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A Wise Wizard and Some Curious Cats

Name: Nola 30th December 2007
I think this is a g8 story but i have a black cat and they are good realy not bad
Name: Jemma Vaisnys 3rd January 2008
very useful website!
Name: 66sum66 21st January 2008
I love this story
Name: Katie 29th January 2008
I love this site. It is so cool. I love reading them and looking at them. It has made me to try and write my own legends. I have written ten in a month.
Name: Fred 12th March 2008
this is awsome u gangsta
Name: Bishir 19th April 2008
It was verry good and it was clever.
It took me long to read it,however it was easy.
Name: Darren Dentith 2nd May 2008
Betws y Coed is in the county of CONWY not Gwynedd since the change of Welsh counties in April 1996
Name: Sian M 11th October 2008
Is magic real.
Name: Chloe Hartley 5th November 2008
it was cool and magic
Name: Zhenhao Lu 6th November 2008
It was great
Name: Carl 9th November 2008
Realy cool story
Name: Megan & Hope Dyer 19th November 2008
We realy enjoyed hearing this story!

Megan & Hope Dyer
Name: Samantha 26th November 2008
it was the best story i have heard yet!
Name: Corrie Simmons 29th November 2008
i think that this myth is the best one out of all of them
Name: 04elljay 21st December 2008
It was cool but do not strike the cats there my favrote animal it made my sister cry lol it was cool man cool!
Name: Jade 5th January 2009
i thought it was great
Name: Imogine 14th January 2009
I really liked this and I think this website is great!
Name: Jake 27th January 2009
cool store man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Pav 2nd February 2009
When I clicked on the page Ithought it was amazing I was really shocked. I was looking through all the pages

Name: Jess 3rd February 2009
Cool really cool
Name: Cool Dude 4th February 2009
hey hey some hard words in there but i got it in the end how bout yiou?
Name: PRETTY 4th February 2009
this is the best myth ive ever read its sooooo coooooool
Name: Sophie Brown 14th February 2009
i thought this myth was smashing really lodes of effort put into it!
Name: Lucy 18th February 2009
i liked it because i realy like cats and also i like to learn about wizards and witches and warlocks.
Name: Jacob 27th February 2009
i loved it so much it was a good myth but not better than a ride with the devil!x
Name: XxVickyxx 3rd March 2009
who wud of fort well thtz witch\'z 4 ya \'n\' i lernt sometz 2 - Keep ur money close 2 yall if u go on a holiday (tht includes 2 the 2 sisterz inn!!!!xxx
Name: Fishey 18th March 2009
nice the cats learnt a lessen(:
Name: Hannah Clark 30th March 2009
I loveed your story!!! I have Three cats of my own and know what you mean. Great adjectives and GREAT STORY!!!!

Write some more soon!!!!!
Name: Mr Zambodie 1st May 2009
LOL! nice 1 i like that 1 make more :D
Name: Darcey (different School) 2nd May 2009
Cool story! I liked the idea of witches!

