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The Mysterious Treasure of the Unlucky Pirate

Name: Josh 20th November 2007
I do know a story that is simalar to this. It is called Pirates of the Carribien it is a nother fighting film it is about two pirats that go out to see snd have a huge fight.
Name: Josh 20th November 2007
I liked the part when his fingers got choped of.
Name: Courtney 3rd February 2008
Well i think this myth is brilliant so well done whoever inventened this myth bye for now courtney
Name: Devon 4th June 2008
well i think it is fun,it is exiting 4 the young 1ns . and it hels u in ur lenin for the litol peo
Name: Alex Hoyle 2nd July 2008
its a fun and good story.
Name: Janeypie 7th September 2008
you could put on greek mythlology like about gods and stuff.
Name: Paige And Amy 21st November 2008
We loved your story it was funny to!!!
It was a bit gross at the start. We liked the bit were they cut off Captin Kidd's finger off!!!!!!!!! Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Jessica 28th November 2008
brill neaver heard it before its original
Name: Sophie 6th January 2009
if they don't know where the treasure is they should just follow the map...we have two of them!
Name: Courtney 22nd January 2009
that was really funny im a year 6 at school and icant even do something better than that.
Name: George 22nd January 2009
wow how brillant i love it
Name: Grace,Salisa 23rd January 2009
Very good we would and wouldn't like to find the treasure incase it really is cursed.Any way this is the website we love all of the myths and legend were doing it at school so its helping us a lot plus are literacy teacher miss Taylor goes on it alot so we see it alot!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Lucy 10th March 2009
that was a cool using it for my project.
Name: Jabyn 13th March 2009
i like this story i am using it for MY project
Name: Briony 15th March 2009
im usin it ::P
Name: Arron 15th June 2009
That was very informative. I am going to use it for a fun project.
Name: Luke 22nd August 2009
It gives me the chills listening to the end of the story. Yet the story is nicely formatted and worded out. I would give it a 4 star rating!
Name: Amelia 12th March 2010
That scared me a great lot but was interesting!!
Name: Georgie 14th March 2010
some one get a bowl i do not like blood
Name: Harvey 27th March 2010
it was the best
Name: Holly 4th May 2010
i love blood because ya know it is mythes and legends
Name: Gking56 25th May 2010
wicked that story rocked i liked the death part.
Name: Fiza Noor 19th September 2010
Your story was very,very good!What a fantastic story it is!It's a really interesting and exiting story to look at!
Name: Charlotte 23rd September 2010
its sooo cool the class watched it a school
Name: FizaNoor 27th September 2010
It was okay I guess.It was not that good and it wasn't that bad. THANKS FIZA
Name: Rimsha 28th September 2010
Name: Aine 9th October 2010
it was good enough just a bit long
Name: Abby 5th January 2011
that was brilliant but a bit long !
Name: Abbie 2nd February 2011
omg that was amazing got a report that has to be in tommorow this has really helped thanx you guys
Name: Hannah Donnelly 6th February 2011
OMG fantastic,it's great because it's
Name: Sophie 27th March 2011
i think it was 2 long but i just looked at the pictures and the title fits the story perfectly
Name: David 22nd May 2011
it was of it was epic
Name: Penny Shebi 28th May 2011
its cool u should become a writer
Name: Sherie 24th July 2011
i didn't lie the part they cut his fingers off!
Name: Shanny 17th September 2011
Oh tragic no romance or some lovley ending but just a epic and vilance end!!!!!! Ur making me cry!!
Name: Paul 28th November 2011
i don't like when he fell on the floor in the execution board, he was bruised badly.
Name: Nishat 11th April 2012
thats spooky
Name: Shahnoor 19th May 2012
tis was the best story ever i loved pandoras box aswell
Name: Rabiya 13th June 2012
hav you got any myths or legends tht r about saving the world?
id really lyk 2 know!!!
oh pandoras box is amazinggg!!!
Name: Wolfie 26th June 2012
Ah, Captain Kidd, a famous pirate indeed. |:-)
Name: Charlotte 30th September 2012
these are brilliant stories and i really enjoy them
Name: Brian Le 15th November 2012
it is a very very good myth about pirates
Name: Kila 24th November 2012
Super scary!You should add the story Tutamkamon on this website!
Name: Emilia 18th January 2013
i really like this website, and my teacher showed me tam o shanter and i was really impressed
Name: Mable 7th February 2013
This is an amazing website, I have finally found something for my project.
Name: Lucy 10th February 2013
really good fantastic !!!!!!
Name: Hello 6th March 2013
awesome story
Name: Arthur Kirkland 14th April 2013
Awesome and amazing! Wonderful! I found something for my project!
Name: Eva 23rd May 2013
Name: ME 27th November 2013
Name: Aidan 6th February 2014
Name: Jill 18th February 2014
i like dis story
Name: Mariah 9th June 2014
nice work it awesome just keep working on stories
Name: Aitzaz 21st September 2014
awesome stories
Name: Trinity 11th December 2014
this story was very creative and interesting.
Name: :-) 28th February 2015
Name: Tanna 17th November 2015
Name: Nico 14th January 2016
Dope! I love pirates!
Name: Jhon Legend 25th February 2016
The legend of pirates is long time
Name: Aryan 29th February 2016
omg i love pirates
Name: Looloo 12th August 2016
Dope!i love pirates there the best!!!!!!!!!
Name: Mohib 22nd October 2016
it is a big mystery


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