love it
Name: Tobisi 21st January 2012
AAAAAAAAAAAaaGH!!!!! I amn freaked out!Im going to have bad dreams now!WHY?What did i do to deserve a fright! i am absolutly freaked outr !AAAAAAAGH!but... I LOVED IT!
Name: Sofia 2nd February 2012
that was really scary but a great idea for a myth what a great name for the myth Im sure that was hard work but super well done!!!!!!
Name: Holly 2nd February 2012
Whoaaa that is a amzing story I am so scared poor horse Colonel deserves it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Crystal 22nd February 2012
wat type of legend is this (e.g. celtic legend or egypt legend) (It's an English Myth - The Myths Team)
Name: M,rjtng 24th February 2012
he deserved it
Name: Binkster 26th February 2012
this story is really freaky coronal deserved it.
Name: Chanelle 28th February 2012
this was fantasic with a bit of a SPOOKY end.
Name: Jacob 28th February 2012
nice but long

Name: Natasha 29th February 2012
the colonel deversed it he so bad to cheated in a race so he got what he got took away
Name: Mia 4th March 2012
Yer I agree with Nathsha and loved it bye
Name: Logan 14th March 2012
this was kinda weird but was good and was long
Name: Amy 17th March 2012
that was ace but short and freaky
Name: Bed 21st March 2012
Name: Destiny 22nd March 2012
like it but steal dont tell us where they went did he just ride off with him cuz he was bad or did he no just like him
Name: Mandy 30th March 2012
This is a very good legend i think ill choose this one for my project!!! :)
Name: Ben Dover 2nd April 2012
i saw that same ghost when i went to England last year!!!!!!!!
Name: Euan And Alex 11th April 2012
Very nice a bit spooky for my brother Alex
Name: Lisette Coronel 12th April 2012
omg the story scared me a little
Name: Nat 20th April 2012
it is so cool.
Name: Ali 23rd April 2012
its verygood
Name: Ramon 23rd April 2012
its kinda cool i though it was going 2 be boring
Name: Elizabeth 23rd April 2012
it was wicked were doing a school project about it. that won was the best one i\'ve seen so far i just can\'t wait to see the next myth this year.
Name: DuffyMercyPunk 24th April 2012
cool LOL =)
Name: Jake 25th April 2012
Its really scary
Name: Shadi 25th April 2012
It is a great story and only scared me until the end..,.but only a little!
Name: Asiya 1st May 2012
its cool and scary
Name: Martha And Lottie 2nd May 2012
it was very good but a little more detail would swing it to a 5 star review!
Name: Ghazi 6th May 2012
Name: Bhps21 13th May 2012
love it but more detail needed then it would be a five
SCARY !!!!!
Name: Tanya 24th May 2012
It Wasn't Even Scary At All -_-
Name: 8-) 7th June 2012
this is a good grusome story
Name: Molly And Devon 11th June 2012
I like it because it was interesting.
Name: Nathanbl 11th June 2012
i thought that was scary
Name: Ethan 11th June 2012
a think it was a good stary
Name: Jessica 16th June 2012
Really good enjoyed it loads and i can`t believe the man shot his neighbours horse he is very mean
Name: Mu'adh 23rd June 2012
100% definertly 100% it was so scary I think i wil have NIGHTMARES!!!!!!!!!!!!
anywa i loved it so much I might tell other people about it an make them make coments for you-WELL DONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Vicky Music 1st July 2012
er yeah good?
for me it was not very good but i liked the pics but the story was bad and needed inproving!
if i got this comment i would take the advise and redoe the story or delite it cas hon it badly neededs redoing
Name: Andie 30th July 2012
This story was awesome! It's quite scary,but I LOVE scary stories!! :)
Name: Jocelyn 20th August 2012
I really duu like itt qood ;D
Name: Fahad 18th September 2012
this story is scary
Name: !"Β£$%^&*() 28th September 2012
Cool story,scary but cool
Name: Hussain 3rd October 2012
the end was so scary that i was hiding behind my chair!
Name: Louis Tomlinson 11th October 2012
I think im gonna have nightmares tonight
Name: Big Hairy Toe 11th October 2012
If it was a bit more spooky and aldutish it would be a great story to read!
Name: Elizabeth.c 16th October 2012
Name: OliviaO 17th October 2012
Awesome story spooky and got my attention.
