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The Lambton Worm

Name: Ryan 26th May 2008
Name: Lilah 7th June 2008
I love this story - one of the best on the site.
Name: Taylor 27th July 2008
it is good and bad at the same time
Name: Fobee 7th October 2008
I loved it, and so did the class. We've created lots of good writing from it and used it for role play and drama
Name: Chantelle 18th October 2008
hahaha your story is proper weid no afence but I dont like it
Name: Bryony C 24th October 2008
A g8 tail of good n evil my best story in the site cool
Name: Emily Woods 25th November 2008
it was ok for a 14 year old person
Name: Jack 26th November 2008
the story is wierd and this story is told in alot of different ways
Name: Anyesha 5th December 2008
really spooky!
Name: Samantha 15th January 2009
it was ok and i would reccomend it to a year 7
Name: Kishor 22nd January 2009
It was quite interesting and violent
Name: Tori 24th January 2009
it was freaky and scary it made me SSCCRRREEEEMMM LIKE MAD.
Name: Victoria 24th January 2009
Name: Isabella 27th January 2009
that freaked me out!
but yeh it was a rly good story
pity for the dog though
Name: Bugsy 28th January 2009
i didnt get it, i mean the was weird! i enjoyed the start though. i would recomend it to litle year sevens if you what i mean.......?
Name: THOMAS 30th January 2009
i think this story is great has some itresting vocab and sentence openers its cool from me
Name: Katelyn 2nd February 2009
I realy like the lampton worm becouse it has lots of vocab what I can use in my school myth of the lambton worm .
Name: Declan 2nd February 2009
I thought the story is great we are working on it in our school.I am a bit sick of doing it now
Name: Tyler 2nd February 2009
i really enjoy the Lambton Worm because of the Durham accent and the vocab is really good
Name: Beth D 3rd February 2009
i really like the lambton worm especially when we are doing it in the arts and we are doing that legend in our myths and legends
Name: Jessica 3rd February 2009
I think this story is really cool !!!
Name: Jessica 3rd February 2009
I really enjoyed the lampton worm and a really good story for children
Name: Giggles 6th February 2009
iiiii love this story it is soo good
Name: THOMAS 6th February 2009
It was awesome great for school
Name: Joshua 6th March 2009
i found this story from an old riddle written in runes from 4 diferent parts of the world and it also has to do with a reasure the riddle is (I cannot give heart or health yet and dragons think me the heir of lambton cursed be for catching such a fish as me and though he cast me a well at lambton hall i now do dwell fforty feet below two million pounds are buried my treasure is in the billabong under the shad of the coolibah tree wealth as cold as stoned yet harder too you find me where you hear i do) i dont quite get it either
Name: Shannon Hugill 10th March 2009
well cool storey xx
Name: Val With Giggles 22nd March 2009
This was awsome a little gruesome but mint! WWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW!
Name: Gypsy Greaves 23rd March 2009
i thought that this story was adventurous
Name: The Ulitimte 25th March 2009
this story is mint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Name: Jeff Franks 26th March 2009
hi i think this is really great but i think you need to include pictures
Name: Tom H 19th April 2009
cool but i liked that dog.
Name: Pickles,nichols Brandon 28th April 2009
this story rocks but you need to listen to the geordie version.
Name: Aaron Baker 14th May 2009
It is mint i loved that armour were u get it from I want that lambton worm for christmas
Name: Arthur Jolley 27th May 2009
as a newcomer to the north I find the legend of the Lampton Worm interesting
Name: Jess Watson 29th June 2009
I thorght this was fantastic and I really liked the part were the worm came out of the well,but I diddent like the part were he Killed the dog apart from that it was
Name: Natasha 11th October 2009
really odd it was strange. really disgusting and horroble when the wormy dragon ate all the sheep and the cows! eewwwwwwwww! gross!
Name: Anoymous 16th October 2009
Name: Ylime 26th October 2009
Well that is interesting. I would love to know more of that. This is a very educational site!
Name: GEORGINA KNIGHT 25th November 2009
i thought this story was really good and interesting . I enjoyed reading it very much.If i could read this i would definitly read it again.
Name: Kieran Lowery 25th November 2009
very good story very funny at the dog bit when his heads chopped of haha i really enjoyedd it
Name: Carly Simpkin 25th November 2009
I thought this story was really good and interesing and if i had this story in the house i would read it again but i dont have this story in the house.
Name: Rebecca O'Connor 25th November 2009
I thought this book was really enjoyable, and I would definitly rate this book 10 out of ten becuase it was so good.If i had the opertunity to read that story again I would.
Name: Jordan 25th November 2009
I thought this myth was heart breaking becase the little girls mam was dyeing and give her a doll to remeber her. Then her mam ... died.
Name: Amor Sahota 25th November 2009
i think it was exelant especialy when the dogs head came of although it wasnt very nice but still cool!!!!!!!
Name: Georgina Knight 27th November 2009
i give this book ten out of ten it is the best story i ever read in my life.and i will keep on reading it on this website.

