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Theseus and the Minotaur

Name: Sophie Jones 19th February 2008
Hi. good story...sad, but good. I was wondering if you could do the story of 'JASON AND THE GOLDEN FLEECE' coz' that'll be a FAB story to the fans of E2BN mythsand legends!
Name: Kajo 22nd February 2008
Remataur - A mighty beast from the depths of the fiery mountain caves it single handledly destroys those who oppose him. It used to be said to be a relation to the mighty minuotaur
Name: Kobika 25th February 2008
its one of the wonderful stories ever
Name: Sarah 28th February 2008
this is so cool
Name: Eppie Merton Gauster 12th March 2008
It is an excellent story and very interesting .Lovely to read too.
Name: Phoebe 20th March 2008
theseus is relly good
Name: Joanne Langley 23rd March 2008
The children in my class loved using this page and hearing this story, thank you.
Name: Brandon Sooklal 8th April 2008
Name: Stephanie 9th April 2008
good job!!!!!!
Name: Bob 10th April 2008
y don't they make the white sails white the whole time?
Name: Phillip 16th April 2008
i liked thisn story but it sounds pretty much like a myth i have heard before please put an update of new greek legends on your site.
Name: Anisa 30th April 2008
i like the picture of the minotaur it looks good
anyway i am learning about myths a nd legends.

Name: Cuddles 13th May 2008
It really isnt King Minos who built the labynith, its Doinysis(i think)
Name: Jamima 13th May 2008
this is a great story it isz just amazing it just like muy life!!!!
Name: Lindsay Wilkinson 20th May 2008
Brilliant site. I am a trainee English teacher who bemoans the loss of Myths and Legends from the classroom of most schools these days and am overjoyed to find a wealth of them here.
Name: Jordan 4th June 2008
very funny & laid out well helps alot THANKS!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Poppy 6th June 2008
good website
Name: Rebecca 1st July 2008
Name: Alexander 2nd July 2008
the myth is incredible!
Name: Mark Joseph 18th August 2008
kudus for the good work,i was just wondering if you could send me some of your exciting stories.i'll realy appreciate it
Name: Kate 16th September 2008
This is a fantastic resource, thanks! Ditto Jason & the Golden Fleece would be great as would Perseus & the Gorgon Medusa.

P.S. "Powerfull Man" is just one "l" ;)
Name: Anais 8th October 2008
I love the story sooo much that i want every copy of book you have!thanks for listning!love Ansis xxx
Name: Reece 13th October 2008
i like it
Name: Sunjit 16th October 2008
this is a good and kind of funny
Name: Blah.. 23rd October 2008
it was COOL :D lol's
Name: Anna 23rd October 2008
Name: Year 3 3rd November 2008
We're not sure how Theseus reached the Minotaur's head. We wish the Dad had waited for the boat to come in so he could have seen his son was alive. Why did he leave the girl on the island? This story gave us lots of things to think about.
Name: Yesi 6th November 2008
this story is really good,for kids.
Name: Laura 15th November 2008
Theseus and the minotaur is a good book but it looks real and it looks like the minotaur is an acctual creature which i am not sure but i dont think a minotaur is real. This book is very good for kids because it isnt that hard and most people would be able to read it. Including adults i think they have a harder version for adults but im not sure.
Name: Robert 18th November 2008
I have them but the story's are at my school but it is a good thing that I know that this story was not just a story put in a book it gives you something to think about. So good job for having it on display.
Name: Matthew 20th November 2008
This story is very good and I enjoyed it a million and I'm being honest!!!
Name: Ayeshah 21st November 2008
yeah that was great. the stories are wicked
Name: Y3 Ash Hill Primary 27th November 2008
wow, we loved the story espically the bit when the head came off.
Name: Sh 28th November 2008
Name: Mrs Rowley's Class 1st December 2008
We thought it was a really good story with exciting bits (where Theseus was fighting the Minotaur) We would like to see what the Minotaur looked like when it was younger.
Name: Anyesha 5th December 2008
it was really scary when theseus killed the minotaur!
Name: Claire 5th December 2008
i love this thing very fun and excellent.
Name: Myahall 10th December 2008
i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Ellie L 10th December 2008
i love it when theseus kild the minotaur
Name: Fia56 17th December 2008
this was brill!!!!!!!
Name: Connor 9-10 7th January 2009
i think it was good when the minator had his head twisted off by thesues.
it was proper mint!!!!!!!!
Name: Cameron 10th January 2009
this vide owas brill!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Chelsea1999 13th January 2009
it was brill!!! how coud you not like it!!!
Name: Chelsea 14th January 2009
wonder ful
Name: Mike 14th January 2009
that as woderful chelsea
Name: Super Boy 14th January 2009
Name: Roisin 15th January 2009
We watched it as a class at my school. We all laughed because when Agaeus fell off it was like ages before he went"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"!!! ;)
Name: Lucy Scallan 15th January 2009
this is the best myth and legend as well as persus and the gorgans head. i with they could make a movie about it i would watch it all the time.
Name: Lauren 17th January 2009
i think theseus and the minotour was a legend but the story was brillant
Name: Shaurya 19th January 2009
The story is awesome and the best is Minotaur he rocks.
Name: HOLLY MALPASS 20th January 2009
I enjoyed the story i will defenetly read it again
Name: Cameron Skinner 22nd January 2009
Theseus was very brave when he defeated the minotaur
Name: Tasha 22nd January 2009
I like this story its cool!
Name: Tasha 22nd January 2009
That was well cool and freaky our teacher showed us it.
Name: Shelby-Louise Astle 23rd January 2009
Thesus must of been so extited to return back to his father and to get rid of Princess Arnidi that he forgot to change his flag
Name: Amber P-M 24th January 2009
shelby is right he must of been so happy i would hate a minotaur in my basement or loft i would kill it straight away!!!!^_^
Name: Ellie 24th January 2009
lol my teacher showed me this in school and i just watched it on my computer and when he jumps of the cliff you can see him lol
Name: Tasha 25th January 2009
that was a cool story but it surves him right that he forgot to change the flag
Name: Thomas 26th January 2009
Name: Thomas 26th January 2009
Exelent and I am glad the girl and the boy kissed
Name: Jelena 26th January 2009
hi my name is jelena and i am good at thing
Name: Jelena 26th January 2009
this so good this film and it is good
Name: Alex 1st February 2009
it is coooooooooooooooool
Name: Emma12 1st February 2009
im glad that the girl got rescued
Name: Abdul 3rd February 2009
canyou email me the this story please
Name: Ash 3rd February 2009
Cool. ^^'
Name: Eva 3rd February 2009
I looooooooooooooooove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Chanel 3rd February 2009
that was cool and fun helps me with my homework
Name: Andrew 4th February 2009
i liked the bit when the king throw himself off a cliff.
Name: Thomas 6th February 2009
I liked it when the king jumped off the cliff
Name: Leandra 9th February 2009
this myth is good
Name: Lele 9th February 2009
thesius and the minotor was good but it kept going back and forward that was the only thing wrong with it. i liked it when thesus killed the minotor .i really enjoyed it .
Name: Rahul 14th February 2009
This was a very good story and i really enjoyed it! :)
Name: Tarique 14th February 2009
i liked it were they fogot To put up the
white flag.
Name: Chloe 20th February 2009
I likes everythink in tha story i thought it is brilliant for kids. Kids would love thus story if u put this story on the top of the myths and legands thing everyone will read it coz its first soo doo tha then u will get more comment is fabulous for the kids thanks you cya bye xx
Name: Lalia 22nd February 2009
i think its a great story and would recomend it to anyone
Name: Cj 24th February 2009
that was good.
Name: Megan 25th February 2009
very good and more effects
Name: Leah 26th February 2009
in the way i heard the story theseus and what's her name were in love with EACH OTHER and theseus didn't know who his father was until he was 17 and before theseus kills the minotaur the king's daughter comes and asks him not to kill it because it's her brother
Name: Leah 26th February 2009
some one asked why did they have a black sail or something like that the black sail means sacrifice and/or death also someone els wished there was a movie (i think) there is it's called "the story teller, greek myths, theseus and the minotaur, orpheous and eyritice" (i spelled the last names wrong)
Name: Brianna 1st March 2009
This is a great story, and I agree with the gods.
Name: Sophie 2nd March 2009
Fantastic legend. My class are learning about Ancient Greece and in our dance lessons and art, we are studeing this particular tale. This "movie" will elp me study the labyrinth AND all th chracters involved. THANKS E2BN STAFF MEMBERS!
Name: Elias Jones 3rd March 2009
this is my favariote myth
Name: Jodie Johnson 7th March 2009
that was brillant it made my heart thorb up but he should of married her the princess she was pretty plus it would be romantic
Name: Alice 9th March 2009
I really like this myth even though it is a bit gruesome and cruel, it was quite mean leaving Adrianne on the Island, I would have hated that.
Name: DogLover 9th March 2009
I think this story is BRILLIANT and we are learnign about it in Drama and we had to act out different parts of this story so this "video" really REALLY helped me.
Name: Rhianna 15th March 2009
when he left her on the island i laughed and laughed
Name: Auday 21st March 2009
its herron and the minotaur i heard about it at school herron has to try kill a minotaur but there are two and there are guards for the minotaur :).
Name: Raja 30th March 2009
I have seen it on t.v but yours was better. that was fantastic
Name: Isabella Dronsfield 1st April 2009
i don't like the look of the Minotaur(i am learning about the beast at school)
Name: Blah 7th April 2009
I know LOTS about not just Theseus, about Greek gods
Name: Jasmine 14th April 2009
wow i saw this in class 4c it was scary lol xx
Name: Emma Bolingbroke; 16th April 2009
it was
Name: Olivia 16th April 2009
this was great and the minotaur was well scary, i jumped out of my seat
Name: Charlotte 23rd April 2009
this is a wonderful myth and i would recomend this to everyone
Name: Richard 24th April 2009
it was brill
Name: Martin De Spirlet 24th April 2009
I think it was a really fantastic because theseus won but, it was sad.
Name: Jamie 24th April 2009
I it was fantastic and brillant.
Name: Uthman 25th April 2009
It was awesome.
Name: Carime 7th May 2009
it was great but theseus was mean to Ariadne
Name: Cheyanne 7th May 2009
i didn't like it
Name: Baxter 8th May 2009
Name: Jake 14th May 2009
hi it could be a bit more interesting
Name: Susana 14th May 2009
why is this myth still important today?
Name: Laura.P 20th May 2009
This story is really good but it could of been described a bit more...
Name: David 2nd June 2009
I thought it was interesting. IT showed ho w mean the man was and how crule he was. It aslo showed unrespect to people or younger people to just get eaten up by the minotor. Also that the minotore disserved to die.
Name: Balal 3rd June 2009
it is a very good piece of work and was funny .brillant!!!!!!!!
Name: Jaymes 4th June 2009
Name: Pietro 4th June 2009
overall it was allright. there should have been more detail about him like his death and other adventures that weren't so heroic.
Name: Sam 4th June 2009
hi it was ok
Name: Year 3 Fosse Way Primary School 9th June 2009
In year 3 we had mixed reviews. Alot of us enjoyed this story because we liked how the minotaur died, it was exciting! We also liked the ending as we thought it was funny that the King jumped of the cliff! In the story there were lots of cliff hangers. However, some of us didn't like how the minotaur died - it was horrible! The story was a bit violent. We would recommend this story to year 2 onwards.
Name: Jacinta 12th June 2009
I've read this myth before but this made it way more interesting.
Name: Samson 16th June 2009
I like the myth but it is not real but i still like the story. Yaaaaaaaaah
Name: HASHIM 22nd June 2009
Magnificent and wonderful poem
Name: Samson 22nd June 2009
What is the best myth? if you don`t know i don`t know. I love reading myths and legends and always comics.Yeah maaaaaaaan.
Name: Samson 24th June 2009
myths are one of the best storys in the world and they make good monsters.
Name: Ollie 24th June 2009
That was very good. very scary. but stil very good
Name: George 4th July 2009
this myth is wicked!

