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The Beast of Croglin Grange

Name: Amanda Jones 4th January 2008
Hello, I am a Year 3 teacher and have just registered with Story Creator 2. I am due to teach Myths and Legends to my Year 3 class when we go back next week and I'm really looking forward the to showing my class this website and using it with them to meet the new Primary Framework ICT objectives connected to the unit. Your website is a fantastic resource, it has made my planning easier, will make teaching myths + legends much more easier and very enjoyable and so will enable the children to enjoy their learning - Thank You!
Name: Sophie 18th January 2008
i thought that it was a very good story because it was very long but yet it kept me interesded.I found it a little bit scary but no alot and it as very,very good!
Name: Sophie 1st February 2008
BRILLIANT! A bit freaky at first but what i've been dying to know is how you zoom in and move the features on the characters. Please answer because if it's only for the makers then thats a shame because I thought it will be a very good feature for my Stories.
I appreciate it if you reply to tell me.
I'll look here again soon to see if you have replied.

Name: Sophie 2nd February 2008
Now, i've returned and seen my message live on the website but PLEASE reply to my question, i don't care if i can't do those features, i just need to know how.


P.S; I want the reply next time i come on
Name: Myths Team 2nd February 2008
Sophie thank you for your question. I have passed this on to the person who makes our stories it but may be Monday before I can get an answer for you. Glad you like the story.
Name: Sophie 3rd February 2008
Thank you Myths team. I am very patient and is very likely to search the website for more good stories with these features. I like your creative ideas for these stories, are they all true? Sorry if i'm winding you up with all these questions. I am very excited for the answer to my first question tommorow!

Name: Myths And Legends Team 4th February 2008
Hello Sophie,

I am one of the technical staff here, we have added your comment and replied to it in the Making Myths and Legends Better Forum
Name: Jessica 6th February 2008
your website is soooo good we go on it at school and today before i left school i just had to ask my teacher what website it was and my friends think its really cool coz its scary and at the end my teacher always gose ooooooo and we say that was well coooool can we watch another one my teacher says ok just one more

p.s your website is well coooooooooooooooool xxx
Name: Jo 18th February 2008
Good Idea Sophie! Yes Myths team. we should have those new features because i know you said we need more comments to be positive to do it so i told my friends the news and they love this website and they don't have e-mails so they wanted me to tell you that we will all appreciate it if you include the festures!

Once you get this comment PLZ reply!
Name: The Myths Team 18th February 2008
Hi, Jo - yes we are looking at adding some of those features for the next release in the summer. We have just added more backgrounds etc. to the story creator and put these in categories so it is easier to find what you want. Glad you like the site.
Name: Sophie 18th February 2008
Hi again. Thanks Jo! I wanted to do a story on SC2 but it said new things has been upgraded.
yey! my idea has worked. thanks myths team.
I believe people will be happy now with more features. But when will the features be upgraded

BYE. Plz comment back to my THIRD question!!!

Name: The Myths Team 18th February 2008
Hi Sophie, I have read through everything you have sent and to answer your outstanding questions; - the upgrade allowing you to zoom etc. will be available in July. You also asked in one post if all the stories are true. All of them are genuine myths and legends that have been passed down the generations. We have not made any of the stories up. However the stories will have developed and changed as they have been retold. Some may have elements of truth. I suppose it is up to the reader to decide.
Name: K 26th February 2008
I loved this story. Best one yet. Blood Curdling, Magic Material.
Well Done.
Name: Sophie Jones 3rd March 2008
Hi, this will be the last time i'll comment so please give me ALLLLLL the info from E2BN
Name: Courtney Matto 14th April 2008
its to scary for kids make it less scary
Name: Mrs Hughes And Class 3P 2nd May 2008
We love the myths and legends site but this particular myth (The Beast of Croglin Grange)has scared most of us to bits. A couple of children in the class have had nightmares about it. We are 7/8 years old. We were wondering if it was appropriate to keep this one on the site? Or maybe it could come with a warning or a suggested age range? Thank you.
Name: Sophie 3rd January 2009
Something's fishy about Michael Cranswell, where was he when Edward shot the pistol at the, i'm feeling a little suspicious!
Name: Nina 22nd January 2010
I love it! It is the perfect version of medivil vampires!People who think this was scary should not have looked up this link!Vampires are awesome!!!
Name: Brendan 25th September 2010
Very good Myth i would like to know how much of it is real though.
Name: Adele 7th October 2010
I love this story! Although i agree with Sophie's comment on 3rd January 2009. Were was Michael Cranswell? I think a mystery has to be solved! Whos with me!?!
Name: Fiza Noor 10th October 2010
What a fantastic story it is,it is long but it still kept me interested!!!Thanks Myths and legends team.I would like to know the name of the person that made this story, if you can comment back please do. Bye Fiza
Name: Rimsha 10th October 2010
As the, myths and legends team said that, the site to zoom the pictures, will be available, at June, 2008 but now it's Oct 2010 and I don't know, how to open those site! Please try to reply. THANKS!
Name: Rimsha 10th October 2010
It was a spooky and special story! I didn't suppose to say that, but you know the create your own, stories, I done about 3 of my stories and submitted them all and even 5 days passed but still none of them went! Please try to look at some more stories, so you could find mine! THANKS! And sorry if I went a bit too far!