Name: Celeste 19th October 2012
I have no life so this is all i do when i am not studying my math equations. SO HELLO PEOPLE
Name: Mb Lop To 25th October 2012
Shooting horses is a curse so the devil came for him to die:)
Name: Bob Diddle Bob 28th October 2012
Name: Amy 6th November 2012
its scary but cool
Name: James 7th November 2012
Myths and legends are an interesting part of story telling
Name: LaTae'ya Williams 7th November 2012
I really didn't like the part when Colonel Thomas Sydney pulled out his pistol and shot his neighbour because, I feel sad for the guy, he didn't deserve it
Name: Saatwik 9th November 2012
its cool but there are many more and scarier legends/folktales and myths here.
Name: Luke 15th November 2012
Name: Nay 18th November 2012
i think this story is cool
Name: Katie 25th November 2012
woooooooooooooow what a scary story
Name: Ashraf 27th November 2012
how did you get this story from
Name: Lillie 27th November 2012
wow this is so good i would realy recommend this myth or legend
Name: Grace Lowe 30th November 2012
Well I made a story called the devil game
Name: Ty 13th December 2012
Name: Isaac 23rd January 2013
Name: Alp Kuru 27th January 2013
i think he deserved it good

Name: Mohd Yusuf 28th January 2013
very nice
Name: TERRI 30th January 2013
Name: Jade 6th February 2013
i liked it
Name: Eleanor 7th February 2013
I find this tale very freaky and spooky. I can't say it was my favourite for I am not a fan of scary and creepy things or ghosts. But some people might enjoy this tale.
Name: Angelina 24th February 2013
It so interesting
Name: Phoebe 1st March 2013
this story is quite weird the colonel is kind of creepy
Name: Alia 21st March 2013
That is a fab myth/legand it is really good i personally think that is one of the best myth/legand ever in my life so far its really good
Name: Poppy 25th March 2013
It was great
Name: Julia 28th March 2013
Is the colonel going to be free cause it\'s kind a creepy.
Name: Luxmetha 6th April 2013
Name: Tyler Mae 13th April 2013
Name: Sarah 16th April 2013
wicked it amazed me I love it its so intresting
Name: Margot 20th April 2013
I think this is a great website for learning myths! Especially for children!
Name: LMDCy5 Pri Ben And Matt 23rd April 2013
is was bad
Name: Someone 23rd April 2013
Name: Boy 2000 24th April 2013
AMAZING!!! what a dramatic story I loved the ending :-)
Name: Scary Is Awesome 27th April 2013
I'd like to see that on 31st December.
But not by myself obviously.Also they should get like ghost investigators because that would be interesting.
Name: Renesmee 5th May 2013
the Colonel is a man who has a black cold stone heart !!!!
Name: ROAR 18th June 2013
just AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! really good story with a little spook at the end. i really enjoyed it!
Name: Cris12 19th June 2013
I won't be scare on December.
Name: Bookworm 24th June 2013
brilliant very creepy but a exiliant story
Name: Bcdsa 4th July 2013
Name: Kirk10,07 8th July 2013
ohhh!!!!!yyyyyyyeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmazing!!!!!
Name: Jess Varley 19th July 2013
This story was creepy but fantastic.noone knew who that stranger was.
Name: Wazz Zzifah 5th August 2013
Spooky...but nice story!
Name: Kehaolani.luatutu 18th August 2013
this is cool story

Name: So Cool 22nd August 2013
Name: Justice Aidoo 23rd August 2013
cool and scary make me in it
Name: Kehaolani 28th August 2013
wow that was really a AMAZINGGG!!!!! story wow that got me into it ohhhhhh that was GOOOOOD!!!
Name: Keyla 27th September 2013
I think this story was creepy. I think it was creepy because the part where the black shadow took the man really scared me.
Name: Kirsty 28th September 2013
That was cool! I like that story it was so not scary it\'s cool! I\'m going to look out of my window at the end of cristmas eve and see if it\'s true!!!!!
Name: Bella 17th October 2013
this story is really depressing
Name: Lottie 19th October 2013
I thought it was cool but i thought it was sad when the bully shot the horse.
Name: Chelsea 28th October 2013
evil story and its a bit scary at the end
Name: Sokayna 30th October 2013
oh i cried at the part when he shot the horse may god punish him
Name: Atheena Chiong 2nd November 2013
Wow!Is that ReAl!!!!!!!
Name: Lyila 8th November 2013
he is such a devil he killed the horse just because he was losing.
