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Pandora's Box

how tf do you prenounce the names28th November 2018
it is good for children
25th November 2018
It is fun reading.30th October 2018
great website helped me alot cheers.16th October 2018
This is a great website.12th October 2018
if only the box could also give them all eyes...10th October 2018
cool website i like it!25th September 2018
3rd September 2018
barely i can imagine. that..13th August 2018
this is helpful2nd August 2018
4th July 2018
why cant i open the box11th June 2018
the best thing ever23rd May 2018
its pretty good it tells me the idea of the story and it is a perfect story with the pictures nothing juan1st May 2018
best myth yet24th April 2018
best web ever19th April 2018
best web ever18th April 2018
I would prefer to know exactly and easily which stories on the website are myths and which are legends. Clicking on each individually is laborious. 21st March 2018
the easy virsion doesnt make any sence
17th March 2018
i really like that video its was cool 7th March 2018
your not lettting me wach this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6th March 2018
I think the theme is to not be eager to do something that somebody told you not to do. Pandora open the box even when zues told her not to.16th February 2018
I think the theme is to not be eager to do something that somebody told you not to do16th February 2018
I doesn’t work15th February 2018
the story wasn't that good it basically said if you disobey the gods hope will come out. it had a bad story line that was really boring. why is zues wearing nail polish?13th February 2018
it was a very exciting and life lesson book reminds me of a old fable9th February 2018
i love pandoras box2nd February 2018
The story was great but sad because of the things it explains!! 30th January 2018
It help me in my school homework24th January 2018
The story was great why not find another story about what happened after Pandora opened the box.21st January 2018
this is a good and interesting story12th January 2018
i loved it. it was really good i enjoyed it. it helped me with my homework for school9th January 2018
This story is a lie 14th December 2017
Good resource14th November 2017
The story isnt correct and tells false facts 10th November 2017
this is my favourite story 4th November 2017
This was cool but very poorly animated so i give it a 7/103rd November 2017
Awsomr nice story/myth4th October 2017
This was really cool4th October 2017
cool8th September 2017
good story but could of had a better ending lol6th September 2017
Good story 14th August 2017
it was all right15th July 2017
I think that it would have been better with more romance in it, like having babies, and kissing.29th June 2017
No sound!🙀28th June 2017
i like the book a lot 31st May 2017
It's kind of weird. But I think it's a good thing the humens have hope. Zeus Is really clever!!20th May 2017
Great helps me in my learning5th May 2017
Terrible disease 3rd May 2017
that is so fake.why did you lie to the people that is so wrong
26th April 2017
Thanks mate12th April 2017
I learnt a lot from this thank you 29th March 2017
very unusaual28th March 2017
Good story
27th March 2017
I love this story it makes me to see more myths and legend26th March 2017
This story was really interesting because I really never knew if God had created the evils and hopes into the world or if anyone else did. AND it was Pandora.
19th March 2017
sooo good17th March 2017
The story was awesome.14th March 2017
Neat13th March 2017
why moths & dragonflies and not demons & angles or something? :( 13th March 2017
This is awesome!13th March 2017
I'm doing a protect on pandas myths and this web is amazing tysm xxx4th March 2017
sooooo cool yea :)28th February 2017
Hi, my name is john. I am doing a project on Pandora's Box in the 5th grade. I couldn't of done it without this website. It was so easy to read and fun to listen to. I just am saying, this site is amazing27th February 2017
That was intense at the end!27th February 2017
Weird but awsome23rd February 2017
Omg poor pandora
22nd February 2017
wow this is amazing 21st February 2017
good stoy20th February 2017
I loved the story of Pandora!20th February 2017
i think it is a very nice story. it shows that if we ever have lost family or friends we still have hope.15th February 2017
Awesome story15th February 2017
Poor Pandora...
31st January 2017
29th January 2017
really cool. liked picture 229th January 2017
I really lied it it is great!!!!27th January 2017
Really good! :)27th January 2017
i very much liked picture 2 a lot14th January 2017
(: i liked it11th January 2017
:):)11th January 2017
:)10th January 2017
i didnt like it it was not very interesting19th December 2016
it was good
13th December 2016
it was so beutiful5th December 2016


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