Name: Millie 12th October 2010
I loved it , it was cool i just loved the way about the doctor saying that they should take a holiday to forget
Name: Millie 13th October 2010
it was realy spooky it gave me the shivers when i first watched it at school .i was hugging a pillow at school because it was so scary.
Name: Mollie 23rd October 2010
this was a bit creepy
Name: Emma B 26th October 2010
Wow,this was awesome!I loved the parts with the bullet wound and the burning of the vampire!
Name: Rowan 26th October 2010
I thought the bullet part was amazing. I thought it was very cool.If you want to send me more links that you have done go ahead.And may the force by with you.
Name: Jodie 17th November 2010
I was watching this with my sister and we got really scared that we shut all our windows the following night !!
Name: Joseph 18th November 2010
This was cool but utterly not scary.I can't beileve how many people were scared,I see why 6year old girls get scared.
Name: Lexi 20th November 2010
Name: Dylan 20th November 2010
havent wached it yet but i think its good judging by the comments so i guess il find out... ;)
Name: SUPERSOLDIER7738 On 20th November 2010
This .... IS......EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Kkk 24th December 2010
Name: Fiza Noor 8th January 2011
Anyone would be scared if the same thing happened to them that happened to Amelia.It's scary!!!
Name: Sabiha 26th January 2011
Name: G Man 28th January 2011
its weard
Name: Drew 10th February 2011
its reallly scary!!!! imagine if something did that to you!!!!
Name: Munch 15th February 2011
that is scary and creepy
Name: Wyatt 13th March 2011
now i have nightmares
Name: Duncan 5th May 2011
best myth ever
Name: Riham 7th May 2011
When I was 8 my sisters and me had night Mares!!!!!................
Name: Riham 12th May 2011
Please could you tell me how to make new sounds!!!!!! Please!!!

P.s I will vist the same web site.
P.P.s try to answer strait away.
Name: Chris CJC 13th May 2011
Good story but not that scary,he. H everyone!
Name: Riham 13th May 2011
This is the third time I tell you I want to know how to make new sounds!!!!!!
Name: Kelsey 25th June 2011
really cool and wicked i love your story

p.s next time make it a bit more scary!
Name: Riham 28th August 2011
Please myths and Legend team I saw all the stories and got boared of them Plz can u add more and more every 2 mothes?
At least 5 extra stories every 2 monthes!

Plz ryple Myths and Legends Team I really want you to reply like you did to the others!

P.S. Please reple I really want the answer!!

