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Pandora's Box

Name: Lucy 30th September 2007
i dont know any stories like this but i do no that this is ace!!!!!!!!!
Name: Sammie 24th October 2007
This story is great! I just love Greek myths and legends. I even know some of the language.
Name: Rachel Neuhaus 26th October 2007
An Indian folktale entitled, "Feather Woman" is similar to Pandora's myth.
Name: Emma 5th November 2007
I think its really really x99999999999999
Name: Jayne 18th November 2007

I'd just like to congratulate you on a fantastic resource, this is absolutely brilliant.

My Y5 children love this!

Thank you! :-)
Name: James And Sophie 20th November 2007
We really like it
Name: Shelby 20th November 2007
i Think this website is fantastic as you don't have to read it you can listen to it aswell! it has helped me with several bits of homework.
Name: Rachael 5th December 2007
i heard this in english it was relly good thank you so much i love myths & legends
Name: Gemma.louise.cox. 20th December 2007
very good amsaming
Name: Jessica 21st December 2007
this is it, pandora's box enjoy!!!
Name: Sarah 9th January 2008
Very Good but can't copy and use for work and homework at school
Name: Geoffrey 16th January 2008
its brilliant
Name: Michaela 16th January 2008
i think it s a good story even better if it had a moral
Name: Harshi 19th January 2008
i love thease stories
Name: Charlotte 31st January 2008
it was great goooooooooooodd coooooooooooollllll
Name: Elie 8th February 2008
it is wonderful
Name: Fiama 14th February 2008
I think this story is very educational for young students like MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!
Name: Sophie Jones 19th February 2008
Alright! YOu should put more details on Pandora

PLZ reply
Name: Kenya Coffey 5th March 2008
Very interesting, something I've always heard of but never understood until now
Name: Arlinda 8th March 2008
i really enjoyd this myth or legend and i am going to watch it alot
Name: Kiko 17th March 2008
nice, but i think you should take this off line.
Name: Raeesa 19th March 2008
This was a very good story.
Name: PAoLa 3rd April 2008
I love this page
is cool!
Name: Kira 21st April 2008
i think this story is really good i have read it several times now. i have only known about it for 3 days..... it is one of the most best book i have readin all my life :)
Name: Eunice 6th May 2008
its scary
Name: Beth 7th May 2008
i cant even watch it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Harriet Eve 17th May 2008
i loved it
Name: Stacey Painting 3rd June 2008
This is a lovely resource, thank you very much.
Name: Roshelle101 4th June 2008
hey ya every 1 who readcs these dont u think tht this is just so cool . we have been lerning this in class it is fun add a coment after u have seen it see u soon roshelle101
Name: Demi 18th June 2008
this legend is really good i read it at school and we made one it was fun but this is better it was intresting.
Name: Diana Franso 2nd July 2008
i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
thissssssssssssssssssssss storyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Name: Ailish 17th July 2008
I really liked the story
Name: Sophie 7th August 2008
A great story,my favourite.
Name: Criselda 14th August 2008
was that a myth or a legend?
Name: Gemma 4th September 2008
that is a very good
Name: Keely 16th September 2008
Name: Anne Marie 23rd September 2008
i beleive in urban legends
Name: Natalie 22nd October 2008
i reakon pandoras box is a really good legand
Name: Emily 22nd October 2008
i watched this with my class it is very intresting!
I love all your Myths! x
Name: Naima 4th November 2008
ive done this in school

Name: Barbara 4th November 2008
I love this myth

i like all your myths and legends xx
Name: A.K 4th November 2008
it was really great i loved it i will tell other people about it my techer will like it to i just loved it it was so cool my school is going to like your website my school is st john wall they are going to love it you have just got my eyes this website is my favorite i love it and the stories are great as well as the website it is so good i jusy am in love with it sssooo cccoooolll i love it bye
Name: Meera Patel 6th November 2008
I thought this myth was really good and at my school we are carrying out Greek myths so that we could draw our designs for my homework.I didn't know what to do but now I do.
Name: 3JM Old Bexley CE Primary School 10th November 2008
In Literacy we are learning about myths and legends. We really enjoyed Pandora's box and will probably watch it again one day. It was fascinating, hilarious and fun. It was rrrreeeaaalllllly gooooooood! Thank you
Name: Beff 13th November 2008
it is very good thanks for putting it on there
Name: Shauna 13th November 2008
i hate this story so much it is a boring myth (edited .. please remember we ask you to be polite!)
Name: Katie 14th November 2008
i love this story i read it 3 times
Name: Myra 14th November 2008
ace! brillant!!! Coool!!!!!
Name: Maia Wood 15th November 2008
this is ace because you get to know all sorts of myths and legends from greece i read it 8 times.
Name: Billy 15th November 2008
what a brilliant story i could read it over and over again!:)
Name: Chanel Sambrookes 19th November 2008
i loves the story we do pandora in school so i know what it is about bt i still love the story i could read it over and over again
Name: Ben Seager And Andy Wynne-Jones 20th November 2008
This Is Very Good I Have Read It About 15 Times The Pictures Are Very Amuzing
It Has Got Good Fiction Bye For Now Comment You Back Later Bye OxO
Name: Bethanychilton 23rd November 2008
this is great i watched it once at school i go to eatock primary school in daisy hill bolton

it is great
Name: Allane Izzy 24th November 2008
This is a big help for students like me.
our teacher said we need to recite the summary of the story pandora's box.
Name: Pathmaazan 27th November 2008
This explains that don't open anything such as doors, cupboards and all sorts.
Name: Harjot 28th November 2008
this is brilliant.i rely love it.
Name: Holly 29th November 2008
i really like this story, i hope everyone else does
Name: Charlie 30th November 2008
this is a really good story and it shows people how all the bad stuff is in the world now but there is also hope
Name: Soffia 3rd December 2008
this is a really interesting story, it helped me with my english homework.
Name: Megan 4th December 2008
i really like this story and my freind catherine
Name: BRITTANY 4th December 2008
i like but do it so you can read it and not the man
Name: Vivien 9th December 2008
i think this is a lovely story actually i'm doing a report on it now!!!
Name: Afareen 5th January 2009
I liked this and, I thought it was horrible what the god Zeus, put in that box. But altogether I loved it!!!
Name: Rebecca 6th January 2009
i liked it and thought it was real interesting
Name: Rimah 10th January 2009
really good story
Name: Liberty 11th January 2009
I LOVED IT!!!!!!!
it was great the best one i have heard yet!!!!
Name: Char 12th January 2009
i loved it mr m its cool hi u lot hi pry and loz
Name: Morenike 12th January 2009
i think that he was great it tough to be good and you can fix things
Name: Steve 13th January 2009
Name: Samiha 13th January 2009
well pandora should not opened the box.
Name: Char 13th January 2009
hi its great mr m hi
Name: Elleise 14th January 2009
Name: Morenike 14th January 2009
i think it was funnyyyyy because of when she had chicken pops
Name: Grace 16th January 2009
Brill I've herd lots of versians and this is by far the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Becca Xx 21st January 2009
WOW i learnt about this story but never thought it could make sense it does i think all primary schools should have this site as it can help you understand sooo much i really understand now

Name: Bx 21st January 2009
i think that it is really good but where is the other storys they should have other stories !!! thats how good it was make it superbe by adding other stories
Name: Lewis.y 23rd January 2009
i realy enjoyed pandoras box because we are learning pandoras box please add some more myths like that

from lewis.y
Name: Bethan Speed 24th January 2009
I thought that it is really cool.
We are doing myths and legends at school,so this website is really helpful
x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
Name: Violet 24th January 2009
I think pandor\'s box is really good
especially when hope comes to her. I really felt happy when hope came to her and I felt angry for the god that sent her no hope but bad hope. But at the end she fially found hope. But it teachers her never to open somethink she was not told to open.
Name: Rosie. Perry 25th January 2009
I really liked it. It was great! Its a good myth! xxx

Thanks to Myths and Legends, from Rose.P
Name: Tasha 25th January 2009
that was a really good story im glad that hope came out
Name: I Luv .... 1712 25th January 2009
kwl i watched this at skool it was kool. i luv it when she opens the box its funky
Name: Jenny 25th January 2009
It was a really good myth.Pandora got what she deserved though.She promised never to open the box but she broke it.That taught her a lesson.Prometheas and epimetheus shouldnt have been naughty.The video was a bit wierd pandoras clay epimetheus.Not smart epimetheus you arnt.
Name: Holly 26th January 2009
i thought that pandor's box because i would do the same as the girl did i would open it to have a look inside it.
Name: Yasmin 27th January 2009
oj i love the story of pandra i even have a pandra bangle. i wish the world would love the story as mush as me. u should look at the story because its amazing and u will love it to.

i hope u injoy the story and remember to tell every about the story bye for now lots wishes yasmin=)
Name: Lewis 28th January 2009
we learned about it today at rjs
Name: Catie 29th January 2009
we are learning it
Name: Holly 29th January 2009
Name: Megan 30th January 2009
We are learning about it in LAtin!
Name: Alex 31st January 2009
it is realy cool
Name: Tommy Schmitt 1st February 2009
so kool we r learning about it in language
Name: Isabel 1st February 2009
We have to find out a myth or lengend for homework and make props and then we have to tell the story in our own words and the limit time is 5 minutes. I'm doing pandora's box. And i'm going to use a cardboard box and draw the characters
Name: Nimrah 1st February 2009
Wicked! that was really really good!
Name: Abdel 1st February 2009
The story is FUN!!!
Name: James 1st February 2009
What a fantastic story
Name: Lauren 2nd February 2009
wow this site has been really useful and since i am doing a project about pandoraS box for college road primary it has been superb
Name: Phoebe 3rd February 2009
this was amazingly helpful!
Name: Andrew 9th February 2009
it was ARSOM! it is an intresting myth and we have a nother verson in school!
Name: Brad 10th February 2009
cool myth i think it the best
Name: Harry 12th February 2009
Cool! Helped with my Latin
Name: Florence 15th February 2009
I thing Pandora's box was really interesting. I liked the bit where Pandora opened the box and all the bad things came out of the box's
Name: Lucy 19th February 2009
i thought it was reay good but itwas stupid of her to open the golden box but it was still very good
Name: Rolly 23rd February 2009
this website is cool
Name: Cherry 26th February 2009
well i think it puts a meaning on something,i understand why pandora opened the box,having a box something great could be inside yet somthing bad could be in it to.well mostly everyone knows the saying curiosity killed the cat ive got a new one