Name: Jazmin 5th May 2009
i love the story i like the idea of travelars
Name: Oliver Prowse 14th May 2009
That was awsome!! It caught my attention cos ive benn to betsy cowed camping area and i realy enjoyed it!!!
Name: Yasmine 15th May 2009
cool websites you should be proud that you made such a cool website such as this one!!!!!! xxxxxx
Name: Victoria 18th May 2009
That is a great story!! :D
Name: Antonia 27th May 2009
great story love i t
Name: Mason 23rd June 2009
i like your storys like some wise wizard and some curious cats
Name: Grace Yeoman 30th June 2009
i would like this story
Name: Alex 1st July 2009
this is cool but it has evil puddy catiiz
Name: Louisiana 1st July 2009
wickid this is so the best thing i have ever read
Name: Aki Emily 15th October 2009
This is a great story! The wizard is so clever, and i never thought about the inn ownners turning into cats!
Name: Sarah 17th December 2009
I loved the story it will help me in school and hey it was great
Name: Junior 28th December 2009
Its a good story but it was them who made those noises
Name: Sarahmae 11th January 2010
Well I have watched it. It is very nice. I loved it.
Name: Chill 18th January 2010
I loved the teist i never saw it comeing that was a really good one i was sad it wasent longer but great job!
A+ from me!!!!!
Name: Preet 25th January 2010
I saw this video in my school and I loved it
Name: Wizzytech 25th January 2010
very funy story :) :) :) :)
Name: Chill 14 26th January 2010
I think this story is a great one it should be in the HALL OF FAME FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Maria 26th January 2010
you say this is got whach the story of gelert the dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Skye 2nd February 2010
I loved this!
Name: Gabby 3rd February 2010
awesome story
Name: Muppet 3rd February 2010
this one is soooo cool!
i love magic and wizards so i love this
Name: Dakirah 3rd February 2010
Name: Nyala 4th February 2010
good book :)
Name: Heather Sayers 8th February 2010
This is truley amazing. Being a cat would be sooo fun! I wouldn't rob people though =)
Name: Caila 12th February 2010
its good but is it a myth or legend
Name: Nia 3rd March 2010
This is such a good story. I think the whole sisters being a cat is kinda cool. Just not the robbing part...
Name: Olivia 19th March 2010
In school we had to re-write the story of this and Maud and the Dragon.These storys are awesome.10/10!!!
Name: Lolly 22nd March 2010
I agree with Olivia
Name: Caitlin12345 30th April 2010
i think this is a great story and i enjoyed listening and watching top marks and good welsh tale
Name: Girlz4Life 13th May 2010
Omy This Is So Kwl I had to do them in skwl well not this story but the vessalisa and the doll did that it was cool Great Web it is.!!Lol cdnt believe its fun listning.
Name: Natasha 17th May 2010
Is this a myth, legend or a folktale
Name: Friendz4eva 31st May 2010
Great Tale !! My Friend And I Absolutely Loved It !! What we think is that there could actually be more animations. That would make it Puuuurfect
Name: Me Xxx 8th July 2010
Pretty interesting.
Name: Iqra 9th July 2010
nice nd cool
Name: 5pirit 22nd August 2010
kwl!!!!! its a great tale and really interesting!!!
Name: Mac123 26th August 2010
that was not as kwl as da scary 1s but it was still ok :)
Name: FizaNoor 19th September 2010
That's one of my favourite stories!Soooooo good and interesting to look at!
Name: Caitlin And James 27th September 2010
we think this story is the best we give it 4 stars it will give you lots of information of your own story.
Name: Zara 3rd October 2010
That was soo cool i loved that story!!
Name: Isabella 23rd October 2010
I love the story it's awesome and really magical
Name: Fatimah 24th October 2010
i just loved it
Name: Anna 10th November 2010
mythical magic.
Name: Hattie 12th November 2010
It was great I'm using it for my English assesment
Name: Georgia 19th November 2010
I loved that story, especially because I love Cats!!!
Also because its from wales!!!
Name: Audrey 2nd December 2010
Cute little story, loved it! I love wizards!!!!!!!!
Name: Rosey778 9th December 2010
i lllloooovvvveeee it best story ever
Name: Skylar 19th January 2011
i love this but dont like the cats that steal money fro the irish
Name: Andrea 20th January 2011
wow!!!!!! this story is good this is the best story ever
Name: Mukerabe 5th February 2011
Wow those curios cats was really naghty.
I thought they were enchanting women at first! WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Amelia 11th February 2011
I like it,sooo cool but not sweet
Name: Nathaniel 14th February 2011
Nice story poor graphics though!
Name: Ada 14th February 2011
brill rreally good story what bad cats
Name: Lou123 14th February 2011
really interesting!
Name: Vaughn 15th February 2011
I love this story but you can't tell what the characters are doing.
Name: Dylan 9th March 2011
One of the first Myths and legends i ever watched on this site, And its so good that words cant describe it.
Name: Tsai 4th May 2011
this is good but i am so confused with the curious cats why are they there well i do not really get the story i find it a little rubbish
Name: Gemma 4th May 2011
wow that was good wasn't it so cool
Name: Kaine 9th May 2011
it is a very good story but please put the maze on
Name: Sue Simmonds 12th May 2011
What a great site! Just what I need for teaching my childen about myths- thank you!
Name: Amy 17th May 2011
extremley good and interresting this is porably the best myth I have heard so far.
Name: Maitland 14th June 2011
it was good
Name: Andreia 20th June 2011
its good

i really like it
Name: Lauren Jls X 2nd July 2011
Its good Dont think its true tho x
Name: Libby 10th July 2011
Name: Alexa 19th July 2011
Name: Maram 24th July 2011
i love it
Name: Sarah 27th July 2011
its cool ,,,,
Name: Kasra 5th September 2011
can you believe that we made a film of that? Well of course we changed many things in the story and them for my MA film dissertation we made a 10 minute short film taking place in 18th century. 5 months of work and working with more than 35 persons as the crew, we made this film, about two witches who steal people's heart to stay young and Huw discovers their black magic.
Name: Poppy 14th September 2011
It's my favourite one!
Name: Melissa 28th September 2011
the cats were cute but they were very noty

