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A Mermaid and a Magic Comb

Name: Janet 14th July 2007
wow that is amazing. it's very catching and i like the way the old man tried to help the beautiful mermaid.
Name: Emily Keeley 27th July 2007
This story is brilliant and i hope more like this come along as i love mystical thins like mermaids
Name: Eloise 17th September 2007
this was a fabulous video bravo
x x x
Name: Victor 25th September 2007
its educational and very detailed
Name: Zoe 11th October 2007
I like this story very much it good ort in it and i just like sooooooooooooo much
Name: Shantay Ronholdt 17th October 2007
this was a strange story but it was nice thank you.
Name: Natasha 14th November 2007
I probabaly like the most A mummys curse
Name: Olivia Barnsley 14th November 2007
This story was really interesting and I like the part where the mermaid gave the old man them wishes and i cant stop thinking about it it's that good.

from olivia Barnsley
Name: Tammy Bainbridge 16th November 2007
it is called king artur and the round table and it is really popular
Name: Kayleigh 21st November 2007
it is a very good story
Name: Leah 22nd November 2007
xx hi xx
Name: Bob 28th November 2007
its very intresting i love it
Name: Haz & Kez 1st December 2007
Very good and interesting.
Name: BECCA 2nd December 2007
Name: NUNO 5th December 2007
Name: Gemma 18th December 2007
A very good site my kids love it! Thankyou.
Name: Hannah 26th December 2007
It was really good I loved it!!
Name: Dinyal 8th January 2008
good butt needs more progress put into it

from dinyal at drayton v.c junior
Name: Ellie 11th January 2008
fabulous story not many people would know about this story but they should
Name: Kemi 11th January 2008
the story is nice
Name: Christina 13th January 2008
I love mermaids and there stories. If you know anymore mermaid stoiries please add them.
Name: Holly 21st January 2008
i think the merman wes really cute
Name: Reanna 21st January 2008
they are very good stories
Name: Katie 28th January 2008
I think it was a myth
Name: Sofia Stavrou 4th February 2008
That was a really good story. Thanks for sharing it with me.

I wish i had a mermaid friends and i wish and hope they and real.

yours truley
Sofia stavrou xxx
Name: Bethany 9th February 2008
I luv it but some of the anamations were the same i liked the bit with the three wishes
Name: Chelsea Hames 17th February 2008
hello to everyone and yeah i like the story.
Name: Rhiannon 21st February 2008
I beieve The mermaid and the magic comb is real.At least once in my life time I will go to mermaid rock and try to see a mermaid beacause I really truly believe in mermaids!!!! I loved the story and my Mum used to live in Cornwall.My sister liked the story as well and she believes it is true!!!!!!!!!
Name: Katie 25th February 2008
i liked the story but i didnt like the narrators very much
Name: Fran 11th March 2008
the best
Name: Maisy Kay Kendrick 18th April 2008
This story was mystical and exciting. i loved it, though i don\\\'t understand why the mermaids curiosity got the better of her. I love it!
Thank you for letting me see it.
Name: Winnie 21st April 2008
i am a year 5 and I would like to use use bits and pieces from these terrific myths for some work.Please may I have permission?
Name: Shelby 29th April 2008
I like all thease myths and legends becuase they are really good and they never stop and people like reading them like me all the time.
Name: Ben 2nd June 2008
i loved this story- awesome -you brightened my morning
Name: Donna Medcalf 9th June 2008
The loe pool in Helston, Cornwall has many strange stories and tales. Including that it is bottom less, that two helicopters are supposed to have gone down in it and that at one time there was supposed to have been an monster of some kind
Name: Praksh 17th June 2008
this myths the best
Name: Jade 19th June 2008
the story is good
Name: Claudette 20th June 2008
i'm so happy!
Name: DIANA FRANSO 4th July 2008
i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this story and i beliave in mermaids i love this storyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Name: Sophie 11th July 2008
i think it is good but it needs some different pictures in it
Name: ILISH 17th July 2008
this is a good story about the mermaid
it was good
Name: Steve 25th July 2008
could you tell me the name of the storyteller please..
thank you
Name: Stephanie 14th August 2008
This is a really good story. I liked it immensely!
Name: Britt 19th September 2008
very good it is perfect for my homework!!
Name: Maria 23rd September 2008
ive been here and it was great!!!
Name: Holly Joyce 3rd October 2008
hi i am 9 years old my class is doing story`s and i am triyng my hardist to make it good please could you put my story out so everyone could see it if you could that would be very kind of you.myths and legends is the best website in the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holly if you can tell me your story title and if it was a text story or a storycreator one then I can check what has happened to it
Name: Trishia 10th October 2008
i believe in mermaids :)
Name: Vivian 11th October 2008
me2...mermaids are beautiful to mee:))
Name: Tayla Freeman 13th October 2008
hi i am tayla i am looking for some thing for my homework about myths and legends for my teacher mr read.
Name: Nadia Whalley - Parrell 14th October 2008
I thought that it was a very good myth to listen to but i just thought that the writer could have improved on one more thing and that was to use a bit more expression in the speech and explain the story a little bit more but other than that it was a fun and exciting myth.
Name: Tamsin 3rd November 2008
Brill im writing my own mermaid story with 3 mermaids 1 bad 1 good n 1 sad - when i think its good i will put it up, plse put it up when i do
Name: Zahrah 3rd November 2008
i realy enjoyed this myth it was realy interesting!
Name: Anon 4th November 2008
I am making my own myth and i cant wait im looking at this to help me!!!
Name: Alex 10th November 2008
my sister watched this myth and loved it she might watch it agian.And i like the other myths to i think there coooooooooooooooool bye.
Name: Lizzie 11th November 2008
i really like this comment and it shows that landscape and water is actually beautifull well done who ever done this myth its very good !!!!
Name: Emma 13th November 2008
i thought of that story was very good
Name: Frankie 15th November 2008
Very wonderful, its put together very well! I could never do so good!
Name: Chanelle Solan 15th November 2008
this story was good but not excellent
Name: Misty 15th November 2008
Supurb best yet 10/10
Name: Annie Bell 20th November 2008
I thought this story was Exellant and i do bellive in mermadis it is a great story for my homework!
Name: Sophie 21st November 2008
This story is required for my myths and legends prodject. It is let alone a good story, but I am very grateful for it in this way!!!
Name: Elizabeth 22nd November 2008
yeah both the animations are great
also great for my homework!
Name: Adam 26th November 2008
it was ok could be lot better il say 4/10
Name: Liz 26th November 2008
it was good and it helps me with my school work.
Name: Genni 26th November 2008
magic story luv it i liked the friendship betweeb the old man and the mermaid who was nice
Name: Milly Carey 26th November 2008
fab brill the best 10/10
Name: Phoebe 5th December 2008
i like it because it seems really and it helps me with my story writing!!!
Name: KAT 7th December 2008
i THINK it was great 10/10
Name: Katie Beddows 7th December 2008
I think it was great because it will help me with my work in school
Name: Melissa 8th December 2008
it was good and in my school we are doing myths
Name: Ogie 9th December 2008
I don't think mermaids are real but how did the mermaid stand up and why was she wiggling around but nice story
Name: Lauren Lees 10th December 2008
It was very good
Name: Lauren Lewis 11th December 2008
I like the story Im doning myths at school i love this website.
Name: Priya 11th December 2008
i am in myths and legends my storys name is kirsty and Rachel when they first met my story is cool and your story is cool from priya.
Name: Lillie 13th December 2008
i love this storey i watch it oer and over again in school i love it from lillie x
Name: Abby 22nd December 2008
I love this story. While i was doing myths and legends in school 2 weeks ago we listened to this story. Ever since then i listened to this story ever chance i had. I love the way the story is set out i am writing a story right now but i could never make it as creative as A Mermaid And A Magic Comb.
Name: Laura 7th January 2009
it was great
Name: Tasnea 7th January 2009
i love this story its well kl
Name: Megan 9th January 2009
i love this story it was great, we r going to be doing myths and legends in school so it is great to use
Name: Kate 10th January 2009
Name: Hope 11th January 2009
I like like it.It is interesting but I don't bleve it.We are doing myths and ledgens at school
Name: Chloe 11th January 2009
it was good and great
i enjoyed it
Name: Eli 11th January 2009
aaw it's wonderful
Name: Sabrina 13th January 2009
i loved it i love mermaids
Name: Trish 14th January 2009
you did well but i can say that it wasn't the best i've read but to be onest u should try a bit better not to make it babyish remember you are in my top 20!
Name: Kim Hodo 15th January 2009
Name: Superstar_Legend99 15th January 2009
Hello cool story! my teacher read some storys on this website. I thought this is a good website to learn about Myths and Legends thanks to whoever made this Website! :D
Name: Good Fan 16th January 2009
Name: Grace And Salisa 16th January 2009
Great very interesing i will remember to check it when i next go there!!!
Name: Meg 555 19th January 2009
quiet good apart from the pause at the begging.
Name: Rockchick 19th January 2009
hello great story i do believe and i have seen a mermaid it looked just like that one there
Name: Sara 23rd January 2009
I love that story it nearly made me feel sad. I belive in mermaids!
Name: Libby 25th January 2009
the story of the marmaid and the, the magic comb is really good, I wish there was a magic machine in life so i can jump into the story. thats how good it is,