curiosity realeased evil
lol no it didnt
well it was a nice story
Name: Meghan 27th February 2009
this is really cool and it helps me with my homework espeially in march with st. davids day and we have to write a welsh story :D BTW i luv this site.
Name: Brianna 1st March 2009
I was always wondering how spiders wove their webs until I read this story!
Name: Holly 5th March 2009
that is so scary im going to have nightmares
Name: Sally 8th March 2009
A fantastic resource to improve our children's creative writing skills.
Name: Alice 10th March 2009
thank you so much for putting that up! in my class we have to do a god and goddess project. the god i chose was pandora! that story helped me get some ideas to put in my report!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Rosie 12th March 2009
The story pandora's box gave me alot of ideas dor my myth in my school and the mythacal creature I made thanks alot for putting that up.
Name: Meeee 13th March 2009
hey i really like myths!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Courtney 14th March 2009
this is a great story. thankz 4 putting it up. i lve it
Name: Anita 14th March 2009
i love these myths and legends they really stand out
Name: Anita 14th March 2009
i loved that story but i wish their was a heap of clothes in box
Name: William 20th March 2009
it is abit boreing and could it been a bit more intresting
Name: Amy 26th March 2009
wow what a great stor i would off deffanitly opened the box like pandora amyxx
Name: Emily 28th March 2009
omg i really love this story i like the ending she gets healed and hope follows them in thier life
Name: Miryam 30th March 2009
I really enjoyed this myth, it was very
exiting because i did not know what was going to be in the box it was a suprise.
Name: Hadi 3rd April 2009
There is something I didn't find right.After Pandora opens the box,she should be punished,but she is forgiven.Anyhow,the story was nice
Name: Maryam Iqbal 7th April 2009
I like this myth although it is a little bit scary.
Name: Frederick 12th April 2009
It was totally unbelievable! I love this myth, and did not know what the box contained at first!
Name: Eilidh 14th April 2009
i thought the story was amazing it gets your mind thinking about what could be in the box and when you find out its like you didn't need to no at all!!!
Name: Eleanor Mortimore 14th April 2009
i first thought there was no harm in opening a box, pandora was curious just like i am somtimes but when she opened the box i was suprised when death, illness and other horrible things came out.i love this myth and it gives a message'even when your curiosty gets ahead of you DONT always look in things
Name: KANE 14th April 2009
can hope realy keep up with all those bad things the story is realy deep and you can understand it
Name: Emma Bolingbroke 16th April 2009
hi redcastle having fun in yorkshire

i think this story is brill one of my favorites
Name: Szymon Gula 22nd April 2009
quite scary but borig
Name: Jessica 24th April 2009
love it mate
Name: Paige 27th April 2009
was ok i supose for school work
Name: Lauren:) 28th April 2009
Name: Kate 28th April 2009
cool story enjoyd it
Name: Sadiyah 3rd May 2009
i did a play on this, i was pandora the main role!!
Name: Chloe 5th May 2009
mint wicked amzing
Name: Lionel 5th May 2009
this is the most beautiful story I've ever read the pictures potray a sense of relife when hope comes out the casket
Name: Rosie 5th May 2009
it was ok i spose but a bit borin after a while!
Name: Wasiya 6th May 2009
was it real or notreal
Name: Ruchi 8th May 2009
Name: Pablito 10th May 2009
Well done!
Name: Avery 11th May 2009
very fancy.
Name: Claudia 21st May 2009
Name: Ashanie 27th May 2009
goooooooooooooooooooood and Zeus was very bad
Name: Shawn 3rd June 2009
i think it was well structured and you must have put lots of effort in it
Name: Jordan 3rd June 2009
briliant work i read it and its gd
Name: Janice 3rd June 2009
i loved it it was great i hope theres more to see
Name: Mariyam 3rd June 2009
i lovved it a lott a lot i hope there is more xx
Name: Danielle 3rd June 2009
I thought it was good and well presented.
Well done.
Name: Shawn 3rd June 2009
great structure must have took lots of effort
Name: Naffy Princess 3rd June 2009
Name: Jakub 3rd June 2009
realy gooooooooooooooood
Name: Michael 9th June 2009
this is A Great Story I Really Like It nothing Else
Name: Polly 9th June 2009
this is so good i hope the butterfly deafets the evil insects :)
Name: Wierd Al 22nd June 2009
I loved this story it was awsome
Name: Emma 23rd June 2009
I love that noise from Hope!
Name: Emma Willlis 23rd June 2009
Name: Ho 29th June 2009
this is gud but it cud be betta!!
Name: Benjamin Twelford 22nd July 2009
hi this is the best story in the world
Name: Karen: 25th July 2009
the story is...
a lesson to us that
we should not be arrogant
Name: Sophia Tuliao 3rd August 2009
Name: Jess 8th September 2009
really coooooooooooool
Name: Molly 8th September 2009
i watched this at school and found it facinating
Name: Amy Jolliffe 9th September 2009
it was very good the bit i liked was the fly came out and courd the pain from pandora
Name: Maya 9th September 2009
i have seen this at school and seen 2 other ones because we r learning about ancient greece.
Name: Mya 13th September 2009
its interesting
Name: Becky 15th September 2009
I watched this at school and my teacher had it on full sound and when all the bad things came out they made me jump
Name: Georgia Need Homework Help 15th September 2009
is this a myth or ledgend
Name: Tara 17th September 2009
woooww yaaa this legend is creepy im soo glad hope was left in the box... what would we do without hope. i learnt about this legend at school
Name: Violet 20th September 2009
I think that Pandoras box should be a well known story I think that pandoras box is a good story.
Name: Bob 23rd September 2009
I don't like this story
Name: Mihaela 26th September 2009
I liked the way that this story is presented - very creative ! And the myth is very interesting.
Name: Trixy 27th September 2009
i loved it
Name: Sarah 29th September 2009
i thought it was a bit boring 2 be honest so make it a bit more intresting luv thanx u
Name: Tia 29th September 2009
i think it is very good and you can tell that you have put effort in to it
Name: Joe Journet 29th September 2009
it is very cool
Name: Amy 30th September 2009
I liked it beacuas it shows at the end of everthing what is bad is hope.
Name: Jay Cee (Teacher) 1st October 2009
Thank you so much for such a lovely web page. I'm an English teacher and I'm teaching myths, I just started working on Pandora's box and it allows me to work with the children in several areas including theatre, arts and of course,the four skills.
thanks a million.
Name: Toni Ford 2nd October 2009
hiya i love it i am doin this in school it is very cool lol
Name: Kolsuma 11th October 2009
i like it its so cooooooooooool
Name: Terry 20th October 2009
Name: Victoria 23rd October 2009
really good
Name: Jessica 28th October 2009
Name: Millie 30th October 2009
Kinda creepy and that teached Zeus a lesson. I think?
Name: Laura 3rd November 2009
I realy like this story because it tells you want it has got in the box.
Name: Michael 3rd November 2009
Good. okay
Name: Louisa 4th November 2009
i have read this before and for school work we had to put them in order it was hard but the story was intresting !!! 8)
Name: Ayers 6th November 2009
I have used this and the kids love it...
Name: Clara 8th November 2009
relly good ive just lernt about it in my school !!!!
Name: Mariam 10th November 2009
we did this at school as part of our homework.I fond it very interesting and I like the happy ending.
Name: Jojo Smart 19th November 2009
awesomely cool,great fun good story and well done
Name: Mimmy 21st November 2009
It was a great video
Name: Neha 22nd November 2009
I think that it was a awesome
story and I think it was quite a
intresting too.
Name: Leyla 23rd November 2009
i thought other myths were better but i think it was still ok
Name: Elei 25th November 2009
this ledgend is COOL!!! My fav part is at at the end when she got stung!:)(:
Name: Sinead 26th November 2009
it was so intresting i like hearing about things like this.
Name: Paizley 27th November 2009
ohh im a teacher and me and my class most enjoyed it at the end when hope came out the box
Name: Mili Begum 28th November 2009
pandoras box is a very good story its interesting
Name: Connor 30th November 2009
I thought Pandora's Box was good but I thought the music when Pandora opened the box was a bit scary.
Name: Francesca.J 6th December 2009
I thought that Pandoras box was ok, but on the other hand it was kind of boring. But when she opened the box I just HAD to know what happened next! And it was dreadful at first, but at least it ended happily!
Name: Hadjar 6th December 2009
That story was great. I got so interested that my sister was trying to talk to me but i was to into the story that i dident realise that she was talking to me.
That story was fantastic!
Name: Valentina 9th December 2009
This story was so cool but i am a bit angry with Pandora. It's all her fault if now we have all those bad things!
Name: Fatima 11th December 2009
i wish there was more
Name: Shakil 13th December 2009
i might do this on my homework
Name: Kian 13th December 2009
cool story but way to short!!!
Name: Linda 13th December 2009
Wouldn't you know there would be a MAN behind Pandora Box, he knew what she would do? And then HOPE!
Name: Raquel Oclares 16th December 2009
i like the presentation... it would help a lot of students especially to those who are taking mythology subject.. it could motivate students and facilitate learning. students were able to love mythology because of this.
Name: Tonia 18th December 2009
Nice story but it honestly didn't explain much. Nice work though.
Name: Sophia 28th December 2009
this is the best greek myth ever :):):):):):):):):)
Name: Jayne 29th December 2009
I thought this was a cla story and is v good 4 plays as I did this in DRAMA it was Fantastic v.gooooooooooooooooood
Fab story shows wat curiosity can Doooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Samantha-Holly 7th January 2010
Good story. Needed to explain more though really. I couldn\'t use it for my homework.
Name: Halima 8th January 2010
it was scary when DEATH but HOPE was nice think it was beatiful story
Name: Anisha Rahman 9th January 2010
that was a great myth a really enjoyed it it was also fun
anisha rahman yr4 olgas class 2010
Name: Stephanie 12th January 2010
that was ery scary and it was so funny
Name: Vevexx 13th January 2010
My fav myth.
Name: Klaudia-holly 14th January 2010
it was a good story but i expected it to be more scary.
Name: Zakariya 14th January 2010
Name: Billi D Sophie H 14th January 2010
it was god but how did she get chickn pocs
Name: Izzy 15th January 2010
i liked the story because it was a good one & that is why i chose it for my myth homework
Name: Eve 15th January 2010
She never got chicken pocs she got all. cuts for the horrid things that had happened to her
Name: Janique And D Andre 15th January 2010
its a great story
Name: Jade 18th January 2010
i thought it was scary when pandora opened the box and all terrible things happened
Name: James 18th January 2010
im learning about this
Name: Hope X 19th January 2010
great!i love this but when did it happen
Name: Storyteller 20th January 2010
Wow.....(speechless at the moment)
Name: Catherine 21st January 2010
Name: Ttht 21st January 2010
that was amazing
Name: Callum 21st January 2010
Name: Indie 23rd January 2010
i Like this website brilliant !!!!
Name: Kya 25th January 2010
Love the website
Name: Georgina 25th January 2010
it was a good story
Name: Amelia 25th January 2010
cool story
Name: Molly 25th January 2010
Ilove this story because its magical and intresting so thumbs up from me
Name: KOOLKAT 28th January 2010
It was soooooooooo coooooooool, but weird...why do weird incects fly out of the box??? Oh well, :-)
Name: Rhiannon 31st January 2010
it was really goood i had a bit of reading to do about it at school
Name: Lucinda 31st January 2010
it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo weird but so cool
Name: Luke 1st February 2010
good story i liked it
Name: Eva 2nd February 2010
good story . I enjoyed it a lot.
Name: Calvin 2nd February 2010
I learnt about this in school lol...
Name: Imogen Parkinson 2nd February 2010
I thought it was really good! It will really help me doing my work tomorrow!
Name: Gianna 3rd February 2010
this story is so cool i love reading it
Name: Anya 3rd February 2010
yo this is ace cool!
Name: Izzy 3rd February 2010
helped me with my hw!!
Name: Muppet 3rd February 2010
i am doing greek myths in school so this was an extra piece of knowledge for me!!!
i loved the story and the animation effects too.
Name: Kitkat 4th February 2010
i love the story athough it tells the bad things but one good thing it rocks
Name: Amelia 5th February 2010
its very good i love it xx
Name: Chloe Farmer 5th February 2010
I liked it because I have read it at school.
Name: Niall Farmer 5th February 2010
I liked it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Jonathan 8th February 2010
I love this!
Name: Sarah 9th February 2010
well nothings sad because though she had got disease because of what she had done she became well again with the hope.
Name: Ingrid 11th February 2010
Name: Kk 15th February 2010
its not nice!
Name: Tom 16th February 2010
i love this
Name: Eman 17th February 2010
i love it is very good
Name: Emma 20th February 2010
was a bit good but scare
Name: Mr Bombastic 20th February 2010
fun daba ding dong this is gud
Name: Sofia 22nd February 2010
I am a bit stuck on some work about Greek Myths but this has helped me so much! Thankyou!
I'm in 5D!
Name: Tom Sellar 25th February 2010
this is a good story
Name: Ben 25th February 2010
am i ment to do somthing?
Name: Skye 25th February 2010
Its a great myth
Name: Emma 25th February 2010
It was good but i need to find out what the hidden message behind the myth is and im kinda stuck on that :/
Name: Saskia 25th February 2010
its cool but im a bit sick of it now because we have been learning it at school for about 3 months now!
Name: Yamina 26th February 2010
its a great myth maby il try to make ma own myth like that onegv
Name: Lucinda 26th February 2010
we have made a video of this !
Name: Merin 28th February 2010
i love this it is a nice story i love it
Name: Tempany 28th February 2010
it is a fab story and in school we have to do a letter to Zeus to say how sorry you are for openning the box
Name: Keeley 28th February 2010
i love this like made it surprise me did it surprise you?
Name: Katie 1st March 2010
it was good but did pandora live it needs a bit more information about all of th charactors.
Name: Henry 1st March 2010
I like this story.
Name: Chloe 2nd March 2010
i love pandoras box its the only myth i watch
Name: Kia 2nd March 2010
pandoras box needs a bit more info like a slide about every difrent bit luv ya kia.x
Name: Jennifer Chapman 5th March 2010
I loved the story and I leant about
this story on the 5 of march 2010.
Name: Renni Ceinich 7th March 2010
wonderfull and origional
Name: Isabella 8th March 2010
I really enjoyed the was sad that the god made pandora open the box which brought pain death and misery to the world but hope followed.
Name: Alex Smith 9th March 2010
dis is epic lol
Name: Ze4nat 9th March 2010
I really liked it
Name: Kjal 12th March 2010
it rocks
Name: Nishi 16th March 2010
never open stuff that pepole tell you not t o open
Name: Aiesha 17th March 2010
this story rocks
Name: Alesha 18th March 2010
this story is sooooooooooo good teaches u never open things when your not told to ha ah ha ha!!!
Name: Tia 19th March 2010
i like this storys

