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Canobie Dick

Name: Bethany 5th February 2008
I didnt like this story very much it made me scared but it is a good story and very good animation.
Name: Jameds 5th February 2008
gr8 stroy
Name: Ricky 29th February 2008
Name: Bethany 7th April 2008
I generally think that it was a story I would give a 3/5 it was satisfactory, but it could have been better though.
Name: Dean 8th April 2008
wiked and thanks gr8
Name: Kate 12th June 2008
that was realy cool,i wouldnt even no about this site if it was not for my school!!!!!!
Name: Aaleen 17th August 2008
I didnt like the story that much some bits can be improved
Name: Asas 10th September 2008
i like it
Name: Gemma 4th October 2008
i almost watched every one and not one of them are bad
Name: Kirk 7th November 2008
ive watched all of them and this is a good 1 like the rest
Name: Rita 21st November 2008
i think it was a bit scary but i like the rest and this story
Name: Nicole 1st December 2008
hi this story was really really scary it made me scream!!!
Name: ... 5th December 2008
i didnt think it was scary it was good though
Name: Ben 6th December 2008
Name: Daniel Kemp 6th January 2009
this was so scary i nearly wet myself...
Name: Casey 12th January 2009
Name: Matthew 16th January 2009
why was he that dumb to even follow the stranger
Name: Anne 26th January 2009
Name: Amy 4th February 2009
to scary
Name: Lucy 18th February 2009
why did he do such a stupid thing and follow him
Name: Chloe 20th February 2009
Name: MATTHEW 26th February 2009
to sceary well done as well...
Name: Jacob 27th February 2009
this is very creepy says matthew easter
Name: Max 1st March 2009
Name: Jess 12th March 2009
I really enjoyed it.But I nearly turned it off at they end.Because it was so frighting but I decided I wanted to know what happend.
Name: Ned 19th April 2009
this is exactly like the start of a book called: The weirdstone of Brasinghamen by:Alan Garner
Name: Lottie 25th April 2009
canobie dick has a funny name!
Name: Sarah 1st May 2009
Good story but it needes to be more scary please
Name: Jacob Walsh 7th May 2009
This story was cool I like his name too its pretty funny
Name: Chickens 12th May 2009
yo! dis was a weird name but it was fantastic! c u in a bit
Name: Sandra 9th June 2009
Fantastic But More scary. Next time make the place a bit intresting.
Name: Bob 8th September 2009
this is well wicked m8
Name: Sarah 29th September 2009
i think this was well wicked how did u cum up with such a gr8 story hope u cum up with sum more
Name: Aki Emily 16th October 2009
COOL!!! I loved it! I liked the idea of the horn and the sword.
Name: Solomone 25th October 2009
it realy cool ! love dis site
Name: Chelsea 4th November 2009
love it
Name: Jenny 6th November 2009
i love baba yaga
Name: Alex 19th November 2009
Name: Jade 24th November 2009
Name: Imelda 1st December 2009
this story frightened my brother but it was brilliant
Name: Ashia Mckinley 3rd December 2009
this bookwas awsome how did you guys make it brillyant
Name: Emma 4th January 2010
it is cool the magic hill
Name: Emma 4th January 2010
it is soooooooooo weird i wonder if it is true
Name: Laura Thompson 4th January 2010
Tt is so wierd but is it true i really do wonder.
it is not scary but why he follow that stranger any way ill give it a 7/10 for satisfaction.
Name: Chloe Sharp 5th January 2010
ermmm so wierd:L
Name: Marwa 17th January 2010
This myth and legend is interesting but i don't understand thank you
Name: Melissa Jer 17th January 2010
sooooooooooooooooooooo wierd
Name: Lauren 29th January 2010
very strange
Name: Smile 30th January 2010
Name: Kattieeeeeeeee 8th February 2010
WooOOoo Thaaat Is ReaaLLy GooOOooD !!!
Name: Leiaa 12th February 2010
verry Weeriid
Name: Saraah 26th February 2010
freaky!!!!! but i really enjoyed it
Name: Bbbb 27th February 2010
really good
Name: Emily Nye 3rd March 2010
thiiiisss wasssss ssssooooooo wierd :)
Name: Tony 10th March 2010
is this a myth or a legend
Name: Lisa 21st March 2010
i dont like it I LOVE IT
Name: Caitlin 8th April 2010
I thought that it was really good!
Name: Natasha 13th April 2010
I found the story quite SCARY
Name: Josh 20th April 2010
that was cool
Name: Clayton 20th April 2010
i fount it cool
Name: Mariaa 12th May 2010
