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The Lady of Van Lake

Name: Charley 5th March 2008
hi i loved it but i need help writing a poem plz xan u help me and send me a good one its the best story ever
Name: Welshmoll 15th August 2008
brill story may i might check it out
Name: Sarah Star 29th October 2008
I love this story, but I feel (having swam in this lake!) all should know that it's Llyn-Y-Fan-Fach (pronounced Lin-Ee-Van-Vach) which means 'Lake of the Small Peak', as opposed to the nearby Llyn-Y-Fan-Fawr (Vow-oor), meaning Lake of the Big Peak!
Name: Man 10th November 2008
Name: Amarni Star Cartwirght 10th November 2008
hi i love myths and legends xxxxxxx
Name: Phoebe 8th January 2009
It is good becouse you can watch the pictures and you can make your own in your head.
Name: Eli 11th January 2009
Name: Trisha Mistry 13th January 2009
it was reallllllllllllllly good and i liked the part that ther were three ladys not one i did not expected that
Name: Lesley 14th January 2009
love the folk tales
Name: Emily 7th February 2009
so cooooooooool
Name: Leah Stanton 28th February 2009
it looks cool i like it yessssssssssssss
Name: Esme 1st April 2009
It was great!
Name: Cerys Haf Smith 10th April 2009
I think this story is absolutely BRILLIANT!!!!
I've been to Llyn y Fan Fach and now that I've heard a story about it, it sounds really spooky!
Name: Ellie 3rd May 2009
This is cool but the spooky ones r better.
Name: Lamees 7th May 2009
it was good story tbh
Name: Ronanok 14th May 2009
Name: Kiana 16th May 2009
i like it beacause its interesting
Name: Miley Cyrus 23rd May 2009
hey you make nice story, like it
Name: Stella 28th May 2009
Wow i loved the readers accent and the story was told ery well.
Name: Meg 6th June 2009
It was an awsome story.
Name: Joe Jonas 1st July 2009
i love this story :) rock on
Name: Ben 2nd September 2009
bad story
Name: Meegan 3rd September 2009
brill story - best in site
Name: Alicia Halford 12th October 2009
this story was ok
Name: Charlotte Baker 13th October 2009
I loved this story and showed it to my class. You would love them
Name: Aki Emily 16th October 2009
I loved this story! It's really romantic, and sounds so real!
Name: Lola 11th November 2009
i love the legend i was so good who ever wrote it great job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Amelia 4th January 2010
This story is brill !!! I love this website !
Name: Jarrett 13th January 2010
it is good
Name: Juliette 25th January 2010
I live in Wales. I've been to the black mountains at night, very good place to see. Top Gear was also filmed there
Name: Beth 25th January 2010
Sounds good, my teacher Is from wales.
Name: Jk;// 25th February 2010
i thought it was an interesting story
Name: Lizzie 27th February 2010
Just brilliant ! I want to go there now ! :D x
Name: Cameron 9th March 2010
I really liked that story i want to go there now...
Name: Chloe 9th March 2010
i was a lovely story i think it was good
Name: Chloe 9th March 2010
I think that it was fun and i want to go there!!!
Name: Hannah 9th March 2010
I loved it is was fab and it was really intresting !!!
Name: Malorees 15th March 2010
Name: Megan Miller 22nd March 2010
i thought it was great but it was slow!
Name: Eleri 29th March 2010
This story reminds me of home as I was born and raised in the surrouning area. My family's sheep still graze very near to this lake. The lake is situated in the Brecon Beacons National Park, Llanddeusant, Carmarthenshire.OS grid ref SN 802217 (lake). Love it.
Name: Rebecca Ramshaw 30th March 2010
this dose not have vampires in it it is so fair i am addiced to them .
Name: Dana Grafton 30th March 2010
i love it it was fab
Name: Shania-Lee 1st May 2010
I loved it. But I felt sorry for the children, not being able to see their mother.
Name: Leanne Potter 25th May 2010
It was fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Melissa Fatanitavake 5th August 2010
it was awsome"??????????????? Iloved it and it was amazing but when they married the husband was so not kind enough??????????????? i like it????????????????????
Name: Albert Hernandez 29th August 2010
he should of been wise.
