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The Laidly Worm of Spindleston Heugh

Name: Becky 12th September 2007
wow i have never herd of this before i like the way you didnt hear anything about the worm untill the princess was not seen for a long time and boy was the "Queen" ugly she was so not good looking
Name: William 24th September 2007
the story with the dragon was awsome
Name: Bethanay 25th September 2007
love it never heard anything like it
Name: Kirby 5th October 2007
very good
Name: Lauren 17th October 2007
i think this site is very good if you need to look up something on myths and legends. this site rocks
Name: Bradley 31st October 2007
pandoras box
Name: Ellie 8th November 2007
i love the story because it is funny and interesting because i am doing a project on it
Name: Ralph 12th November 2007
kool site na jokes bro
Name: Stuart Moore 20th November 2007
A brilliant British story and an excellent website all round - it's really bringing to life the work to be covered in the Myths and Legends section ( narrative 2 ) in the new Literacy Framework
Name: Conor 22nd November 2007
I thought this story was good, particularly the part about the princess being turned into a fire breathing dragon. And I also lked the thought that the evil sorceress got turned into a toad, which she deserved!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!
Name: Sarah 4th December 2007
It was brilliant how you actually managed to make it move.I know you can get the dragon moving in the thing but I never saw any of them in the list.
Name: Emma 5th December 2007
I think this story is very interesting and enchanted we did about this story in my literacy lesson today and I loved the story so much I decided to come and look at it now.I kind of belive it as it happened alot of years ago things might of changed in the story over the generations.This story is one of the best legends I have heard although I have heard another good one recently called "Bedd Gelert."
That story originates from a little village in wales it is really brilliant and I would highly recomend it infact I'd give it 10/10.
Name: Sue Wilson 12th December 2007
Great aid to teaching myths & legends.
Name: Charlotte & Shauna 7th January 2008
it was super the best story i have ever read
Name: Charlotte & Shauna 7th January 2008
it was super the best story i have ever read 5/5 star raiting
Name: ERIN 9th January 2008
this is a fantastic site keep it up i would add some quiz`s they attract people and change the website its hard 2 find
Name: API 11th January 2008
Name: Sam 13th January 2008
i think the story was good and i liked the part when we found out that the terrible dragon was the princess
Name: Shanz ! 21st January 2008
this story is really goog and i love it !!!!!
i dont like the bit were he dies lol
cya soon lol x luv shanz xxx
Name: Holly 21st January 2008
It was good but needs some more detail and you need to change it a little bit.
Name: Amy 24th January 2008
That was quite good, i really enjoyed that!
Name: Mo 25th January 2008
This is a great story and I really enjoyed hearing it.
Name: Sophie 28th January 2008
i thought your myth or legend was very well written
Name: Jamie 31st January 2008
it was very good
Name: Lauryn 1st February 2008
I love it!It's good plus i've wrote a myth called Indoremish and Aietheor.Indoremisha is the hero and Aietheor is the dragon.My myth is okay and my teacher likes it to.
Name: Alej 15th February 2008
its kl
Name: Lu 26th February 2008
this is a mean site! it scared the life out of me!!!!!!
Name: Jiang 6th March 2008
It's great
Name: Panda 7th March 2008
This story is attractive, funny and well-organised. I was worried about the girl when I realized the princess being turned into a fire breathing dragon. But thanks for the brave prince, he rescued his siser and also his country. I think it\'s great to hear so many perfect stories here, and I really appreciate that.
Name: Dragon 9th March 2008
It's a simple but interesting story.It tells us what is love that can overcome every difficulties.
Name: Rose 11th March 2008
always the same happying ending~
Name: Superman 11th March 2008
an interesting story that has never been heard.Thanks for giving us so much happiness!
Name: Lion 11th March 2008
the story is very comedy and beautiful,it tells us that we must care of others.We are sure that justice can not be defeated by evil,forever.
Name: Soil 11th March 2008
Love can change everything.Good must
triumph over evil.Impossible is nothing
when love is great enough.
Name: BULL 11th March 2008
Beautiful story!!
It reminds me of my happy childhood!
Simple as it is,but it is very significant!
Name: YY 11th March 2008
This srory is old-fashioned.Just like other srories,the king rescued a beautiful princess.There is no new imagination.
Name: Magic King 11th March 2008
The picture combined with the story very well.And i love the theme that justice always beat evil at last.
Name: 005 11th March 2008
In great worrisome,we eventually reached the end,the evil was beaten!I really appreciated the love between the brother and the sister,which make a different! I wanna have such a brother when in trouble to rescue me!
What's more,I think the prince can be drawed more hansome~
Name: Dream 11th March 2008
It's a educational story.We worried about the princess at first.But we believe that justice will beat evil.And we are glad to see the prince is brave enough to kiss the ugly monster three times.This is the power of love.
Name: None 11th March 2008
To tell the truth, the story touched me deeply,I appreciated the priness and the price much, the love and courage between them was very strong,which helped them overcome many difficulties and gain the forever happiness.As for the evil queen, her jealousy not only ruined the peace of the kingdom but also birnged herself to a sadly after reading this story, we think kindness and loyal are the most important things in our life,and we should share the both and gain a longtime peace!
Name: Lily 11th March 2008
It is normal but strange. I think the princess should be helped by a prince who loves her .
However,the idea of the story is good.Justice will conquer the evil sooner or later,and the good will be in happiness eventually.
Name: Noname 11th March 2008
I think the story is a little simple!
Name: Mr Tang 11th March 2008
It's a traditional story which shows us a heart full of courage and bravery. The songs and the pictures need improving.
Name: Seven 11th March 2008
Perfect story.It's really attractive when I realized the princess being in trouble.Luckily,at the end of the story the family defeated the witch.
Name: Windchaser 11th March 2008
Reading this story,I felt quite astonished. Because I've never read such stories like this. The comparison between the ugly witch and the beautiful princess left a deep impression on me. I think we should all try our best to fight with the evil.
Name: Henry 11th March 2008
How could it happen?
Name: Yolanda 11th March 2008
I think this story is a little similar to Snowwhite.these two story are both about love.Love is the topic of the world forever,and I believe love will overcome any evil eventurally.
Name: Cherry 11th March 2008
Wonderful story!
But you find that
almost every story happened in an old kingdom and has a beautiful and kind princess,a brave prince and a ugly evil old woman.
Name: Megan 27th March 2008
this is brilliant
Name: Esha 10th April 2008
That was a best myth ever!!!!!!!!
Name: Chloe..x 29th April 2008
this syt is wked lol!!!!!....xxxx
Name: Lauren. 29th April 2008
I like this one. i dont even no what it is.. My friend Jay is sat by me... iilike herr :D
nd charlotte she is very nice :D
Name: Steph 5th May 2008
My favorite myth is about the one that was made for Denby in Wales. I went there with my school once and saw this huge castle called deny castle! A man told us about a myth called a man and a dragon. It was all about well as it tells you a man and a dragon! And the dragon is towered over Denby one day and is eating people one by one but then the man (I think his names Arthur) says he will fight for the dragon’s death and the people’s lives and then he breaks out his sword. Meanwhile in the wealthiest castle in Wales (Denby castle) the dragon lays its tummy bulging, feeling full up from all his victims he had devoured, he turned his head slowly to see the man standing proud with his sword high above his head. The creature jumps up to eat the man but as soon as he comes near the man takes one breath and forces the sword into the dragon’s neck (gruesome)! The dragon calls for help and falls to the floor, DEAD. The man cuts the dragons head of and brings it to the people of demy on his sword. He cries "Here is the head of the dragon that killed our town!” Everyone cheers and that’s how the picture of the dragon on the Welsh flag got there.