That story is so so so so so so so good

From Libby.
Name: Efron Gal 26th January 2009
Hello People, This story is for my H.W. and i really enjoyed it thank you so much
Name: Emmab 27th January 2009
it was very enjoyable brovo
Name: Khuram 27th January 2009
I think this story was really good and you should make alot more myths and legends
Name: Megan Duck 27th January 2009
i really like this story and i'm glad the man said no.
Name: Lottie Age 9 29th January 2009
ok but not fantastic
Name: Maggie & Coolcat 29th January 2009
this was wickedddddddddddddd i loved it it was fantasticccccccc wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee youlot are so great
Name: Shannon Larcombe 30th January 2009
it was wicked whoooooooooooooooooooooooo i love this website i love all these myths
Name: Ross Larcombe 30th January 2009
i say the same as my sister and i am only six it was so cool you should advertise this website on tv because some people do not know about this website
Name: Amna 30th January 2009
I love this websites i even see it in school i loveeee it in the world man!
Name: Libby 30th January 2009
I`m a year 3 student and the mermaid and the magic comb I LOVE TO DETH I`m always on my computer listening to it.
I play it over and over and over and over again thats how much I love it!!!!!
Name: Pricess 31st January 2009
i think its EEEXXXEEELLLEEENNNTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Bob 3rd February 2009
nice story whats with the comb
Name: Ahmed 3rd February 2009
it is really entertaining
Name: Ava & Libby 4th February 2009
i think it's
Name: Chaz 4th February 2009
Name: Yuioopp 7th February 2009
Name: Michael 7th February 2009
wow i loved
Name: Abderrahman 8th February 2009
them storys are cool i wish i could make one like that.
Name: Isabellabowkis 13th February 2009
it is a good story i love it so much can you look at buckden ones yes
Name: Tammy 13th February 2009
Nice Story, and interesting...
Name: Kimberley 16th February 2009
Your Story was really interesting and imaginative well done
Name: Tahlia Crnjac 18th February 2009
This story was about the best story i have read in this website. I really hope you can write more that are similar to this one. thanks! bye!
Name: Lucy 18th February 2009
i liked this one because i realy like mermaids
Name: Kim 18th February 2009
I really liked this story its imaginative and a very good myth!
Name: Rumana 23rd February 2009
i relly liked your story
Name: Ella Wardale 25th February 2009
i like it alot!! :)
Name: Bobby 26th February 2009
lovely story!!! :)
Name: Susy 2nd March 2009
The story was excellant my favourite character was the mermaid !!!
Name: Eva 5th March 2009
the story was really good
Name: REECE HEPBURN 6th March 2009
good story
Name: Sierra Thompson 10th March 2009
that was great
Name: Shannon 10th March 2009
Name: Rosie 14th March 2009
We have been doing this in school bravo
Name: Georgiia Louiise 16th March 2009
it is a great story and i believe in mermaids i read this in school a couple of weeks ago and couldn't get enough of it. everyone should read it. if you want to talk more about it then look 4 mi email lol i will be back.
Name: Masum 19th March 2009
this is very good welldone u should see my one is well
Name: Kaysie 26th March 2009
this story is brilliant. i believe in mermaids too. i always watch H20!
Name: Dom 30th March 2009
it is quite good.Try to make it longer
Name: Gillian (Jill) 2nd April 2009
the story was pritty wounderfull!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Kayla 2nd April 2009
is it a myth or a legend??
Name: Chloe 7th April 2009
it was great

Name: Salsa 19th April 2009
It was really cool!
i liked it u should make more stories like this one!
Name: Hollie 20th April 2009
Well Done that was an amazing story. I would like to know if you made that story up. If you did well done the story itself was magnificent and if you did copy it well done anyway.
Name: Greta 22nd April 2009
Really Interesting never heard a story like it! Brill!!!!
Name: Courtney Conroy 27th April 2009
It was very interesting
Name: Grace 27th April 2009
sooooooooo cooooool i love it
Name: Jack 29th April 2009
the mermaid makes me happy
Name: Rebecca 1st May 2009
good story!!!.
Name: Charlotte 1st May 2009
that was my favourite story so far!
Name: Kassey 6th May 2009
it was wounderful
Name: Alicia 8th May 2009
That was great. It is my favorate
Name: Anjana 9th May 2009
Wow I soooooooooooooooo like this story its amazing
Name: Ella 9th May 2009
good story
Name: Ellie 11th May 2009
I thaught the story was good !!!!!!!
Name: Grace 12th May 2009
this is coolie!!! LOL
Name: Bethany 14th May 2009
cool story i love mermaids id like to meet one. people might say there deadly and kill or can kill humans but you never know if there bad or nice!!!
Name: Millie 21st May 2009
I think the old man was kind and helpful. And the mermaid was nice to keep her wish.
Name: Elaiza 25th May 2009
Wonderful story!I am very impressed of the story
Name: Fizz 2nd June 2009
Wow Some Really Goood Story It's Exellent! Can You Like Have A Page Where It Explains What Myths And Legends Are Thank You..xx
Name: Fizz 2nd June 2009
Thats Some Exellent Story Well Done!
Name: Ashwinta 2nd June 2009
I love this story it flows really nicely and I like the Idea of a magic comb and i also love stories with mermaids in them.
Name: Ashwinta 2nd June 2009
I love this story because it flows very nicely to the end, I also like the idea of a magic comb and I really love stories with mermaids in the. The greatest part is when the old man helps the mermaid.
Name: MemaidsRock 2nd June 2009
Name: Stella 2nd June 2009
this story was well read. i think it is a metaphor, a metaphor when helping someone who is in need you will get something for doing good. whishes cayn come true...
Name: Cheila Gomes 3rd June 2009
This is a fantastic story.
When im older i would like to read this book to my children. Well Done!!!!
I hope that when your older you would like to be a story writer.Your GREAT!!!
Name: Umaida 4th June 2009
i love this
Name: Class 2 10th June 2009
Shania says she enjoyed the story.
Max says its a good story because he liked the old man and the local voice of the story teller.
Sabrina likes the story because of the mermaid characters
Name: Naomi 10th June 2009
i love this story and u shoud read it
Name: Jennifer 10th June 2009
This story will help us better in writting. So I'm really like it.In my country, we have Return Sword but it's done by a Great Turtle.
Name: Lauren 16th June 2009
i really like that story because it told me to belive more in my life and then i might even meet a mermaid.
Name: Lily.S 16th June 2009
this makes me want to go to mermaid's rock u shouldread it
Name: Jungha Kim 16th June 2009
The mermaid was very sad because she wanted to go home, but grandpa was so kind that he helped the mermaid to go to her home(it was quite strange).
Name: Yeehaar 19th June 2009
that was great the old man was so helpful to the mermadid
Name: Woohoo 22nd June 2009
that story was great. It showes people to help other people and that man was very nice to the mermaid.
Name: Charlie 27th June 2009
i really liked when theold man helped the mermaid because she was really upset and she wanted to go home so the old man helped her get back to her family.
Name: Yasmin 28th June 2009
beautiful story even thoe im 19 all grown up i love listening to myths and legends. i want to visit that place and see if its true lol.x
Name: Grade 5/6 Holy Family 13th July 2009
This term we are learning about different myths and legends.Your animation was very creative and has inspired us to try and create our own.
Name: Caylie 13th July 2009
Omg I Lurve This Story, It's So Beautiful But My Mum Says It's Not True...I Would Like To Go There Tho...Anywayz It's AMAZING!