I wish I was as strong as Theseus! That would be cool
Name: Grfhdnxs 6th July 2009
reli gross but totally cool
Name: Laura 7th July 2009
this is a good myth :)
Name: Serena 7th July 2009
i was really creepy
Name: Bazzer4 11th July 2009
reli gross but wicked
Name: Chloe 21st July 2009
hi i think this story is great
Name: Lii- 22nd July 2009
This Myth Is Weird To Me
Name: Angelina 11th August 2009
the story was really good and if i was
theseus i would have helped the
poor lady theseus must have been very
upset to find his father dead.
Name: Emily 28th August 2009
this story was good
Name: Hafsah 7th September 2009
This story is really good
i would give it 5 stars
Name: James 11th September 2009
i think it is amazing!
Name: Rachel 11th September 2009
this is a very good story my class thought it was a bit scary
Name: Sumayyah 15th September 2009
My class in shool are doing this story and re writing it with good sentence openers and connectives.Me and my calss thik it is wonderful!
Name: Emma 22nd September 2009
This website really helped me and my schoolwork. Thank you!
Name: Niamh 23rd September 2009
i think the story was really good .it helped me with my school work.but it was a bit scary
Name: Tashinga 24th September 2009
This Is Awesom!
Name: Darkcry72 29th September 2009
it helped me with me homework yeah!!!
Name: Mahima 29th September 2009
Name: Samson 1st October 2009
I like it so much
Name: Shinowa 6th October 2009
wow so cool it helped me with my homework yeah!
Name: Jessica Dixon 9th October 2009
this is so cool it helpec me in class thx
Name: Hamish 10th October 2009
i am related to the minotaur
Name: Shakib 12th October 2009
lov it it helped me with school work
Name: Shakib 12th October 2009
love it because it helped me with my work
Name: Nathan 12th October 2009
coooooooooooollllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It helps with your home work.............................
Name: Rachele 21st October 2009
it is fantastic!!!
i found it very educational
Name: Jennifer 2nd November 2009
It kinda scared me im only in y5 lke but my teacher enjoyed it and he didnt find it odd but its cool but SCARY
Name: Oliver 6th November 2009
that was good but i like the part when he died.
Name: Ornela 6th November 2009
wicid i like the part when he died.
Name: Zoe 6th November 2009
hi im rom consett junior school i think mthys is so cool like :D i enjoy at school im in yr 5 tooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Name: Sade 11th November 2009
i like this film
Name: Jordan 12th November 2009
i think it was daedalus who built the maze but its still realy good
Name: Jordan Taylor - Howletch 16th November 2009
Yh the movie "Icarus And Deadalus" Its the deadalus from that movie who built the minotaurs labarynth but like i said its really good also add some more new ones :)
Name: Liam 19th November 2009
Oh my god! i can't belive Theseus killed the Minotaur! This myth ROCKS!
Name: Lee 22nd November 2009
It was wiced
Name: Lucy 23rd November 2009
In this video, the bit I really like is when Theseus twists the Minotaurs head round and kills him!!
This i soooo awsom!!!!!!!!
Name: Curtis Jee 23rd November 2009
the minotaur is my favorit myth, and this is the best site ever!
Name: John 23rd November 2009
very good.
Name: Bonnie Corlett 25th November 2009
I Like This Story Im Reading About It In School :)
Name: Yasmin 27th November 2009
i like this story but what do you press
Name: James 28th November 2009
I think this story is great and I have been learning about this story at school
Name: Oliver+Jade 1st December 2009
you press play to play it i think it was rubbish because it im a girl and you shouln't leave young girls on a stranded island so i don't like it
Name: Olivia 1st December 2009
I love this story, it's fun to read, i'm learning it at school, easy to read and a child will injoy listening to it!
Name: Amyharling 1st December 2009
i have been learning this at school too
i dont think he was that nice though when he left that girl on one of the island if and we had to write a story about this
Name: Laura 2nd December 2009
I love this story,i've also been learning about this in school.However its too bad that theseus did not change the flag at the end of th story.
Name: Roblu 2nd December 2009
reminds me of the other greek myths there all the same. theres alwys a hero and a monster . hero kills monster happy ending. but still this is my favorite myth well made
Name: Kimberley 2nd December 2009
can u do jason and the golden fleece as that is cool x
Name: Samantha 3rd December 2009
an very well done from me when i'm board i sit and listen to these this is my fav and i've just finished reading the horrible history book the grovey greeks!
Name: Joshua 3rd December 2009
I like the story
Name: HannahMontana9876 3rd December 2009
I love theseus and the minotaur
i thought you did a great job well done
(very good tell of the story) see how many now it
is till i have read ten different
theseus and the minotaur stories!
Name: Ellie-may 6th December 2009
this story is interesting and real as some people might belive.
Name: Aleena 6th December 2009
The story was fantasic but which one is true?
Name: Hadjar 6th December 2009
hey, I love your story.
Its really good.
Its amazing, I got really inserted.
That was great.
I really hope you write a different story!
Name: Liam Hill 6th December 2009
I can't belive that Theseus snapped the minotaurs neck off! And it was funny when he forgot to change his sails coulor.
Name: Charlotte 11th December 2009
i love this myth, im lerning about greece and iv herd about this myth i even started coppying it out on pieces of lined paper i love this myth so much as i said befor from charlotte xoxoxox
Name: Tony Park 15th December 2009
I think minotaur's head was not chopped off. I think he was just killed by Theseus.
Name: Meg 4th January 2010
its really weird because that minotaur guy is freaky
Name: Ande-Jane 4th January 2010
why cant I just find a description of what minotaur
Name: Charlotte 5th January 2010
It is very scary!
Name: Harriet 9th January 2010
the minotaur sounds like a terryifiying beast i wonder what it would be like to live in the time it was thought to be true ?????????????????
Name: Allan 11th January 2010
The minotaur sounds like a cruel beast but how did theseus kill him he must have bean really brave
Name: Grace 15th January 2010
I think the minotaur is very scary. We are learning this topic at school
Name: Emilia 16th January 2010
The minotaur ate people's flesh. I wouldn't like to meet him. I am learning about myths at school.
Name: Laiba 16th January 2010
i tink this story is
absloutly wonderful
Name: Tia 17th January 2010
i love this story there is no story better and my home work is to answer some questions about this story
Name: Anita 18th January 2010
the story is amzingg i love it minotaur scaryy
Name: Becca 18th January 2010
i am doing this story in class at the moment as part of the myths and legands topic we are doing, and i found this website really useful during my homework.
Name: Dana 19th January 2010
i love this story it is so cool, this is one of the best myths ive ever read!
Name: Jack 19th January 2010
very scarey
Name: Caitlin 21st January 2010
i come on here because i watch these at school i like this website whoever does put the same thing :D
Name: Millie Beard 21st January 2010
your story is so good we have been doing thet story in school in litracy its fab and so are you lot and you are all funny hope everyone else likes it
from millie
Name: Mia 22nd January 2010
i love your story guys!
Name: Rose 23rd January 2010
the morral of this story is award others how they award you if you do not you will be punished but this story teaches you a lesson the gods punished theseus for what he did to ariadne he left her on an island because she got the wrong idea she thought theseus was going to marry her so thats why theseus was punished by living with the death of his father
Name: Billie 23rd January 2010
it was good.
Name: Ollie 26th January 2010
ITS FANTASTIC! I love it the story is fantastic its got really cool bits in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERY ONE ON THIS WEBSITE READ THE STORY QUICK!
Name: Luke Powell 26th January 2010
me and my class are learning about myth at the moment an came on this website so i decided to have a little look my self and i think that this is a really good website for kids g2g now though if im gonna see the rest!!
Name: Dania 27th January 2010
Name: VICTORIA 28th January 2010
Name: Khadija 29th January 2010
i love this
Name: Absar 30th January 2010
deez myths r actually kinda gud haha LOL when he split the Minatour's hed my lil sista got scared :p
Name: Izmah 31st January 2010
the ruined village
Name: Connie 31st January 2010
i love this story we are learning about myths and ledgens at school and this is my favourite so far. xx go theaseus!!
Name: Lilly Losie 1st February 2010
i like that story and i'm in year six and we are learning bout that its a good myth and i like the legends alot.
Name: Victoria 2nd February 2010
I liked the story of Theaseus very much. I have made a story on hre go on Windsor clive school and you cn read it you just need to fnd my name.(Vicky.)
Name: Hayden 3rd February 2010
Name: Jerry 3rd February 2010
its a very good myth and i did not like it when thesus left the girl on the island
Name: Jasmine 4th February 2010
I think this story is great but a bit mean when Theaseus left the girl on the island.
Name: Poop 4th February 2010
it was so cool
Name: Jasmine 5th February 2010
I really really like theseus and the minotaur because its really interesting and fun to listen to.
Name: R Bonney 5th February 2010
wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!great story!
Name: Muppet 5th February 2010
i think it is good because am doing ancient greece and this is what we learnt.
Name: * Nadine Elizabeth Blake* 6th February 2010
this story is soooooooooo scary but cool at the same time and i love Greece so is that a match???
Name: Mia Davies 6th February 2010
Theseus and the Minotor
is sooo scary i cannot
belive it i mean as a
myth i think it is the
freaky one out of all
of them
Name: Cheeky Pie 6th February 2010
Cool story. But i dont understand who would fancy a man like Theseus 'cause he is really ugly! But i liked the story though!!!
Name: Popo 8th February 2010
Name: Heather Sayers 8th February 2010
Awsome story!
Name: Cheeky Monkey 10th February 2010
Name: MR BOND 10th February 2010
absaloutly AMAZING!!!!!
Name: Alex 11th February 2010
I can't believe what Theseus did! He is soooo strong and brave, but why did he reject the hot chick, I thought she was stunning and had a heart of gold.
Name: Chicken Legs 13th February 2010
Name: Rosie 13th February 2010
your story was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i loved it
Name: MAkA 16th February 2010
I really enjoyed it. Adrian forgot to give him the sword, and she got left behind, and forgotten at the end. That's what should of happend that you might of forgotten. Id rate it 9/10
Name: Knowlesy 21st February 2010
well good i recomend to buy the book
Name: I Found This Story... 21st February 2010
To start with, the end part was soooo sad, (even though I may have forgot to change the flags) but I thought it was so brave of Thesus to Go up like that to the Minotaur. So I rate it **** out of ***** stars.
Name: Natlia 25th February 2010
its cool and rocks
Name: Tayeb 25th February 2010
Theseus and the Minotaur is my favourite and i am calling it my 10 out of 10 story Theseus and the Minotaur rocks.
Name: JB 25th February 2010
good story, needs more detail though and better graphics.
Name: Anonymous Wonder 26th February 2010
I think it's a really good play and myth, and going back 2 play, great to perform. I love the minotaur. so awesome. thx
Name: Nandini 27th February 2010
This myth is really interesting. I read it over and over again!! I also chose this myth to do as my homework, because I knew pretty much everything about it!
I love you Theseus and the Minotaur myth!
Name: ILoveMyths 27th February 2010
Great Story! Im going to do this for a project ! yayyy !:D x
Name: Bethany 27th February 2010
cool 10 out of ten
Name: Sakina 3rd March 2010
Name: Chantelle Wilson 4th March 2010
that story is so good.
Name: Alisha 6th March 2010
Good stoy hope you make a nove one
Name: Vivi Jones 7th March 2010
wow its kk but i liked it funny i would say in a way kool story !!!!!
Name: Luke Bessant 8th March 2010
This story is cool. i like the minotaur!!
Name: Jack 8th March 2010
that is so cool it helped me learn!!!!!!!!!!yep thats right sooooooo coooool!!!!make more there awesome wahoooo!!!!!!!
Name: Jack 8th March 2010
this helped me learn thanks
Name: Keegan 8th March 2010
i will rate the the story PGR if i was a move rater, or i will make it R18 it was very scary it will give people nightmears its so scary i never went to watch it again.
Name: Sumaya Zaman 9th March 2010
hi ur stories r very gd nd i relly lke ih
Name: Amie 9th March 2010
This really helped me learn thanks I know a lot about Myths and legends now!
Name: Elisha 9th March 2010
great helped with my homework brill byeeeee
Name: Nicole 10th March 2010
i think it was good yooooo
Name: Chloe Savory 10th March 2010
Thanks!! Im learning them at school that helped me learn!
Name: Ethan 12th March 2010
This website is awesome. Loved the story and it really helped me with my homework - Theseus and the Minotaur.
Name: Katie 14th March 2010
Name: Dylan Marshall 14th March 2010
i like this story and i'v been doing it at school.
Name: Giovanna Pellecalle 14th March 2010
i loved the way price killed the minatour.