Name: Benjamin 9th November 2013
we have learned something our lesson:
don't go out on December's night ARHHH
Name: Arielle Bonita 24th November 2013
what a story!!!!!!! it\'s super nice!!!!!
Name: Temiya 28th November 2013
Super Cool And Super Scary He\'s so bad he killed the horse for losing!
Name: Tamay 9th December 2013
that was not scary but when the devil laughed and or sreamed it was creepy.
Name: Elly 10th December 2013
that story was awesome I read it to my youger sister and brother and read it to my mom to my mom said what an terrible thing to do
Name: Angela 19th December 2013
I don't like that dude why would he shoot the horse
Name: Mandy 20th December 2013
This is scary
Name: Aishah 21st December 2013
it was okay
i was expecting a bit more horror
Name: Emily 2nd January 2014
cool but I love horses and fell sorry for that horse and it made me upset but I still loved it
Name: Ella Pearl 14th January 2014
I'm shaking mad..... #scared to death!!!!!
Name: YouDontNeedToKnow 15th January 2014
Name: DW 21st January 2014
Name: Marianna 24th January 2014
hello i really liked your story it was great
Name: Grace 29th January 2014
Looks interesting
Hope everyone enjoys it because I did!

Myths and legends rulexxxx
Name: Kat 6th February 2014
Wow such a good story!!!
Name: Alys Jones 7th February 2014
This is a very good story, but is it true ?
Name: Isabelle 9th February 2014
cool! BUT NOT TRUE!it kinda scary but i don't like when grey horse dies!:(:(:(
Name: Shannon Guinnane 12th February 2014
Name: Grace.edwards 14th February 2014
Name: Sara 1st March 2014
Don't like it when horse dies also scary :o
Name: Chelsea 3rd March 2014
thats just upsetting and creepy i rate 8/10 because i hate when people are cruel to animals
Name: Nini 10th April 2014
i dont like when people kill other animals its very harsh. Why would people do that to other animals i give it a 6/10 because he killed the animals and that why i give it a 6 /10 so if someone kills another animal they should die there self
Name: FLEETWOOD 1st May 2014
grree it is ok
Name: Nfds 12th May 2014
it was all right
Name: Kiyara 19th May 2014
I liked poor horse though
Name: Kat 22nd May 2014
Name: Luz 27th May 2014
Name: Sanya 2nd June 2014
Kind of scary
Name: Matthew 3rd June 2014
not very scary been watching scarier things since I was a baby
Name: Carl 2nd August 2014
Name: Samuel Ortiz 19th August 2014
This Stories are very Interestings!!!
Name: Samin 27th August 2014
that was really enjoyable thx
Name: Cristabelle 22nd September 2014
In the bible Cain was bad killed his brother then he died
Name: Ken Navarrete 5th October 2014
Name: Alison 6th November 2014
i really like this book and i think it came out in halloween time
Name: Bob 18th November 2014
It was scarrey
Name: Bob 18th November 2014
It was amazing and scary but I loved it It was a bit like the highwayman
Name: Oreo 23rd November 2014
that was so sssscccaaarrryyy!!! but have you ever seen that actually happen and personally I don't think it will you know like it was made by a young boy
Name: Ale 27th November 2014
Your story was very scaryyyy, I love it
Name: Amy 25th December 2014
dont get the story but i like it
Name: Justin 6th January 2015
Very good
Name: Hannah 8th January 2015
Name: Simon 15th January 2015
So scary in shooting
Name: Simon 15th January 2015
So nice legend I have ever seen
Name: Julianna 28th January 2015
that is a good story I listened to this a school and I think I will keep on doing that 5th grade
Name: Sonic Lover 29th January 2015
OMG I looked and saw a ghostly horse and 2 people OMG
Name: Ethan 10th March 2015
I saw that omg it was trerifiing
Name: Kite 17th March 2015
I am also fifth grade dude this story is awesome yet terrifying
Name: Myth Rater 13th April 2015
scary but awsome
Name: Morgan 15th April 2015
cool but scary
Name: Brianna 21st April 2015
Name: Mia 28th April 2015
cool and scary do any one belive in the devil
Name: Abdul Haady 1st May 2015
It\'s cool with someone riding with a devil but scary.
Name: Taylor 4th May 2015
Name: Elijah 5th May 2015
I love this stroy
Name: Dasha 7th May 2015
The COOLEST story I have ever heard!!!