Thank you for reading my story,

Name: Janine 18th May 2008

Nice website!

I enjoy it so much
Name: Nina 20th May 2008
I think the story was great. I really liked it!
Name: Jade 28th May 2008
gr8 work
Name: David 30th May 2008
the story rules
Name: Bob 30th May 2008
i thought it was ok
Name: Sophie 1st June 2008
i absolutly love this whole website!

it helped me sooo much when i needed to find a myth that took place in northumberland for a school project!

definatly going to use it again!
Name: Walaa 2nd June 2008
this is just good
Name: Jedah1212 3rd June 2008
That was really well done!
Name: Laurie Madison 6th June 2008
luved it!
Name: Angel 19th June 2008
that story is really cool. I wonder if it is really true that would be WEIRD.
Name: Caroline 10th September 2008
I like it!
Name: Suziepie 18th September 2008
That was a bit weird but ok.LOL
Name: Jack 6th October 2008
the lampton worm is my similair story i was probally told that by my dad its pretty popular i learnt the story before the laidly worm of spindlestone heugh
Name: Princess And The Frog 6th October 2008
Name: Selena Gomez Fan 10th October 2008
This story is GREAT!
Name: Oliver Who Loves Selena Gomez 25th November 2008
i think this story is great and exciting!
Name: Sophie Davies 7th January 2009
IT'S GREAT!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Muhammad 25th January 2009
that's cool
Name: Jade 27th February 2009
i love this story
Name: Rana 21st April 2009
this is the best book i ever read it is brilliant fantastic suberb marvlous enjoyerble book please read this book it is great i love it.
Name: Nayra 26th April 2009
This is awesome!! thanks. I will definitely use this to tell the story to my class
Name: Sham 3rd June 2009
i thought the story was great
i rate it 10/10
Name: Moana Borland 21st June 2009
I really like reading this because it tells you not to trust your step mother.
Name: Aliyah Bunch 22nd July 2009
I really like reading this story.
It is very good and i would recomend it to younger children.
Name: Shanelle 11th November 2009
smashing story. I dont have to read it... just listen.
Name: Tiffany 13th December 2009
Name: Abi 3rd March 2010
omg this is kwl
Name: Charlie 10th March 2010
This is great
Name: Saul 5th May 2010
Name: Rimsha 24th September 2010
It was AMAZINGGG...!
Name: Jamie 30th September 2010
really good i enjoyed it!
Name: Ruby 27th October 2010
I am going to use this as my short story
Name: Sophie 22nd January 2011
that was so kool
Name: Beellboy 4th March 2011
loved it
Name: Riham 29th April 2011
Realy goooooood! But! this is like the Princess and the frog a bit! Thanks any way.
Name: Keisha 13th September 2011
I loved this tale, because i am a bit from bamburgh!!! It was fabby

