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The Ghost Hound of Lyme Regis

Name: Jane Sampson 27th December 2007
This site is fantastic! I am planning a year 5 teaching sequence on myths and legends and came across an advert for it on the Teach ICT site. Thanks for making my job easier! I look forward to uploading some of my pupils' work in due course.
Name: Audrey Smith 8th January 2008
I work in a special school and I am looking at visual online stories which I can use in
Name: Amy 29th January 2008
wow good story my mates really liked this story.
Name: Kade Houghton 29th January 2008
this web site rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Ashley Chilcott 4th March 2008
Wow!!! I live in Dorset and i drive past that place every day!!! Now i'll Think of the dog.
Name: MPyle 2nd April 2008
Love the Story mate, haven't heard it for years! Thanks for that !!
Name: Megan 30th April 2008
it rock myn worid
Name: Lilah 19th May 2008
A really bril myth thanku
Name: Ruby 12th June 2008
wow!! same here i hvant hear that story in ages lucky im studying it in art hey!! thank for that mate!!x
Name: Molly Kealy 21st September 2008
it is very good
Name: Kieran David Lowndes 6th October 2008
This story is scary and freaky and i'll never go to that inn!!
Name: Brian 1st November 2008
i say it was kinda cool
Name: Libby 2nd November 2008
that was soooooooooooooooo kool lol
Name: Emily 13th November 2008
This one is good for my homework!
Name: Hjsflaksd 18th December 2008
this is sssssooooo kool but freaky!!!!!!!!!!1
Name: Laura 15th January 2009
Hi yr5 this story is sort of wierd.oh and Char c please please please please please....................put a comment
on here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From Laura you're best friend!!!
Name: Michael 22nd January 2009
it was cool
Name: Asha 22nd January 2009
this is kinda weird but it is sooooooooo kool i luv it
Name: Caitlin 24th January 2009
myths and legends is amazing i love the ghost hound of lyme regis
Name: Christopher Scott 31st January 2009
This story was so cool and so interesting i can't wait to read some more.
Name: Momtaz 11th February 2009
i dont like ythis story. it is just tooooooo scary. but i luvvvvvvvvv all the other stories
Name: Anne 12th March 2009
I really like this story and i'd like to know where the dog went.
Name: Samantha Davies 14th March 2009
I liked this story i liked it so much i wanted to us it for my homework but i cant because it wouldn't copy
Name: Cheeky Chipmunk 12th April 2009
Me and am Sis really enjoyed this and want 2 go 2 this Dog Lane! Thankyou for making our Day! However, we wont let our dogs off the lead LOL:p
Name: Samanthha 25th April 2009
ive saw it last night so there and my dog has gone
Name: Suzette Pratten 30th April 2009
Some of my students that there may be some truth in the story. others felt sorry for the dog. It reminded them of Grey Friar's Bobby in Edinburgh - the master died and the dog lived on his grave for 13 years fed by locals. He was eventually buried next to his master out of respect for his devotion
Name: Cieanna 15th May 2009
my dog ran away then we found him dead in my attic i started to scream and my dog still remains in my bedroom or in the attic
Name: Joshua Keill 20th May 2009
Really good story .I loved it!
Name: Alisha 7th June 2009
i loved that story and i think it may be true i'd love to go visit!i wonder if i will see the black dog for myself!!
Name: Sofia Piven 16th June 2009
I thought that the story was intresting and I liked the pictures because it matched the text the explanation really caught me and I wanted to read more I really like spooky stories and this one is really, really my kind of a spooky storie!!!
Name: Mell 25th June 2009
love it
Name: Chloe Megan 9th September 2009
the story is very cool
Name: Kcs 16th October 2009
i really like it and i picked it in one click hahahaha
Name: Jo 23rd October 2009
The Inn is now a bed and breakfast called 'The Black Dog and sits on the corner of Lyme Road and Haye Lane in Uplyme, Lyme Regis. I live next door and so far no spooky sightings but local legend says that late at night you can still see the Black Dog walking along Haye Lane especially its eyes!!!
Name: Amor Sahota 25th November 2009
it was allright
Name: Mollie 2nd December 2009
i loved that story it was spooky but good at the same time i loved the dog it was cute
Name: Georgia Dean 3rd December 2009
yeah that one was like sooooooooooooo cool
Name: Jena Banham 15th December 2009
it was quite spooky but i really enjoyed it.
Name: Charles 18th January 2010
It was a bit scary at the end but I liked it
Name: James O\'brien 19th January 2010
it was totaly scaery aand i could not get to sleep
Name: Lily 20th January 2010
LOL i love this story and i have seen the Black dog before when i viseted Devon.He is so cute.