Name: FizaNoor 21st September 2010
The husband was nice at first but after they married he became mean.I liked the story but don't you think it was a really long story?Good story not bad.
Name: Schoolrocks123 11th October 2010
how did he forget so quickily
Name: Rocky 24th November 2010
That story was really good!!!
And i agree, how did he forget so quickly?????????
Name: AG8 22nd December 2010
well i liked it but it wasn,t so scary make it more scary next time
Name: Jamaca 5th January 2011
So sad :(
Name: Lauren Griffiths 7th January 2011
Loved the story xxx
Name: Amber 10th January 2011
Name: Enfys 17th January 2011
it's set in where i was born! i was born in swansea to the west of cardiff in wales.
Name: Imogen Docx 29th January 2011
my faviroute story out of the lot :)
Name: Jessica 30th January 2011
my nan and me go down and try and look for the book
Name: Katie 9th February 2011
I love this story because at my school in Literacy we are learning about myths and legends and i must say im kind of pretty myself
Name: MADDIE 21st February 2011
Name: Louisa 22nd February 2011
it helped me alot. :)
Name: Jessica Skylar 23rd February 2011
OMG!We loved it!!It was asome!!
Name: Habs! 2nd March 2011
this was brilliant I really enjoyed it i hope there are more myths like in the future!!!!!!!!!
Name: Sophie Savage 19th March 2011
i really enjoyed that story
Name: C U L8ter B4 U Do 20th March 2011
Very interesing
Name: Bavneet 20th March 2011
I loved it it, it was iteresting and had me gripped, a potentiol winner out of all of them because of no grotesque bits.
Name: Ellie Oliver-holland 3rd May 2011
me and my dad loved it
it was very intresting and now ive watched both in my country im going to watch all of them
one of the reasons i like this website is because the myths are longer than i expected them to be so i dont have to do my homework yet
Name: Natalia 7th May 2011
that was well sweet and all of my class really enjoyed it !!!
Name: Riham 13th May 2011
Realy nice but is it realy true because I'm not going to the place where the couple met unless it is realy true. please answer THANK YOU!
Name: Emma317 28th May 2011
.... AWSOME!!!!!
Name: Crystal 12th June 2011
wow that story was really sweet!!!!!
Name: Frankie 21st July 2011
is this true because I am gonna go down to that lake.
Name: Sherie 25th July 2011
read the story about the castle called dinas bran! i've been to that castle it's truly magical!!!
Name: Melissa 16th October 2011
good story i love it. :)
Name: Gem 22nd October 2011
it is a good story but is it a myth or a legand?????? it does not tell you i neeeedddddddddddd to know now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Eliza 19th December 2011
I love the story !
Keep it up guys !
Name: Courtney 5th January 2012
Loved the story!!!!!!!!!!!!!:P
Name: Turquoise 6th January 2012
Really love this story, but thought the ending was really sad!The man was just telling her to be quiet, because she was laughing at a funeral!Who would ever laugh at a funeral?I don\'t think she was a kind woman at all!
The only thing I didn\'t get, was if it were a myth or a legend?It doesn\'t tell you.Next time I think it should be more specific.
Name: Alison 16th January 2012
I absolutely adore reading this book, I like the part when the girl was burshing her hair.
How come the boy and girl married so young?
Name: Niamh The Awsome 17th January 2012
good story! I think this is the story ill use for my homework
Name: Fifi 22nd January 2012
I think this story started off happily but ended up quite sad and why would you laugh
at a funeral that's a bit harsh on the person that died?????????????????????????
Name: Deanna 30th January 2012
this is ok. I think you could have done better with this
Name: Cool Girl 17th February 2012
i think there is a mistake because the marrige contract said she would leave if he hit her three times without a reason. he had a reason to hit her so she shouldnt have left. its unfair on the man. does anyone else agree
Name: Niamh 17th February 2012
"You have chosen rightly," said the Father, "be kind and faithful to her and I will give her, as a dowry, as many sheep, cattle, goats, and horses, as she can count without drawing in her breath. But remember, if at any time you strike her three times without a cause, she shall return to me, with her dowry."