Name: Roksana 21st March 2010
It's easy to understand and I have passed the test about myth.
Name: Abigail 31st March 2010
i loved it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Alessia 3rd April 2010
I loved it
it made me lol
Name: Mariela 6th April 2010
thanks to this i got 100 on my presentacion about pandora!
Name: Samuel 9th April 2010
It was briliant!
It was great!
It was fab!
But above all it was awsome!
Name: Phoebe 21st April 2010
this is a nice version
Name: :D X 22nd April 2010
I love it!
We are doing all about it in skool and i think this one is the BEST!
Name: Adeeba 23rd April 2010
This is very clear and excellent,when I first read the book at school I thought how boring but the animations was much better and quickly understanding. xx :)
Name: Smiely 23rd April 2010
great i loved it
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pandoras box is cool but what is the moral or message
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i love pandora's box really great story and this version is a little weird but its nice.
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i like this version of pandora and i love myths
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how was it scary
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looks like they're fitting this story into the new series of doctor who. ''The Pandorica will be opened''. Cant wait to find out what its all about
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its really good this except the music wen the evil came out gave me the shivers
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i love myths
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it was great
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I just read this story (a slightly edited version) to my young son. He loved it!
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100 star's
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i like this story she stupid she was told not to open the box and she did. dumb gilr.
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i think this story is good for kidz
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An amazing story, with great animations, brilliant to keep the children interested
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i like it but it could do alot better and its not really up to my standerds really but its good though.
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i really like this story and this site really helped me with my school project thank you so much myths and legends team.
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that was a good story and we are laerning about greece in school.
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is this a myth or legend
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Is this a Myth??
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I never really knew the story just bits of it. So I really enjoyed listening to it.
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I love this one
Name: Joey 23rd June 2010
this is the best one I ever hard im wow
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i like how doctor who has taken this myth and turned it into a film called the pandorica opens
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i thought it was well said the story and very well understandable,, i hope pandora learnt her lesson !! and not let her curiosity take over.
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this was amazing the best thing ever!!!!!
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i thought that they didnt let hope out and that pandora was very dum
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we think this story is exerlent because we like make belive storys
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this story is brilliant. it is really interesting and we love the part where they make pandora out of clay.
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if Zeus released death den dat meenz didnt die b4 da box woz opend.
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it was good
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it waz kk
Name: Peter Chiodo 22nd July 2010
Pandora's Box was never actually a box.

Its was a jar, a large jar. A mistranslation from Latin coined it a box.
Name: Maddi 27th July 2010
Wow that was just amazing I loved it I love seeing such great cool storys like that it inspiers me to wright lots of diffrent story. When I wright my storys have difrent things for each story and that kind of story I never thought about that kind of story.
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Wow that is a really great story I love it and i think that you should write more.
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i love this story i am going to write a story just like this xxx
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i think this story is great and i love it how it is so mysterious and it explains how you can be punished punished again but then be forgiven.This story has inspired me to write stories full of mystery the unfortunate.
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this story was exiting horrifing and forgiving.
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Love it, Absolutly Love it : )
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it is a very interesting story but i would like to have a summary aswell to make it easier to understand for my children
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My favourite myth ever!!

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Excellent story!I like this story.
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I love this myth
we have a box in our classroom and we are not allowed yo open it
but if someone opens it we cant hae biscuits in reading time.
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wow very intresting is there any unicorn stories?
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A lovely story and true to. Hope does follow things bad! :)
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omg i red this t skool with me teacherrr like wen i was like in like primry skool like
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This is soo cooolll!!! IT helped me in a english paper that was due for school!! But maybe you could add more legends about the greek gods?? That would be very usefull.. THANKS!!
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This story is a very good story and I like it because it teaches you a big lesson to never disobey God
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it was a great story. i can see the meaning. it is like she let all sadness in the world but also some good.
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Good story, teaching you to not be to curious and not to disoby, but it also teaches you that curiosity isen't always the worse thing in the world.
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Cool Story
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I really like this story! We where learning nabou Ancient Greec in school and we found thi sstory (Pandoras box), and now I have found it here. Also, this is the exact same website we looked on at school!
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I love this web!
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i learned about this story at school
Name: C Cross 1st January 2011
Pandora's box is an artifact in Greek mythology. The "box" was actually a large jar (πιθος pithos) given to Pandora (Πανδώρα) ("all-gifted"), which contained all the evils of the world.
When Pandora opened the jar, the entire contents of the jar were released, but for one – hope. The original Greek word used was pithos, which is a large jar, sometimes as large as a small human (Diogenes of Sinope was said to have once slept in one). It was used for storage of wine, oil, grain or other provisions, or, ritually, as a container for a human body for burying. In the case of Pandora, this jar may have been made of clay for use as storage as in the usual sense, or of bronze metal as an unbreakable prison.

The mistranslation of pithos is usually attributed to the 16th century humanist Erasmus of Rotterdam who translated Hesiod's tale of Pandora into Latin. Erasmus rendered pithos as the Greek pyxis, meaning "box". The phrase "Pandora's box" has endured ever since. This misconception was further reinforced by Dante Gabriel Rossetti's painting Pandora.

In other versions, Hope does come out, though the main purpose of the myth of Pandora is to address why evil exists in the world.
Name: India 5th January 2011
this myth teachers u that never open things your posted to! its a great story,
Name: Bessie 9th January 2011
This story is good, she just could\\\'nt resist temptation!!x
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this story is nice
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this was quite good but not realistic
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Good story. I like old stories with Gods.
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I Really Like This Story. I Am Doing It In School. How Fun? I Like The Bit Where Pandora Trys To Open The Box A Couple Of Time Then When She Opened It She Was Badly Hurt, Then Epimethus Came In And Ask What Have Happened. Pandora Closed The Lid But She Could Here A Tiny Voice So She Opened The Box And Out Came Hope Who Healed Pandora And Follow The Bad Moths To Heal What They Do
Name: Brandon 19th January 2011
i have read this story loads of times at school it is canny good
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thisssss story is wonderful. I leant about god and godness at schoolll
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i had to write a myth at shchooL
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Greek myths
i writ my own named Julic and the Tailortaur
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Well done i found this really interesting because we are learning about this to!
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i really liked the box and my couriosity now knows not to ppen a box that you shoudnt
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This is a great site. I would definately recomend it!
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why did Pandora opern the box
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in another version of pandoras box she opens it and cries a pool of black acid
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wicked book next time put loads in it because it was cool and great!
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i don't know any stories similar to this but i would definitely know a few with the same moral: Don't give into temptation but also remember that if you do give in to temptation it can have a good or bad result!!!
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thank you this was a good reference and the presentation was nice.....
thanks a lot.....
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one of the best myths i have ever read please write more ancient greece myths as soon as possible
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awesome story!!!
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And Zeus looked cool!!
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im so like wow im not gonna stop seeing this in school
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i dont realy get that story at all
Name: Callum 9th May 2011
if zues planned to send all those terrible things as punishment within the box then why would he then put hope in to get rid of it all....:?
Name: Lee 11th May 2011
how did you make the video and why did they annoy the gods
Name: Lola 14th May 2011
I personally do not like this legend simply cuz Zeus is the god of all "gods" apparently. But the God I serve is the only true living and everlasting God.
Name: Murti 15th May 2011
ilove ittttttttt!
Name: Elizabeth 16th May 2011
i think this was a good story i lisend to it on school and i loved it I wonder if we would never die and have to many people in the world if she hadn't opened the box ! well done BTW Pandora diddent look pretty.
Name: Jaz Uyen 17th May 2011
my tearcher had all ready told us that storey before but this one sounded much better then her because its the real thing i injoyed it :)....
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i love it
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I just want to say it your story is was so good and Y6 love it they keep watchingh it. i hoe i will weatched ebvery weemkend
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This is a brill myth