p.s.good for them
Name: Katie 7th October 2011
i am doing this story for a school progect but i need the question why the story was originally told do you guys know?
Name: Caysie 12th November 2011
i really quite enjoyed this one i think it was good for the cats what they both got. but it was quite creepy.
Name: Brooklyn And Martyna 20th November 2011
me and martyna love watching these storys :)
Name: Romesha 27th November 2011
I really like this story . My favourite characters were the 2 witches. hahaha
Name: Your Face 28th December 2011
love the story, it had a few twisting turns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Finley 6th January 2012
The witches were like animagus in Harry Potter.
Name: Liabetha 11th January 2012
Cool a bit like harry potter
Name: Nikola 18th January 2012
I realy liked this story becouse it is coolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
Name: Sophie 19th January 2012
i loved the story it was sooooooooo cool.A bit like harry potter!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Maryam 21st January 2012
its not like harry potter at all!!!! wired but gooood!!!! lol
Name: Tobisi 21st January 2012
i love the two cats there so cute!
Name: Ross 23rd January 2012
Name: Kirsty 23rd January 2012
it was a bit like wichsee craft
Name: Izzy 29th January 2012
Really good story. Good ending! I dont wamt to ruin it forthose who havent seen it yet but its excellent! :)
Name: Niamh Brannigan 2nd February 2012
This is a really good myth.
Name: Coaimhe Walsh 2nd February 2012
I think it was a really good myth because it is interesting
Name: Macie 6th February 2012
The girls scared me when they turned
into the cats but the poor sister
got hit with the mans sword awwwwwwww!!!
Name: Oneisha 28th February 2012
this story is a about magic and wizard at witches
Name: Aba 29th February 2012
wow i hte scary stuff
Name: Bboo 6th March 2012
I luv cats but the girl diserved it!!!
Name: Paige 13th March 2012
cool how the cats were really witches
Name: Eve 22nd March 2012
I like the way the girls eye colour is the same as the cats
Name: Pato 18th April 2012
i like it
Name: James Edward 3rd May 2012
it interesting
Name: Hol 16th May 2012
i loved the story and it was awsom who mackes them
Name: Alisha 17th May 2012
hah these myths are so cool they can tell u how to make your own myths and they show u how to read
Name: Georgia 19th May 2012
Very good story, i am welsh and i loved the cat playing with his clothes part
Name: Hilly 6th June 2012
very nice I like it...^_^
Name: Leigh Eldon 11th June 2012
I thought the story was quite nice.
Name: Sofia 16th June 2012
I found this story very intresting and well writen. I wonder who wrote it, and how he/she was inspired.
Name: Hayleyg 17th June 2012
I loved this story espesaily the cats
Name: Ariel 20th June 2012
that story was the best the wizard and some curious cats loved it specailly the sword part
Name: Evie 21st June 2012
really good website and please look up evie and the lost key thank you
Name: Kean Williams 9th July 2012
I know of a really good story called saint dwynwen and is also set in wales i also found out that there are more myths and legends set in and about wales than i thought.
Name: Kyle 20th September 2012
Name: Shaggy&Scooby 24th October 2012
(sigh) wouldn't it be cool to be a hero like the dude in ths myth?
Name: Niamh 18th November 2012
outstanding story i am also from wales 5 star
Name: Cool Girl 8th December 2012
I want more new myths or legends this would make this website better.
Name: Cat Woman 12th December 2012
Oh my goodness i love this story because it contains the creatures known as the "cat"!!!
Name: DJ JAMES 27th January 2013
YEA I say is cool man...
Name: Mohd Yusuf 28th January 2013
it is very nice
Name: Olivia 10th February 2013
i love it i have 5 of my own cats
Name: Yoloxx 25th February 2013
awesome story really cwl xx
Name: Eleanor 2nd March 2013
Cool story.I ♥ animals!!!!!
Name: Kaitlyn Alberts14 27th March 2013
cool but sceary story
Name: Tylor 17th April 2013
wow i know rigt i wish it would let me make an account lol
Name: STUTI 19th April 2013
Name: Jerry 20th April 2013
cool story bro
Name: Smriti 26th April 2013
Name: Lucy 29th April 2013
this story is really good i liked how it read to u
Name: Nia 26th May 2013
I heard one about a wizard along time ago but just cant remember
Name: Nia 26th May 2013
I like this story because im from wales and I really like how it read to me (:
Name: Bronwen 30th June 2013
I really like this story because I\\\\\\\'m welsh I suppose my name is a bit of a give away! But there are not many myths and legends in Wales but the legend of gelert is I think one of our most well known ones anyway I really like this story because it is a little bit like a mystery at the start.
Name: Asha Udddin 5th July 2013
i love wales and iv been there if the place is fab the story isfab so 5 star
Name: Caramel 29th July 2013
I love the story and I might not be from Wales but I love their story they tell and I went to Wales before!
Name: Chelsea 28th October 2013
i give the story 4 stars because if its a myth there telling a lie and people actually might believe it then they will have to tell another lie. accept from that fantstic xx
Name: Emmad 21st January 2014
this is kwl
Name: Eve 20th February 2014
loved it so much, but is it true????
Name: Chelsea 3rd March 2014
hope its true
Name: Abby 22nd March 2014
What could the message be? The story seems to symbolize something, but I don't quite know what. If anyone thinks of anything, please reply!
Name: Abbie 16th June 2014
Name: Aki 29th June 2014
its cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll1
Name: Louis 29th July 2014
I love cats
Name: Efemena 3rd September 2014
This movie is very good and cool
Name: Ben 15th September 2014
Really good, I really enjoyed it!
Name: Ornela 16th October 2014
Name: Rebecca 18th October 2014
good but would be better if we could also read the story
Name: Kian 25th October 2014
good story
Name: Kat 9th November 2014
it was a very intresting story i loved the end and i have to write a review of this for my homework
Name: Rhosyn 14th January 2015
That was really good.Really good idea.
I come from Wales aswell.
Name: Mike 8th February 2015
I have to write a packet about this story.
Name: Moo 27th May 2015
I loved it a lot I liked the end
Name: Gsgf 14th July 2015
Name: Till Eulenspiegel 15th September 2015
cute! but slanderous of cats!
Name: Kat 30th September 2015
I liked the story very nice ending