that is what the agreement is. the lady shouldnt have left as he had reasons to hit her
Name: Super Dino Girl 17th February 2012
I agree its harsh to laugh at a funeral so the man had a reason to nudge her she shouldn't have left
Name: ;-) 17th February 2012
you have spelt crucial names wrong
Name: Niamh 17th February 2012
moral of the story= there's never any reason to hit a lady, even if she is laughing at a funeral
thou it is very harsh to laugh at a funeral even if you never liked that person
Name: Jellj4771 7th May 2012
it is so long good job
Name: Angel 12th May 2012
Remember, stiking a person is sometimes not the best idea actually it allways isn't! Who knows they maybe laughing for a reason so you must ask before striking!
Name: Lollie 22nd July 2012
this story is great it has a great moral.
Name: Lucy-may 26th July 2012
this was a great story,just dont get how they walked on water! xo
Name: Connorwebb 20th September 2012
Name: Gabrielle 3rd October 2012
This is great
Name: Livvie 13th October 2012
I thought it was very sad.
Name: Mascuud 14th October 2012
love its so good
Name: Taylor 28th October 2012
i thought it was SAD
Name: Jessie Draper 1st November 2012
Name: Blake Wall 9th November 2012
Well Done.
Name: Teleisia 12th November 2012
well done it was the cool!!!!!!
Name: Niamh 18th November 2012
cool story, i have also got a story it is called the spooky house it is also set in wales
Name: Dale 2nd December 2012
Coolest story I ever heard!
Name: Vironika 5th December 2012
i love it nice
Name: Liana 5th December 2012
so so soooo cool x
Name: Dj Mate 12th December 2012
Name: Kai 18th December 2012
Name: Rose Lily 10th January 2013
omg this is soo cool lolz :)
Name: Cattie 18th January 2013
It was very long, that's a good thing! However, the ending -when the writer talked about 'to this day'- was rather boring.
Name: Ellie 19th January 2013
Name: This Is Pravneet 19th January 2013
this is great
Name: Noorhan 19th January 2013
Name: Sophia 26th January 2013
Very interesting
Name: Jasmine 29th January 2013
enjoyed it
Name: Sara 4th February 2013
Loved it!!!
Name: Ashley 4th February 2013
So coooool I wanna watch it again
Name: Eleanor 7th February 2013
Cool story!
I wonder if the red book and furrows are still there and more importently if they are real...
Name: Childcatcher 11th February 2013
i LOVE it so much i wish everyone coukld write as exciting as you you could be an author some day in my eyes
Name: Alisha 1st March 2013
It could be a little more scary!
Name: Safa 3rd March 2013
strict girl
Name: Millie 13th March 2013
i really enjoyed this
Name: Chris 13th March 2013
Name: Jay 21st March 2013
wow horrid girl
Name: Mia Jones 30th March 2013
Fab I enjoyed this story
Name: Liyan 9th April 2013
Name: Savannah 11th April 2013
like the story
Name: Lojaine 15th April 2013
I like this story
Name: Kaylie 20th April 2013
Boring at first and then gets better
Name: Jack 21st April 2013
Name: Harri Loveluck 25th April 2013
Good Story
Name: Brittany 20th May 2013
Wonderful. Love the ending.
Name: Lulu 21st May 2013
love it!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Susan Lepore 22nd May 2013
the lady of the van lake is like my mom. LOL
Name: Alice 23rd May 2013
Good story
Name: Qwerty 23rd May 2013
it would be better if had guns
Name: UNKNOWN 26th May 2013
Name: Regan 29th May 2013
Great Story
Name: Hossam 2nd June 2013
wow i really love this story amazing !
Name: I\'MANERDSOWHAT? 5th June 2013
best story forevs!!!!!!!!!
Name: Cherryann 9th June 2013
i love it....churrr
Name: Deimante 16th June 2013
Name: Josphin 17th June 2013
wow now i found something interesting to read finaly
Name: Jessie 22nd June 2013
Name: Mself 27th June 2013
at was arit
Name: Eimear 27th June 2013
really good
Name: Millie 27th June 2013
thought that it wa sgoing to be scary but it was not
Name: Kristine 9th July 2013
good auditor
Name: FATIMANADEEM 21st July 2013
Name: Cyrus 5th August 2013
cool story man
Name: Jasmyn Hollamby 9th August 2013
Cool story
Name: Cristian 3rd September 2013
not so cool story dude
Name: Alexis 16th September 2013
that story is good
Name: Libby 15th October 2013
Good story! I read it to my little brother!