Name: Jack 6th January 2010
i am learning about the lampton worm at school the story is okay i live in lampton castle tyne and wear iam age 8
Name: Harry John Oetting 22nd January 2010
This is the best because it is funny!
Name: Alij 27th January 2010
i think its a realy good story and great to learn about
Name: Kayleigh 27th January 2010
i really like this story because it is very fasanating and interesting but sad because the dog gets killed.
Name: Lola 27th January 2010
This is the best lampton wurm i have ever herd .It was so intresting .I have been doing about it at school.
Name: Alij 27th January 2010
i think it realy good story to have nearby
Name: Tyler 4th February 2010
i like this story it is very good
Name: Casey Lau 20th February 2010
it wus sad when the dog died
Name: ;ucy 13th March 2010
It was good
Name: Jason 15th April 2010
i herd about this story befor in my dragon book!
Name: Room 8 21st May 2010
i tjought that was a good story but there was lots of blood and it was sad about the dog
Name: Callum Mccauley 22nd June 2010
i think the lambton worm is a legend and a nice project to work on
Name: Emily Dickinson 21st October 2010
best thing i have ever learned about with the best teacher miss whaley
Name: Jay 1st November 2010
this is awsome
Name: Alex 12th December 2010
my faviote charater in the story is the lambton worm he's a great beast to study on!!!
Name: Chloe 22nd December 2010
best story i have ever read,even me little cousin likes it
Name: Mr Steed's Class 19th January 2011
We all thought this story was great! It would make a great comic book and movie!
Name: Thomas 25th January 2011
This is a great story thanks e2bn
Name: Lucy :-) 5th May 2011
it was useful for my homework
Name: Riham 15th May 2011
Best story every I have heard. I have been checking for my sisters if it was sutibble for them and I don't thin it was because it had awfull death in it.
Name: Sam 21st May 2011
i really dont get this story :( silly meeee! lol xxx
Name: Reece 10th July 2011
It's good, I would probaly give it a 7/10
Name: Lyris 17th July 2011
Its good and gruesome because when john lambton kills the dog all blood comes spurting out
Name: Angleena 29th August 2011
I could understand it very clearly. Wish I could tell you all what happened but I am too lazy.
Name: Wawe123 15th September 2011
cool but a little gory..
Name: Emily Wilde 10th November 2011
A vey good story by a very good author
Name: Marium78678 1st December 2011
that was funny
Name: Alex@Awesome 30th December 2011
Awesome.needed it for a project
Name: Chloe 7th January 2012
i love the lambton worm song its good fore chuldren
Name: Maryam 21st January 2012
looooool!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha funny
Name: Daria 25th January 2012
Name: Courtney Mann 19th March 2012
it is very good i loved reading it
Name: Rachel Golden 22nd April 2012
Wow. Wait, hang on, I thought this was a myth. So is Lambton real?
Name: Ethan Barrett 23rd May 2012
wow this is amazing!
Name: Leah 30th July 2012
I can't believe the dad didn't listen. Ruined the whole story, but the IT WAS NICE!!
Name: Shannon 7th September 2012
i watched this at school b4
Name: Bob 11th November 2012
it was ok
Name: Eileen 25th November 2012
It is a great story I also heard it at school I completely love it
Name: Katherine 10th January 2013
An ok story.
Name: Bob 29th January 2013
i like it
Name: Joanna 30th January 2013
It's an ok story :) It is also good aswell .
Name: Lucy Price 24th April 2013
Name: Renny 24th April 2013
Name: Ali 19th May 2013
Ok, not my favorite story xoxoxoox
Name: Lana 11th August 2013
Ouch, bad luck.
Name: Sherifa 25th November 2013
not so bad.
Name: Caitlain 22nd February 2014
Not my kind of story sorry with all the killing and blood!
Name: Macie 5th September 2014
I thinck it is brilliant the whole thing
Name: Ella 4th December 2014
I love this story and I am learning all about it at school...
Name: Helen 21st January 2015
Good storey thought it was very intresting
Name: Jess 30th March 2015
Cool story! I am studying this at school. The myth looks horrible.
Name: Amelia 15th May 2015
I thought it was very good.
Name: Reader 2nd November 2015
Name: Miguel Garcia 24th February 2016
The Lambton Worm
Name: Kaustubh 12th March 2016
Name: Matilda Connelly 12th July 2016
Iam learning about the lambton worm at school


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