Name: Lily Jones 15th May 2015
Ok 😁😁😁😁
Name: Rakiy 4th June 2015
This is a really good myth. I like it! 0_0 ;-)
Name: GIRL And PARTNER 11th June 2015
Awesome totally cool myth I
Name: Keira 18th June 2015
this is creepy but I really like this myth its the best ive red so far
Name: EVA AND RACHELE 1st July 2015
Name: Jenna 7th August 2015
i really liked this myth it was great for a inspiration thanks and hope u write something soon
Name: Paris 24th October 2015
Wow! I loved this myth! It inspired me to write my own spooky myth! I believe it was what he deserved
Name: Lol 7th January 2016

Name: Death_Slayer 20th January 2016
I honestly though the Devil would come for him and he just seemed like a selfish guy who had to be good at everything but the horse being shot is a Devilish act if I do say my self. I just wish there was a little more detail to it if any of you know what I mean.
Name: Emma 26th January 2016
I think that was a interesting legend/myth. My favorite part is when they ride off. I would rate it with a four.
Name: Blake 26th January 2016
it was really good but i was short
Name: Carlos 27th January 2016
the story was good. I would rate it a 4 star.
Name: LeslieπŸ€“ 4th February 2016
This story is so good I enjoyed it a whole lot of itπŸ€—
Name: Nomnom 10th February 2016
Name: Mia 15th February 2016
I think that this story was really cool.
Name: Hi 16th February 2016
THIS is ok people say it's scary but it isn't
Name: Sara 20th February 2016
people say to me it is really scary but it is not does nobody know that
Name: Giselle 23rd February 2016
I am terrified
Name: 666 1st March 2016
why u scared? be happy
Name: Souls 14th March 2016
Wow... scary..
Name: Dexin Paul Polo 28th March 2016
i like the story because it has a content of horror and exaggerated statements
Name: Zinnia 11th April 2016
Name: Sophie 17th April 2016
Who could it be
Name: Hanna 27th April 2016
Spooky and coolπŸ‘»
Name: Caitlin M 17th May 2016
This story wasn't scary at all
Name: Casey 10th June 2016
not sceary they could make it more sceary.
Name: Elisabeth 10th June 2016
Sceary but I like it
Name: Bloom 17th June 2016
nice but its a bit scary
Name: Freya 9th July 2016
not scary enough for me,i would like it if you added more scary features to this.
Name: William 14th July 2016
It wasn't that scary but the story line was good
Name: Lois 18th August 2016
Ok maybe it was quite scary!!!
Name: Lynn Mere 24th August 2016
thank you you helped me a lot
Name: Tony 12th September 2016
just kind of scary but good story line
Name: Georgia 14th September 2016
I love this story is it true you can communicate with her
Name: Kytiona 16th September 2016
were is the story
Name: Madison 29th November 2016
This is really good for a book
Name: Saffa 27th December 2016
Nice story great moral
Name: Moh 2nd January 2017
Dead ting
Name: Ahkeel 5th January 2017
thats he deservived why he kill the poor horse and men.
Name: Keiona 30th January 2017
good and scary book
Name: Olivia >:33 30th January 2017
It was creepy ummmm >:##
Name: Omar 31st January 2017
I thought I will se the devi.
Name: Jenny 13th February 2017
OMG that was a horror book i think that the cornol was riding like HELL
Name: Omar 14th February 2017
not scary
Name: John 15th March 2017
Loved It
Name: Jordan 21st March 2017
wow did int know this
Name: Max 6th April 2017
where is this place where he got taken away, i want to see it
Name: EMMYYA 7th April 2017
Name: Nathan 27th April 2017
that was so scary
Name: Asher 7th May 2017
nice story
Name: Catherine 15th May 2017
Man I did not want to be the devils daughter but ok xD :3 but a ride with the devil was pretty spookay
Name: Bella 10th January 2018
I think this would be very scary if it happened to me!
Name: Anouk 21st January 2018
ARG!I was scared just reading the story!
Name: Maya Rowan 22nd January 2018
This will surely give me a scar, my friend is reading it right now I feel like she is going to scream.
Name: Austin 26th January 2018
im not scared
Name: Chase 2nd March 2018
ok i guess
Name: Ayeyo_ac 29th March 2018
Name: ,kjhv Mjhgfdcvb 18th April 2018
thats kinda scary o_o


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