luv it!
Name: Iman Sulaman 16th September 2011
Ithought the story was really good and would like to visit and see if the legend is really true.
Name: Sadik 10th November 2011
This is a good story I would like to volunteer for kissing HER IT IS REALLY!
Name: Ffk 19th November 2011
that was so good
Name: Rhiannon 28th November 2011
Name: Max 7th December 2011
That was so funny I wish that was me whoever the person created this story
Name: Rosie 15th January 2012
I love the story it is very good, and attracting, i loved listening to it, i read it about 10 times!! GOOD JOB

p.s it was funny at the end!
Name: Sala 17th January 2012
i like it because i learned about it at nelson mandala school?
Name: Savannah 15th March 2012
really interesting. its like a old timey version of cinderella just different timing. overall, very good story.
Name: Beth 30th March 2012
IT is realy intreasting
Name: Ben 22nd May 2012
Why does the dragon cry so much
Name: Thais Linhares 29th May 2012
Great presentation. I really liked it.
Name: Holly 15th July 2012
i liked it very much
Name: Holly Allan 22nd July 2012
i have the soft toy of the laidly worm
Name: Zara 16th October 2012
no good
Name: Selina 17th October 2012
brill very entertaining
Name: Sam 3rd November 2012
great job i like the toad part
Name: Sophia 4th March 2013
so good
Name: Aimee 15th April 2013
We loved the story, especially the pictures and the animation. We liked it when the girl changed back.
No one wants to go and kiss a toad!
Name: Louis Bennett 22nd October 2013
Name: Jim Herbert 9th March 2014
Lovely site. Tiny quibble. The image of the castle looks far more like nearby Holy Island castle than Bamburgh which is a lot bigger (but of course would have been wooden at the time this tale is set).
Sorry for being a pedant. :-)
Name: Joanne 26th September 2014
I hated the kissing toad part!
Name: Bethany Barcroft 4th October 2014
that mad me cry guyeds love all bethany barcroft
Name: Angel 31st October 2014
i love it!
Name: Rayan 31st October 2014
kind of good love the bit with the blood
Name: Grace Johnston 1st November 2014
I thought it was great she was a horrible beast and her dad was scared I love the story
Name: Kacey 8th November 2014
that was abasouly fabulous was feeling as though I was in the story
Name: Bon 14th November 2014
no one will kiss the frog
Name: Danae 14th November 2014
the story was sucky because the pictures weren't nice but the toad was hot!!!!!
Name: Emma 14th November 2014
I enjoyed this story very much. it was entertaining. Please do more!! there awesome I really wanna read more !!!!
Name: Rebeacka 14th November 2014
I\'m Reabecka, in a 3rd grader at woodenberry elementary school [WES] I enjoy these storys, please make some with princesses, there pretty and remind me of what im not thanks!
Name: Natlie 14th November 2014
these pictures were really good and the story line was awesome! I enjoy how you put the audio on there so I don\'t have to read. I also like the worm and how it was a sister, reminds me of my sister cause shes like a worm.
Name: Emily 19th November 2014
I like the detal in the picture s
Name: May 24th February 2015
I Love this its so cool i like watching all these even though my pc has no sound atm (at the moment) uhhrr i love them all soooo much though
Name: Josie Whitehead 19th July 2017
I love what you have done here. I have written this story into a rhyming poem (yes, a long one), and you might like to see this. I have, in fact, written approximately 1,300 poems for children, but if you Google: JOSIE'S POEMS3 and go to my story poems 3, you'll find it along with many other narrative poems. I hope you like them as much as I like yours. Josie


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