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St Osyth's Spring

Name: Megan Butler 2nd November 2006
A bit strange and I guess it is a myth.

Name: Thomas 2nd June 2007
I am always trying to create something
Name: Tony Round 21st September 2007
As a native of St Osyth Village and now living in Western Australia since 1969,I was pleased to see my birthplace on this site. I shall introduce my grandchildren to it, so that they may have a better idea of their hertitage.
Name: Miles 24th September 2007
very good work on this doods
Name: Kurt Louis Hanson 7th October 2007

On this day...
October 7: Feast Day of St. Osyth

Top of the day, to all and everyone, and I'll have a pleasant time strolling around the World Wide Web this early Sunday morning.
Name: Rosina 8th December 2007
Really strange when she picked up her head.
Name: Gemma.louise.cox. 20th December 2007
very good its a lovly story to do
Name: Julie 18th May 2008
Great animation - really brings the story to life. Music and naration very fitting too. Well done.
Name: Booboo 10th January 2009
st osyth is now a village in essex
Name: Katie P 29th January 2009
This is so funny.
Name: Aimee 5th February 2009
i think it was good when she risen from the dead i did not like it where she died i thought it was spooky when she still haunted like a ghost
Name: Emma 30th April 2009
Name: Jasyendy 17th June 2009
I would never go to that woods only in days and see that fountain and then go back quickly SCARY!!
Name: Priya 21st December 2009
I like the story very much .
Thank you very much .
Name: Abegail 28th December 2009
all i could say is:

what a cool story
Name: Caitlynnnnn 7th March 2010
that realy realy sad but realy realy scairy
Name: Simarth 21st March 2010
i love this story its relly cool
Name: Lauren Benney 19th May 2010
Wow..this is a great story and so facinating! I love it and I showed it to my family and so did they!!! xxx
Name: Ruby 1st July 2010
Really good. My grandparants live in St.Osyth!
Name: Martha 20th January 2011
wow great
Name: Ria 1st May 2011
wow that was great
Name: Angleena 28th August 2011
What a tragic story poor woman.
The music sounds sad!
Name: Mohammad 13th November 2011
Poor Osyth!
If she was Holy women then she should not scare travellers at night with her sudded beheaded appearance.
Name: Deering 8th December 2011
what a wonderful way to inform children of the myths/history of the area. Very well done and very interesting even to a 70+ GRANDMA.
Name: Matthew 5th January 2012
Really Old Myth. How did you get it?
Name: Matthew 5th January 2012
I really like the story, good work.
Name: Rodney 18th February 2012
Nice story.
Name: Grace 25th June 2012
this a bit good but make it better
Name: W.O.M 24th September 2012
I think it is good, but she has a weird name
Name: W.O.M. 25th September 2012
that was cool
Name: Matilda 27th November 2012
I think this story was good, but we have to make it better then that
Name: Rama 2nd March 2013
Name: Ishbel 7th March 2013
the last bit is scary
Name: Moke 17th March 2013
Those myths and legends are awsome
Name: LAUREN JONES 23rd March 2013
it\\\'s so sad i cry- ed all day its so sad
Name: Ebony 26th September 2013
I went to St. Osyth before i read this story and we had to go through Nun's wood at night and it was super scary, my brothers friend saw something swoop past me, carrying something in its hands! :( bit scary
Name: Rachel 23rd April 2014
I know a myth called Remadon and the Wicked Knights.
Name: Shamim 19th September 2014
Wow that freaked me out ..........:;(
Name: Amelia Jay Haynes 16th November 2014
i live in st Osyth and that's not what actually happened... in the church she walked down the stairs holding and then fell and died!!!!!! its really scarey because there is tuns of blood on the stairs!
Name: Gurleen 8th January 2015
couldn't sleep all night after this and aint kidding its for a school thing and the ghost part was the one which kept me awake. but it was the type of creepy but good
Name: Iris 10th May 2015
it helped me with homewor
Name: Brianna Brown 15th January 2016
it was so beautiful, so very beautiful
I nearly cried after reading this myth.
it may or may not be real but this was an amazing legend or myth.
and I was wondering is this real?
is there any proof this happened?
is the site real and if it is can you tell me where it is

Name: Porscha 6th September 2016
Like this story and love all these myths and legends xxx
Name: Henri Pavilla 18th April 2017
This myth/legend is amazing I loved the story and wonder if it\'s real or not just want to know.


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