Name: Rona 23rd July 2009
this story is so so sad
Name: Lucy Blair 14th August 2009
i thought that that was a goog story my mum says its not true but i think it's amazingit's a bit slow though
Name: Jessica 21st August 2009
I thought that was not true
Name: Erica 5th September 2009
i thout that that story was true
Name: Lucy 8th September 2009
a good story
Name: Neha 16th September 2009
nice, this is a great website for kids :)
Name: Charlotte 20th September 2009
I thort the story was grate and i really liked it
Name: Jordan 28th September 2009
great! :-D
Name: KTR 30th September 2009
i thought this was a good myth because it is fun and magic
Name: Leigha 2nd October 2009
hi mynames leigha and these storys are so ausome they are cool.
Name: Footygalcop18 2nd October 2009
wow. it's great. just like a real myth
Name: Reanna 4th October 2009
I really like myths as you start to wonder if its true or not
Name: Sophie 7th October 2009
Love this myth, But it could have mroe detail but very enjoyable :)
Name: Amira 8th October 2009
i like it it quiet interesting lol
Name: Lucie 15th October 2009
i love this movie/tale
Name: Poppy 16th October 2009
great story we read it at school
Name: Moteka Burrle 21st October 2009
this book iz very good i'm going to make a book just like this!
Name: Tawfique 28th October 2009
It was a very magical story it felt like I got magical powers
Name: Issy 1st November 2009
this is a great website luv it
Name: Holly 10th November 2009
fab great
Name: Aaron 11th November 2009
this website is cool
Name: Terri 14th November 2009
love this website.
Name: Nat 16th November 2009
this is great, cool and i love this website!!!
Name: Caitie 17th November 2009
i love mermaids best story ever!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Amanda 17th November 2009
Pictuers was good. liked it
Name: Neha 18th November 2009
I think that this myth is quite good.
Name: Jean 19th November 2009
that was the best story i have ever read.
Name: Taryn Catchpole 20th November 2009
I think the story is weird
Name: Anastasia Kravchenko 23rd November 2009
This is such an odd story because seeing a mermaid it is just silly!
Name: Chloe 24th November 2009
i loved this story
Name: Lamaiya 26th November 2009
i like this website very much
Name: Emma 28th November 2009
this storie is ok.
Name: Tom 28th November 2009
It was a great myth!
Name: Paizley 28th November 2009
i liked it verry much and i perticuley liked the part when the mermaid offered to give the old man a trip to her home he should of gone down (edited)
Name: Michaela 30th November 2009
it's a really good story about mermaids and belife
Name: Jessica 2nd December 2009
i realy like the story because i love mermaids
Name: Rebecca 7th December 2009
it was good (what i saw) as my computer froze while watching it I thought the mermaid was very pretty, it looked kind of real.Well good.I think you should cerate more.xx
Name: Princess13 9th December 2009
i love this story but the man talks to slow
Name: Any 9th December 2009
ithought i was the best ever
Name: Emily 9th December 2009
i loved that story it is really good iwonder iff that tale is true?
Name: Amy Stott 10th December 2009
I liked this story because I like stories about mermaids.I wonder if its true.
Name: Aria 13th December 2009
i love this tale its so wonderes and its about mermaids.
Name: Maryam 13th December 2009
its cool and i liked it
Name: Amy 15th December 2009
i thou7ght it was the best myth ever
Name: Loops 15th December 2009
its good and we r gonna do a project on it!!!
Name: Surupa 26th December 2009
This is such a beautiful story.It teaches us so many values inherent in the Indian culture as is shown in the story.An excellent story indeed.
Name: Jayne 29th December 2009
It has inspired me 2 believe wat about u
Name: Sid786 5th January 2010
I'll give it 10 out of 10. I'm defentily sharing it with my friends.
Name: Sarah 11th January 2010
I'll give it 10/10 it is a very nice film. And it is VERY GOOD STORY!
Name: Jessica Williams 11th January 2010
this is a really good story and if i had the chance then i would make one like yours.
Name: Molly 12th January 2010
I think the story is very good for young watchers I loved every minute of it
Name: Anonymous 14th January 2010
Its a really GR8 story....But I think pandoras box is better!!!!Byexx
Name: Kiera Wilson 14th January 2010
the story of the mermad and the comb it was very enjoyabole
Name: Sophie West 15th January 2010
this mermaid and the magic comb story was BRILLANT!
Name: Sophie West 15th January 2010
i loved it when the mermaid was sitting on the rock i was nice seeing the mermaid on the rock because the sea was in the background
Name: Lily 16th January 2010
I love this story because the details and the mermaids and etc.I bet mermaids are real!!Do you think there real??
Name: Muni 18th January 2010
i love this story
Name: Tia Walton 19th January 2010
i am not being funny or owt but i dont realy like this story because it is boring and the bacgrounds are nerly all the same.