Name: James And Jemma 17th March 2010
i really loveed this me, it was well wik\'d , are minators real :o !!?
Name: Katie 19th March 2010
I love this story!
Name: Mica McMahon 21st March 2010
This story is super-dooper x x x
Name: Rhiannon 21st March 2010
Well I love this story because it's mythogical and very instresting- so hang on- Are minotaurs real?
I believe NO!!!
Name: Lizzie 23rd March 2010
OMG! Loved it SO much! I am doing it as a project ! Lol xxx
Name: Charlotte Lana Cerys 24th March 2010
We all love this story especally my little sis shes doing myths and leadends
Name: Khuram 31st March 2010
I liked the story and the cruel Minotuar.
Name: George 9th April 2010
I always have thought that story was really good and exiting sometimes I think it would be a bit scary to be in that maze...It would be a bit freeky
Name: Jay 15th April 2010
A Great Story

Way!! Ariadna left on the island LOL!

Name: Tanisha Jones 19th April 2010
how do i find more about this ?
Name: Hannah 21st April 2010
I like the Pandora's box myth.
It's quite good!:):)
Name: Lovez-Greece 21st April 2010
the myths are gr8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: JESSICA ROBERTS 28th April 2010
ITS AWSOME the storys GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Molly Xxx 28th April 2010
Welldone For Making a Website Like This it Well Gooood ! Well Byeeeeeee ! xxx
Name: Abby 29th April 2010
it is fantastic and so cooool!!!!!!!
Name: Jordan 1st May 2010
your all soooooo sad :D hahahaha
Name: Billie Anne 3rd May 2010
I like theseus he is great and friendley I think oh I wish I could see him really
Name: Hishaam 4th May 2010
Great story
Name: Michael Reho 5th May 2010
thank you for putting this website on the internet its really fun
Name: Joey 6th May 2010
wow! thesues is great!
Name: Caitlin 9th May 2010
I am doing about myths and legands in class
Name: Mrs R Morley 10th May 2010
A really useful tool for preparing the children for their Year 6 SATs
Name: Kiran Dhillon 12th May 2010
I am learning about Legends in class.
Name: Agnesa 15th May 2010
Name: Emily Beard 16th May 2010
i have to write a charoctor study about thesuas!At school.
Name: Emily 17th May 2010
Hi everyone I'm doing Theseus and The Minotaur at the moment with my teacter. Sadly I'm not feeling that interested! Is anyone else? xxx
Name: Isabelle 22nd May 2010
briil story love it
Name: Imogen 22nd May 2010
I am learning about Ancient Greek Myths and I love Theseus and the Minotaur! xxx
Name: Beth 23rd May 2010
hi im doing a big project in english i have done this one cos it sounds gooooooooooood!!!
Name: Jack 24th May 2010
i love this storry it,s the beast
Name: Evie 25th May 2010
this is awesome the minotaur is soo cool! x
Name: Sam98 25th May 2010
what about the story of perseus of medusa or jason and the argonauts
Name: Max 27th May 2010
it cool but sad Minos sounds like a sado i like
Name: Chelsi 17th June 2010
i really like this website its fab thankyou
Name: Kyle Jay 21st June 2010
i found this very insperational, aq true legend in my eyes i was most pleased with the animation of the video it pleased me very much.

Name: Joey 23rd June 2010
there's a book about ...... oh love it soooooooo much
Name: Jenn 5th July 2010
Brill. I used this with my Year 5's when we were looking at Greek myths. They all really enjoyed it and were very keen to write their own myths after watching this.
Name: Harry 6th July 2010
they could improve on the minoutour.

Name: Poppy 11th July 2010
this is awesome i watched it in my class and loved it because we were learning about greek and roman myths so i wanted to see it again so i did;)bye bye:).
Name: Chloe 21st July 2010
i think this story is very imaginative and is fun to read :)
Name: Aqsa 25th July 2010
It is very scary going in the labrinth.If I was the prince who had to kill the minotaur I would faint.He is wild!
Name: Aidan 2nd August 2010
hello this is one of my favourite myth because it has my favourite creature in it the minotaur
Name: Hussein 3rd August 2010
I would never do that go inside with a beast like that.
Name: Olaitan 4th September 2010
mythes are cool
Name: Nathan 10th September 2010
I watched this video with my mum. I don't know who enjoyed it more - her or me! I think the minotaur was very scary. I don't think that I would have been brave enough to go and fight him - I would have sent my sister instead!

Name: Rimsha 20th September 2010
I think it was more of a copy!
Name: Bethany 22nd September 2010
that myth is way KI i loved it ...
Name: Ramisha 22nd September 2010
the Minotaur is soo scary !!!
Name: Makeda 24th September 2010
it was good but it could of been scarier
Name: Ruth 29th September 2010
it was aright could be better but intresting
Name: Billy/connor 30th September 2010
that was the best one ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Patrick Maynard 30th September 2010
i love it
Name: Jake 1st October 2010
it was a good but you could of used more informatoin describing the character
Name: Makaya 1st October 2010
this is the best story ever! in my hole life
Name: Fatima 2nd October 2010
This is a realy intresting story i like
Name: Tade 5th October 2010
Name: Sophie 8th October 2010
sorry but this doesn't help me at all but thanks for tryingxxxx
Name: Jessica 8th October 2010
discusting but cool
Name: Lauren 9th October 2010
i saw this i class and it\'s great
so i wached it a home it was so so cool!
Name: Amira 10th October 2010
looooooooooooooooool it is the best story ever
Name: XGeNeRaLxVeNoMx 15th October 2010
coooooooooooooooooooool nice btw different story!!
Name: Farzana 16th October 2010
That was so coooooool loooooooooooooool!
Name: Rosie 21st October 2010
Is this a myth or a legend? Lol :)
Name: Madison 26th October 2010
absolutely wonderful.
Name: Mak 26th October 2010
this is my favorite
Name: Zeinab 29th October 2010
i loved the story because it was extremely interesting but a bit sad because of the king of athens and the princess.
Name: Yash 31st October 2010
Name: Jaime 2nd November 2010
I wish you could make the scren biger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Name: Jaiden 3rd November 2010
the best iv'e ever seen
Name: Matthewcool 3rd November 2010
fab !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Megan 3rd November 2010
lovely story i think it was a bit mean to leave a girl on a island
Name: Hollie C 8th November 2010
i love it when he took the head off the minotor!!!!
Name: Ahmed 9th November 2010
It Was Stupid To Get Eaten By The Big Scary Mintaur
Name: GStar Ahm3d 786 9th November 2010
This Was SiCk When he killed minoutar by breaking his neck it was scary i love the fighting bit it is bit of a sad story
Name: Kusum 9th November 2010
i love it its just amazing!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Dami 10th November 2010
reall good
Name: Precious 12th November 2010
this is gereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaat
Name: Alex 13th November 2010
great move loved the end :-)
Name: Hannah 14th November 2010
its incredible i just love it
Name: Shelly 16th November 2010
This Is Absoultley Goood....
Name: Lauren Davison 17th November 2010
I think it is really cool but it is sad when his father jumped off a cliff and killed himself because his son forgot to put up the white sails:(
Name: Caitlin Butler 20th November 2010
this is really realistic and so cool!
i found it so much help!
Name: Maya Luna Mustafa 20th November 2010
this is a brill story and funny at the end where he jumps off the cliff and makes a sound
Name: Megan Jackson 21st November 2010
This is very good. You have helped me with my Homework I am supposed to re-write it in my own words, and I had forgotten it!
Name: Moshe 23rd November 2010
haha he left her on the island!!!!lol....GREAT STORY
Name: Ibrahim Khan 25th November 2010
hahaha left on island great now i've got to my homework
Name: DEAN 26th November 2010
Name: Ateya 26th November 2010
this is a fantastic story
Name: Hallie 27th November 2010
very good
Name: Simran 28th November 2010
This has helped me with my homeowrk. great story!!
Name: Kaylen 28th November 2010
awsome really good helped alot
Name: Edward Coles 28th November 2010
You have help me with my homework ,but it would be more better if you had a page of facts about the Greece myth.Thanks for the help .Its a favourite slide on my laptop.
Name: Ellie 28th November 2010
Theseus and the miontor is very good it is very amousing.
Name: Boonkid 30th November 2010
thak you ,you helped me to solve my problem
Name: Viroshan 6th December 2010
that was cool
Name: Jimmy 8th December 2010
Soooooooo coolio!