Name: Chanttle 18th October 2013
that story had middle ages comunication
Name: Aaron 20th October 2013
That was a really good story I enjoyed listening to it.:)
Name: Daniel 8th November 2013
really good story i enjoyed it. :-)
Name: Ilma 9th February 2014
I just love myths and legends and even though they were ancient times stories they are interesting!!!
Name: Charlotte 28th February 2014
really good story
Name: Elle 1st March 2014
Name: Marie 11th March 2014
that was a super good story that was one of the best storys that iv ever herd thanks for writing this that was defenitly a awsome story you just inspiered me to write one.
Name: Richard 22nd March 2014
this is a cool story
Name: Batoul 20th April 2014
super good work!!!
Name: Girl 31st May 2014
lovin it
Name: Goldie 15th April 2015
I think it was a very nice story but, wan't the best story that I have ever read!
Name: Brianna 18th May 2015
love this story
Name: Asadad 21st June 2015
thank you iam intersted to log on this web

Name: Ibtisaam 21st June 2015
great story
Name: Penelope 26th August 2015
This rocks my socks like a cardboard box !!!
Name: Tulsi 8th October 2015
Name: AshleyLovesMinecraft 11th October 2015
Wow! Sounds like the greatest story I've ever heard!!!
Name: Tulsi 12th October 2015
Name: Jordan 13th October 2015
I loved your story it romines me of a real story.
Name: Jess 5th January 2016
Name: Jessica 5th January 2016
hi nice story
Name: Tanyia 28th January 2016
I love myths and legends its so cool
Name: Ava 2nd February 2016
I thought that this was a great story,
I liked the part where the dad brought the 3 identical girls and asked for the man to pick her fiance, and then they could marry. I really liked the myth!
Name: Shante 19th February 2016
Great myth even though it could\'ve been better!😎
Name: MoonFire 23rd April 2016
Brilliant story! I always watch e2bn but this might be the most amazing story I've listened to!
Name: Luna 15th July 2016
Hi!! this story is a very nice one but the lake does not exist! as it is not a lake on google!!!!!! what is the real name of it? and its all made up with the story right? Llyn-y-Van-Bach is a real lake, and the myth is a genuine old Welsh myth - The Myths Team
Name: GoldenFashion 5th November 2016
Amazing well done πŸ˜²πŸ˜ŒπŸ€—πŸ˜œπŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘ŒπŸΎπŸ‘ŒπŸΏ
Name: Leo 17th November 2016
Nice story
Name: Ralph Avren Fernandez 19th November 2016
It was fantastic some made me laugh and made me cry but great story line though. THANKS
Name: Alex 22nd November 2016
get a better voice
Name: Godtenks 11th December 2016
Nice one I really liked it, cool it should be the best one ever made
Name: Lily 1st January 2017
that was amazing omg
Name: Unknamed 4th January 2017
I live there
Name: Harmony 9th January 2017
i think that this stories needs more pictures
Name: CHARLOTTE 10th January 2017
Name: Micah 17th January 2017
what is the name of the author?
Name: Keiona 17th January 2017
Name: Olivia 24th January 2017
It was a great book I loved it.
Name: Keiona 24th January 2017
it was a really good book i loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Lucy 29th January 2017
I love how mythical this tale is!!!

I love it!!!

I believe it!!!
Name: Alec Kuiper 3rd February 2017
Good story! I loved it! Hope you can more stories like that!
Name: Rebecca 9th February 2017
How lovely that people are taking the time to recreate these amazing stories into such beautiful stories - thank you so much xx
Name: Neil 23rd April 2017
Great website! Thanks for your hard work - a great help for our Myths and Legends topic this half term. Just one thing - the spellings in the Lady of Van lake! Llyn y Fan Fach (an f sounds like a v in Welsh) and also Myddfai.


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