sorry about that2
Name: Teena 19th January 2010
Brill i luv mermaids dxxx
Name: Caitlin 20th January 2010
hi i love this story heheh
Name: Abbie 20th January 2010
it wot cool
Name: Helena 21st January 2010
wicked!!! xxxx
Name: Caitland 21st January 2010
i love mermaids
Name: Lauren 21st January 2010
awsome and wicked because i like mermaids
Name: Jess 21st January 2010
I love mermads
Name: Merin 23rd January 2010
l love it
Name: Rebekah 23rd January 2010
is that true?
Name: Amber 24th January 2010
great story
Name: Zoe 24th January 2010
Name: Caitlin 24th January 2010
i wonder if his relatives have passed on the magic secerets and someone has those powers today. LOL!
Name: Ella Oxley 25th January 2010
cool but is it real. I,ve never sean one have you . I think they are not REAL AT ALL XXXXXXXXX I LIKE MERMADES AS WELL
Name: Olivia Stapley 26th January 2010
It's a really good story, I really enjoyed it. I really liked the mermaid because she was really sweet and kind to the old man!It was really good.
Name: Muppet 3rd February 2010
i love mermaids and nice creatures so this is the one for me!!!
Name: Jenny 4th February 2010
I think it is very good
Name: Megan 5th February 2010
i think that story is really good
Name: Megan 5th February 2010
that story is really good
Name: Code Lyoko-Aelita 5th February 2010
'Tis very good. Sorry, reading a book at school with 'Tis all the way through it. I liked it when the mermaid became good friends with the man.
Name: ANGEL BELLEW 8th February 2010
Name: Jordan :) 8th February 2010
Name: Alexia 11th February 2010
i am realy sorry but i think that this story is boring!
Name: Maisie 12th February 2010
this is a good story
Name: Rosie 13th February 2010
it was ok
Name: Bryony 13th February 2010
brill brill brill
Name: Chill 14 15th February 2010
i think it really shows the "good cittisen law " that we have you should write more offten!
Name: Gemma 15th February 2010
cool it is brilliant
Name: Alex 16th February 2010
ummm its ok
Name: Ashley 16th February 2010
that was AWSOME!
Name: Chloe 18th February 2010
That was so kewl:P
Name: Sam 19th February 2010
It is great
Name: Jolene And Jade. 22nd February 2010
We love this story because we like mermaids.
Name: Kirsty 23rd February 2010
it was cool
Name: Mia Bhautoo-Griffin 23rd February 2010
That was great no it was not it was lovely and great.I think it was like TV BUT GOODER yes what do you think.
Name: Christine 23rd February 2010
I want to know more about this story.
Name: Rhiannon 24th February 2010
I like it cool
Name: Chauntierra 24th February 2010
i would like to know more about this story
Name: Miss Jones 25th February 2010
thay are great
Name: Iffat 1st March 2010
It is really good i want to read more ...
Name: Nicole 8th March 2010
The mermaid and the comb was very interesting because it was all about friendship and all the other stuff that makes the story intersting
Name: Brittany.howell 9th March 2010
i want to read on
Name: Emm And Chantel 10th March 2010
It was great
Name: Melanie 11th March 2010
I love it
Name: Nicole Knight 15th March 2010
loved it ps melanie talor is that u
Name: Emily 15th March 2010
WOW! I would like 3 wishes too. It is one good story I would like that comb
Name: Holly 16th March 2010
I like this story because it is not like oothers ! i have never read a story about a magic brush so to me it looks like you have put loads of work into it !! this story is intresting and inderpendant !! good work ! you could be a real good childrens author when you are older ! x
Name: Maya Wood 17th March 2010
i thout it was ok but it think that the mermaid could be evil
Name: Tatiana 17th March 2010
I like the three wishes. that man is lucky!!!!

Name: Rosiewright 25th March 2010
that man was lucky.i like the three wishes
Name: Ellie 7th April 2010
that was fantastic
Name: Ash 14th April 2010
So many magic things in this helps me understand things about mermaid rock.
Name: Natalie Kate Sciora 15th April 2010
i really love story,,,,and this time i'll choose this story as my project........
Name: Hannah 15th April 2010
Wow it was so cute!!
Name: Isfhwfhrgf 16th April 2010
He he he he he! That was Funny! :)
Name: Gvgcf 18th April 2010
id wish eternal wishes.
Name: Katie 30th April 2010
Is this a real story? I know that there is a place called Lizard point in Cornwall- my mum loves Cornwall =)
Name: Crystal 30th April 2010
wow how amazing im soo happy for them
Name: Camilla 30th April 2010
wat a nice and beliveble legend
Name: Roisin 1st May 2010
great story
Name: Roisin Gittins 1st May 2010
great story it was a very interesting story
Name: Yo Dog 5th May 2010
wow lameeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Name: Jennifer 7th May 2010
its a funnystory and good story
Name: Kat 10th May 2010
a cool story about mermaids I hope I see one some day!
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the tale was good just try to make it shorter.
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A very good story.
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that film was one of the best but the sound is not workin
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Its not the best but its OK
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It was really good, as it was from the place where I live!
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This is very good however some of the pics could be a lot more interseting to draw the reader in!!!
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it was a brilliant story
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The story was magnificent.
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wow tht story waz great i love mermaids nd i alwys use combs to brush my hair so i love tht story
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That is a very exciting story! I think it should have 3 stars out of 5 stars!
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This story was very interesting!What a fantastic story.I give this story 3 stars!
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its ok.but more witchcraft and ghost storys split into the name "myths and ledgends".this is more of a fantisy.4/10
Name: Mia 28th September 2010
this story was perfect for my homework
Name: Karen Rose Dabi 3rd October 2010
THIS IS COOL! Hoping that my project is cool with this story that my teacher would love it... Its cool! BTW My sister laughs when she saw the mermaid CRYING!! HAHHAHA ! she's kinda dancing.
Name: Rubyr 9th October 2010
thats good i know how you done that
rember to cheak your spellings
cool i give you *****5 stars
Name: Selina 11th October 2010
i was at school and my teacher put this on and when the mermaid was talking to the man it looked like she was doing the boogie! it was sooo funny i never stoped laughing
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it good i like it
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i think its kinna weird as in its kinna crazzzzzaaaaayyy
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that was nice but what happened I wanted to know after that
Name: Mansi 19th October 2010
the story was superb
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I love magic stories i think this one is great
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I think that this is a nice story and can I ask I its true? Because me and my family mite go to mermads rock.
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I think they\'re great too!!! :-)
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this is sooo cool you guyslove this
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it woz a gr8 story i luv dis website
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i realy like this story im gonna try to go there to see the mermaid (if she is real)
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I thought it would be boring but it so wasn't, not my fave, but a did like it.
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i loved dis story because ever since i waz a little girl i have always wanted to be a mermaid.
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this is a really good website when you need to study
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I liked this story and I love myhths and legends.I aways like to read them.And I liked this story alot it was really good.At first I thougt it would be boring.But I was wrong.
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i think this sight that you have put togather is amazing i really like theese but i was woundering can u add in good urban llegeda all kinds , i think it would make this sight fenominal thanks bye ,maria
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i love mermaids i hope ill get to see one (:
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my uncle went to cornwall but im not sure if he saw the mermaids rock?
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i think it was quite magical and u didt no what was happening next
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i love your story
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i want to see mermaids and i want to bee thier friend
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i loved that it was great i really imagened that xx
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I think the gurt worm was really good because it was quite funny but I would not like one as a pet either!!!
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its funny when the mermaid is crying its so funny and i like the story its perfect
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i think its really good. But it needs more fun stuff ,but other than that it was really really good. from

Emily xxxxxxxxxxx
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random i like it
Name: Emily Pye 21st January 2011
make it so you know its a myth or ledgened i think its not good not bad but well just ok from you know who from