all my friends at school make a joke about me being pandora
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i dont understand it but is very good and watched it loads of times
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i love this story it pro and i just have 2 read it again & again
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Love the way there is a moral i enjoyed it alot. good story.
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i think it a a brilliant story!!!!
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it is intresting, but how do you create your own even if you don't do it in school
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The moral is that the gods could not have any defiance, and that curiosity was bad. This is not the case. When we are curious, we learn.
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i think this story is very although i have heard millions of times
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Mr Park
i think the pandora box clip is fansastic.
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Worst pictures EVER!!!!!!!! but good info
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it was good story but it was kind of short.
Name: Jhonviea 11th November 2011
I LOVED IT i like paranda the most she looked so cute that i would adopet her but the thing i diddent like when he let all evil around the world but the best part is when there was only left was hope i enjoyed that story and i always will
Name: Anna Fraser 1st December 2011
I would like to know what the story was that Jhonviea read or listened to as his/her comments seem to bear no relation to the story of PANDORA that I listened to on this site!
Name: Cofi 3rd December 2011
i hate it
Name: Sarah 5th December 2011
i liked it music got creepy at parts
Name: Parfie Nora 8th December 2011
What do people do to remember Pandora ? Is there any dance or Ceremony held ? Please answer fast . I have to prepare for competitionn.
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wow that was a good story, but could have been longer :)
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its a realy good story it tells how she was made
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that was a very good story
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This is such a wonderful story. You made my day. I'll surely encourage my students to create & share amazing myths and legends from Mexico. This site rocks!!!
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This was one of my school projects! My teacher loved it!
Dunno about the class though.
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This is the most touching myth ever
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I love t aspeshily when she gets all of the death things and then hope
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i love this web it has helped with my home work that me and my mum where struglin on
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This is a very handy myth that helped me with my homelearning.
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it has a good ending moral nd tells a quite true story even though its a
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i love this story for kids ,because it tells them not to do anything when they have been told not to
Name: Niamh Charntelle 31st January 2012
we both think it is a good moral and realy enjoyed by us!!!
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i find that the story (pandoras box)is very good for children because its really creative !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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i thougt it was great
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Its should've been done with a nasty
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it helped with my skl work
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i loved the myth but how come u cant find many pictures online
Name: Mrs. Bounds 28th February 2012
18 of our class voted that this was an interesting myth to describe how bad things came into the world.
Criticisms of the story were that there was not enough action, or description. Someone wouldn't choose to read it for fun.
Name: Jessica 28th February 2012
it is cool because some of them
are happy endings.
we watch these at school and we all think they are funny.
Name: Lydia 28th February 2012
i love the story it realy brings it to life in my brain. keep it up.!
Name: Aysha 28th February 2012
pandoras box is a very tre story.This is because there are bad in this world like burglars and murders.
Also there is loads of people with a lot of hope.
Name: Hannah 29th February 2012
Yea Im doing a project on Pandora and I didnt even know who she was. It helped me alot.
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nice story
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gr8 story im reading it at school because i had to.:) very good
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my sister loves this story when the thingys came out she was like oh no
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I was resaerching for talk homework
love this ledgend
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i read the book zuez flooded every thing even pandora two people were left standing and fighting
Name: Georgia Coldwell 12th March 2012
i was looking for information on pandora box for homwork
Name: Jake 13th March 2012
its cool
Name: Jamie 13th March 2012
its scary im 11 yers old my name is jamie haywood
Name: George Hicks 15th March 2012
I wonder how Zeus Knew that Pandora would open the box and how did Zeus get or make that box with all the horrors of life inside it
Name: Chyna Moore 16th March 2012
Homework: I enjoyed reading Pandora's box.following directions is very important.
Name: Harold Jones 16th March 2012
Were Did Zeus Get The Box From?
Name: Antonio 16th March 2012
this was a believeable reason why women are so curious
Name: Joshua 23rd March 2012
where can i download this in powerpoint format????
Name: Charnel 23rd March 2012
hi this is good
Name: Rachael 24th March 2012
The moral of the story was:
Always listen to those who are honest.
Name: Jake 27th March 2012
its wickid
Name: Brianna 29th March 2012
I thought this was a good story I heard about it but never read it so yea
Name: Josh 5th April 2012
Thanks, helped with my story board homework
Name: William 9th April 2012
the box was a tool for humanity in order to learn it\'s part in CreationWZY
Name: Terry 14th April 2012
Pandora was a gift to Prometheus brother, Epimetheus and the box was in fact a jar but was mistranslated in the 16th century
Name: Leila 14th April 2012
I had heard the story lots but i never knew that pandora was a gift from zeus to Prometheus! interesting :)
Name: Kitty 15th April 2012
this was soo good
Name: Jake 16th April 2012
Name: Evgenia 16th April 2012
great story! but wasnt Prometheus and Epimetheus titans and not humans since Pandora was the first mortal women to exist?
Name: Alisha Harcom 18th April 2012
this was ok....
Name: Bethan 19th April 2012
Name: Megan 19th April 2012
I really like it.
Name: Ellie 19th April 2012
i love this story because at school we are learning about greeks
Name: Nat 20th April 2012
it was really good and it had a lovely meaning in it.
Name: Christopher 20th April 2012
I did not like it. Should have aded a few more details. You shoud be able to pick your voice. The music at the end was strange.
Name: Noni 21st April 2012
i loved was so interesting
Name: Anna 22nd April 2012
the girl is so horrible and ungrate full
Name: Ellie 27th April 2012
awsome story
Name: Micaela 27th April 2012
it was fab i loved pandora\'s box im using it to do my homework im going to get a 10
Name: Lauren 28th April 2012
I luv myths and legends especially greek ones !
Name: Jack 4th May 2012
i loved it so much and i love u all
Name: Bob 7th May 2012
stupid girl
Name: Jessica Cheung 8th May 2012
The greek myths were intresting and help you learn.
Name: Aleigh 9th May 2012
this was great!!just out of curiostiy im doing a homework essay on pandoras box does any one know pandoras second name would be a great help???
Name: Rohan 10th May 2012
Great my freind me like it so much
Name: Andrew 10th May 2012
i seen this in school its awsome
Name: Daniel 15th May 2012
I know the second name ?
Name: Clair 18th May 2012
seen it in school it's bos!!!!

Name: Bebe 20th May 2012
this ia a beautiful story
Name: Jade 21st May 2012
Fantastic! This is one of my favourite myths ever!!! :>
Name: Selena 23rd May 2012
Name: Milly 24th May 2012
I think this is a really nice story I've read It time and time again because its so good people out there should read it I love zeus even though he is a mean person haha !
Name: Max And Joe 28th May 2012
it was terrible
Name: Khloe 28th May 2012
this is so clever and useful !
Name: Georgia 28th May 2012
We're doing a play of this at school... I'm auditioning to be Pandora

:-) Loved it BTW xox
Name: Fralitasathana 28th May 2012
Really good
Name: Tye 7th June 2012
wow;( i rather have no pain than hope what a fail!
Name: Chaz 14th June 2012
it wasn't like it was on dr who
Name: Harlz 14th June 2012
were doing about anceint greek myths. so this was really helpful
Name: Wasim 16th June 2012
myths and legends is fantastic
Name: Manman 18th June 2012
this is good but i don't understand the ending???
Name: Liam 18th June 2012
were doing ancient Greeks at school this will be realy helpful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Usamah 18th June 2012
i am not really a poem person but these poems rock my world
Name: Fahima 18th June 2012
I think its going to be fantastic for me because I'm going to right a story at school
Name: Kate 19th June 2012
lovely story but i don't think it's true....hope zues wouldn't have done that to the wicked brothers
Name: Shania 21st June 2012
I really love Pandora's box.And im learning about it in school.
Name: Helena Xx 25th June 2012
love this story
were learning
about it in school
Name: Izobelle 26th June 2012
a bit scary at the end, but i loved it. I'm pregnant, so it wobbled the baby a bit, but it was brilliant!
Name: Alicia 30th June 2012
i really liked it
Name: Ayesha 2nd July 2012
I am learning about pandora's box and the story is interesting
Name: Parez 2nd July 2012
I loved this story i have heard it about 89 or more times but i still want to hear it again
and also we are learning about this in school too!!! :) XXXXXX
Name: Emma 4th July 2012
I love watching this
Name: Elle Cowley 5th July 2012
this story is a little confusing but i love it anyway
Name: Bethany 9th July 2012
i love this book i think at first it was going to be mental but it was not i actually thought it was brilliant
Name: Hannah 10th July 2012
hey i loved that i thought that is was going to awful but not it was epic and sick
Name: Nageen Akhtar 16th July 2012
it was great i love leaning about greek myths and that was one of the great ones ever!!!
Name: Natalie 20th July 2012
i have to write 4 paragraphs about Pandora for homework so this has really helped. thank you.
Name: Amazon 10th August 2012
Just one tiny little thing that you missed: the end of the myth is not quite like this.

Pandora, instead of letting Hope out with all of the diseases and catastrophes, closed the box and could keep Hope lingering fro its border.

Hesid tells us on his "Works and Days" that

Only Hope was left within her unbreakable house,
she remained under the lip of the jar, and did not
fly away. Before [she could], Pandora replaced the
lid of the jar. This was the will of aegis-bearing
Zeus the Cloudgatherer.

Altough he did not tell why Hope was left behind, the explanation came later with other poets, like Theognis of Megara, who said

"Hope is the only good god remaining among mankind; the others have left and gone to Olympus."