Name: Balvir 29th January 2010
it is good
Name: Ben 10th February 2010
it was brillent it olso gave me a fright

Name: Evie 11th February 2010
i realy like that it gave me alot of information fo my school project
Name: EVE 27th February 2010
Name: Katie 1st March 2010
This is really weird! i have been to Lyme Regis and seen the guest house, it's quite creepy, i sometimes wonder if these things are true!
Name: Otis Clairmont 8th March 2010
its so sad and brings a tear to my eye why did the robbers kill the old man any way i think its a master peace brilliant brillant i think its a smart idea
Name: Grace 18th March 2010
this story is mint
Name: Amy 20th March 2010
What a creepy story! Im not suprised the dog haunted the place an was sort of evil because he died of hunger and wanted revenge on the robbers.
Though it was very sad!
Name: Robert 9th June 2010
That was a very good story. But why didn\'t the master feed his dogs some panckes or funnel cale before he was kidnapped and beaten to death?
We may never know...
Name: Samir 6th September 2010
amazing i knew of this tale but couldn't have put it better myself my younger sister knows of this tale aswell, we live close to "doglane". so know i know how to put the story to scare her
Name: Sam 6th September 2010
i live on sparkington lane oppisite hyne and lyme road when i open my curtains i could see the black dog bed and breakfast. major freaky view to have from you window.
Greg who owns the bed and breakfast says the myth is true. i\'ve seen a pair of red dots once in an alleyway of hyne lane but thats it.
Name: Nathan 7th September 2010
whoa thats cool since iv been on this site its pretty cool and i checked that black dog with my mum i live in hartlepool but were it was located i checked it on google maps there is lane called dog lane i never let my dog when i was there but i saw the black dog running past my window when i visted there
Name: Rimsha 22nd September 2010
It;s so good i am having night mares because of this!
Name: Ishika 26th November 2010
after i heard your comment really do stay away!
Name: Conor 12th January 2011
This story has to be the eeriest yet this story almost made me fall out of my seat!Amazing, i recommend this story to people who like dogs and ghosts!A vey haunting story Probably my favourite one yet.Every page is full of tension and really makes you want to know whats going to happen next.
Name: Maria 20th January 2011
very spooky but very good. i wander if my sister would like this?
Name: Hailey Brooke 23rd February 2011
It's a great story,myth.
It's a very good,myth.
Name: Ishika 24th February 2011
I just heard two pages until that noise came up made my skin jump nt out of my flesh can someone reply who maybe is'scared like conner please reply conner pleaseee and tell me a way not to get scared ?
Name: Ishika 24th February 2011
hey its me again,my brother could not even handle the first page probably because he is not used to these kind of stories.I don't blame him!(bless him)
Name: Matthew1233 24th March 2011
this story is the best one ive heard.
Name: Kareena 26th March 2011
Scary indeed! I have heard this story many times! It still scares me. I will not walk where the ghostly dog walks obviously.
Name: Tommy 1st April 2011
not scary at all!
Name: Katie 17th April 2011
this story CREEPS me out but its
still really cool and i love dogs!:)
Name: Becky 5th June 2011
same plus the mummies tale creeps me out too!!!!!!
Name: Doug 20th July 2011
This is so cool! Love the bit were the guy chases the dog all round the house.
Name: Saffron 22nd July 2011
This story is so cool. I was shown this in class. Dogs are so cute though especially jack Russell and Labrador puppies
Name: Natasha Riddle 6th August 2011
this is so cool. thanks for makin it.
i love dogs! they are sooo cute
Name: Siana Studd 15th September 2011
thats really gd i loved it when the dog jamp out it made me jump
Name: Victoria 18th September 2011
Spooky but good! I wonder why he poke the black dog with the stick when the dog wa sdoing nothing wrong?
Name: Juliana603 24th October 2011
scary but very cool
Name: Laura 26th November 2011
not too scary but awsome
Name: Laibah 7th December 2011
it is scary it goes in my dreams
Name: Noel 27th December 2011
The ending freaks me out
Name: Greyson 31st December 2011
scary good.
Name: Jordan Cathrin Taylor 7th January 2012
wow im only 8 and not even scary
Name: Brad Cooper 16th January 2012
Name: Ryan 22nd January 2012
so funny ha ha ha ha ha
Name: Sophia 25th January 2012
Name: Rahim 31st January 2012
Nice story
Name: Lois Mae 10th February 2012
that house in lyme rigis my friend harley has been to and she has also reported seeing the dog and it chased her and her mum!!!!!!!!!