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Name: The Unknown 26th January 2011
thatas realy good
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I really loooove this story and i\'am doing myths and lengend in school too so it is really good and we also use this website at school too.
Bye love from Jade Kasumu year 5.
Name: Sahra 26th January 2011
this is cool hi sara
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It was too long. And there were hardly any people.At school I'm doing Pandora's box.
Name: Clare 31st January 2011
Realy good 1000 superhero points
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Name: Chloe 4th February 2011
Well' I need to make up my own story and this have gave me a few idears ' Many thank;s chloe
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i dont like it
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it was good !
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i love it!!!!!!!!!
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wow i was born in cornwall!!!!
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this was so bad do you really believe in magic. magic is so not real
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i quite like it ive seen better but its a lovely story xxxxxxxx
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that story was awsome!
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I love it
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It was a funny and it was interesting.
And fun to listen to and it was sad to.
Because she had to leave her husband.
Name: Emma 24th February 2011
I loved the story even though it was a little ROMANTIC.
Name: Cordelia 27th February 2011
It's interesting...and sad in a way. Why wouldn't the old man go to her home?!
Name: MASON BECNEL 28th February 2011
Name: Victoria 6th March 2011
this was a truly fasicnating story and i would love to read it again.
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well its allrite but read greeks vs brazil it is funny
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it was amazing and funny
Name: Bernard Shaw. 12th March 2011
Wonderful story well written. I found myself on the rocks seeing all that happened on that beautiful day. I believe this story is true and recommend it for all children of all ages Bern.
Name: Isabella 15th March 2011
awesome story
Name: Yve Stoker Mallinson 15th March 2011
I love this story it is very good I would recomend it
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I think that is was great but there was not any thing just a bacround
Name: Loren Flechta 19th March 2011
yeah cool story
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I think it's a fab old cornish tale and proberbly quite old!
Name: Jhon Doe 21st March 2011
Name: Jessica 22nd March 2011
wow good story but i dont believe in mermaids at all
Name: Charlotte 22nd March 2011
great one thing iv seen that rock at a beach!!!!!
Name: Dan 23rd March 2011
thanks this really helps
Name: Pranjal 27th March 2011
It is a good story and I love it. I watched it with my brother and cousin. It also helped me with my hard assignment. Keep It Up !! ThankYou
Name: Maddie S 27th March 2011
I love mermaids and the old man was so kind and helpful
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ooooooh I love this myth sooooooo much
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i realy like that story good iders
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brilliant and i found a lot of new things in it. THAT ROCKS!!!
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looooooooool to funny and sad!
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Really, really good see I really love to believe in things like this I make take a trip down there some time it sounds fun :) Thanks for the story!!
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i dont belive in this things , but they are funny
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It was alright
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very good and a bit bad at some parts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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i like this book, it was a interesting book.........thanks to the author.
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this myth/legend is AWSOME!!!!
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I love this story and it's a bit girly!
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boring and boring !!!
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amazing, brilliant, a bit scary but just wonderful !!!
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GREAT MYTH!!!! I enjoyed it so much. maybe I'll go there one day and see a mermaid myself!
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i have red this in a book it is grat but quite sad at the end
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i liked the magic comb
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i have read this in a book it is great but quite sad at the end.
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not bad for a myth its so so so not true
Name: Madeline*2237 1st August 2011
i thought it was pretty cool but upseting at the end but i thought it was very goood even though wn she lost her faimly it mad me cry but the mermaid was very nice to grant wishes was intertaning for me while i was holding my new born sister\my mums new born baby who made the cutes faces ever
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very good story
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the story is good
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that was amazing! my favourite story :)
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Name: Riham 1st September 2011
These magic no longer happen after all the prophets died. But you could dream for your dreams are your only hope of magic!
Name: Juwayriyah 1st September 2011
it's alright !
Name: Riham 7th September 2011
No actually Magic is true but my hope is to see it so I will report a story of what a migic happens so please keep checking on this story for my comment!
Name: Riham 10th September 2011
Every one please read 'The Jealous queen and the kind queen' and please comment and rate it is my first story I ever made!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Imani 13th September 2011
Name: Hannah Is The Best 13th September 2011
wow that was cool why do all these nice things happen in storys and not in real life its so unfair i want to meet one.:)
Name: Hannah 13th September 2011
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Name: Yoyo 14th September 2011
really weird but okkkkkkkkkkk
Name: Hannah-may 19th September 2011
hi i think this is great iove thease kind of happy storeys
from hannah-may
Name: Isabel 19th September 2011
nice is the mermad and the comb
Name: Holly 21st September 2011
h i have got homework like that.
Name: Ben 29th September 2011
I like this website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Samantha 30th September 2011
I like this, this is cool
Name: Marie Mannion 2nd October 2011
Thank you! You've saved my life (there could be a myth or legend in that statement!!) Just started my topic & found it really hard to get stories that the children will enjoy. Yours are great, especially for my lower ability kids to watch!! will let you know how we go on!!

Best wishes

Marie Mannion
Year 3/4
Name: Selaena 7th October 2011

love it!!!
Name: Flowergirl123 9th October 2011
I thought it was getting a bit boring but in the end I enjoyed it
Name: Felicity 10th October 2011
hi everyone how are you all today i like this story this book
Name: Selina 13th October 2011
it fantastic
Name: MsDipo 20th October 2011
I liked this story. It is a good into to the use of digital storytelling and I will use it with my students to see the flow of a story and how various elements (sound, visuals) impact the story. Good job.
Name: Catherine 26th October 2011
This was brilliant.
Name: SELINA 3rd November 2011
i love this book it's fantastic and great espeshasliy the mermaid it is beautiful
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great story i used to love this!!Still do!!
Name: Oliver 18th November 2011
good for yonge children
I loved it.
Name: Tresor 24th November 2011
that is an amazing story for those young kids that story made he happy and cry at the same time
Name: Sarah Khan 24th November 2011
Gr8 Mermaid story!!!
Name: Rachel 26th November 2011
that's a really good story and i really believe in magic
Name: Ella V 26th November 2011
Great story, great insparation, great morale. The key features of a myth. Thankyou to who ever wrote this, and I would reccommend it to teachers.
Name: Karina 26th November 2011
this story helped my child with writing
Name: Anna 5th December 2011
I really liked this story and I hope that I enjoy reading the rest of them but I've got another one from my school that you might like...
-The is a house called Brunsfield house in our school's property and in that house, along time ago lived a very rich family. One of the servants apparently stole food to keep herself healthy as she was pregnant. However another servant found out and told the Master of the house and he got very angry. He decided that her punishment would be a death penalty. They locked her in a room and closed over the door. The young woman cried at the door for a long time but soon got weak and tired. After a day, early in the morning she went into labour, after along time she gave birth to a baby girl. Of course they both died. A long, long time later, when the house turned into a school people realised that there was a window with a room. No one cold find, eventually a student called Robert realised there was a door behind some peeling paint. He told a teacher and they started to peel more away, when they finally opened the door they found something that made their blood run cold. A young lady's bones lay curled on the floor with a tiny baby boy's bony in her arms. Now people say she haunts Brunsfeild house looking for revenge on the Master.
Well I hope you liked the story!
Name: William 21st December 2011
I didn't like the story because there wasn't much exclamation.I would of liked the story more if was a bit longer with more excitment, using more adjectives.
Name: Amila 5th January 2012
This book is really good because it helped me with a story and my writing. I would rate this myth 7/10 :)
Name: Matthew 6th January 2012
Really good story, I enjoyed the part where the Old Man met the Mermaid.
Name: Nathalie 6th January 2012
I really liked this story because it reminds me of people who are nice and kind to other people and thats what God said to be nice and kind to other people oh and helpful and thats what we should be so people if u are horrible chang turn into a nice person plz because God loves us what ever we do and we should love him to.
Name: Turquoise 6th January 2012
I love this story!I thought that the kindest bit was when the mermaid let the man have whatever he wanted.The only thing I didn't like, was when she looked like she was slapping her self and then touching her head.
Name: Joan 7th January 2012
that was cool
Name: Chandani 11th January 2012
I love it
Name: Tia Spencer 12th January 2012
it was so good that i watcshed today in school i was so good that i loved
Name: Yasmin 13th January 2012
i like this webbsite.
Name: Luke Canney 14th January 2012
Name: Emily C 15th January 2012
Name: Jenn 16th January 2012
wow luv mermaids and great story xoxxo
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i think it is quiet amazing and cool!
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this is a little infantille
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wow that was long but really good COOL
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wow this was so good
Name: Ketchinajoseph 19th January 2012
your story is awsome
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wow i really believe in mermaids
Name: Phoebe 21st January 2012
Wow! That was so cool.I belive in Fairies so I belive in Mermaids.
Name: Courtney 23rd January 2012
that was a great cliffhanger.
well done
Name: Hannah 31st January 2012
Well done!! Verygood I enjoyed it alot!
Name: KATIE BRUNNER 1st February 2012
Name: Haichy 1st February 2012
Name: Aaron And Conor 2nd February 2012
Very good adjectives we really really liked it.