I hope this infos where useful, if someone is planning to talk about Pandora's myth.
Name: Matthew 30th August 2012
I have to write about Pandora for homework as well, I knew the story but just needed to know the name of the gods.
Name: Jaden Smith 17th September 2012
this is a really awesome website!!!
Name: Kirti 24th September 2012
the story isn't quite right Promethus is ted to a cliff by Zeus or else how would Prometheus's freedom happen?
and Pandora hears voices from the box before opening the box.........
Name: Ewan Sears 25th September 2012
Pandora's Box is very exciting!

We even watched it at school.
Name: Shainicia 25th September 2012
I have to write about this any hints
Name: Looi 30th September 2012
the myth of pandoras box was very helpful and intresting
Name: Mooroogan 3rd October 2012
This is very good at school I have to write it for younger children 😜
Name: Bailey Mays 3rd October 2012
i found it very helpful i really enjoyed it?
Name: Alisa 9th October 2012
I think it was usfull to my greek homework
Name: Terry 11th October 2012
it is very useful for me
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enjoyed reading it lots
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OMG i love it.Awesome story.Currosity killed the cat :)
Name: Autumn 18th October 2012
I really enjoyed this story!!!
Name: Clay 18th October 2012
Name: Brock 18th October 2012
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this is SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Haley Long 18th October 2012
It is okay not the best story(more like the worst story). It makes me upset that means its the worst.
Name: Brock 18th October 2012
Name: Haley Long 18th October 2012
I just cant make up my mind It was but then it got AWESOME. :)
Name: Haley Long 18th October 2012
AWESOME it helps with kids listening skills and reading skills.Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.It helps with history to
Name: Finlay 18th October 2012
quite good

good for homework!
Name: Finlay 18th October 2012
it was quite good

really good for homework!

Name: Caitlin 20th October 2012
Amazing and lovely way to tell the story
gr8 for homework
Name: Mia Contties 21st October 2012
this is so flipping not good
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fab story. very well written
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it was nice and intresting i would recomend it
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so good story
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omg soooooo gooooooooooodddddddd
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This story is wrong.
Name: Sandra 23rd October 2012
OMG! what an amazing page. Thank you!!!
Name: Gabrielle 31st October 2012
I watched the story and it scared me coz the way the way she opened the box and the scary music came out!! and the Death and sickness and and all bad things
Name: Gina 7th November 2012
Iam learning about Pandoras Box at school so this really helped me with it though i haveread other vrsion of Pandoras Box and they wer much better than this version.
Name: Jaeda 8th November 2012
my favorite myth we watched it at school its awesome
Name: Louis 9th November 2012
i know everything about pandora box including it's stories
Name: Gabby 13th November 2012
i didnt uderstand the ending please make it clearer thank you
Name: Arriana 17th November 2012
Um... wheres the story?theres only that bit saying oh i haft to open the box?.. Fix it please..
Name: Hinna 20th November 2012
What did pandora let out of the box????????
Name: Ibrahim 23rd November 2012
love it
Name: Ellie 23rd November 2012
I Love Pandora's Box! I Read It At School So Good!!
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we read all about it at school it is soooo fun to read
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i loved this book because it was intresting
Name: Lucas 17th December 2012
i have heard of a simerler one but i cant remember the name if you can tell me
Name: Ammarah 18th December 2012
i like this book Pandora was inquisitive wow!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Samia 22nd December 2012
hi ppl i used to study this in year 5 but nw im in yr 8 and ive got a hw on myths and legends so this website is actually helping me!!! yay!!1
Name: Kaia 22nd December 2012
It is similar to a myth from the tajan
clan a clan that lived thousands of years ago look it up if you want you might never find it.
Name: Sonia 29th December 2012
this is probably a very helpful website to use cuz it actually helps you in yr 7 where u actually learn bout them in secondary schools and in more detail! you can start to ask olders to give u questions on the stories u read so u could answer it and it could be a good comprehension exercise for u which can help you improve ur english too thanks!!!;
Name: Anisa 30th December 2012
i find this quite scary!
Name: AKWASI 7th January 2013
Name: Apple 8th January 2013
this story is very interesting i like it only because it has a message that states if ur sick ur still have hope behined u
Name: Nicola 13th January 2013
poor pandoora
Name: No Name 15th January 2013
very interesting
Name: Hafiza 15th January 2013
don't like this
Name: Karen 20th January 2013
i have to write my own story of this for hw!!!!! pls help!
Name: Not Telling!! 22nd January 2013
I think this story tells a really good statement. I enjoyed very much!!
Name: Not Telling 27th January 2013
i really think this story tells a really good statement. i really enjoyed it very much.
Name: Rose 28th January 2013
it was very short.I didn't like it.
Name: Eduardo 31st January 2013
Always listen to your friend.
Name: Daisy 31st January 2013
very good story x
Name: Jeffrey 4th February 2013
nice story
Name: Ellie 4th February 2013
very good i heard it in school!! x
Name: Annabelle Mander 6th February 2013
I thought it was amazing it was very interesting alt
Although it could of had a bit more excitement in it an how would they build a shack on the mount Olympus thank you for listening to my comment
Name: Charlie 8th February 2013
I love this story I originally heard it at school !
Name: Ellie 9th February 2013
why did he give it to pandora
Name: Carly 15th February 2013
It's Athena, not Athene. And it's Hephaestus not Hephaestos.
Name: Ayiana 15th February 2013
Name: Tate 20th February 2013
a fairly good summary of the story of pandora. I enjoyed this video and desccription of the tale.
Name: Milla 22nd February 2013
This is my 2nd favourite myth/legend, brief explanation of what is happening.
Name: Jade 22nd February 2013
I love this website the story of pandoras box really helped me to understand that you should listen.As epimetheus didnt listen to his brother and pandora didnt listen to Zeus

thanks myths and ledgends team you helped me with my
Name: Azizah 25th February 2013
I think this a fantastic story
Name: Yasmin 25th February 2013
its a really good story
Name: 5125 25th February 2013
I liked the story it helped me learn about pandora's box in a entertaining way
Name: Beth 27th February 2013
i domt get it why doesnt she just not open the box spoilt women tbh though he is a bit idiotic giving them a wedding present that you cant open
Name: MAFMAF 28th February 2013
it\'s so great and nice the box is really opulent,and Zeus is so cheeky and Pandora
Name: Martina 1st March 2013
I realy engoyed this story
Name: Vanessa 2nd March 2013
That's not true, Prometheus created a clay human and accidentally breathed life into it and made more for the human, then Zeus found out and banished Prometheus. Epimethius created animals, Zeus made a woman with beauty, charm and curiosity. She went to Epimethius with a box and when Epimethius wasn't around, she opened the box and let out all of the horrors of the world. Then she shut the box and opened it again and let out hope into the world. That's what happens!
Name: Fggg 2nd March 2013
Name: Lala 6th March 2013
I like this myth.
Name: Lisa 10th March 2013
Vannesa is wrong Zeus and the wood maker made pandora out of clay and Aphrodite made her beautiful plus another god breathed life into her and they all taught her how to be nice and Zeus gave her as a gift to epimethetheus and so on
Name: I Love You Dale! 12th March 2013
I am doing this myth for school, pre excited to show the world my stuff. Fanx 4 da help website!!! XXX ANON
Name: Victoria 12th March 2013
Awesome Myth
Name: Rayana 12th March 2013
i am from sbs in noida delhi my teacher richa phthak told me to watch this as we are doing this myth in school i thimk it was very well explained and dipicted well done i think this myth is a hit becuse of e2hb awsomeee
Name: Surabi 13th March 2013

i can't find any answers for my question but i like that Zeus story though :) LOL!!!!
Name: Lily 14th March 2013
this is a great MYTH i love it!!!
Name: Alex 15th March 2013
i really like that! lol! i have to do a ten page essay on a greek myth and pandora's box will be exelent!
Name: Me 15th March 2013
i love that!
Name: Mohamed 19th March 2013
its realy scary
Name: IM The BEST 19th March 2013
Name: Stephanie Franklin 20th March 2013
I just want to say that your website is FABULOUS! I have shared it with many teachers and we all love it!
Name: Morgan Franklin 21st March 2013
coollllllllllllllllll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Maisie Moo 30th March 2013
this was a very educational website
Name: Hannah Hutcherson 2nd April 2013
Me and my husband josh hutcherson just had our childs fourth birthday she loves the site and loves the stories me and josh give it a 10/10
Name: Lynsey 7th April 2013
A Very Good Story For School!!!!!!
Name: Charlie 16th April 2013
I liked the style of the story it was totally different to another version I had read
Name: Julie 17th April 2013
Name: Babs 17th April 2013