Merry Chrictmas people!
Name: Suweyba Ali 9th December 2010
this is really good because4 it has killing in it
Name: Josh Greggery 9th December 2010
I really njoyed lookin at fis website but i would change the person who said it because he didn\'t say with expretion!
Name: Matt 9th December 2010
is it a myth or a legend?
Name: Galasyd 10th December 2010
Name: Noami 13th December 2010
this movie is very sceary
Name: Jemma 20th December 2010
very sad and creepy at the same time uhhhh!
Name: Satlafire 21st December 2010
i think its a good lesson for kids :-)
Name: Cj 7th January 2011
helps kids
Name: Kate 10th January 2011
Like the way the story is presented. Its simple and easy to understand.
Name: Jess 11th January 2011
this film is really good and i watched it at school
Name: Kishan 12th January 2011
I kind of like this story although it is quite scary and gruesome. It used some good adjectives although sometimes it could use even better ones. I am also surprised that king Minos is more powerful than the greeks? i definetly would not like to sacrificed to the minotaur!
Name: Emily Parker 12th January 2011
I luv this site it is very useful and interesting! xx
Name: Jj 14th January 2011
I love it exept for the mintour
Name: Jess 17th January 2011
i loved this storey
Name: Roger Phillips 18th January 2011
i dnt think it is intresting
Name: Bill Ouinn 18th January 2011
it is amazing
Name: Jack 18th January 2011
i like the story very good
Name: Bradley 19th January 2011
I like this story especially when he kills the minotaur

Name: Chloe Farmer 19th January 2011
i like this story , because i is good when he kills th animal and leaves the princess that helped him on a little ireland
Name: Emma 21st January 2011
i like this story because he kills the minortor.
Name: Petra 21st January 2011
waw!!!!! this is a fab story.Im learning about greeks and legends it is good.I actily like this story because it is a romantik story i realy like theseus so as the princess adriana i love you!!!!!!!!
Name: Fang786 21st January 2011
Name: Athene Thomas 23rd January 2011
i haven't been able to view it???
Name: Athene Thomas 23rd January 2011
Wow!! it was awesome and a great way to tell this story to my class....It is worded and told in a way just right for my year 3's
Name: Teigan 28th January 2011
i think this story is really good
Name: Chloe Bird 30th January 2011
its a amazing programe
Name: Philip 31st January 2011
it is really good. I'v got it in a book
Name: Fardosaahmed 2nd February 2011
theseas was good but his father died how lame is that
Name: Nakieah 2nd February 2011
I love it it is like wow it is sprising sad and brillent
Name: MARK 3rd February 2011
Name: Natasha 4th February 2011
it is really good we do it in class all the time its amazing
Name: Kaylah 4th February 2011
I love it but why did theseus jump out of the ship
Name: Tfyye6u 4th February 2011
it was good but sad cause his father died
Name: Charlotte 6th February 2011
This was amazing.
we are doing greeks in class.
And now I have got a good homework idea
Name: Eden 6th February 2011
I like watching this again and again we did this once in class and pandoras box :)
Name: Pippa 7th February 2011
I love the story of theus and the minotaur
Name: Pippa 7th February 2011
I loved pandoras box
Name: Adnaan 9th February 2011
this is the BEST myth in the world
Name: Eve 10th February 2011
cool storie
Name: Alima 12th February 2011
hey theseus and the minatour is an interesting story.! bye
Name: Amy 13th February 2011
Name: Earl 14th February 2011
very good top rating
Name: Olivia Powney 15th February 2011
this is awesome but a bit stupid
Name: Cobby 17th February 2011
Name: Kieran 18th February 2011
Name: Miranda 26th February 2011
Oh my gosh~ that was SO cool! I especially like the end sound effects of Aegeus throwing himself off the clift- but not the fact that he dies :( Great story!
Name: Leah 2nd March 2011
this is a great clip
Name: Tom 3rd March 2011
this myth is so good
Name: Olivia 5th March 2011
i read this with my class and they said it was cool !!!!!!!! but we did not finish
Name: Bahaa 9th March 2011
i am from eygpt and i love this myth
Name: FREYA 10th March 2011
brilant fantastic
Name: Freya 10th March 2011
i have a book called conner and the snake
Name: Raess 11th March 2011
looooool its so wicked
Name: Sunatroyd 13th March 2011
I Love this
Name: St Hildas 15th March 2011
so wikked lol
Name: Chloe&tyler 17th March 2011
this story is wicked
Name: Vashiny 18th March 2011
this is the world's fabulous story i bet
Name: Emily 21st March 2011
i dont like this site as the stories arent accuarte!
Name: Carson 21st March 2011
The story is very old!
Name: St Hildas 21st March 2011
so wikked lol
Name: Tyler 21st March 2011
the story was kinda crule to the lady
Name: Jamal 26th March 2011
this is cool
Name: Amy Cass 30th March 2011
Pure mint
Name: Grim 31st March 2011
i have seen better :(
Name: Evelin Gomez 31st March 2011
Ilike dis story
Name: Nathan Kershaw 31st March 2011
wow i like the bit when theaseus torn of the minotors head
Name: Sophie Mai Smith 13th April 2011
i think that theseus and the minoutar is brilliant so u shouldnt change a thing so please dont.i think that u should just have written notes so the story wouldnt have changed over the years and that it would now be the exact story
Name: Toby 13th April 2011
I think it is very good.
Name: Imarni Clough 20th April 2011
this woman is quite weird and ugly
Name: Patrycja Werens 24th April 2011
i liked it really but i wish you could pause the story for a sec
Name: Jamie 26th April 2011
it is the best aspecaly the minosarus
Name: Zubeda 6th May 2011
I rally enjoy this story
Name: Akua 7th May 2011
I like this story :)
but i do wish that with all of the stories you could pause it
Name: Milah Halford 8th May 2011
it was totoaly AWESOME!!! this is my favourite greek myth, but the way he kill him was a bit wierd cos' in class the woman gave him a MAGIC ball of wool and a MAGIC sword and killed him but every one is different right?!
My favourite bit in the story was when he left her on the iland!!! So hilarious!!
I loved it!!! the story is amazing!
Name: Fetongi 9th May 2011
this is the brst movie i see
Name: Zara 9th May 2011
i think they need to have a pause button its so stupid isnt it.

Press the 'auto is on button', this will turn auto play off, then you can pause for as long as you want at the end of each page The Myth Team
Name: Safiyeh 11th May 2011
good myth
Name: Soragan 13th May 2011
this is a myth i read it
Name: Nahiyan 13th May 2011
coooooooooooooooooool duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude!!!
Name: Jack 16th May 2011
this is ok
Name: Lindzi 16th May 2011
i like the greek gods, they rock!
Name: MATTY! 17th May 2011
Helped me with my hoooooooooooooooomework man!
Name: Estolla 20th May 2011
this is the best story that has ever been told ever in my life
Name: Joseph 21st May 2011
Ilove this ths is the best myth ever
Name: Katty76 25th May 2011
this is awsooooooooooooome!!!!!!!its the best. katty76yr9
Name: Loo 3rd June 2011
Name: Alex Flamson 3rd June 2011
one of the best myths ever !!!!!!!!
Name: Ellie.savage Year 4 7th June 2011
i love blood and guts of corse you would not think it of me and i loved the film.
Name: Inthi 7th June 2011
this story is really good and i really learn a lot from this.
Name: Brookster 12th June 2011
its the best
Name: Josh 13th June 2011
i loved this story it,s nice
Name: Erisona 13th June 2011
i really like this myth
Name: Joel 14th June 2011
I loved it even when it had the blood
Name: Dylan 14th June 2011
good job man is this real?
Name: Laura 16th June 2011
This is an amazing myth I love it especially when Theseus rips the minotaurs head of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Fatimah Ali Age:8 18th June 2011
That story was like,OH MY GOD!I JUST LOVED THAT MYTH.