Name: Daisy 2nd February 2012
Awsome i love that.
Name: Ell 12th February 2012
Name: Rahimahoque 14th February 2012
the mermaid story was so so cool
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I need this to work on my iPad
Name: Te Aroha 21st February 2012
This is a really good story nice startingin the middle but need some help at the end k love the way you made bravoo:)
Name: Lola 21st February 2012
it was cool i went there i saw the rock it was so cool.
Name: Isabella 21st February 2012
This book is soo amazing i read it everday!
Name: Alissa-may 25th February 2012
Name: Taslima 27th February 2012
nice i like it
Name: Jacob 28th February 2012
Name: Class 8DD 28th February 2012
We liked it, found it interesting and inspiring.
Name: Jacob 28th February 2012
Name: Britney 28th February 2012
i love it i wish i was a mermaid. So i love the myth/legend, like i love this website
Name: Sang 2nd March 2012
I love myths and legends now
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Great movie
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i love it
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Nice Story!
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i luv it becaues it teach us to learn belive n i just want to say thanks to myths n legends
Name: Eva 11th March 2012
wow so cool my teachers gonna love this!!
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i luv this story because it's very kind story!:)xxx
Name: Jai 16th March 2012
This story i ca tell is a legend
it is very interesting
Name: Patrice 16th March 2012
I like this story. I like the way that even though he wants to run he still cares enough to ask whats wrong.
Name: Mic Green 16th March 2012
This story was interesting, but it is not something I would listen to or watch.
Name: Samz 17th March 2012
I can\\\'t read it because I can\\\'t see the story and it\\\'s in my iPod touch
Name: Charlotte 19th March 2012
nice story
Name: Rania 19th March 2012
Iloved it
Name: MAISIE 22nd March 2012
Name: Zara 26th March 2012
I loved It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Zahra Rashid 26th March 2012
this is Gr8
Name: India 31st March 2012
I loved it I even did a story mountain about it at school!
Name: Qwer000 1st April 2012
i watched this video lots of times ikts very good i love this myth.
Name: Ondrea 2nd April 2012
Name: Zara 4th April 2012
it was fabtastic really good thanksxxxx
Name: Poopman 5th April 2012
very enjoyable
Name: Nate 11th April 2012
This was exceptional!!! My children LOVE this myth. I wish I had those freaky powers so I can determine which one of my descendants stole my cake!
Name: Lydiania 25th April 2012
i do'nt think this is true sorry :(
Name: Liza 27th April 2012
i dont get it where is the mermaide thing in the video!!! |:{
that was sad
Name: Luc Xx 1st May 2012
Yes , I did enjoy that video. So did my family !! It is a little confusing but at least my kids lke it!!
Name: Winnm7691 9th May 2012
I really liked how creative the story was. I wished there would be a little more details.
Name: Joshua 9th May 2012
it was a little bit confusing but i liked it .
Name: Yy 9th May 2012
Well, it was really good and the cartoons were fab
Name: Ripper88 10th May 2012
Name: Monkey Madness 10th May 2012
This was a great story and fun to watch
Name: Bob Roxton 10th May 2012
This story is great! I feel bad for the mermaid, though. She just keeps hitting herself. BAM BAM BAM BAM!!!!!!
Name: Ally Fary 10th May 2012
I loved this story so much especially the sound affects
Name: Yah 10th May 2012
The mermaid keeps hitting its self
Name: Clue Butler 10th May 2012
I enjoyed the story very much interesting setting and very organized it was amazing thank you so much
Name: JoJo 14th May 2012
This story is kinda boring and stupid. Only good part was when she was hitting herself. That was really funny! It was kinda good though.
Name: YUP 14th May 2012
the old man was doing good things for other people which was nice
Name: KAY 14th May 2012
Name: Abdelrahman 14th May 2012
lol funny story i like it but the mermaid kept hitting her self bye
Name: Buddyyy 15th May 2012
lol love the mermaid, she kept hitting herself lol. other then that, GREAT STORY, it was funny and warmhearted. but i wonder if the mermaid is still granting wishes til this day.?
Name: Tyler 15th May 2012
this story is some what a myth and legend
Name: Serena 21st May 2012
sad but at the same time it was makes me feel like when im at the beach i feel something and it like im in the story. lol!!!!!!! it was funny when the mermaid was hitting her self on the head lots of the time!!!! lol! hahahahahaha!!!!
Name: Betty 25th May 2012
that was so beautiful... i enjoyed every single bit of it though! the magic comb sounds amazing -- i want one!!
Name: George 28th May 2012
this is really good i love it i wish i was in it
Name: Gin 29th May 2012
i liked this but i thought it could be a bit more scary
Name: Rueben 5th June 2012
it was ok but not verry exciting ...
Name: Mri 5th June 2012
i liked this wonderful story but i think that it should of been a bit more beater and scary!!!
Name: Geroge 7th June 2012
I thought it was quite beautiful i was gonna cry
Name: Laila 11th June 2012
i think the myth was really emotional
Name: Achiraya 11th June 2012
it is realy funny and makes people laugh
Name: Molly And Devon 11th June 2012
I like it because the mermaid had a happy ending in the new sea
Name: Maria 12th June 2012
this is sooo cool
Name: Tracey 13th June 2012
I liked the story but i think it wasn't that exciting for young adults or teenagers.
Name: Is And Em 14th June 2012
i think this story was beautiful and intresting.
Name: Kathrine 14th June 2012
that is g8
Name: Steph 18th June 2012
Name: Bethany Simpson 18th June 2012
I liked it!
5 stars
Name: Mu'adh 23rd June 2012
It was sooooooo cool and intresting also alot of imagaination i would say about erm...90% and i dont like it...
Name: Rhianna Bleasdale 28th June 2012
I loved it!cool!90 pesent of it I fellt true.
Name: Jo 30th June 2012
I love mermaids anyway and when I turn 20 or 22 I and my friends will go to Ireland and become mermaids
Name: Carys 3rd July 2012
wow :)
Name: C 8th July 2012
great story! great video
Name: Rachel! 9th July 2012
really good for infomation but i think that the pictures were very poor!
Name: Salma 14th July 2012
Hi i really love all the myths and lengends and i just wan to say make more because they are really good!
Name: Sharona 17th July 2012
really good :)
Name: Na 24th July 2012
really good
Name: Angelina 26th July 2012
I love it... it's educational, fun, interesting and entertaining to those who love reading or writing stories.I am really happy and surprised by such wonderful things.
Name: Alberta 1st August 2012
I love it
Name: Issy 7th August 2012
this is ssssssssssoooooooooo cool
Name: Jane 8th August 2012
This is a lovely story read beautifully and inspiring to young writers.
Name: Danica Layo 19th August 2012
your story is very nice
Name: Anne 22nd August 2012
very interesting i wanna learn more
Name: Kimberly 28th August 2012
love this legend i wash i am a mermaid

Name: Vinisha 5th September 2012
if i was a mermaid my tail would be indigo.
Name: Shine 9th September 2012
i love mermaid and cats. and i often had a dreams of both creatures. as i read the story of old man. definitely in my life time i will make my visit to "THE MERMAID ROCK".
Name: Zo 12th September 2012
I love this legend it is so wonderful!
Name: Park Eugene 13th September 2012
I like this story very much!!!>
Name: Pouy 16th September 2012
Good not that bad you can make some improvments
Name: Gg 22nd September 2012
i enjoyed it therefore i would give it a 19 out of 20 the reader could speed up a little
Name: Genevieve 23rd September 2012
It was wonderful and next time I visit Cornwall, I shall definetly ask to see this magical place.
Name: Sophie Alexander 4th October 2012
I really like this website as it really helps me with learning about myths and legends and it really helped me with my english homewrok about myths and legends too!!!! Thankyou, and i DO believe in mermaids ! x
Name: Eva 9th October 2012
i loved the story i have been to mermaids rock it is a magical place
Name: Tanya 9th October 2012
hi guys, i love tis story it also feels magical to hepls me with my homeworl about myths ang legends its wowing!
Name: Chiara 15th October 2012
Name: Waka 16th October 2012
its kool lol
Name: Hunter 19th October 2012
WOW I can really relate to this.
Name: Lily 19th October 2012
i loved that story plus i love mermaids
well done a good story
Name: Diana 24th October 2012
That was a lovely story. I have always loved the sea and its mysteries. Mermaid's rock will be on my list of must sees :) I hope I can spot a mermaid too!
Name: Mia 24th October 2012
i really believe mermaids after visiting mermaids rock!
Name: Anisa 25th October 2012
it is very important what is myth and legend (see - The Myths Team)
Name: Jenny 5th November 2012
i think you could look atthe real story next time !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Kurt 6th November 2012
i got scared after i heard the mermaid story i always go there
Name: Johnny 6th November 2012
Name: Ananya 9th November 2012
it was good
Name: Akbar 9th November 2012
I like this story
Name: Katy 10th November 2012
good story but how did he have children at a old age????????????????
Name: Bhudjha 11th November 2012
I love this story
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i love it

