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The Mischievous Piper

Name: Riham 3rd October 2011
Name: Kathrynaw 6th October 2011
Name: Marie 12th October 2011
i like it it was cool 10 out of ten
Name: Cameron Biggerstaff! 19th October 2011
this website is ok.
Name: Not Telling 3rd March 2012
i give it a 9.9 out of 10
Name: Owen 6th March 2012
good website
Name: Anonymous 11th March 2012
Name: --------------- 17th March 2012
That Strange boy looked like a leprechaun
Good 10/10
Name: Jojo 27th March 2012
Name: Anonymous2 25th April 2012
lol, cool story bro
Name: Laura 9th October 2012
really great story but the end was a little sad
Name: Libby 11th October 2012
I thought the story quickly grabbed my attention!
Name: Will 11th October 2012
I found this story very funny.
Name: Livvie 13th October 2012
Name: Sophie 15th October 2012
First of all I love the accent of the reader and I found this story quite funny!
Name: Reuben 18th October 2012
Name: Cherry 27th October 2012
wow that was cool an amazin storie but work a little harder.
Name: Maria Gale 1st November 2012
It was great! I have heard this story but what i read that she pinched and kicked her ugly son, next week she found him back to normal
Name: Johnta 12th November 2012
that was a great story
Name: Aiden 20th November 2012
that was brilliant and sweet
Name: Sinderaila 25th November 2012
beautiful and awsome story.

Name: Jerome 27th November 2012
Name: Messi 30th November 2012
strange story
Name: Connie 4th December 2012
Name: Kelly 12th December 2012
I liked the story but it was very strange. Good story though.
Name: Nadia 14th December 2012
This was a very strange story my favorite part was 'like the devil was inside him'
Name: Morales 19th December 2012
lol this was a funny story
Name: Rimmy 21st December 2012
What a mysterious story!.. :)
Name: Minahill 2nd January 2013
cool n kind of scary
Name: Naveed2512 10th January 2013
I think it's scarey
Name: Ihsan 12th January 2013
Name: Maisie 14th January 2013
very good story
Name: Farzana2923 15th January 2013
i thought it was really scary the green boy freaked me out.
Name: School 18th January 2013
it is really good e use it in school it helps our children do good myth and they like the funny ones because they make them laugh thanks :)
Name: Patrica 2nd February 2013
i really like the book absolutily lovely
Name: Mukhy 4th February 2013
was very good but the last few slides weren't coming up and the green boy freaked me out
Name: Louise 7th February 2013
I love this story not just because im a 6th irish but beause it was realy sweet.
Name: Eleanor 9th February 2013
That little green kid freaked me out a bit! But the mother was very kind!
Name: Sophie 8th March 2013
Name: Emely 9th March 2013
i loved this story it is so intersting
Name: Venellpyie 13th March 2013
wow its really good i think u will be a writer u should do another story u r really good.

Name: Bella 16th March 2013
really good story
Name: Clare 23rd March 2013
WOW!! Very nice story!
Name: Cingacinga 24th March 2013
it is awesome
Name: VIKTOR 5th April 2013
Name: Lilys 16th April 2013
good story
Name: Jack 22nd April 2013
Name: Liza 23rd April 2013
Love the story, I wouldn't like something crying all the time. Hope the fourth brother was alright..... could be a bit sad. :( / :)
Name: Lissy 8th May 2013
Amazing story i really enjoyed the way it had twist ending well writen.
Name: Aaliyah And Phoebe 23rd May 2013
My friend and I loved your book because it was interesting and funny
Name: Natasha &holly 23rd May 2013
Great story!
Name: Angel ^_^ 24th May 2013
5000 out of 10
Name: Tyra Evans 3rd June 2013
Good story!!! I like how it gave good details>
Name: Awesome 4th June 2013
it was a long nice story with good details but the bit with good people got me kind of confused. I would give it a brilliant 8/10
Name: Angel 15th June 2013
The end part was angelic and beautiful
Name: Kelly 22nd June 2013
I thought the story was brilliant. Although, I didn\'t like the parts when the bad boy screamed and shouted.
Name: Rona 26th June 2013
I keep on listening to it and love it but how does a baby know how to play the bagpipes despite that it was so angelic and i was devastated when he fell in the RIVER!
Name: Miss Regazacchi 26th June 2013
I teach children and were planning our own myths so it really helped me
Name: Maw 17th July 2013
Name: Someman 26th July 2013
Name: Casey Forbes 26th July 2013
This is a very inspirational myth/legend and everyone should know about this site.
Name: Nhi 20th August 2013
it so cool
Name: Mythmaker 23rd August 2013
This is a very mischievous myth
Name: Jessica Hadfield 26th September 2013
One word...AWSOME!!!
Name: Adam 6th October 2013
It is really cool
Name: Chidi 7th October 2013
mad myths loopy legends ok cool
Name: Hihihihihi 10th October 2013
Name: Mary English 25th October 2013
Tis was thy best story ever told indeed
(Real english) this was the best story ever told.

I loved it. A lot
Name: Jasper B 13th November 2013
this is one of my faverouite myth/legend!
Name: Hannah 20th November 2013
i love this story
Name: Jeevan 21st November 2013
Name: Marcus Coleman 22nd November 2013
this was the best story i have ever read!
Name: Samgoorange 26th November 2013
Awesome loved it best thing ever.
Name: Shell 24th March 2014
that was a very good story!!!! loved it!! I wonder if that's what has happened to my brothers? Just Kidding I love them!!! Anyway really good story!!:):):):)
Name: Brianna 30th April 2014
it is a funny book
Name: Manana 2nd June 2014
This website is really good, great job guys! I just wanted to put this out there because this has really helped me understand this unit better! I would love to this website become well known to ALL! Great job guys! I really appreciate your work!
Name: Rasheed 26th September 2014
Cool I like how his green the body movement when he was a baby
Name: Rasheed 18th December 2014
I still love it my friend and i watched at it at school he enjoyed it keep up the good work E2BN ☺😊😊
Name: Blank 2nd March 2015
like this ❀
Name: Oliver 24th March 2015
Pretty good 😊😊
Name: Tulip 11th May 2015
I like it but it is a bit confusing and scary!!!
Name: Collin 26th July 2015
I've never hear'd that story before
Name: Pete Y 29th January 2016
very very very best on site
Name: Mia 16th August 2016
So interesting
Name: Leonardo 13th September 2016
When I am on the ipad the text covers up the cartoon
Name: Joshua 5th October 2016
this story is my fourth favorite.
Name: Alexia 21st March 2017
I really like this story.
Name: Jaymes 10th May 2017
awsome so awsome
Name: Great Piper 25th May 2017
It's kind of weird, but I like this story! It really is a good thing that the mother treated the fairy good!! And good for them for getting back thir oun child!!
Name: Lucy 7th June 2017
So cool - and really intense. I still don't get why he jumped into the river but oh well. I really loved it - the accent made it very good. XD
Name: James S 2nd February 2018
rely like this


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