awsome story can you tell me more about Pandoras Box
Name: Sophie 24th April 2013
I love pandora box it is soaking hot we are learning it i school
Name: Alisa 25th April 2013
i love all your books
Name: Ace 26th April 2013
I have studied greek mithology for a long time this myth is true.
Name: Hemali 26th April 2013
Can it go for even longer its the best myth ever!
Name: Rukia 3rd May 2013
This is such a wonderful story with a really good message:dont let let your curiosity get the better of you
Name: Freya 3rd May 2013
I love the deatails of the storys.
Name: Kiera 8th May 2013
wow i read it at school and it is cool
Name: Saae 15th May 2013
es genial me gusto mucho
Name: Rebecca Adele Joyce 16th May 2013
Name: Regan 22nd May 2013
That was A great Story
Name: Emily And Eliza 23rd May 2013
We loved Pandora\\\\\\\'s box it was awesome GO DEATH
Name: Lizzy 24th May 2013
awesome story but weird and creepy who gives a death and then hope box as a present?
Name: Lisa 26th May 2013
I agree with Lizzy i mean really? WHO would put death illness sadness sickness ect FROM ZEUS?! Really? And a lady called Pandora made from clay? Really? I mean did my last soul write this? Think not
Name: BHurd 1st June 2013
ah but there is the mystery. Hope in the box of evils? It is the very essence of religion: an attempt to give hope that ends only in utter hopelessness. This also, the creation of the woman from clay, seems to be akin to the Jewish legends, all of which strive to cast women as the demon.
Name: Beautiful 4th June 2013
its an amazing story i was ctyring
Name: Amber Jade 5th June 2013
I love this and I have read this at Skool and have learnt a lot xxx
Name: Emma 12th June 2013
Name: Sara 15th June 2013
Iloved this story so after it had finished iwas looking worried
Name: Kaleigh 22nd June 2013
the diseases sound horrible
Name: Katie 17th July 2013
i love it.
Name: Seb 29th July 2013
Name: Kris 20th August 2013
Name: Rose 24th August 2013
I really enjoyed this. Thank you for sharing.
Name: Bibi 27th August 2013
I loved it
Name: Eve 28th August 2013
This was very interesting as I was keen to find out what the Pandora's Box was. I think you should just fix a few animations because the one above is really creepy.
Name: Donna 30th August 2013
That was not as good as i was expecting.
Name: Ethan 5th September 2013
The graphics were horrible!!!
Name: Benjamin 5th September 2013
I don't like how it's not a video but otherwise it's ok.
Name: Jennie 6th September 2013
its not the brightest
Name: Hi 9th September 2013
good story
Name: GUy 19th September 2013
good story
Name: Tiff 19th September 2013
its okay, but not the best.
Name: Charlotte 22nd September 2013
good story
Name: Luis 27th September 2013
I liked the story a lot because seems like a real story but it was not.
Name: Ivanna 27th September 2013
This is very interesting because wile watching the story you keep on wondering whats in that box just like Pandora.
Name: Keyla 27th September 2013
I think this was a shocking story. I think it was a shocking story because I had no clue that all sad things would be in the box.
Name: Abraham 27th September 2013
I did not really like this story because why will the strongest God Zeus what to kill one of the two brother
Name: Adriana 27th September 2013
i think this story was good because it showed a lesion.
Name: David 27th September 2013
I think this legend was really important because no matter what you think or hope your not going to get rich or get all the glory.
Name: Adriana 27th September 2013
I think Pandora'S box is a brilliant story because i techs' kids a lesion not to do some thing that grown ups tell you not to do,and also it had so many details
Name: Julian 27th September 2013
I liked the story because it is so detailed.Another thing I liked in this story is that it has great complete sentences.
Name: Alexia 27th September 2013
i liked this story because Pandora led out badness and hope
Name: Alyssa 27th September 2013
I liked this story because when she opened the box she think's they is a dress and a necklaces,and gold but there was nothing but death,sadness,and the last one was hope.
Name: Venice 27th September 2013
its good its ok
Name: Melanie 27th September 2013
I liked this story because altough Pandora had realeased all the bad she also realeased hope.
Name: Alexis 27th September 2013
i enjoyed reading this story when Pandora was tempted to open the box but she was ashamed to do it when she did death misery sadness came out and hope.
Name: Jennifer 27th September 2013
I liked this story because I have all ways liked hearing myths and stories because they come from respected cultures.
Name: Chris 27th September 2013
I liked this because it was very interesting and it was an outstanding.
Name: Jennifer 27th September 2013
I liked this because They come from respected cultures
Name: Zashey 27th September 2013
I like this story because it had a lot of details and it is interesting to know how evil got into the world
Name: Leslie 27th September 2013
it was sad because went she opened the box a lot of insects pop out and bit here on the arm and its interesting to but sad.
Name: Joseph 27th September 2013
the grafics were bad
Name: Valeria 27th September 2013
I liked the story of Pondor\\\\\\\'s box even thou she felt gultiy she had reised hope to people
Name: Fabian 27th September 2013
the story was experiencing and it was positive like a icecream
Name: Tomas 27th September 2013
Pandora's box was a great story I liked it the reason why I liked it is because it was about gods an gods are my favorite people.
Name: Jajayra 27th September 2013
I like the Myth because it was kind of had suspension when Pandora opened the box then close 3 times.It also kind of taught me lesson,and I could also relate to that.
Name: Charle 27th September 2013
it is a wonderful story
Name: Victor 27th September 2013
I that Pandora's Box was very instating and it tales a lessen.
Name: Katherine 30th September 2013
It was an okay story but no one should do something they should not do. So that is a good lesson to teach little kids how are learning
Name: Katherine 30th September 2013
Good story at least
Name: ISAIAH 30th September 2013
It was my first god I ever read about in school and will always be my favorite besides Zeus.
Name: Emma 12th October 2013
I always loved this story since I was tiny
Name: Adrian 12th October 2013
the picture made me want to read it even more.
Name: Adrian 12th October 2013
it ends like that.i hope there's another one.
Name: Bob 25th October 2013
Great story! Only one problem i know this sounds babyish but there eyes scared me!But other wise its amazing!
Name: Chelsea 28th October 2013
its an intresting story i might read it again
Name: Kirsty 9th November 2013
Amazing story it was great. watched it 3 times! really helped with my Homework.
Name: Benjamin 9th November 2013
YEAH, GREAT STORY but why would anyone but a box with bad stuff in it
and put something that heals it . YEAH like I was its a BIRLLANT STORY!
Name: Leo 13th November 2013
good story
Name: Molly 14th November 2013
i loved the story best heard yet well done whoever maked this
Name: Nicole Dolezalova 23rd November 2013
i dont get it but good story im learning it at school and we had to do our own story and some of us had to do the begining end ect. i did my own story but we had to do it kind of the same but in our own words
Name: Annefennell 1st December 2013
nice and cool
Name: Aliyah 9th December 2013
iam learning about this at school .
Name: Emily 14th December 2013
i dont get the story either
Name: Emily 14th December 2013
well i kinda get it but the atual story itself doesnt make sense that what i think
but over all it was very good spech ect
Name: Lindsey 21st December 2013
this book was amazing! It was definitely one of my favorites!!! I loved it so much! My 4 year year old brother even thought it was amazing!!!!
Name: MATTHEW 23rd December 2013
well its a myth
Name: Paris Atkins 6th January 2014
Very good story myths in Narnia
Name: Rose 8th January 2014
i really loved this story
Name: Charlotte 10th January 2014
today in school I alredy laned the story I think it is pretty boring
Name: Phoebe 10th January 2014
at my school we are learning about Pandora's box and we would like to do another legend do you have any ideas that 9 to 10 year olds might like thank you from phoebe
Name: Archie 13th January 2014
Amazing story, i have to write this down for homework and it helped loads. By far, the ones with Prometheus in them are my favourites.
Name: Tamzin 13th January 2014
I love this story im doing it at my school from Tamzin
Name: Charlie 21st January 2014
I liked it because the bees stung her and then it heeled her and that is great
Name: Amy 27th January 2014
this is a really cool story
Name: Mr.Peepoo 4th February 2014
I was doing this story at school and the internet would not load. I read it at home and the moral is:ALWAYS LISTEN TO PEOPLE YOU CAN TRUST
Name: Aditi 11th February 2014
love it. awesome story
Name: Whats Up 14th February 2014
Name: Missy 16th February 2014
I enjoyed this story and I feel that it's really interesting. I actually read a more detailed story similar to this when I was growing up! :D Lol Anyways, its awesome.
Name: Matt 17th February 2014
That was the best thing ever LOL.Yeah you should let hope follow you.
Name: Lucy 17th February 2014
I love it alot because it is fun for kids
Name: Anna 18th February 2014
This is great for kids and a good story although i did give me quiet a scare!
Name: Sintija 20th February 2014
I loved it!And if you wanted to know
hope will alvaise save you!
Name: -Nameless 25th February 2014
According to my research, Pandora has a jar, not a box, but it\'s OK to refer to it as a box. But just to make it more accurate, I would say jar.
Name: Rabia 3rd March 2014
it is very nice and not very imaganitve
Name: Tia 3rd March 2014
This story is so interesting and it has loads of facts
Name: Chelsea 3rd March 2014
great story and please stick to the real things in the story but it is good to preffer different things i would rate it it 9/10 accept from that its a fantastic story
Name: Lul 4th March 2014
Name: Heidi 12th March 2014
Very interesting...
Name: Daniel 13th March 2014
Epic story I love it
Name: Chloewilkes 15th March 2014
hope is my thing
Name: Mariyam 16th March 2014
WOW!, this myth is soooooooo great and the ambitious vocabulary the myth uses is excellent. The moral of the story is that a person should listen to another person what they had said for e.g: \"George don\'t open that cupboard!\" Said mum. But George will probably think nah I am opening that unique cupboard!
Name: Shell 18th March 2014
love this story!!!!!!!! Could you imagine what would happen if she wouldn't have let hope out? Thank goodness she did! I will have to tell all of my friends of this story!!
Name: Rebekah 19th March 2014
I love this story.
Name: Razan 20th March 2014
Pandora\'s box is amazing come and look.
Name: Chloe Co 22nd March 2014
I absoulutly love this story. It was only a box which turned peoples live into despair until the end.
Name: GreekMythLover 25th March 2014
Prometheus was a Titan, not a mortal. Otherwise it is a good story. And Hephaestus is spelt wrong.
Name: Cuculuccu 7th April 2014
i love this story , well lets say old myth ?
Name: Geri 15th April 2014
I have a pandoras box from 1940 it is a round gold compact for lipstick powder money it is in a black velvet bag inside a gold box[original] that belonged to my mother do you know anything about it?
Name: Domino 22nd April 2014
A nice tale and really takes your mind of of all the bad stuff, knowing Hope will make it better.
Name: Maddy 22nd April 2014
Pandora Box is an amazing story!
I hope it actually happened but how sad for poor Pandora!
Name: Bobbie 22nd April 2014
don't like it
Name: PIZZA 27th April 2014
An epic story with a moral:
Even the worst things have hope.
Name: Olivia 29th April 2014
I can't believe those bugs stung her. I feel so bad, but in the end, Hope will help.
Name: Jj 29th April 2014
i love this story , you should not follow in her footsteps!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Hope 29th April 2014
its a good story
Name: Bianka Huerta 30th April 2014
Name: Fawwaz 30th April 2014
It is a very good story
Name: Alyssa 2nd May 2014
i like this story
Name: Yeshal:p 7th May 2014
kind of a ScArY bOx!!!!
Name: Libby 7th May 2014
Read it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Majesty 7th May 2014
This story was ok
Name: Maddi 8th May 2014
That is freaky!
Name: Macey 11th May 2014
This myth is not too bad but I'm sure Pandora is very pretty. Its really funny cus my friends say they think I'm prettier than her!
Name: Djdbdhcbhdc 12th May 2014
that was a good story.
Name: Phil 13th May 2014
the story is a bit boring but somehow its nice.
Name: Ryan Hyde 23rd May 2014
The lesson/Moral is never to disobey the gods
Name: Haley Bird 23rd May 2014
it is ok I guess
Name: Jaaziah Shackleford 29th May 2014
this storie is a bit boring but good at the same time but mostly boring
Name: Jessica 30th May 2014
good lesson and moral
Name: Devon 4th June 2014
the story was good it showed me a lot of god information of a myth
Name: Lizeth 11th June 2014
great story learned alot
Name: Jessica 26th June 2014
i really enjoyed this learnt alot
Name: Tyler 30th June 2014
i really learned of this thank you!
Name: Tyler 30th June 2014
wow this is learned alot
Name: Jason 30th June 2014
i dont like this cos i find it a bit boring sorry to the people that made it
Name: Popy 3rd July 2014
wow so cool
Name: Kacey Bullions 13th July 2014
I really like it this story about the pandoras box it is really good
Name: Uiuuklll 14th July 2014
I hate this stories
Name: Elsa 15th July 2014
I didn't get it!
Name: Elissa 25th July 2014
I really enjoyed Pandora\'s box because it shows to not let your curiousity get the better of you.
It was fantastic!
Name: Esterrie 18th August 2014
What a perfect piece of literature. Andy Smiles please read more.
Name: Humphrey 11th September 2014
i thought this myth was very good. it is very educational.
Name: Bob 11th September 2014
bob likes this myth. bob likes this website. he likes it because bobs mum reads it to him before nap time.
Name: Annie 12th September 2014
Me and my friends at school love this. Its very educational for our topic, Ancient Greece. :)
Name: Trevor 15th September 2014
it was very interesting.
Name: Jon M. 15th September 2014
Pandora's Box is a really interesting story.
Name: Stacey 21st September 2014
Typical woman had to open the box
Name: Chelsea 23rd September 2014
This book is good and intresting the meaning of it is temptation leads to trouble.
Name: Shabeena Shabiral 29th September 2014
this story is really interessting kid's would love this story
Name: Carson Perry 30th September 2014
Adam and Eve are almost the same as this story.
Name: Asmaa 7th October 2014
This story shows how telling someone not to do something automatically makes them want to do it.
Name: Allyson 8th October 2014
This story shows how much curiosity can go a long way.
Name: Skyler L. 14th October 2014
Wow, what an amazing story! I would of never guessed of how it would've ended!
Name: Ornela 15th October 2014
this is dangerous curiosity can lead danger so don't open anything that you are not aloud to open it might lead to trouble
Name: Jen 16th October 2014
Name: Raisa 16th October 2014
that was a really good book i am learning about Greeks and i am in year 5 and i am really interested
Name: Naysa 22nd October 2014
this is a cool mtyth............. lol lol lol lolc lol lol lol lol lol
Name: Edoardo 22nd October 2014
It's a very nice story and a great lesson to.
Name: Warchild 23rd October 2014
the reason behind pandora \'s box think outside box and think that the aliens were the civilisation certian word that give it away eg prometheus, envy. Envy is one of the 7 deadly sins
Name: Bryce 24th October 2014
great moral
Name: O 26th October 2014
I love it
Name: Kat Marks 3rd November 2014
Some people say this story shows how "women are troublemakers" but it actually shows how stupid the Greek gods can be....
Name: Zainab 3rd November 2014
this was amazing
Name: Emmi 6th November 2014
Name: Chloe Simpson 6th November 2014
It is a exciting story to listen to
Name: 0 14th November 2014
Name: Alyssa 17th November 2014
I love your website.
Name: Darkheart 21st November 2014
its a good website
Name: Cool 24th November 2014
Name: Hugo Gaming 24th November 2014
i think this website shall be more educational and there is a different pandoras box
Name: Mollie 25th November 2014
It was a good website for children to use and it was very successful to use for homework and it was a good story
Name: Khadijah 28th November 2014
Name: Alanah 30th November 2014
this myth is actully true pandora did let out pain,deses and more! I give this 5 stars
Name: Ibbrahima 30th November 2014
i luv it
Name: Lily 1st December 2014
is this a myth or legend?
Name: Camryn 2nd December 2014
Name: Sally 2nd December 2014
i think this story is quite interesting
Name: Christian 4th December 2014
Thank you. The Myths and Legends Team
Name: Christian 12th December 2014
I like Zeus because he is a king.
Name: Brianna Patterson 12th December 2014
I like pandora. It is
Name: Albi 12th December 2014
Pandora is awesome!
Name: Paige 12th December 2014
Pandora got bites all over her.
Name: Hannah 12th December 2014
The God has daughter and she got married
Name: Jacob 12th December 2014
Why did he give the newlyweds the box if it was so bad?
Name: Nicki V 16th December 2014
Is it supposed to be grey?
Name: Cheese 18th December 2014
Name: Veronica 6th January 2015
this storie is good
Name: Love 9th January 2015
Name: Myth Lover 14th January 2015
I love it
Name: Werdel 16th January 2015
Hi, nice, good, great, love it
Name: Taylor 21st January 2015
This helped alot. I am on a oddesy of the mind team and we are doing this myth. Thank you!!!!
Name: Jeepercreeper02 23rd January 2015
This helped a whole bunch with my project on ancient greece!!
Name: Macey 26th January 2015
Very good clip but sad and emotional.😥
Name: Brianna 26th January 2015
I really love this story
Name: Rhianna Jordan 27th January 2015
Little hard having to always click play audio
and I can' t see rest of picture but I like
Name: Arman 28th January 2015
Very good I loved it
Name: Juliya Karunarathna 28th January 2015
i like it it is intresting story
Name: Lexie 30th January 2015
Really good story explains well
Name: Sophie 1st February 2015
i love i used it for my homework
Name: Lana 4th February 2015
very good story
Name: Dashawn 6th February 2015
This is the best story that I read.
Name: Toyaaa 7th February 2015
well i thought the story was very booooring!!!!!
Name: Adam 14th February 2015
it was a good story
Name: Eos 16th February 2015
Interesting story.😎
Name: Doneisha Sykes 17th February 2015
I really like the story
Name: Jacobe Patterson 17th February 2015