I half suspected the two ladies to be witches!
Name: Mumbere Kosia 16th October 2015
magic against magic, fair battle.
Name: Mm 18th November 2015
it is every nice and lovely peace of work well done x
Name: Yaman 10th January 2016
the legen was very good ı like it
Name: Yaman 10th January 2016
the story was very good
Name: Emma 26th January 2016
I think the myth was very interesting and I LOVE cats. I also think that Huw was very clever on how to trick the ladies/witches/cats.
Name: Max 26th January 2016
SO good I loved it 200 star rating it was not to short not to long and had good suspense and a nice ending no murder or death.
Name: Ava 27th January 2016
I love cats and I thought this was an amazing myth! I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!
I give it a 1,000 star rating!
Name: Djadjiri 14th March 2016
this is a good story you should watch it and write a summary.
Name: Isabel 9th April 2016
This is like the best myth ever!!!!!! I watched it over and over again and each time I loved it all the more!!!
Name: Sophie 17th April 2016
I want to be able to change.
Name: Nour 23rd May 2016
i really like that myth
Name: Wendy 5th June 2016
i like the cats..
Name: Sarahtinker 6th November 2016
It was good I realy enjoyed it
Name: Nv 5th December 2016
Name: Aydin Featherston 8th December 2016
Cute new mews :3
Name: Keiona 30th January 2017
scary good and sad sad sad book
Name: Olivia >:33 30th January 2017
It, was a great book I loved the cute cats :)
Name: Blueta 19th March 2017
Aww....So sad that the missed their fun, but at least they can play as a human stil. i loved the story btw. :3
Name: Wise Cat 14th May 2017
It's kind of sad that the wicked cat's lost their freedom. But maybe thats for the best. Still, i love this story!! I think it's soooo AWESOME how the wizard walked backwards!!! Can't wait to read more!:)
Name: Catvillie 3rd October 2017
I wish the cats weren't stabbed and that they were real cats.
Name: Gracie 18th November 2017
Poor Cats, I Wonder What It Would Be Like To Be A Cat!
Name: Favour 19th January 2018
They could get hurt
Name: Molri 29th January 2018
Good story!
Name: Razia 8th March 2018
wonderful story
Name: Sarinah 8th March 2018
I loved this story and will always do.
It is a little sad and a little nice/happy.
Wonderful Story!

Name: Dude 18th March 2018
bravo amazing story


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