i dont like this story as much :/
Name: Lucyy 17th May 2010
Name: Kittiez 24th May 2010
Name: Hhtyyt 25th May 2010
Name: Skye 26th May 2010
spooky but i thot it was goood !!
Name: Victoria 29th May 2010
So scary i have shivers
Name: Laura 29th May 2010
Freaky but cool at the same time.
Name: Aidan Dawson 18th June 2010
it werent scary at all :)
Name: Shaun 21st June 2010
it a very good story i really enjoyed it
Name: JARRED CATANIA 14th July 2010
freaky and kool like his voice mad kool freaky
Name: Rachel 10th August 2010
hey that was awesome aye. let me get a whoooooop whooooooop.
Name: Mateja 17th August 2010
great story!
Name: Brayden 13th September 2010
i like it alot
Name: Cv Bg 13th September 2010
great story
Name: Jessica-ann 21st September 2010
this story is a amazing i enjoyed every bit of it xxxxx
Name: MeeDm 27th September 2010
Does anybody know if this is a myth or a legend?
I really need to know :D thanks!
Name: Amy 9th October 2010
this is great for students to learn about myths and legends around the world
Name: Amy 15th October 2010
jessica-ann i aggree with you myth and legends are interresting and i would support them on anything anywhere, i would like to congratulate the team effert!!!! respect respect respect!!!!!!
Name: Youdontneedtoknow 29th October 2010
it was alrite i suppose skipped a bit but very informative
Name: Dylan 24th November 2010
it not fair because he didnt do anything to be killed
Name: Korben.b 2nd December 2010
well its all right
Name: Diya 26th January 2011
i foung this intresting
Name: George Brogan 9th February 2011
i luv vis website but in this story it gave me a chill!
Name: Mr Dobber 12th February 2011
my year 5 class will love this lol
Name: Princess 1st March 2011
the best ever
Name: Miss.Nobody 2nd March 2011
This is the best!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Sweetcherry 11th March 2011
it is relly cool
Name: Georgia-leigh Murphy 12th March 2011
i realy love canobie dick its a realy good story that i love to read
from georgia year 5
Name: Chloe 4th April 2011
Name: Mahria 8th April 2011
I relly lyk this program this is meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeestryious
Name: Cora 8th April 2011
It was a really cool and sort of spooky story.
Name: Nila 3rd May 2011
nice story
Name: Dale 17th May 2011
this what not the best but still really good
Name: Gbotemi 23rd May 2011
it is good
Name: Essiana 2nd June 2011
really good i likked the whitch i wanna be lik her all meannn and kinda bossy
Name: Tigerking 5th June 2011
These storys are old but really good.
Name: Bob 6th June 2011
Name: Brooke 31st August 2011
Name: Bree 16th September 2011
this was soooo cool !!!!!! :)))
Name: Kara 10th October 2011
Name: Ellie 14th October 2011
this is a very good story and it ias rather wiked
Name: Rowie 15th October 2011
I live near the Eildon hills and I have a Scottish Fairytale book with this story in it.
Name: Katy 17th November 2011
Good story but is it a myth I really need to know!
Name: Lucy 23rd November 2011
i think that is a good story but very short.
Name: Hope 21st December 2011
its good,but very short
Name: Mahin 5th January 2012
this is a fun story
Name: Mhaskins 19th January 2012
Name: Tobisi 20th January 2012
Freaky, wierd, hope you like my story!Its coming out soon!Its called "the greedy princess..." its quit fairytealy.
Name: Keely 23rd January 2012
it was good,not amazing!
Name: Trey 24th January 2012
its ok
Name: Josie 23rd February 2012
its wird
Name: Emily 2nd March 2012
hi im emily this is quite interresting i can do it for my homework
Name: Kennika 16th March 2012
I really enjoyed, the story it reminded me of something i learn inn social studies About this man was so love, And everycod admire him but how he was bad'
Name: Shannah 16th March 2012
it,s awesome and it really helps with homework
Name: Anna 17th March 2012
I don't like it.
Name: Laraib 19th March 2012
Name: Tina 29th March 2012
Name: Flapjack 22nd April 2012
wow!!!!!!!!!!! that was brill
Name: Laura 23rd April 2012
love this story
Name: Amiah 25th April 2012
wow how interesting
Name: Billybob 30th April 2012
it was brill i really enjoyed
Name: Ca'Presheion Parker! 4th May 2012
Wow!!! How great was that
Name: Ty 4th May 2012
it was off the chain