We have some new myths coming online shortly - they should be completed by the end of September - The Myths Team
Name: Riham 31st August 2011
Thanks myths and Legeds team I really would be looking forwads to the stories!
Name: Riham 31st August 2011
By the way I made a new one called 'The Jealous queen and the kind queen'. See if you could look it up I really want my stories to be on display!
Name: Olivia 21st September 2011
this one is the best from all the elder children that have done it well done!!!
this Brilliant
Name: Riham 1st October 2011
Owww what about a love and tragic story about love? I read my book and there was a tragic love story about a lady loved a man so such and the man loved her but there parents would not let them marry so then the man died and the lady married a man the man was jelous cuz he knew she loved someone else so then they went to the grave where her lover died then he told her to pray for him and she said no but he said yes do it! Then she did but terrfied a bird shot through the grave and gave the lady a shock then she died when her husband was streching to reach her he was too late!
Pass this comment to the creater and try write a story simlar or like this story!
Name: Jacob Hallman 17th October 2011
This was a really good story.I liked all of the suspense toward the end of the story
Name: Pedro 18th November 2011
Its a really good story
Name: Jutstin 24th November 2011
wierd but entertaining i like the part were the creature smashed the shuters and scared the little girl
Name: Tammy 3rd December 2011
i think this is kinda scary
Name: Jennifer 8th December 2011
i love this storyyy!!!!!!
Name: Patri 25th December 2011
wow! this is a wonderful website, thank you very much! I'm working on a translation into Spanish of this legend and all this information is helping me a lot!
Name: Tamz 20th January 2012
i love this it was a bit scary at first but its great all the same
Name: Dan 31st January 2012
best ever
Name: Wolfeye 4th March 2012
awesome sauce with epic sprinkles! :3
Name: Rebecca 17th April 2012
this is spookey
Name: Safia 25th April 2012
Thsi story is scary and I liked the bit where the monster bit on Amelia's neck and blood came pouring out!!
Name: Sophie 26th April 2012
That is so freaky and the womans voice really scares u!
Name: Laura 29th April 2012
I know a story with the same creture
called a Cubbracabra
Name: Rebecca 9th June 2012
Cool story
Name: Elena 26th November 2012
cool story i liked it
Name: Natasha S 8th December 2012
It was a cool story. I liked it
Name: Fern 15th January 2013
okay wird
Name: Me 17th March 2013
Well, obviously it has never been seen again!!! They said that it burnt to ashes... What do you expect???
Name: Bryn 9th April 2013
Very good but I think that might return
Name: Ishmamah 19th April 2013
It's an awesome scary story!I enjoyed it.
Name: Pranav 25th June 2013
scary but not so scary somehow but overall it was a brilliant story!
Name: DA SWAG MASTER 12th March 2014
Name: Rana 11th May 2014
So love it its really nice
Name: Ellie 12th January 2015
Man! This sent shivers up and down my back... creepy story but still great.
Name: Zara 20th February 2015
its realy scary but great
Name: Jess 26th March 2015
This is really creepy, it made me shiver!
Name: Swag 30th April 2015
its so scary
Name: Meya 5th June 2015
Realy,realy scary.I don't recomend this for young children.
Name: Nena 12th June 2015
Best story ever
Name: Cool 16th December 2015
Name: Juan 23rd December 2015
Cool but freaky
Name: KAthleen 12th February 2016
Its a very good story and hii
Name: Daniel 25th February 2016
Ever since I saw this myth I always check my windows are locked every night.
Name: Cay 28th April 2016
Hey guys! Good story! I rate this 3.6.
Name: Violet 3rd August 2016
What creature would be so mean to girls
Name: Jamie 6th October 2016
That was creepy! And I already think that there is a monster in my room!
Name: Hazel 23rd January 2017
OMG!!!! this was so scary i feel like there is a ghost in my room
Name: Jessica 28th February 2017
sames i got really freaked out about that story! imagine if that story was real !!! :o
Name: Sam 1st March 2017
Why would anyone be mean to gals? I mean like girls are "harmless".
Name: Anthony 7th March 2017
i like this story
Name: Milla Vans 8th March 2017
Don't worry guys! It's not real! It gave me the shivers but not too scary even though I really don't like scary/horror/ghost stories or movies but my curiosity won and I went in on it. Just the excitement I needed after a boring day at school! xD..
Name: Sirius 8th March 2017
So much suspense
Name: Sally 15th March 2017
yery creapy .... I LIKE IT !!!!
Name: Phin 6th April 2017
it is pretty scary blod!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Yusuf 17th April 2017
creepy but i think i is just a myth.
Name: Milana 18th April 2017
creepy scared to death
Name: ANGEL 21st April 2017
Name: Amy 23rd April 2017
soo scary, the creature was horrible. scary myth.
Name: The Beast Of Croglin Grange 2nd May 2017
The Beast of Croglin Grange:
Grr! I'm just behind you!


One minite later:
Trhrrrrrr!(blood everywhere)...
Name: Tulani 2nd May 2017
That scared me to death especially because I was at school in a corner by myself!!!!! Sooooooooooooooooo scary I would hate that to be me
Name: HYDRO FILMS 23rd May 2017
Name: Yasmin 14th June 2017
scary but sad because i\'m harf Astrailin
Name: Niffy 21st June 2017
nice story
Name: Megan 10th August 2017
thats so sick
Name: Amir 20th September 2017

Name: Sabz 11th November 2017
I really like these stories but I want new stories ive read all of em
Name: Anthony 13th November 2017
that story was dope
Name: Anthony 13th November 2017
that story was cool
Name: Evelyn 29th December 2017
this story is creepy and the animal human thing is just very ugly creature
Name: Evelyn 30th December 2017
this story was awesome I liked the part when the beast got thrown in the fire.
Name: Emily 1st February 2018
i liked the story
Name: Jolie 2nd February 2018
Name: Papa Owusu 19th February 2018
I've got nightmares now
Name: Alea 20th February 2018 terrified
Name: HAMDAN 26th February 2018
Name: Mohamed 2nd March 2018
Dude I’m keeping all my windows locked until the moment I’d die!
Name: Poo Poo 13th March 2018
I love all your stories.

Name: Jr 29th March 2018
hey cool story
Name: LT 13th April 2018
Cool story


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