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Bran and the Magic Cauldron

Name: Dylan 5th December 2010
Name: Riham 1st May 2011
hhhhhhhhhhmmmmmm sad ending I suppose........
Name: Megha 12th July 2011
stuck to me like a magnet!!
Name: :) 26th July 2011
great storyy :)
Name: Amber 13th October 2011
Reall sad ending but explains the
amount of ravens at Tower Of London
Name: Fizzy Pop 28th October 2011
Great story, explains a lot :)
Name: English Group 18th November 2011
Hey! This is good!
Name: Keelan 8th February 2012
Name: Michael 22nd February 2012
it was epic chicken
Name: Enigami 10th March 2012
Ooh. Coooool
Name: Ishan 30th March 2012
awesome and cool
Name: Holly 26th April 2012
Is it true?! It SEEMS so TRUE!!! OMG! LOVE IT!!!
Name: Chloe 27th April 2012
Name: Megsy 29th April 2012
it seams true but it was very short
Name: Erin 30th October 2012
I love the way this story combined Celtic myths and Arthurian lore. Great!
Name: Phoebe 28th February 2013
i love this story 5/5 :)
Name: MEGA LOL 16th January 2014
if i was to rate this story it would be 4/5 to me and i thought it was a great way to combine myths with a realistic touch at the ending
Name: Lia 22nd February 2014
Very bloody, still good (and creepy because the head still talked)
Name: Ben 15th September 2014
I really enjoyed this one, very good.
Name: JJ 2nd July 2015
really cool but these older children stories are quite hidden so I think many people overlook them.
Name: Michael Farmer 30th June 2016
Name: Jeff 4th July 2016
Name: Tommy 13th October 2016
Great story line
Name: Areana 13th October 2016
It\'s ok I guess
Name: Cody Clayden 26th April 2017
This story was amazing but could use some work but inside i was doing back flips because it was so funny thank you.


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