The best part was when king Aegeus threw himself into the the sea.Then that sea was called,

Name: Lewis 19th June 2011
my teacher was reading this to my class
Name: Ethan Newman 30th June 2011
this is one of my favourite myths.Its awsome!
Name: Joshua And George 5th July 2011
He did not have to kill him self when the black sails were up sheash!!!!!!
He could just make a grave!
Name: Yazoo Man 2 5th July 2011
alright i have seen better
Name: Angela 8th July 2011
wow im 8 and this was a bit scary at first then it was like er normal.
Name: Maisey Hughes 10th July 2011
i love it its good
Name: Connie Hughes 13th July 2011
Great i love stuff like myths and legends
Name: AllieeeBabbeeyy 15th July 2011
Lyk it Izzzz Good
Name: Hanah 16th July 2011
awwwww sooooo sad
Name: Phoebe 29th July 2011
that was so scary
Name: Natalie 2nd August 2011
hell i like your storys
Name: Phoebe 11th August 2011
this is scary
Name: Leqwan 18th August 2011
that was so scary i almost fell off my seat
Name: Pragya Yadav 27th August 2011
hello i like your story
Name: Angleena 29th August 2011
Really thats not scary my sister doesn't even get scared!
Name: Vanna 30th August 2011
Name: Casey 5th September 2011
Nice story.But the ending was sad.
Name: Zack 9th September 2011
i like this story we learnt it today at school
Name: Harshita 12th September 2011
It was a wonderful story . I loved it !!!!
well i hope the girl would be saved .
Name: Max 13th September 2011
ive heard this twice and it wasnt bad but if you were trying to scare the veiwers good try
Name: Chanel 15th September 2011
Name: Rubaiyat 15th September 2011
i like baba yaga and vasilisa the fair
Name: Daniel C 18th September 2011
I thought that he was silly to not turn the sail white and keep it black because he made his farther jump into the water.
Name: Cezaa 27th September 2011
nice ???????
Name: Macy Mccormack 28th September 2011
wow thats a good story
Name: Grace 4th October 2011
Name: Mischa 8th October 2011
this story is so intresting I was drawn to it
Name: Marie 9th October 2011
I like it it was a sad ending butwe aer laering at school about greeks myths and legends so thank you so i can anser all the qwestion i n school now thank you.
Name: Millie 13th October 2011
Name: Elin 16th October 2011
I Really anjoyed this story, we are learning about it in school, thank you for doing it, I know a lot more now.
Name: Mohamed 25th October 2011
Name: Ahmed 28th October 2011
this was an amazing story
Name: Adam Robinson 2nd November 2011
I thought the minotaur was really freaky!
Name: Luke 3rd November 2011
I love the minotaur
Name: Mollie 3rd November 2011
read this story
Name: Rebecca 4th November 2011
This is a brilliant myth.The sound effects are yucky,but brilliant!
Name: Izhel 6th November 2011
it can be myth or true because they see the labyrinth under the palas of king minos
Name: Frankie 6th November 2011
we a lerning about it and it has relly inspierd me
Name: Alexus 7th November 2011
i learned this in yr 5 and i am now in yr 6 and i did really enjoy reading it when i was in year 5
Name: . 9th November 2011
i don't know if this legend is true or not. EVIDENCE- they never found the body of the minotaur
Name: Ilovejff 11th November 2011
I love this myth it awesome
Name: Toby 14th November 2011
I think it is a bit scary
Name: Emma Proudley 14th November 2011
I love this it inspers other childen to go on the comuter and watch something that you learn at school in steed of sitting on the table doing a boring maths test 10/10.
Name: Anna 16th November 2011
amasing how they tell the is sick.i think it a ten out of ten
Name: Anna 17th November 2011
i think it relly good.I'll recomend it to every single peson in the worls
Name: Mohammad 17th November 2011
I think it was great fun reading this myth.
Name: Nikki 22nd November 2011
This is such a fun and interactive way to tell this story. I think it's great that you can read, listen and view the story all at the same time.
Name: Mohamed 22nd November 2011
nice story i adore it
Name: Katey 23rd November 2011
This story was rather accurate compared to what i have heard before and the pictures were quite amusing!
Name: Louis 27th November 2011
Very nice :)
Name: Olivia 27th November 2011
It is an amazing story, but it didn't work on my IPad. I was amazing on my computer though!!
Name: Yk 27th November 2011
it sooooooooooooooo scary hope you have nightmares BOO!
Name: Bob 7th December 2011
Name: Joe Hill 7th December 2011
very good but could the prince kiss the princess
Name: Bob 9th December 2011
This story is one of my fave stories on the website. Thanks Myths and Legend Team, also I read this story at school!lol:)
Name: Jess 14th December 2011
Name: Bob 17th December 2011
its so cool this myth
Name: Mrs Milliner 30th December 2011
My class are going to love this!
Name: Meganfield21 7th January 2012
i appsoluty love this story
Name: Rose 9th January 2012
don't ;like it that much.
Name: Oli 10th January 2012
i love tis one i red it in class
Name: FRANCESCA 12th January 2012
Name: Courtney Calder 13th January 2012
i love this story becouse you can write on it
Name: Charlotte 13th January 2012
I really love the Greek myth about Theseus and the Minotaur.
Name: Alex 13th January 2012
I think all the myths and legends are good and they worth the time to watch!!
Name: Manisha 15th January 2012
Hi i wish the pitures were powerful and strong
Name: Thakmina 17th January 2012
i like it and it was horrible
Name: Blu 19th January 2012
have you ever heard on the news there was a person who went under a island and found a labyrinth and then went in the minotaurs labyrinth and all of a sudden, there was a minotaur, it broke the camera and the screen went blank.
Name: Yaseen 21st January 2012
i loved seeing the minators blood
Name: Daisy Milton 23rd January 2012
It is sssssssssooooooooooo fantastic .keep making more.
Name: Sammilam 24th January 2012
That was soooo cool. :)
Name: Stephanie 26th January 2012
i thiNk the story was a bit scary but it was cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Laila 26th January 2012
ssssssoooooooooooooooooooo AWESOME keep making more
Name: Joshua Lee Barnes 27th January 2012
i think it had badness because it have dying in it but it is a bit funny and scray theseus and the minataur
Name: Joseph 27th January 2012
theseus and the minotaur is brilliant
Name: Bob 28th January 2012
it was ok
Name: Maya 28th January 2012
this is wicked
Name: Clarissa 28th January 2012
I think it is one of the best stories ever.
Name: Daniel 29th January 2012
good and weird!
Name: Emily 29th January 2012
i think this story is REALLYYYYY BORING!! but that is just my opinion xx
Name: Ben 31st January 2012
that was mint
Name: Anais 31st January 2012
Brilliant say 9 out of ten.

I have already read some at school!
Name: Dakota 1st February 2012
this is good for teeching children things from years ago
Name: Opal 1st February 2012
this site can be helpfull if u grt the storys correct x
Name: Hetty 1st February 2012
it was the best myth i had ever seen
Name: Ruby 2nd February 2012
i love that myth we are re-writing that in literacy in our own versions!
Name: Hattie 3rd February 2012
its the best myth ive ever heard i read it over and over again and i dont get bored!
Name: Freya 14th February 2012
i am learning about this next week and i am so exited xxx...
Name: Freya 14th February 2012
i think i will love learning about it because i no a bit about it all ready and i think it will be quite cool and good xxx ...
Name: Amy 14th February 2012
that was azsome story
Name: Brianna 15th February 2012
That is such a great story that everyone should watch it
Name: Amina Ramzan 17th February 2012
well done
a niced and well structured story(myth)
Name: Persephone 20th February 2012
That was a little mean of Theseus to leave innocent Arainde on the island alone!I felt sorry though for Theseus because he father commited suicde.
Name: Freya 21st February 2012
hi iam am learning about it now in school
Name: Mya 21st February 2012
How amazing can this book be
I'm really amazed!!!!
Name: Sumaya 24th February 2012
Name: Hannah 25th February 2012
I love that story it is amazing but i do feel sorry for the minotaur because theseus was a bit gross taking his head of like that but i supose if that is the only way to kill him i would do it
Name: Mark 26th February 2012
brilliant this is a suberb story i wish theseus was actually real!
Name: Maia Shaw 27th February 2012
wow the minotaur deserved it eating all those people
Name: Lydiajcb 28th February 2012
i love the minortor its the most menest beast ive ever heard of in a myth. keep up the good myths.
Name: Frreya 1st March 2012
hi peole hi love this topic and its very fun. xxxx
Name: Abs 2nd March 2012
best ever
Name: Owen 4th March 2012
hes gredy
Name: Libbie 8th March 2012
hi i like theausus and the minotaur because it's a myth and it's intersting
Name: Bas 10th March 2012
it was all right for kids but might need some easier words
Name: Jersey 17th March 2012
I love it!!!!
Name: Jersey 17th March 2012
I love this it is so cool!
Name: Jersey 17th March 2012
It serves theseus right for leaving Ariadne on the island!
Name: ABIGAIL 17th March 2012
Name: Prableen 18th March 2012
oh my god , some of these stories are different from the other because of they start and end. I will like you to change things from the extract as they are different from the original ones.
Name: Mia Hamm 19th March 2012
Very Cool It was very interesting and awesome.
Name: Emma 20th March 2012
LOL funy story !
Name: Rachael 24th March 2012
That was a really good story, if you don't know the moral this is it:
Theseus was being mean, his father died.
Name: Habiba 28th March 2012
great story
Name: Eleni 2nd April 2012
Why didn't Theseus's dad wait for the ship to come right near the Irland to see if he was there.Anyway I've been learning about myths and legends and this is one of the best I've listend to (:
Name: Andriana 11th April 2012
that was sooooo interesting and sad too!!
Name: Evgenia 16th April 2012
this was a great story!!
Name: Chloe 16th April 2012
i love it , its sad and it has great animations !!!
Name: Kyle 19th April 2012
it is fab and epic
Name: Tanisha 19th April 2012
Name: Eleanor & Milly 19th April 2012
Good story,great anamatoins
Name: Adam 19th April 2012
I think this myth is very good
Name: Archie Webb 19th April 2012
That was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo Greatttttttttttttttttttttttttt
Name: Caitlin And Jake 22nd April 2012
we loved the film we fort it was the besr
Name: Luis Smitham 27th April 2012
it waas really funny even when theseus took the minotors head off
Name: Ellie 28th April 2012
that is so interesting the video is great and the story is simple but tells you a great moral!!!!!! :)
Name: Usy 29th April 2012
it is very good
Name: Gypsi 29th April 2012
This Is Cool
Name: Ryan 29th April 2012
Name: Fairy 1st May 2012
that was soooooooooooooooooooo awsum we watched a film in y5 and it was this 1-------sick bro watch the film better version (y)
Name: Alanna Chapman 3rd May 2012
that was good my teacher will be inpresed that im reserching on myths my literacy topic
Name: Henry 5th May 2012
Amazing and astounding website!!!
Name: Ashley 5th May 2012
it was okay
Name: Cerys Handley 6th May 2012
I am going to Crete later this year :)
Name: Dammy 6th May 2012
it was so xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxiloved it
Name: Lucy 7th May 2012
This film is wicked
Name: Saieesha 8th May 2012
This was a great story the clipart was okay but the people were really really ugly
Name: Jonnie 8th May 2012
i like it so cool
Name: Laurie 9th May 2012
i thought the end was gross when the king kills himself
Name: Andrea 11th May 2012
that was a powerful story about theseus and the minotaur we just learned about this at school
Name: Lara 14th May 2012
cool i love that myth
Name: JD 19th May 2012
WOW! i could not believe that Theseus killed the Minotaur and left the young girl on a island.
Name: Smiley Face 22nd May 2012
Name: Dj 24th May 2012
i dont like it
Name: Dawn Ashwell 24th May 2012
i love it :D
Name: Evan 25th May 2012
I can't believe that Theseus left Ariadne on the island after Ariadne helping Theseus out of the Labryinth.
Name: Will 26th May 2012
It's alright but the guy talking puts no expression on
Name: JJ 26th May 2012
Kind of a sad but powerful story
Name: SADIE 26th May 2012
we are laring about legands
Name: Matty 28th May 2012
this is interesting
Name: Lu Lu 28th May 2012
this is an amazing story
Name: Abdullah 3rd June 2012
Name: Amy 4th June 2012
I love this video.We have been learning 
about this too.It is great fun.But it is
mostley for kids.My favourite Greek story
now I have wached it:D
Name: Zhara 6th June 2012
i thought this video at first would be boring but watching made me feel intrested.
Name: Mahria 11th June 2012
Does this story show the cast?
Name: Julia 12th June 2012
i love this!:)
Name: MARK 13th June 2012
Name: Bex 17th June 2012
that was a great story
Name: Holly Waldrum 18th June 2012
best book ever
Name: Lotti 21st June 2012
love it
Name: Julia 22nd June 2012
Name: Georgie 25th June 2012
amazing story I loved it!
Name: Olivia123 29th June 2012
i really liked it where learning about it at school!
Name: Charlotte 29th June 2012
i liked this
Name: Amy 1st July 2012
This a great story and beggs to be read out loud. I read loads of stories to my mom. But this is the one that I read mostley to anyone!
Name: Morgan 2nd July 2012
hey great story realy cool
Name: Katy :) 2nd July 2012
WOOW that is amazing Lol
Name: Sarai 3rd July 2012
I love this story
Name: Jade 3rd July 2012
i am glad i herd it.
Name: Byron 3rd July 2012
the best storry ever.
Name: Bobsible Lechando Peppi Russo 6th July 2012
wooo it was such a delight i am so happy i read it,wow it was amazing the best bloomin story ever. it made me laugh,cry and jump the minotour was sooo scary! i cant believe his father died!:'(
Name: Lynne 8th July 2012
Read the story and saw the play it helped it was well presented.

