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St Brendan's Voyage to the Land of Youth

Name: Dylan 5th December 2010
Havent seen it yet,but kids, this sounds like an awesome story! A MUST WATCH! Its awesome!
Name: Shaun 15th March 2011
my name is shaun and i like shaun the sheep so over all brilltastic boom boom
Name: Kykle 7th June 2011
i think this myth is the best ive seen yet
Name: Chloe. 29th June 2011
this story was amazing i like so fell in love with it
Name: Vanna 11th October 2011
Name: Jacob Hallman 18th October 2011
The way they explained stuff was amazing.Also my favorite part was the conflict with all the fish.And my main favorite was the island that was a gigantic fish.
Name: Ella 2nd November 2011
mine didnt load so sad looked foward to it aswell :(
Name: Brook 24th November 2011
i loved it because its fun and interactive
Name: Owen AKA The Real Black Shook 7th March 2012
wow, this is real good
Name: Katie 24th March 2012
ilove it it just wasnt scarey
Name: Mia Clarke 2nd August 2012
that was brill read my story its called the boy called jack
Name: Eleanor 14th May 2013
cool. wouldn't want to be them. Have you read the hand of glory? its awsome
Name: Lol 25th June 2013
best story i have seen on this website!!! just amazing
Name: Brandon 6th January 2015
it was awesome and interesting
Name: JJ 2nd July 2015
Fan tas tical enjoyed it
Name: Troll 6th August 2015
it was wicked
Name: Latisha 2nd May 2016
Wow amazing, keep it up! :D
Name: Tanner 18th April 2017
love it


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