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The Monkey's Paw

Name: Kelly 14th October 2010
this is good
Name: Josephine 19th September 2011
I've read a better version before. No offense, but punctuation is horrible, abbreviations wrong, plural forms also incorrect and so many misplacings of when the sentence is supposed to finish. :/ I was lucky to be able to understand it properly...
Name: Jenna 29th September 2011
i've read i diff verison to i lik this one better tho it gos farther into the story
Name: Zandayah Gonzales 30th November 2011
this story was better than ther one in my reading book ! and i loved that one !!!
Name: Missy 25th January 2012
i read the origional copy of the story in class and i like your version better because you put more detail into how the son looked as a zombie.
Name: Alyssa Bruneau 1st November 2012
this is a very interesting version of the book, that's all i have to say.
Name: Jason 28th August 2013
very intresting
Name: Ken Meaux 18th February 2015
I am thinking of using that story as a "story telling" feature in my magic act. I got the idea when I saw a place called :dapper cadaver: that sells a very realistic replica of a taxidermy monkeys paw.
Name: Nonja 30th October 2015
wow this is a good story
Name: Jiya 5th June 2017
This is my favorite lengend/myth cause it always has a clif hanger.
Name: Sheila 27th July 2017
Thats is the truth. Fate rule over people. You must have faith,not in false items. God i insted. Greed gets people all the time.


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