But why did Theseus, his Father and Ariandne's father have no eyes they were just black? it doesn't look nice its kind of creepy (sorry if i have misspelled any names)
Name: Owen 11th July 2012
it is sick !!!
Name: Emmen 12th July 2012
this story is interesting i would love to now more about this :D :D :D
Name: Khushal 14th July 2012
Good job people!!!!!!!
Name: Athena 19th July 2012
how could i copy the picture of the story?
Name: Curry Muncher 2nd August 2012
This story is amazing, but I would recondmend the Minotaur to try curry :)
Name: Pauline 13th August 2012
I love all these stories.
I hope all of you gize do to :)
Name: Galvin 22nd August 2012
This is awesome
Name: Maddy Evans 10th September 2012
it was very good
Name: Jack 11th September 2012
Name: Rebecca 11th September 2012
Name: Ms Tuba 23rd September 2012
This video was very hepful for my lesson
Name: Caroline Heartly 25th September 2012
It really helped with my myths and legends lesson.
Name: Bilbo 26th September 2012
i always thought that she had a miserable face anyway. still was mean for him to leave her alone, they coul've gotten married and lived happily ever after... its a shame that he couldnt see behind her really disgusting face, cos they coul've had some really unique children!
Name: Lilly 29th September 2012
a great film
Name: Toby Vezey 1st October 2012
Yh a very cool video and i like it its quit freaky
Name: Travis Lamoon 5th October 2012
I have read this at school once so I know the whole story
Name: Mackenzie Chloe Zoey 12th October 2012
I read this once and I know or off by heart as the pictures are funny and good which allows me to remember the story. I 💝it !!!

Name: Vithunan 12th October 2012
I cant belive a hero will do a bad thing like that living ariadne on a iland.
Name: Aliyah 16th October 2012
I read this in school but i think theaseus shouldntof left ariadne he promised her!
Name: Hussain 18th October 2012
I'm not suprised Theseus left Ariadne on the island.She didn't look attractive!
Name: Jenifer 19th October 2012
lathom junior school has looked at theseus and the mintour
Name: Millie 22nd October 2012
Love it read it at school!
Name: Prankers 24th October 2012
helllll naah. good book but lol ending
Name: Lola 27th October 2012
Brilliant story Our Lay of Lourdes Primary school do this in school. We have to do presentations for this in school !!!!
Name: Mohamed 2nd November 2012
Is Theseus and the Minotaur a myth or a legend.
Name: Muna5250 6th November 2012
Theseus and the Minotaur is a scary book and Theseus put his sword to kill Minotaur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Bob 7th November 2012
Name: Abdulaziz 8th November 2012
Name: Louise 9th November 2012
I don't like the twisty head thingy! But cool at the same time.
Name: Luke Bruns 9th November 2012
Name: Owen 10th November 2012
I liked the stories.
Name: Tdffs 12th November 2012
Happy holidays
Name: Hamna 13th November 2012
omg i love it
Name: Trjiu 14th November 2012
Name: Lilly 14th November 2012
i love it
Name: Shanay 16th November 2012
i love this so much
Name: Emily 21st November 2012
well this will help me with my home work at ashford park primary school in ashford middsex england
Name: Emzzz 22nd November 2012
Great story seens as we are learning about myths and legends in school. I love how this connects to the legend Daedalus and Icarus.
Name: Kirsty 26th November 2012
i love it alot
Name: Mia 28th November 2012
we are learning this in school
Name: Lucy 9th December 2012
not got a lot info
Name: Amaya 13th December 2012
I just love greek mthology! I especially love this mythical story.
Name: Alvin Roy 30th December 2012
The king Aegeus should'nt have jumped off from the cliff.He should wait a little more time to know what happend.
Name: Samikshaa Singh 1st January 2013
When I read this Theseus and the Minotaur this was amazing I like this story very much I need like this another Theseus and the Minotaur.
Name: Samikshaa Singh 1st January 2013
Can u send me more
myth & legend
From: Samikshaa
Name: Jordan Clark 8th January 2013
I love the story but don\'t think he should of jumped of the cliff that\'s my opinion don\'t judge
Name: Dinushan 12th January 2013
it was a good story and ecstactic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Rebbecca Godard 13th January 2013
It is good but I don\\\\\\\'t think he should of jumped of the cliff just because Theseus forgot to change the sail to white .But I loved the story it was exellant!
Name: Richard Ockan 16th January 2013
a great book
Name: Ollie Moore 16th January 2013
The story was good but I dont think that he should of jumped of the cliff just because he fogot to put up the white sail!!!!!
Name: Eloisa 17th January 2013
hello i LOVE this and i think it is great !!!!!!
Name: Joanna Tullin 21st January 2013
i love it wen minotur dies
Name: Joanna Tullin 21st January 2013
i love u webbbbb


Name: Lillie 25th January 2013
very very good
Name: Mia Minaj 25th January 2013
wow! awsome i watched that in school hahah xx
Name: Duaa Imran 26th January 2013
we [me and my group] were asked to make a play on this story because they had gave us the half story in the text book so we had to continue it. we made it all wrong doing theseus killed the minotaur and went far away to marry
Name: Jennifer Lopez 26th January 2013
coolest story i ever red
ppl shold go to tis site
it is cooooooool
i lov it
Name: Noreen 27th January 2013
It was very good
Name: Samantha 28th January 2013
wow cool story
Name: Cameron Wood 28th January 2013
Theseus and the minotaur
Name: Katherine 1st February 2013
wow good story
Name: Daniel Roberts 4th February 2013
I've read this story twice and I enjoyed it. Daniel - Year 3M.
Name: A.J 4th February 2013
Really good story. I really enjoyed listening to it. It was wonderful!
Name: Dave 7th February 2013
yeeahh woooo wot a great story lets have fun woo
Name: Holly 10th February 2013
Really good story- I enjoyed reading it.
Name: George 10th February 2013
Poor Ariadne. I enjoyed this story.
Name: Wesley 11th February 2013
it is very good theseus and the minotaur
ripped head
Name: Ashley 13th February 2013
I enjoyed the story just didn\\\'t like the way theseus left ariadne poor girl
Name: Ruth 16th February 2013
love this story
Name: Christin 16th February 2013
this is a fantastic story
Name: Liberty 20th February 2013
it is sad at the end when the father of Theseus
Name: Preistty 26th February 2013
i hate it joikng love it
Name: Bob 28th February 2013
Name: Bobby 1st March 2013
Awesome!!! Loved part when Theseus killed minotaur! Sad though...
Name: Annonamous 3rd March 2013
is this related to the movie that came out in 2012 called "The Hunger Games". ???
Name: Mia 7th March 2013
i love this story ive seen it at school as well im lerning about greece and greeks
Name: Amy 9th March 2013
I love this myth. If anyone asked me what my favourite part of it was, I would say all of it!
Name: Grace 10th March 2013
i liked the bit where theseus killed the minotaur but i diddnt like the bit where king ageus jumped off the cliff
is was ia bit sad
Name: Milly 12th March 2013
love it
Name: Max 13th March 2013
It is so cool and dramatic. I luv it!
Name: Aisha 15th March 2013
i liked the story of Theseus and the Minotaur it was funny when king Aegeus jumped in the sea
Name: Year 4 Aldingbourn School 16th March 2013
we loved this story but we diddnt like the bit where he snapped the minotaurs neck because it souned bad and we felt it but it was good that he died but is was not good that king ageus died but we thought king minos was not powerful he was more horrid
Name: Naomi 20th March 2013
this awsome we wached at school 1000000000000000000 times we all say litracyb is the best leson
Name: Ellen 2nd April 2013
this is amazing, i listened to it at school. The only bit we found gory was the snapped neck, and we didnt like Theseus that much because the way he treated Ariadne on the island and he has a bad memory for the sails that killed his father. (he must have died or got a severe injury)
Name: Chelsea Burrows 10th April 2013
i do like this but i did feel pain in me when he snapped the neck plus iv watched this loads of times
Name: Emiel 12th April 2013
this is awesome i love all the grusomeness too
Name: Megan 16th April 2013
it was very good
Name: Kyhia 17th April 2013
wow i can\'t believe it.
Name: Finn 19th April 2013

