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A Mermaid and a Magic Comb

Great Story! Love it

Hoping for more in the future
5th September 2019
31st May 2019
Very good
15th May 2019
nice job30th April 2019
i love mermaids i might do my bithday of the mermaids. 23rd April 2019
wicked job woooooooooooooooooooooooo
2nd April 2019
Great story. Highly recommend!1st April 2019
great jov woooooooohooooo26th March 2019
GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
19th March 2019
love love love!!!!11th March 2019
nice story7th March 2019
amazing story its very interesting good book for everyone
5th March 2019
I don't necessarily like mermaids but this story was wonderful2nd March 2019
cool!!!2nd March 2019
i really enjoyed this story about mermaids.11th February 2019
awsome11th February 2019
Theres loaadssss of spelling mistakes and grammer but the story was great!
6th February 2019
i love it
18th January 2019
Cool10th January 2019
nice job i loved it13th December 2018
Dope10th December 2018
Very good
28th November 2018
love this story its so magical5th November 2018
LOVE LOVED IT2nd November 2018
Funny and magical 30th October 2018
coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool29th October 2018
wow15th October 2018
cool I believe I always did
5th September 2018
boi mermaids really5th September 2018
best ever5th August 2018
Nicee can we get more myths from asia please11th June 2018
intresting30th May 2018
i really like this story itt is really nice good job21st May 2018
Are you sure mermaids are actually real but the story seems amazing but please show me proof
6th May 2018
I liked the story. My favorite part was when the old man helped the mermaid go back to the sea and I do not believe that mermaids exist.22nd April 2018
Story awsome18th April 2018
oh my!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11th April 2018
This is so gooooooooooooooooood10th April 2018
what a great story!28th March 2018
20th March 2018
loved the story!!!20th March 2018
Love this💕Best Myth on the site15th March 2018
I love this
10th March 2018
so good7th March 2018
I can't hear a thing4th March 2018
Quite cool28th February 2018
so cool i love it!!!!26th February 2018
I loved this story it was so good. I would love to make this a series of stories. This was my favorite out of all the stories there is. It was so good. My favorite character was the mermaid!!!.24th February 2018
I used to watch this all the time when I was younger on my iPad. I thought I'd read it again today (3 years later) and the Html5 version doesn't work anymore! Such a shame! This site was my childhood! :( 22nd February 2018
Thank you 13th February 2018
I love this so much11th February 2018
good6th February 2018
I Loved that story and I had a dream that I was in it and ya I’m in welsh school I love 💕 watching your myths each day and night it makes me happy 😃 I hope you make more!
6th February 2018
That was a very cool and fun story!16th January 2018
good story3rd November 2017
I watched it on my tablet a d computer to be on is ed it is better on the computer because on this tablet the myth does not have sound when it is supposed to have I did not bother going through the story because the first page was boring without sound I will give it one more chance but by the first one I think it will be terrible again thanks for giving me the chance to give u a comment on this myth7th October 2017
I like it24th September 2017
i love this story im doing it for my pasport at school as well as my friends 4th August 2017
My mother told me a story her mother told her about the time she met a mermaid. She said the mermaid gave her a golden comb. I don't know how true this story is but this is what I am told. I too have seen a mermaid. I am from The Bahamas. I was young. She came out of nowhere. She was just sitting there. I cant explain it. She was very pale. Her hair was the color of the sea, like a bluish greenish. I could not believe what I was seeing. I even convinced myself that my eyes was playing tricks. Just to confirm what I saw I asked my sister and a friend who was there if they saw that. They were like yeah. I was like the mermaid just to make sure we were talking about the same thing. They were yes we saw her. In a blink of an eye she was gone. 10th July 2017
I love the story but where is the questions8th July 2017
Great Story!
27th May 2017
I love that story with the mermaid and the magic comb!!!

24th May 2017
I really like the ending of this story. Can't wait to read more!!! 13th May 2017
What are Mermaids?8th May 2017
lol funny i loved man because looked funny28th April 2017
Loved It So Much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
13th April 2017
this makes me queasy.5th April 2017
Sana may makita din akong mermaid sa totoong buhay please i want to see a mermaid4th April 2017
I wonder if it will really happen to me or someone I know 2nd April 2017
i love mermaids16th March 2017
I went to mermaid rock lat week and i saw a mermaid it was a mermaid with a long tail and it had shiny purple fins it even had scales on her face.She even gave me my own come but i know its a fake come from a girl in costume or is it she was really life like and when i wished for icecream i got a free one.16th March 2017
I always liked mermaids when I was younger :]
5th March 2017
I wish I was a mermaid
21st February 2017
I really loved it I would love to see the mermaids rock but the thing is that I don't believe in myths and legends 13th February 2017
IS that true?13th February 2017
The illustrations are trash13th February 2017
I really love mermaids and I am going to visit this rock.

12th February 2017
I love it!!! 7th February 2017
Is it a legend???1st February 2017
It was an interesting book :))26th January 2017
good good book and funny funny book26th January 2017
I found this story very interesting and someday I would really love to visit this place! 22nd January 2017
bueno lo que yo creo es que si pueden existir se encuentran criaturas mariticas desconocidas todos los dias ay un 95% posibilidades de que si existan.21st January 2017
its amazing the kids really like it thank you.16th January 2017
i like the moral of the story to help people and do not be greedy, the man asked for the power to do good and didn't ask for gold or silver! *\^o^?* 10th January 2017


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