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This story was amazing. I felt like I was apart of the story. Great job!!!!
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i like the way its a myth and i like it

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beautiful story keep writing these great story, little scared though
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the mermaid was really pretty
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Sorry,Í not speak englis.
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I love this story so much! I think mermaids are real! I saw one when i went to the beach last year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I like this story really much but pretty princess mermaids aren't real
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We are the princess's of school we love this story so much!! We just wish there were mermaids and princess's and unicorns but over all awesome story! :)
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Name: Mori 5th January 2013
This is a make believe myth.but I really like this myth
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this website rocks
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it was ok but i think it could of bean better who made this
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This myth was FANTASTIC ! This myth puts the A in awesome . All tho it's really old. I enjoyed it very much and i'm sure many other people did.. :)
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I liked it is this the story was this the one the movie was based on? :)
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Is this a myth and if so what is the moral? xxxx but i ♥ it xxx
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i am a teacher and i was showing ths to the children myself and they loved it. I tell you one thing love about this is the use of puncution and lanuage. Well done x
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Name: Hghdz 31st March 2013
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It won\'t let my listen on my tablet.: (Have you tried selecting the HTML option for ipads and tablets - The Myths Team)

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Realy cool...
love it soo much
now i know what mermaids and mermans
means mermaids-maiden of the sea
mermans-mens of the sea...
thank you soo much
for the INFO.
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Where is the rock at? I believe in mermaids and things like that so I should try :D
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this was so cool (:
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i think the story is wonderful i love it
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I love your story and it is lovely to share with athough people
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This story was a long one i found is intresting.This story remides me a lot about mermaids.I wish I was a mermaid the old man was kind to the mermaid boys dont like mermads.I loved this story.It happened in cornwall it remides me of when I went there for my holidays!
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that wa really goood
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yes this story is very old but I found this story very fascinating even though I seen it before I love it so much.
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i wish i can imagine that
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I like the story because there is some kind magic on the world but i am saying that this story is one of my best story's
because it is because they help each other
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i do like the story but the mermaid's eye's freek me out abit
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iwonder if its true?
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the mermaids husband freaks me out !
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i think that this is true i have always wondered if it is true
Name: Sinead 12th November 2013
its interesting to learn a few of history interesting myths, but to me, I feel that they're real. its just hard to prove...
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i really like this site but maybe you could improve the pictures a bit
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A very nice story. I think it was nicely done the reading especially .
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I really liked this story because mermaids are not real and it would be really interesting to see one in real life.
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i think the man should of gone with the mermaid and see what there ives are about.
Name: Elisha 26th January 2014
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i love this story if u hve more can you please put them on thankyou
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this story was amazing and I really want to visit "Mermaids Rock".
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I really enjoyed this because of the man putting the mermaid in the water.It was very kind of him to help and in the end his wish came true.
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it was very good
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Its ok not the best though, you should try reading the greek myths!
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i went to mermaid rock and saw the same mermaid with the same comb .
Name: Neelab 17th March 2014
The old guy was so nice and awesome!
Name: Charlie-May 22nd March 2014
The mermaids rock actually works as I live in Cornwall and use it every so often.
Name: Zoe Jackson 25th March 2014
What were the peoples cultuer!!!!!!1
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I have seen the old man and I have used the magic rock
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This sounds so real .I can't believe that mermaid tales
Like this actualy existed

Name: Kathy 10th July 2014
when my grandma was a littel girl she saw a Fisher man who fell a sleep when he woke up he found a come made of a bull horn shaped as a mermaid when he came to shore he gave it to my grandma i was so surprised to see it because im fasanated in real stories. this is true
Name: Anita Stefanelli 14th July 2014
awesome story i loved it i just wish tell us more about the husband
Name: Paige 28th July 2014
Well done great story
Name: Joy Raeina 4th August 2014
mermaid are real
Name: M 8th September 2014
Name: Miss Lavendar Heather 27th September 2014
Such a beautiful story and yes, Joy Raina, I might be in my twenties but I believe mermaids, I have met many myself and they are my best friends.
Name: Delsey :] 29th September 2014
i loved it and i will ask more about the mermaid rock!!!
:] :] :] :] :] :] :]
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is it a myth or legend coz i need a legend for homework???!!!
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I really want to go to there and see one mermaid when I grow up. And it was asesome!!😯😉
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I thought it was a bit lame:( bit dissapointed
Name: Mimi 16th October 2014
I think it was OK but still that is a good myth
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this is a myth because mermaids are not real hahahahahaah crazy man
Name: Jonila 24th October 2014
i can doing somthing real for mermaids
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the old man comes to see her I love that story hear is an idea make one about an old woman called grace and finds mystery
Name: GreenBAe3212 4th November 2014
I think that mermaids are real because the NOAA people said and they had evidence
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cool story :)
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Very good. Fun. Children who like fantasy should recommend this story. Very good. Check out Theseus and The Minotaur.........
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I love your story but I think you will have more information.
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cool i wish mermaids were real and unicorns too :)
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Name: Believe 23rd March 2015
The story was ok, but was the mermaid in love with the old guy or what? There's also another story with the same title, except it's with this poor young man trying to feed his family and mermaid loses her magic comb, so he makes her a new one and they fall in love.
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sincerely:PANIA WI-REHU
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is it a myth or a legend
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I love the story sadness but happiness came out of it
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I like sadnes because it\\\'s so sad
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This story is very adorable and amazing but not the drawings hehehe
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that was the best story ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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to short
Name: Alana 21st January 2016
I love myths and I love mermaids and I love everthing about it and I want to knock more information that I can be as smart as every body and tomorrow I am doing a test on myths and legends and im sure I will do great
Name: Emma 26th January 2016
I think the part about the comb and how if he brushed the water she would come to him, was a little weird. How could she tell when to come to the rock?
Name: Tyler 26th January 2016
Name: Blake 26th January 2016
i recoment it 10000 times it was really good
Name: Isabel 26th January 2016
I loved this story but I don't like mermaids. I am in fifth grade and I have a test on maths tomorrow.