Name: Rohan 20th April 2013
l like this story
Name: Harpreet 26th April 2013
I love this story!
Name: Harley 28th April 2013
Good story with a sad ending,but the ending does not spoil it.
Name: Chloesykes 1st May 2013
This story is very intresting (: p.s does any of you go to Leen Mills PRIMARY scool.
Name: Super Kid 3rd May 2013
This is now the best greek story I have ever watched in my entire life!
Name: Jjr 8th May 2013
that is so cool
Name: Rosie 12th May 2013
This is very educational and useful
Name: Carla 14th May 2013
cool web story
Name: Keira 21st May 2013
theseus and the minotaur is very educated and it is a sad and a happy myth.
Name: Douche 23rd May 2013
it's ok
Name: Nicole&cole 23rd May 2013
It was very sad when the monster killed somebody.
Name: Omar 4th June 2013
it is a good story, But i have read more THESEUS AND THE MINOTAUR's and it says ariande gave theseus a sword and killed it with that, not his hands.
Name: Jake 18th June 2013
The maze lookes hard
Name: Hollie 21st June 2013
so good i watched it aboyt five times i did get i little scared on the maze because you see nothing.
Name: Hattie 23rd June 2013
it's a bit scary for me.
Name: Charlotte 25th June 2013
this was not scary but I am annoyed that he left a lady one an Island i mean what is wrong with girls
Name: Jess Varley 30th June 2013
The mintor was scary.Theseus was very mean leaving aridne on the island. Whats wrong whith girls
Name: Randy 6th July 2013
Some people can be so greedy and mean. I hope that anyone who reads this comment will not do what Theseus did and ditch a girl. That is not a way to treat anyone. Especially boys, don't ever do that on a date!
Name: Danielle Robson 11th July 2013
this is realy good.
Name: Alexis 28th August 2013
that was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Lily-Mae 13th September 2013
Never Do That It Is Rude And Ungrateful Boys The Minotaur Deserved It
Name: No.1 Animal Fan! 14th September 2013
I really love this story!
Name: Intisar 1st October 2013
Name: Piggy Lover 9th October 2013
Name: Jack Crawford 17th October 2013
Name: Tyuwru 22nd October 2013
Name: Ms D'Souza 24th October 2013
I really enjoyed listening to this myth. Enjoyed the version on Atlantis too!
Name: Caitlin 24th October 2013
Wow we learned about myths and my teacher (Miss Malley) showed us this. Miss Malley also showed us this myth as a power point
Name: Emily 27th October 2013
very good story!!!
Name: Jackfrost 27th October 2013
this is the best book ever
Name: Chelsea 28th October 2013
it is kinda sad
Name: Georgia 28th October 2013
I really liked this story i wish we could make a movie about it!! The story Daedalus and Icarus is a good one too and is related to this story so if anyone enjoyed this story they should search up and watch Daedalus and Icarus.
Name: Ami 30th October 2013
iagree with you chelsea because i think there is a moral about this story
Name: Amy Brown 1st November 2013
this is wel awesome stuff i live for it.
Name: Grace 4th November 2013
it was good
Name: Sophie 11th November 2013
I thought you put it in a very good way for me and other children to understand

Well done!
Name: Kadijah Khan 15th November 2013
I love this story because it has a good moral
Name: Ace 17th November 2013
wow this realy helped me with my homework 100000000000000000000000000000000000000/10 thanks!

Name: Benjamin 21st November 2013
yeah best story I ever heard I like all
the myths but this one is the best

this helped me with my homework too
Name: Liam 21st November 2013
very good helped me read
Name: Aayla Khan 21st November 2013
I love this story is the best story I've ever heard
Name: Elisa 24th November 2013
i enjoyed reading this story because it was fun!! it's the best myth i'v heard so far. i keep on listening it over and over.
Name: Millie 29th November 2013
I liked the story
Name: Danielle 29th November 2013
I really liked it and I thought that the Theseus was dead but then he got up and killed the Minotaur, hip, hip hurray. It was a great story I've heard it loads of times well only once and its so GOOD.
Name: 3W 4th December 2013
We thought the story was exciting and sad. It was exciting because of the mythical creatures and the interesting adjectives that were used. We found the end of the story sad when Theseus's dad died.
Name: Georgia 5th December 2013
love it and the minatour is cute=[
Name: Millie Boon 9th December 2013
I liked the story very much!
Name: Myths 12th December 2013
You can make a story of Jason and Medea.
Name: Snake 12th December 2013
I liked the story! It was funny and educational.
Name: Evie 29th December 2013
This is such a interesting story this will be great for my report for year 7
Name: Sade 6th January 2014
I love this story it was very helpful for me because I wanted to write a myth or a legend
Name: Rose 7th January 2014
I really liked this story because it was really educational and very good
Name: Diane 12th January 2014
I love this story, it is fantastic
Name: BOB 13th January 2014
i love this story
Name: ? 15th January 2014
wow,an amazing story i really love it!
Name: Maja 16th January 2014
I learn about the story by doing dancing
Name: Esme 19th January 2014
I learnt a lot from this story
Name: Charlotte Roberts 21st January 2014
that story was rubish
Name: Aysha Begum 21st January 2014
make it easy for children in year one like my little sister
Name: Bob 21st January 2014
that was a good story... i guess
Name: Lewes Deacon 28th January 2014
It helped i used it for m hw its for kids im in year 8 XD
Name: Brandon Nicholson 30th January 2014
I love your story.
Name: Fjori 5th February 2014
Interesting and this site is good for learning! :D
Name: Anna 7th February 2014
i love this story!!!
Name: Leah Molly Paige Smith 19th February 2014
I love story's and i really love making story's on my computer

From Leah
Name: Frank 24th February 2014
Name: FRANKY 28th February 2014
OMG sometimes scary but really cool
Name: ???? 3rd March 2014
Name: Lionel Messi 3rd March 2014
it is so sad how king ageas thinks that his son is dead and he kills him self
Name: Keneisha 5th March 2014
This story is sad
Name: ???? 6th March 2014
very interesting
Name: Myth 11th March 2014
Name: Ppppppp 14th March 2014
very gooooooooooood
Name: Abbie 14th March 2014
I knew this story was verey popular so I cheked it out and I liked it very much but it is a bit sad that the father died also this really helped me with my homework #awsome
Name: Tash 16th March 2014
It is sort of funny because he found ariadne ugly and he left her on the island...
Name: Khang LOVE Ruby 17th March 2014
Name: LeBron11KD35KB24 17th March 2014
this is EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOVE IT BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Anushka 19th March 2014
I like this movie since it\\\'s intersting.
Name: Samantha 24th March 2014
I like this new thing and it is good.
Name: Nayab 26th March 2014
this was a great and amazing myth
Name: Katie 26th March 2014
We go on this website at school . We all love it
Name: Person 27th March 2014
This stinks this is not how he did it he broke a horn and stabbed it to death also thi string was glowing
Name: Nicolette 27th March 2014
That was so different from the version we heard at school! It was so cruel the way Theseus just left Ardiane. After all she has done for him, saved his life even. What a harsh way to end it with Theseus father just dying with no further detail.
Name: Victoria 28th March 2014
Wow! This is totally different from the story we read in school, this one had more description. This piece was also told a little bit differently, than the text version.
Name: LUKE 28th March 2014
I think this sight is relly cool, because i get to see what the characters look like and get to dive in deeper with so more information from this website
Name: Nikita 31st March 2014
I think that this really gives you an under standing of how strong and powerful the minotaur was .
Name: Evan 31st March 2014
I really liked how much more description the video had than the text. I gave every detail and worded it very well!
Name: Julia 31st March 2014
This is very cool, and this was very fun to watch.
Name: Stephanie 1st April 2014
This is so different from what was heard at school because they didn\'t describe King Minos as the foolish king he was in this. He was a totally different person!
Name: Serena 1st April 2014
This is awesome.. i think it may be scary 4 ppl but its all good ^_^ i think its a great myth!
Name: Layia 1st April 2014
haha this is funny i really like the part when he meets the minotaur it's epic! :)
Name: Kailey 1st April 2014
wow amazing its cool relistic and more!
Name: Tamika 4th April 2014
cool myth
Name: Emmanuel 24th April 2014
The best most epic myth I've ever read in my life but I don't think King Aegeus should have committed suicide like that.
Name: ME!!!!! 30th April 2014
Name: Nevaeh 4th May 2014
relly freeky in some parts
Name: Sarna 8th May 2014
fantastic myth!!!!