Name: Love This Website 23rd March 2012
this is a great story really sad though about the dog dying
Name: Chelsea 11th April 2012
OMG that story freaks me out
Name: Daijah60 17th April 2012
that story is so awesome
Name: George 23rd April 2012
Name: Winnm7691 9th May 2012
I really liked that story. It was one of the best scary stories on this website. I really wished you could check your spelling. Other than that the story was great.
Name: !zOe! 10th May 2012
that was so awesome thanks myths and legends team sooooooo much for the stories this is my fav site
Name: Smarties 16th May 2012
was neighbor spelled wrong? i felt like it was. but everyone makes mistakes on spelling, this was my favorite story because it was scary. please if its no trouble to the makers of this site, if you can create another scary story. best story!!! thnxx!! please put my comment on this site! thank you so much for the story and your time making it :)
Name: Ben 28th May 2012
my friends live across the road from that
pub and I saw them at the weekend and we saw somthing glide across Haye lane
Name: Rachel Xx 15th June 2012
Hello everyone
I love this story. It is very upsetting aswell. Thanks myths and legends. :) xx
Name: Jo 30th June 2012
do you know when the man was going to bed and thieves said give me your gold but he said no that was really scary.And do you know the dog has red eyes that's creepy too!!!!!!!
Name: Kai 10th July 2012
this is great
Name: Molly 12th August 2012
This is a really good book i love it.
Name: Misty 17th August 2012
Hi Im Misty Lovely book
Name: Adnan 30th September 2012
this book is like haunting me i coudnt sleep for a year and its kinda real!!!!???
Name: Hussain 3rd October 2012
halfway through the story i started to get scared so i turned it of!
Name: Max 30th October 2012
creepy couldn't sleep too
Name: Rachel 31st October 2012
This story kinda upset me because when I was little I had a black labby called Jade and she died.
Name: Crystal M. Chin 12th November 2012
This such a interesting story!
Name: Jay 20th November 2012
When the dog came up close at the end- that was creepy
Name: Jayvin 16th December 2012
Name: Lalala 31st January 2013
sooo scary!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Holli 10th February 2013
Wow i relly enjoyed that story its brillent good langue and puntaishoin in the right place wow it d really good .
Name: Andrew 16th March 2013
Name: Charlotte Cooper 27th March 2013
This was a right creepy story. I might when im older go there and see if i can see the black dog. CREEEEEEEPY
Name: Norma 22nd April 2013
i thing that is scary
Name: Ace Ermita 22nd April 2013
that was a scary story... but i loved to read it.. :D
Name: Rukia 3rd May 2013
oh gosh this is SOOOOOO SCAARY i have a ginger cat who never, dont be silly.
Name: Shiny Girl 10th June 2013
this story is so funny.i can't even watch it any more.
Name: Kaho 10th June 2013
it's so scary i can't read it any more
Name: Lol Pup 16th June 2013
OMG that was so scary
Name: Cool Guy 31st July 2013
this is awsome
Name: Harry 7th August 2013
i got so scared at a part i didn't see the rest
Name: Spooky Ghost 8th August 2013
scary bro i read it 3 times
Name: Renesa 16th February 2014
This story is so freaky!!!!!!
Name: Lavendergem340612 22nd March 2014
Awesome! Am I the only one who doesn't find this scary?
Name: Andrew/cole 6th May 2014
graet myth
Name: Marquis 23rd May 2014
this is scary and freaky! But all so nice because the dog is so loyal even if dead but the story does seem sad because the dead dog and owner never got 2 see each other again.
Name: James 28th January 2015
awesome myth!
Name: Robin 23rd March 2015
good books all of them

Write back.from Robin at northside
Name: Isabel 22nd October 2015
I need the autor name please, thanks
Name: Eli 28th October 2015
awesome myth it's really creepy
Name: Lucy 3rd February 2016
really cool
Name: Elfy 23rd February 2016
I need the aurthers name
Name: Mollie 21st March 2016
That myth is kinda spooky
Name: Eli 4th May 2016
Name: Ella 17th May 2016
wow....I LOVE IT!!!
so creative!
Name: Hatty 8th August 2016
Creepy but cool.
Name: Bob 11th October 2016
love it
Name: Cj 28th November 2016
Name: Carlos 1st December 2016
this is sad and creepy at the same time.
Name: Adrian 14th March 2017
👏 😎 cool
Name: Vivi 4th October 2017
sad but creepy
Name: Taley 12th October 2017
It is very cool and creepy but I heard a tale like this one and see a dog in my house.


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