Name: Chloe 26th January 2016
love mermaids
Name: Ava 27th January 2016
A magical story, but it wasn't very believable.
I really like the author's imagination!
Name: Max 27th January 2016
really really really really really good
Name: Ash 13th February 2016
Name: Aria 20th February 2016
You should see a mermaid skeleton ! Those are creepily cool yo !
Name: Jamilya 28th February 2016
I want to be a mermaid
Name: Marguerite 2nd March 2016
love it
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Name: Hadley Makenara 4th March 2016
The animation scares me! Did no one else pick up on that?
Name: Amubieya Michael 6th March 2016
The story was not bad,but It scared me abit.
Name: Sky-leigh 21st March 2016
It was a very good myth. I now think mermaids are real.
Name: Aiyana 14th April 2016
I like this story. It is wonderfully planned out.
Name: Sophie 17th April 2016
Wish i could see a mermaid.
Name: Claire 19th April 2016
l like the picture
Name: Ruby 20th April 2016
I liked the beautiful mermaid. I also liked the mans wish
Name: Brett.adams 21st April 2016
I liked the mermaids family.
Name: Clover 27th April 2016
There is a story similar to this, I cannot remember the name but a little girl finds a mermaid comb and keeps it, she later finds the mermaid and asks her why she is sad. The mermaid explained that she had lost her silver comb and could not find it. The little girl returns the comb and the mermaid grants her a wish. It's sorta similar but not the exact same
Name: Leha 27th April 2016
I think that it had a good story but I think it should have more details. and your welcome for the feedback
Name: Daniel 29th April 2016
good story
Name: Flo 9th May 2016
Good myth but a bit more detail would be great still enjoyable.
Name: Bella 9th May 2016
good story
Name: Precious Pearl 11th May 2016
very nice story i ever heard
Name: Bella 17th May 2016
this story was a good story and i wish that lots of people can hear this story and i thought that it was a really good story and i know all the people in the world can hear this story and it was good story the end
Name: BKD 27th May 2016
I'm gonna sound dumb but Does the rock really exist
Name: Elisabeth 11th June 2016
very descriptid
Name: Adalia 12th June 2016
if I was a mermaid my name wold be rose.
Name: Toni 16th June 2016
I believe that mermaids rock is real and other myths and legends
Name: Esther 1st July 2016
i believe there is mermaid and i wish to one.oneday
Name: Pink Lucozade 4th July 2016
I really wish to read a freaky mermaid story i love spooky things with mermaids in it. Also this story is good wished if he had gone with her to see if se kills him or something like that hahha
Name: Ariane 9th July 2016
Wow!such a good story,isbthis myths??
Name: Kara 10th July 2016
lovely story I felt sorry for the Mermaid.
Amazing story.
Name: Y15RixsonS 13th July 2016
I like this Myth, it has a good story line and is enjoyable to listen to.
Name: Caryl Alave 8th August 2016
it's nice to learn about this myth..But i feel sorry for the mermaid
Name: Amy 9th August 2016
I love this story so much i could replay it all year!
Name: Teekidz 12th August 2016
wow, nice story.
Name: Pippy 21st August 2016
is it real
Name: Luke Dixon 7th September 2016
This is a quality meme i hope this is real. Ive always wondered if mermaids are real, but now i am pretty sure they are.
Name: Meylin 28th September 2016
this myth is cool
Name: Mm 24th October 2016
Name: Magnamanik 26th October 2016
really it is a interesting one to read . i like the most but i also wanted to know about their stature and size that is i wanted to know that whether they may look like giants or they may look like drawfs.
any way i liked this stories and facts very much
Name: Isabella 2nd November 2016
I love this myth because it is awesome especially the mermaid.
Name: Isabella 2nd November 2016
The old man sounds very kind doesn\'t he.i wish I was a mermaid don\'t you.
Name: Fatima Shah 5th November 2016
I think this myth is ok I think but if the old man said yes that would be awesome so I would see what happens.
Name: MaeMae 11th November 2016
Is there any way to read the story, rather than watch it?
Name: Hannah 16th November 2016
i think it was funny the husband is going to eat the kids.
Name: Henry 20th November 2016
this story is creative and i like the story line
Name: Darsh 28th November 2016
i loved the story beacuse the old man was helping the mermaid to go back to her husband and her children
Name: Scarlet 10th January 2017
i like the moral of the story to help people and do not be greedy, the man asked for the power to do good and didn't ask for gold or silver! *\^o^?*
Name: Lola 16th January 2017
its amazing the kids really like it thank you.
Name: Ailyn 21st January 2017
bueno lo que yo creo es que si pueden existir se encuentran criaturas mariticas desconocidas todos los dias ay un 95% posibilidades de que si existan.
Name: Isabelle 22nd January 2017
I found this story very interesting and someday I would really love to visit this place!
Name: Keiona 26th January 2017
good good book and funny funny book
Name: Olivia >:33 26th January 2017
It was an interesting book :))
Name: Gxgcchp 1st February 2017
Is it a legend???
Name: Niamh 7th February 2017
I love it!!!
Name: Jayashree 12th February 2017
I really love mermaids and I am going to visit this rock.

Name: Evan 13th February 2017
The illustrations are trash
Name: :P 13th February 2017
IS that true?
Name: Kittygaming.TEM 13th February 2017
I really loved it I would love to see the mermaids rock but the thing is that I don't believe in myths and legends
Name: Chelsea 21st February 2017
I wish I was a mermaid
Name: Milla 5th March 2017
I always liked mermaids when I was younger :]
Name: Autumn 16th March 2017
I went to mermaid rock lat week and i saw a mermaid it was a mermaid with a long tail and it had shiny purple fins it even had scales on her face.She even gave me my own come but i know its a fake come from a girl in costume or is it she was really life like and when i wished for icecream i got a free one.
Name: Jaylynn Manwarren 16th March 2017
i love mermaids
Name: Esty Fasanya 2nd April 2017
I wonder if it will really happen to me or someone I know
Name: Yael 4th April 2017
Sana may makita din akong mermaid sa totoong buhay please i want to see a mermaid
Name: Jason 5th April 2017
this makes me queasy.
Name: Vanessa 13th April 2017
Loved It So Much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
Name: Tehya 28th April 2017
lol funny i loved man because looked funny
Name: Connor McHenry Faust 8th May 2017
What are Mermaids?
Name: Mermaid Lover 13th May 2017
I really like the ending of this story. Can't wait to read more!!!
Name: Emma Needham 24th May 2017
I love that story with the mermaid and the magic comb!!!

Name: Finonfire 27th May 2017
Great Story!
Name: Lola 8th July 2017
I love the story but where is the questions
Name: Shantisha Pyfrom 10th July 2017
My mother told me a story her mother told her about the time she met a mermaid. She said the mermaid gave her a golden comb. I don't know how true this story is but this is what I am told. I too have seen a mermaid. I am from The Bahamas. I was young. She came out of nowhere. She was just sitting there. I cant explain it. She was very pale. Her hair was the color of the sea, like a bluish greenish. I could not believe what I was seeing. I even convinced myself that my eyes was playing tricks. Just to confirm what I saw I asked my sister and a friend who was there if they saw that. They were like yeah. I was like the mermaid just to make sure we were talking about the same thing. They were yes we saw her. In a blink of an eye she was gone.
Name: EMERSON 4th August 2017
i love this story im doing it for my pasport at school as well as my friends
Name: Karim 24th September 2017
I like it
Name: Abigail 7th October 2017
I watched it on my tablet a d computer to be on is ed it is better on the computer because on this tablet the myth does not have sound when it is supposed to have I did not bother going through the story because the first page was boring without sound I will give it one more chance but by the first one I think it will be terrible again thanks for giving me the chance to give u a comment on this myth
Name: Ali 3rd November 2017
good story
Name: Bella 16th January 2018
That was a very cool and fun story!
Name: 12JonesH 6th February 2018
I Loved that story and I had a dream that I was in it and ya I’m in welsh school I love 💕 watching your myths each day and night it makes me happy 😃 I hope you make more!
Name: Jaiden 6th February 2018
Name: Georgeanna 11th February 2018
I love this so much
Name: Erica 13th February 2018
Thank you
Name: Jana 22nd February 2018
I used to watch this all the time when I was younger on my iPad. I thought I'd read it again today (3 years later) and the Html5 version doesn't work anymore! Such a shame! This site was my childhood! :(
Name: Layla 24th February 2018
I loved this story it was so good. I would love to make this a series of stories. This was my favorite out of all the stories there is. It was so good. My favorite character was the mermaid!!!.
Name: Aubrey 26th February 2018
so cool i love it!!!!
Name: Jordan Preiss 28th February 2018
Quite cool
Name: Ayyan 4th March 2018
I can't hear a thing
Name: Marley 7th March 2018
so good
Name: Scarlett 10th March 2018
I love this


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