Name: Lily 28th May 2012
it was great it has a funny name
Name: Milly 2nd June 2012
yes it is the cave of rock
Name: Poppy 2nd June 2012
it is really good :)
Name: Hannah 13th June 2012
Name: Shiandel 25th June 2012
Name: Sashsa 2nd September 2012
Hello what is the purpose? (This is a legend, unlike myths they are often based on real characters that have been changed over time by the retelling. They do not have to have a meaning or purpose like myths. Many hills and mountains have legends about sleeping knights in them, which will awake when the country is in peril - this story is typical of them. - The Myths Team)
Name: Seran 19th October 2012
that is awsome
Name: A Crazy 19th October 2012
I love these myths yall
Name: Imogen 29th October 2012
Name: Luke 30th October 2012
Name: Lizzie-anne 30th October 2012
This is the best! Wow, 5 stars!Epic
Name: Coolio 13th November 2012
wow coooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Name: Becky 29th November 2012
Woah that's kind of scary!! but at the same time it's really good; it has helped me thanks :D
Name: Kanwal 6th February 2013
so freaky
Name: Jade 18th February 2013
nice story
Name: Eleanor 2nd March 2013
kinda creepy.:{
Name: Cam 6th March 2013
your story is awsome peace out bro or how ever write this
Name: Cece 20th March 2013
nice storey best ive ever seen
Name: Katrina King 30th April 2013
I like It
Name: Milz 16th June 2013
Is it scary
Name: Aimee 1st July 2013
well good
Name: Ahs Uddin 5th July 2013
the name is dodgy dont you think ?
Name: Jak122 6th July 2013
Name: Jordan 21st July 2013
well good
Name: Heugh Jabals 12th September 2013
The name was kind of deciving.
Name: Primrose991 21st September 2013
OMG it sounded soo cool and scary at the same time well done.
Name: Jazmin 10th October 2013
COOL Title
Name: Chelsea 28th October 2013
i wonder if these stories are true or not
Name: Bec 7th November 2013
OMG soooooooooooo aweseome !
Name: Jasmine 7th November 2013
cant hear it... ???
Name: Canaan 18th November 2013
lolz soooooooooo awesom1!!!! :)
Name: Sage 18th November 2013
super story
Name: Kayhla 26th November 2013
I love it ! x
Name: Super Vic 2nd December 2013
Cool name
Name: Ranger Fan 543788 2nd December 2013
Name: Ma J 25th February 2014
the title is very funny
Name: Kent 13th March 2014
nice job.
Name: Liam 18th March 2014
good story but funny title

Name: Mr Max 20th March 2014
really good story :)
Name: Chris 24th March 2014
i thought it was a good and a funny story
Name: Shell 24th March 2014
great story!!!!! wish I could find the entrance to the cave!! That would be amazing!! Thanks for the story!! you guys do such a great job!!
Name: Deja 4th April 2014
I love it
Name: Caleb 11th April 2014
this was cool
Name: Hannah 2nd May 2014
Name: Jim 9th May 2014
this story rocks
Name: Ryen 20th May 2014
It was a very interesting story...I watched it twice!
Name: Harry 9th July 2014
Name: Kelly Copper 16th September 2014
Funny name lol!!!!!
Name: IBalisticSquid 16th September 2014
Hello every body squid nugget here awesome story
Name: Agung Septa Riyanza 19th September 2014
cool man
Name: Hijab 28th November 2014
wow amazing story student should learn through this story
Name: Samiya 1st December 2014
very good anomition
Name: Trinity 4th December 2014
the story was great I loved it.
Name: Ariana 18th December 2014
Love the sound the effects!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Freeyah 18th January 2015
I love the voice of the man
Name: Nathan 24th February 2015
its ok
Name: Ffg 4th March 2015
Sound is not coming for me