It was so slow I hated it
Name: Karys 24th February 2015
It was a bit boring
Name: Chad 3rd March 2015
Lol this is so cool I\\\'m at school watching this yo from Chad pearce
Name: Julianna 6th March 2015
that was so good!!
Name: Cherille 11th March 2015
I just love that story. its so charming!
Name: Casey 13th March 2015
great story im doing it on a school project
Name: Samantha 17th March 2015
i think this story is wonderful!!!!i have a question,where did the greek gods go?i mean, you never hear about them much no more
Name: Ray Jay 19th March 2015
Amazing, absolutely amazing.
Name: Matt 30th March 2015
Brilliant. Really helped me with my school project on history mysteries
Name: Luffy 2nd April 2015
this sunday,i'll have an english oral. hope ma choice of this story will give me a great score. cuz this story just suits ma taste of mystics and legends myth..
Name: Megan 3rd April 2015
This was such a big help with my reading project and my school was very happy with me.
Name: Jorge The Man 7th April 2015
This story is cool I talks about pandora disobeyed
Zues because she was so amazed to know what was in the box but Zues said don\'t open the box until I\'ll tell you
Name: Daphne 14th April 2015
this was like uber cool dudes like seriously rad
Name: Alisa 25th April 2015
A girl named Pandora was given a box which she couldn't open by her evil husband of which I can't remember. But her curiosity got the best of her. Out came severe sickness in the form of mesquitos. She got stung until she died.
Name: Molly 26th April 2015
This is my favourite Greek myth. There is so much mystrie.
Name: Hunkas Jaja 27th April 2015
What an amazing story! Great layout and this really teaches a good lesson! Curiosity killed the cat! xDw
Name: Bradley Hudson 28th April 2015
This story sucks. worst story ever, God is the creator of the earth! Adam and eve are the ones that ate of the fruit witch made sickness and disease!
Name: Kayly 28th April 2015
this is interesting
Name: AJ 29th April 2015
This is my favorite Greek Myth. :)
Name: Kasi-louise 3rd May 2015
My favroite Greek myth.
Name: Julia 4th May 2015
Name: Tsunami 5th May 2015
i have to do a wax museum report on her
Name: Ariyana 8th May 2015
How would I rewrite the whole entire story of Pandora's Box, but in my own words?
Name: Kimberley 10th May 2015
Hi Ariyana - So, you need to rewrite the story in your own words? But worry not; just let your imagination go nuts. Be individual - go for whatever you want - something like - \'Well, back in the day there was this woman called Pandora, who lived in a land far far way, in a time before iPhones and 1D. Life was pretty dull; the only activities revolved around mud, turnips, fleas, and, manure. So, in her desperation to liven things up a bit Pandora turned to Instagram, posting pictures of her daily life - which mainly involved her sticking her camera into other people\'s business. This may have caused some trouble around the town for certain folks, but, OMG - for her, it was going awesomely well, yes, she was clocking up quite a following - she was becoming an overnight sensation. Then, one day, she heard on Twitter, something about a box, a mysterious little box that contained stuff - yes stuff, but stuff so bad, it should never EVER, be opened by anyone, the contents of which must remain unseen for all of eternity. However, the ever adventurous Pandora, keen to up her popularity even more, ignored the gruesome warnings of \'woe and doom\' that would befall anyone who opened the box, took her camera and trudged out into the smog-filled night in the long search for the forbidden container\'.
You get the idea.
Good luck.
Name: Brittney 13th May 2015
i am doing Aphrodite in school
Name: Gianna 14th May 2015
This was very helpful. Thank you:)
Name: Scott 18th May 2015
I've just now started my project on Pandora, 2 days before it's due date. :[
Name: Ryan 1st June 2015
thanks really helpful luckily I need to hand this in tomorrow since I got all the facts from I a
m fine :)
Name: Samantha 4th June 2015
Thanks to this, i don't think i'll fail my greek mythology test. :)
Name: Doodooface 5th June 2015
this is not right there is no dieseses that get that pandora but in all of the othere versiuns there is spirits named hopre dinial misery and deceat
Name: R2d2 5th June 2015
Name: Olivia 8th June 2015
love it
Name: Kieran 17th June 2015
1000th Comment! Pandora's Box is pretty cool. So is the 1000th comment!!!
Name: Sky 18th June 2015
was very useful for my students
thank you for this.
Name: Bilinda 28th July 2015
Pretty cool.
No where near cool enough though.
Name: Linna Wang 13th August 2015
This site has no information about Pandora's box so I do not like it very much.
Name: Brad 7th September 2015
good help thanks
Name: Rihanna 15th September 2015
Name: Colette 22nd September 2015
I love the story but they gave me the homework to annotate the features
Name: Ella 25th September 2015
Name: Embob 29th September 2015
Amazing and awesome website. Great content and good help for homework!!!
Name: Tony 30th September 2015
why pandora but over all its great
Name: Verciah 6th October 2015
Pandora's box is a good story to teach youth a extra special lesson eg when it christmas eve and you really want to open ur presant and you disobey your parents it is like pandoras box .........
Name: Samantha 6th October 2015
Where is the story?
Name: Simon Hund 14th October 2015
just like when my mom is gone and a steal sweats from the big box:)
Name: Josh 18th October 2015
this was my homework and it was one of the best yet josh h

