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Canobie Dick

i didnt like this story
9th July 2019
nice story
9th May 2019
it is a great story21st March 2019
this is a nice story canobie Diick
4th December 2018
is it a myth or a legend

27th November 2018

1st November 2018


Ali A
Ali A
23rd October 2018
pretty good

19th October 2018
this was a really good book and i do enjoy it very much, hopfully more come out like this because i mean wow ..... this was the most greatest book that i have ever read or i guess you can say myth
-Ali A
10th October 2018
good book10th October 2018
i love this book

p.s. bring knew books
26th September 2018
GREAT ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,20th July 2018
I learnt alot
11th June 2018
I liked the story because it has magic an misteries.My favorite bart was when he was scared.24th May 2018
Omg so amazing
14th May 2018
This was a great book, made me cry and i wish i could read it again, and i wish i could read aswell.20th April 2018
it was boss!!!!!!!!!18th April 2018
i dont like it as much because its not as much details.9th March 2018
i did not rely like it sorry 27th February 2018
I like this game so much.25th January 2018

30th December 2017
I like turtles 19th December 2017
good story very interesting15th November 2017
I am going to try this one10th November 2017
good12th October 2017
i really enjoyed this story it was sickkkkk12th October 2017
nice, needs more excitement and less night!20th September 2017
Great myth or legend
11th July 2017
This was very interesting21st June 2017
its pretty cool19th June 2017
Nice 11th June 2017
interested in this title 1st June 2017
nice love it so much24th May 2017
kynda good22nd May 2017
great12th May 2017
Nice loved it so much!7th May 2017
and we have been cursed ever since.....16th April 2017
That was fun we watch this at school


6th April 2017
wow... i want to find that cavern5th April 2017
Em.... It was fuuny! sorry for saying this.20th March 2017
great 25th February 2017
great sad and creepy31st January 2017
SO MYSTERIOUS!!!29th January 2017
i love this app it is good for kids24th January 2017
This story is amazing, i am using it to do my english homework at school!!!!!11th January 2017
Not a kid friendly title!!!9th January 2017
hahaha lol8th January 2017
it surprised me that he died from falling because the wind carried him outside and he hit his head!5th January 2017
especially this one!5th January 2017
I love stories in Myths and Legends!5th January 2017
That was brilliant 😃😃😃19th December 2016
I'm doing this for my school project its an amazing story9th December 2016


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