Name: Lala 18th March 2015
i really like it
Name: Ellaine 25th March 2015
very interesting
Name: Name 4th May 2015
I like his name.
Name: Not Telling 5th May 2015
It's awesome!!!!!!!!
Name: Not Telling 12th May 2015
Amazing book
Name: None Of Your Buisness 17th May 2015
wierd and what sort of name is that ewww
Name: The Suspect 21st May 2015
Hmmm not bad name is gross
Name: Personal Info 25th May 2015
disgusting but good
Name: Keasia 5th June 2015
this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Kallie Sardeson 6th July 2015
I love this sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much
Name: Lola 6th July 2015
very good
Name: Tom.virgo 10th July 2015
it is so awesome I am going to faint
# selfe
Name: Akira And Kai 23rd September 2015
It was good,cool,Awesome story it was intreating.
Name: Malin 2nd October 2015
Boss those black nights looked awesome but the guy died
Name: John 4th November 2015
can some one summarize this story for me plz
Name: Abdirahman Ahmed 4th November 2015
Um kewl ya
Name: Unknown 2nd December 2015
I am coming for you next

from the green lady
Name: Jackson 14th January 2016
i wanna read book
Name: ELIJIAH 20th January 2016
Name: Ben Frost 26th January 2016
Good animations and great story
Name: Emma 26th January 2016
I think that was a little boring but my favorite part was when they were in the cavern. I would give it a two for a rating.
Name: Cara 11th February 2016
like your story my name is cara
i love ittttttttttttttttttttttttt
Name: Zoe 12th February 2016
that was so creepy i would give this a 4 on 5 at the rating.
Name: Neha 22nd February 2016
i think this a good story
Name: Tammy_lin 23rd February 2016
Name: Conroy 2nd March 2016
I love it!!
Name: Desmon Pinckney 8th March 2016
it's a good story to read i loved it and so will u.
Name: Christobella 29th March 2016
Name: Khady 9th April 2016
It was a really good story I loved it
Name: Milani 22nd April 2016
It is a good story to read
Name: Evie 30th April 2016
that was really creepy and scary
Name: Jex 29th July 2016
it was pretty good until the ending he shouldn't have died he should ruled over the kingdom I thought it was ok

Name: V Nyug 11th August 2016
Name: Hunter Thompson 29th August 2016
Name: Shashank 31st August 2016
It was a nice story spooky and scary.He should not have died to me but very nice
Name: Gws Giants 19th September 2016
cool and good
Name: Leo Messi 19th September 2016
I liked it
Name: Krishna 26th September 2016
Nice and interesting
Name: Minecraft Dude 1000 10th October 2016
i thought he should not of died but it was a very good story
Name: Yolo Swag 100000000 10th October 2016
this tory was good as i loved it soo much
Name: Darcey 17th October 2016
cool story i liked it
Name: Matthew 15th November 2016
Name: Awesome 20th November 2016
Name: Jake 9th December 2016
I'm doing this for my school project its an amazing story
Name: Suhaimah 19th December 2016
That was brilliant 😃😃😃
Name: Pixie 5th January 2017
I love stories in Myths and Legends!
Name: Pixie 5th January 2017
especially this one!
Name: Ahkeel 5th January 2017
it surprised me that he died from falling because the wind carried him outside and he hit his head!
Name: Isaac 8th January 2017
hahaha lol
Name: Minemastey 9th January 2017
Not a kid friendly title!!!
Name: Pixie 11th January 2017
This story is amazing, i am using it to do my english homework at school!!!!!
Name: Sharnae 24th January 2017
i love this app it is good for kids
Name: Lucy 29th January 2017
Name: Keiona 31st January 2017
great sad and creepy
Name: Idubbz1123 25th February 2017
Name: Kendall 20th March 2017
Em.... It was fuuny! sorry for saying this.
Name: Max 5th April 2017
wow... i want to find that cavern
Name: Ppap 6th April 2017
That was fun we watch this at school


Name: Richard Irwin 16th April 2017
and we have been cursed ever since.....
Name: Super Norton Rd Girl Yr5 7th May 2017
Nice loved it so much!
Name: James 12th May 2017
Name: Fin 22nd May 2017
kynda good
Name: Courtney 24th May 2017
nice love it so much
Name: Wearido 1st June 2017
interested in this title
Name: Lewis Haddon 11th June 2017
Name: John 19th June 2017
its pretty cool
Name: Kirsten 21st June 2017
This was very interesting
Name: Llewelyn 11th July 2017
Great myth or legend
Name: Max 20th September 2017
nice, needs more excitement and less night!
Name: Jack 12th October 2017
i really enjoyed this story it was sickkkkk
Name: Izaak 12th October 2017
Name: Haley Ward 10th November 2017
I am going to try this one
Name: Philippa 15th November 2017
good story very interesting
Name: Karissa 19th December 2017
I like turtles
Name: JARIA TASNIM 30th December 2017

Name: Jada Clark 25th January 2018
I like this game so much.
Name: Robert 27th February 2018
i did not rely like it sorry
Name: Rei'Ane Brady 9th March 2018
i dont like it as much because its not as much details.


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