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Thomas the Rhymer and the Queen of Elfland

Name: Lilah 7th February 2008
A really lovely story well done
Name: Sophie 19th February 2008
Hi Great story myths team.
Name: Jazmina 19th February 2008
brilliant who is reading this i think i know his voice from TV
Name: Natalie 28th February 2008
i really liked this story its cooool
Name: No Name 28th June 2008
i like the characters in this story i love to use them on story creater 2
Name: Linda 21st September 2008
I love it
Name: Marian 25th October 2008
wow, i hope i will meet the creative creator of this myth!!
u r awesome!!!
(: (: (: (:
Name: Louise 2nd December 2008
Brill, best on site
Name: Vena 19th January 2009
i love this its magical n mysterius
Name: Lola 19th January 2009
Name: Alisha 20th January 2009
I loved tath.
Name: Ellie 8th February 2009
Name: Charlie 15th March 2009
it was awsome dude
Name: Emma Bolingbroke 16th April 2009
vey good
well i spose it was faboulouse
Name: JH 22nd June 2009
Name: Lilli 13th September 2009
GOOD!!! and also very long
Name: Gemma T 17th September 2009
realy enjoyed not herd this before
Name: Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 20th September 2009
Name: Girlpower 8th November 2009
THat was a fantastic story
Name: ETHAN 22nd November 2009
Name: Anisha 2nd January 2010
Ilove ittt!!!
Name: Mel Rocks 16th January 2010
i think that story was great
Name: William 11th March 2010
haha very well put ogether story awesome story
Name: Najim 26th March 2010
Name: Tia 17th May 2010
that stary was so MAGICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i wonder who wrote such a good story????
Name: Me Xxx 10th July 2010
Cool not bad
Name: Hannah 17th July 2010
intresting tale
Name: Alice 10th November 2010
loveing that tale
Name: Jemima 16th December 2010
Name: Malik 17th January 2011
Love that fantastic tale.
Name: Jasmin 28th January 2011
Name: Annie Salthouse 4th February 2011
Wow!Thats great!
Name: Kayleigh 5th March 2011
wow this book is amazing init xx
Name: MizzterG 14th March 2011
Our class enjoyed this very much!
Name: Bahaa 14th March 2011
i love this story
Name: Alisha Malik 3rd May 2011
its really good myth
Name: Shezza 25th July 2011
wow! that was beautiful!
Name: Angel 12th August 2011
Wow it was beautiful and its really a good myth . I love this story and its so sweet ! :) :P
Name: Angleena 28th August 2011
Please myths and Legeds Team if that story is not the last of the prophet then can you make the last one please!
I love mysterous stories I just adore them!

P.S I do lots of questions so can you answer them because you never do it so please do it tomorow!
Name: Sarah 20th November 2011
i love the story it is lovely and i blive in magic.
Name: Laura 26th November 2011
lovely but creepy
Name: Lucy 17th March 2012
I think this story was very well made
10 stars i say.
Name: Amy 26th June 2012
iloved it
Name: Alanah Langley 29th June 2012
i love this story i have never heard it before but now that i have read it it is on the top of my list
Name: Vanessa 1st July 2012
i loved it
Name: Jessie 31st August 2012
I loved it,even though I haven't heard of it before
Name: I 10th January 2013
very interesting story. if you have not read it plz doso as it is very good!!
Name: Daniel 20th February 2013
cool sory i have never heard of it before.
Name: Emma 2nd March 2013
grate story i loved it. it was so imaginative
Name: Anitt 24th May 2013
This story is incrediable!!! i wouldn't have been able to do this..
Name: Izzy 10th June 2013
i am a unicorn yay !!!!!!!!
Name: Gyu Gyu 24th June 2013
Name: George 10th November 2013
Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Could that be true?

:) :)
Name: Claudia 23rd April 2014
This was a great story! 😄😄😄
Name: Dragonfire9898 29th April 2014
Name: Yaz 14th June 2014
great story!
Name: Reader 1st July 2014
really liked this story
Name: Sedra 19th August 2014
Great story
Name: Katy 23rd October 2014
Great I liked it!!
Name: Eleanor 25th October 2014
great story. Wouldn't it be mysterious if he did really come back to Scotland...?
Name: Eden 8th November 2014
It was very mystirious...
Name: Lee Girl 8th January 2015
I looooove it
Name: Spencer 23rd August 2016
It was so interesting!!!!!!!
Name: Flora 29th August 2016
why did he kiss her it is like someone asking if you get this lolypop you will get punished for all of summer
Name: Thomas Zhuang 27th February 2018
I like this one.


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