Name: Deb 19th October 2015
awesome but his I for you Samantha your on the wrong page go on story mode
Name: Ly 20th October 2015
Lol. There are so many errors in the story. Like how it's Athena, not Athene.
Name: Abby 25th October 2015
Best story ever!I recreated it into a play for my gifted and talented work.
Name: Jack 28th October 2015
this was awesome
Name: Riella 28th October 2015
Coolest story ever
Name: Aishani 1st November 2015
I thought this was a really nice story and I loved the sound effects that the Myths & Legends team added to all the wonderful stories!
Name: Eve 1st November 2015
I was doing my homework on Pandora's box and this story came in no use
Name: Fern 11th November 2015
No sound
Name: Anna 23rd November 2015
I found the pictures were okay, but the sound effects can be very distracting. Also, the stories could use a little more detail. I had to do a project on Pandora's Box, and this text was not very helpful.:(
Name: Samantha 2nd December 2015
what is the point of reading it if it is just a myth?
Name: Samantha 2nd December 2015
actually this story about the box only holding hope now is in the last book of the Percy Jackson series.
Name: Libby 3rd December 2015
i thought this story was ok but needed more detail
Name: Reggie Brent 4th December 2015
i like this story. :)i have to read it in english.
Name: Steve 5th December 2015
I found the reading extremely slow, but overall not a too bad explanation of the stroy.
Name: Noel Caraballo 7th December 2015
this is pretty cool
Name: Breanna 8th December 2015
I love this it's pretty cool!
Name: Noah 8th December 2015
Name: Mariah 11th December 2015
This was a great story for my Gifted and Talented project!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Hinnif 20th December 2015
it was good.
Name: Kathish 7th January 2016
I will love for you to send me some more myths or legends for me to see/read
Name: Demari Fulford 13th January 2016
Name: Anirudh Daga 16th January 2016
It was interesting!!
Name: Bob 19th January 2016
it was great
Name: Zaraje Williams 21st January 2016
wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwow it is fun
Name: Jadesola 21st January 2016
Name: Jadesola 21st January 2016
Name: Blake 27th January 2016
it was really really good ive always like pandoras box.
Name: Ava 28th January 2016
This was an amazing myth I thought it was very nice, maybe it could have explained what happen when Pandora let the bugs out to the word! but it was a great myth!:)
I would definitely give it 5 stars!
Name: Max 28th January 2016
does not make sense what did Zeus want? Why did the brothers still live?????
Name: Srishti 30th January 2016
nice I like it
Name: Kelly 31st January 2016
I enjoy the surprise at the end where we find out that Zeus put \"hope\" in the world.
Name: Bob 2nd February 2016
I liked it
Name: Humza 6th February 2016
this is cool like ice
Name: Nashua 7th February 2016
I like the story is happynes is olso for kinds because my brother read the estori en he was happy
Name: Zante 27th February 2016
that is not true
Name: Arjun Satarkar 9th March 2016
Okay, but language could have been more powerful.
Name: Ethan 1st April 2016
Amazing. Don't let curiousness get the best of you!
Name: Queen Jessica Smith 28th April 2016
That was a nice veary nice so good story I would like to tell you that my parents and relitivies like it.
Name: Summer 29th April 2016
Name: Reilly 2nd May 2016
it was a fun story to read
Name: Bhuvan Yeturu 4th May 2016
Amazing Story!!!!
Name: Bruh 11th May 2016
that was awesome
Name: Zues 11th May 2016
Name: Elisha Carpenter 11th May 2016
loved this it was great fun and showed me the truth
Name: James Fisher 12th May 2016
I can't even here the volume on this thing.
Name: Michael 14th May 2016
So cool I finally understand the truth of Pandora's Box . Thanks guys
Name: Lisa Doran 22nd May 2016
well my daughter loved it she wanted me to play it over and over, we also listened to Finn Macool which was really funny now we visit this website everyday now and wach a different myth every day.
Name: Cheechii23 24th May 2016
amazing story and animation
Name: Hubbaba 25th May 2016
i love it my favourite myth
Name: Camila 7th June 2016
love it I love myths we should read this
Name: Camila 7th June 2016
these story's are nice
Name: William 8th July 2016
i think Pandora made the right decision
although she released pain and misery she gave hope to everyone witch is good. also Zeus was horrible way did he do this Elaborate plan when he could easly punish them.
Name: Kara 10th July 2016
this story was helpful because I'm learning about Pandora's box
And I loved it I could read and read it over and over again.dq
Name: Arthur 1st August 2016
In the most moral categories all over the world, you find similar stories.See Adam and Eve.
Name: Kfury 24th August 2016
verry good
Name: Ereish Hann 24th August 2016
This Story is a Big Help! :-) Thanks Guy\'s
Name: TINA 5th September 2016
Name: Ogunbodede Ayo Joseph 15th September 2016
This story is the kind of stories that moves African Children... a lot to learn from and good morals too.
Name: Ghina 25th September 2016
This is a very good presentation of this myth well done!! :)
Name: Brittany Mclaurin 27th September 2016
I love this story
Name: Brittany Mclaurin 27th September 2016
The story really helps
Name: Arja 29th September 2016
This was very helpful for me when I wrote a Research Report. Just be careful and make sure to find the author because I had to write a works cited page.
Name: L. B. 2nd October 2016
This sounds like the pagan version of Adam and Eve to me.
Name: ??? 3rd October 2016
Always contain your curiosity!
Name: HELLO 6th October 2016
this was a very helpful story.
Name: Troll 7th October 2016
I DID NOT like it
Name: Manyaa 12th October 2016
Good plot🙂
Name: ZZecter 21st October 2016
It was kind of cheesy.
Name: Manahil 29th October 2016
it was so scary that I quickly turned of the sound
Name: Henry 1st November 2016
cool it is a very good plot
Name: CUBSFAN1 3rd November 2016
this story is one of my favorites!
Name: Sarah 11th November 2016
those storys are so cool were did u get them LOL
Name: Emily 16th November 2016
Animations are not very good!
Name: Teresa 18th November 2016
i love this story
Name: Elise 21st November 2016
Very nice. It helped me on my homework!
Name: Belle 23rd November 2016
Hi i love this story it really helped me with my homework!
Name: Aloha Annele 23rd November 2016
hi i love the story!
Name: Hi 29th November 2016
Cool 😎 story
Name: Marceline 1st December 2016
awesome thanks for helping with my exam myths and legends team!!!
Queen Marys School
Name: Lizzie 5th December 2016
it was so beutiful
Name: Rose 13th December 2016
it was good
Name: Fera 19th December 2016
i didnt like it it was not very interesting
Name: Izzy 10th January 2017
Name: Harmony 11th January 2017
Name: Jazzy 11th January 2017
(: i liked it
Name: Kylie 14th January 2017
i very much liked picture 2 a lot
Name: Jay 27th January 2017
Really good! :)
Name: Diane 27th January 2017
I really lied it it is great!!!!
Name: Ollivia 29th January 2017
really cool. liked picture 2
Name: Simran 29th January 2017
Name: SophiaBaconista 31st January 2017
Poor Pandora...
Name: Louis Du Plessis 15th February 2017
Awesome story
Name: Amie Bunbury-Thompson 15th February 2017
i think it is a very nice story. it shows that if we ever have lost family or friends we still have hope.
Name: JJ 20th February 2017
I loved the story of Pandora!
Name: Alexis 20th February 2017
good stoy
Name: Ethan 21st February 2017
wow this is amazing
Name: ME THE BEST 22nd February 2017
Omg poor pandora
Name: Melanie 23rd February 2017
Weird but awsome
Name: Marvela 27th February 2017
That was intense at the end!
Name: John 27th February 2017
Hi, my name is john. I am doing a project on Pandora's Box in the 5th grade. I couldn't of done it without this website. It was so easy to read and fun to listen to. I just am saying, this site is amazing
Name: Jax 28th February 2017
sooooo cool yea :)
Name: Charlotte 4th March 2017
I'm doing a protect on pandas myths and this web is amazing tysm xxx
Name: Nicolas 13th March 2017
This is awesome!
Name: Joe 13th March 2017
why moths & dragonflies and not demons & angles or something? :(
Name: Guy 13th March 2017
Name: Siani 14th March 2017
The story was awesome.
Name: Mary 17th March 2017
sooo good
Name: Corinne 19th March 2017
This story was really interesting because I really never knew if God had created the evils and hopes into the world or if anyone else did. AND it was Pandora.
Name: Nicole 26th March 2017
I love this story it makes me to see more myths and legend
Name: Noah 27th March 2017
Good story
Name: Boborica Jame 28th March 2017
very unusaual
Name: Jasmin Quess 29th March 2017
I learnt a lot from this thank you
Name: Sarah Jackson 12th April 2017
Thanks mate
Name: Jackson 26th April 2017
that is so fake.why did you lie to the people that is so wrong
Name: Harvey 3rd May 2017
Terrible disease
Name: Maddie 5th May 2017
Great helps me in my learning
Name: Curious Boxy 20th May 2017
It's kind of weird. But I think it's a good thing the humens have hope. Zeus Is really clever!!
Name: Karyme 31st May 2017
i like the book a lot
Name: Falklands 28th June 2017
No sound!🙀
Name: Esther Jeong 29th June 2017
I think that it would have been better with more romance in it, like having babies, and kissing.
Name: Rto 15th July 2017
it was all right
Name: Jon 14th August 2017
Good story
Name: Jason 6th September 2017
good story but could of had a better ending lol
Name: Wefwf 8th September 2017
Name: Jerry 4th October 2017
This was really cool
Name: KAILYN 4th October 2017
Awsomr nice story/myth
Name: Jean 3rd November 2017
This was cool but very poorly animated so i give it a 7/10
Name: Danika 4th November 2017
this is my favourite story
Name: Joshua 10th November 2017
The story isnt correct and tells false facts
Name: Mousumi Choudhury 14th November 2017
Good resource
Name: This Story Is A Lie 14th December 2017
This story is a lie
Name: The Story Is A Lie 9th January 2018
i loved it. it was really good i enjoyed it. it helped me with my homework for school
Name: Alaya 12th January 2018
this is a good and interesting story
Name: Anouk 21st January 2018
The story was great why not find another story about what happened after Pandora opened the box.
Name: Ibrahim 24th January 2018
It help me in my school homework
Name: Kevin 30th January 2018
The story was great but sad because of the things it explains!!
Name: David 2nd February 2018
i love pandoras box
Name: Funboy 9th February 2018
it was a very exciting and life lesson book reminds me of a old fable
Name: Bianca 13th February 2018
the story wasn't that good it basically said if you disobey the gods hope will come out. it had a bad story line that was really boring. why is zues wearing nail polish?
Name: Bob 15th February 2018
I doesn’t work
Name: Ethan 16th February 2018
I think the theme is to not be eager to do something that somebody told you not to do
Name: Ethan 16th February 2018
I think the theme is to not be eager to do something that somebody told you not to do. Pandora open the box even when zues told her not to.
Name: Lolly 6th March 2018
your not lettting me wach this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Jasmine Garcia 7th March 2018
i really like that video its was cool


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