Name: Jam 11th May 2014
Name: Dianna 13th May 2014
wow thats good
Name: Nasrath 13th May 2014
Amazing myth! I remember this website in primary and now I have to look up Greek Mtyhology! There are some reference to Shakespeares play, A Midsummer Nights Dream. Its about tangled love so the maze in Theseus and the Minotaur is a graet interpretation.
Name: Girl 18th May 2014
This is a really good website. I am using it for my homework and it is really helping
Name: Rishi 19th May 2014
the best story ever loved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Ella 20th May 2014
very cool myth. want to hear more of them. Made our own myth at school want to put it on.
Name: Ella 20th May 2014
My Creature is called the Minorgriff. Cool name.
Name: Yo 3rd June 2014
prrty good
Name: Mimi 21st June 2014
I like this story.
Name: Harrison 24th June 2014
I like this story. so silly should of change his sails and not be mean to the girl who help him.
Name: Bob 24th June 2014
Cool story
Name: Shiela 5th July 2014
this is similar to the story wings about Daedalus and icarus . .

i like this story :)
Name: Jessiker 7th July 2014
these stories told are amazing
Name: Temi 22nd July 2014
NIce story . Loved to read and listen :D
Name: Heather And Isabella 29th July 2014
that was a sad but cool story and i really liked it.
Name: RYAN 2nd September 2014
i love this myth
Name: Amber 5th September 2014
good liked it
Name: Daniel 8th September 2014
why did he have black sails in the first place??
Name: Leah Daniel 9th September 2014
Is this story true because in my school they said it was and the god was true to but i don't know i don't think this story id true
Name: Flynn Ford 21st September 2014
It was awsome
Name: Saron 26th September 2014
really creepy but really cool well done
Name: Brandon 2nd October 2014
very good
Name: Max 4th October 2014
Awesome video I love it when the twist the monitor's head all the way round
Name: URMOM 6th October 2014
I Liked It :)
Name: PTV 14th October 2014
I dont really like this version of the story,personally. But thats just my opinion. Still a good myth, though.
Name: Brenna 16th October 2014
the story is grate to learn at school.\
Name: Cupcake 18th October 2014
Name: Cheeky_charm01 9th November 2014
Doing this for homework with my friend
Name: Angel 12th November 2014
i dont like the fact that he left ariadne alone
Name: Unknow 13th November 2014
i liked it but why he left the girl when she helped him then he killed himself that was so stupid/dumb
Name: Miraj 15th November 2014
i am impressed with the story
Name: Yusuf 20th November 2014
Name: Demi-leigh 28th November 2014
Name: Maddie Punani 2nd December 2014
I've loved this story since I was in year 6 when we first looked at this site, I'm in year ten now and I still love it :)
Name: Johnny Manziel 3rd December 2014
Name: Jean Parsons 28th December 2014
Are there any songs from this play- I ask as Dr 5p2my son who is nearly 40 starred in a version of this when he was as a school and can\'t remember the songs he sung and I wondered if this would give him any clues
Name: Liv Rooney 30th December 2014
very descriptive
Name: Maddie Rooney 3rd January 2015
really good for children aged 9-12
Name: Dove Cameron 4th January 2015
I hated it. It was sooooooooooooooooooo boring.
Name: Salma 4th January 2015
I loved the way you changed your tones each time someone new spoke. A leo, I loved the sound effects and the pictures. It makes you imagine it in your mind.
Name: Annabeth Chase 7th January 2015
i love the begging not the end.:) ;)
Name: Amyanimallover 7th January 2015
Wow! I really think that this is a great story! Really cool! You know my teacher shown us this when I was in year 3, it's awesome!
Name: Aaminah 11th January 2015
it was a good story but it was really sad when the father jumped in to the warer
Name: Shaneinator 21st January 2015
Good but sad at the end
Name: Justin 22nd January 2015
It was good, however, it needs more action
Name: Tamzin 26th January 2015
I hate it when the minotaur dies now whos gonna kill the people minos
Name: Pritika 28th January 2015
sick stuff woul not wanna be the minotaur
Name: Fahim 29th January 2015
Name: Rohan 2nd February 2015
I like this story
Name: L1 4th February 2015
i liked it
Name: Khayla 9th February 2015
its good
Name: Rhea 14th February 2015
really good
Name: Paloma 17th February 2015
I love this story so much I can't break a minatour's head crazy
Name: Miriam 19th February 2015
What a nice myth that is.... unfortunately that's sad of what Theseus did to Ariadne
Name: Iwona 20th February 2015
this is just amazing not long i willmake my own myth or legend
Name: Cody 20th February 2015
sweet its cool that his dad died
Name: Gary Trodgen 24th February 2015
decent myth on my behalf but sad that his daddy died. :(
Name: Bob Harden 24th February 2015
decent but maybe they could've made a better ending after the dad died.
Name: Rosa 1st March 2015
This is a great story but the ending isn't very nice when his father dies :( 😔
Name: Penny 2nd March 2015
it is1 of thoughs storys u grow up with
Name: Meghan 9th March 2015
I would like to have some myths related to Theseus. As a student it is part of my project and no other site shows it.
Name: Zoe 14th March 2015
I liked the idea of the site and it gives me an inspiration on how to write a story. The person who made the booking I the best. Now by reading the story have learned how to use my sense
Name: Fnaf Lover! 2nd April 2015
This is my favourite Greek myth yet! ;)
Name: Jess 14th April 2015
Cool myth! Even though the myth does look scary. That was cruel of theseus to leave the girl on the island. I do like this story but not very much.
Name: Jeray 14th April 2015
good website
Name: Marcus 22nd April 2015
that was awsomee
Name: Toby 22nd April 2015
He should've just told her after they got married that they need a break
Name: Toby 22nd April 2015
it would be better if they had more monsters
Name: Marcus 22nd April 2015
Name: Julia Faaiu 30th April 2015
Nice and great.
Name: Rabia 2nd May 2015
this is amazing. by the way is it true
Name: Bob 20th May 2015
Name: Caleb 28th May 2015
I really like this myth. I liked the sound effects when theseus's dad falls off the cliff into the sea.
Name: Sayna 1st June 2015
not a myth the story is true
but i liked the story layout
Name: Izzy 8th June 2015
i love this story its so cool
Name: Mmmmmmmmmm 19th June 2015
Name: Hahaha 31st July 2015
it\\\'s scary where the minatour broke his neck!!!!!
Name: Trevon 22nd August 2015
dam this is scary but interesting and it awesome. everything is awesome!
Name: Bravo 7th September 2015
I watch this at school !!!!!!!!!
Name: Jessica 15th September 2015
I love this story!
I is read and written very clearly. Also, there is very good describing words.
This story is defiantly going to be read and listened to again!
Name: Tom 26th September 2015
Ilove it!
Name: Wow 27th September 2015
I like the story but the minator quite scary I suppose 😁
Name: Caity 4th October 2015
Awesome, really helped me with my drama project.
Name: Mallie-ann 9th October 2015
Please let me Mallie ann janet Willingham write my own story about Theseus and the Mina tar.
Name: Suhailah 9th October 2015
Name: Kirsty 13th October 2015
SAD BUt I have been to the agean sea R.I.P Agean.
Name: A Chicken 9th November 2015
this is cool I love the internet.
Name: Katherine 9th November 2015
this is resally cool wsssppp people ......... hmu
Name: Micah The Boss 9th November 2015
Really good story
Name: Lucia 14th November 2015
It wasn't a really good story because it only had two pages but it gave you some information about it.
Name: Nakibullah 27th November 2015
its a good story
Name: Alvina Tariq 29th November 2015
A nice story. I really liked it. I loved the use of suspence throughout the story
Name: Abdullah 30th November 2015
it is a nice story an I created it into a tapistry
Name: Raven 1st December 2015
I love it
And some of them are scary
Name: IDIOT 1st December 2015
Name: Will 1st December 2015
Loved the story! Good Job!
Name: Caitlin-rose Shaw 6th December 2015
Bravo you made the. Story great welđone
Name: Shannon Graveling 11th December 2015
it is ok but is abit boring
Name: Emily 9th January 2016
Like all stories.
Name: Georgina 23rd January 2016
Name: Emma 27th January 2016
I really liked the myth, but I thought it was cruel that Theseus left her on a island.
Name: Amro 1st February 2016
That was amazing but I felt so sorry for the young woman who helped him to his way back to home
Name: Jim 2nd February 2016
Hi really good book
Name: Max 2nd February 2016
I loved it but what happened to the girl????????
Name: Evie 5th February 2016
Good story what happened after his father died
Name: Lol 7th February 2016
sssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooo good!
Name: Angus 9th February 2016
The voices were great,they really brought the story to life.
Name: Lollypop 10th February 2016
We've been learning about this at school but not this version I think ours is the best but this version is still good and we're going to do our own Greek myth
Name: Hi 16th February 2016
I am learning this at school
Name: Swagger 22nd February 2016
I really liked it. wonderful story. One question though, is the minotaur from the minoans or the mycenaens?
Name: Landon Demumbran 22nd February 2016
hercules and hydra
Name: Banny 27th February 2016
i am learning this in school
Name: Josh 1st March 2016
I love the story
Name: Conroy 2nd March 2016
i love this story!
Name: Jack And Ollie 5th March 2016
Jack liked the story because Theseus killed the Minotaur and I don't like it because Theseus' father jumped off the cliff. Ollie thought it was a strange story but I liked it a bit.🙂😟😺🤑
Name: Lydia 8th March 2016
Cool I like it😎😍😉😀😊😻😋😂
Name: Lebron 10th March 2016
i loved it it had everything romance,action,excitement.
Name: Joesy 19th March 2016
cool awesome amazing cool love it so much
Name: Breanna 2nd April 2016
thank you myths and legends tea
Name: Dominic 14th April 2016
Cool, almost horrifying
Name: Niki99 19th April 2016
sooooooo gruesome
Name: Joe Thompson 26th April 2016
good story but I'm trying write a story about why Theseus and the Minotaur is so importent
Name: Someone 1st May 2016
cool, really helped me with my homework!
Name: Joe Thompson 3rd May 2016
Good story but didn't tell whole story.
Name: Kegan 6th May 2016
cool is he like a demigod
Name: Poppy 7th May 2016
Good really detailed and helpful it helped me a lot and explained everything much better than at school thank you very much!!!
Name: Xoxo 10th May 2016
I love this but I saw other stories and they are different from this and they don't mention the black and white sails nor that he left her in the island but I still like it .
Name: Charlotte 2nd June 2016
this is a very good story
Name: Keira 13th June 2016
I hate it because it's not true
Name: Po 1st July 2016
this is not true dur there is no such thing as a half man half horse
Name: Ruben 12th July 2016
it is ok
Name: Ruben 12th July 2016
its a fairly good story
Name: Fatimah 27th July 2016
why does he think he is dead if the ship is moving. who do you think would be sailing the ship then but i have to admit that i am in love with this story.
Name: Cole 12th September 2016
Soooooooo cool
Name: Antonio 11th October 2016
it's pretty cool
Name: Celestino Chavez 13th October 2016
It is a good myth but it was sad that his dad jumped off a cliff because he thought his son was dead. Why did it have to end like this.
Name: Ellie Sibley 24th October 2016
I have been doing Theseus and the Minotaur at school on creative links and this isn't the correct version to the one that is at school. I have to rewrite the story goer my homework aswell.
Name: Keira Wood 1st November 2016
Great story but me and me friends always look away when the Minotaur gets killed .Anyway this website totally helps me with my homework. . Thank you so much
Name: Jamie 5th November 2016
what is going to happen next...
Name: Ayd 22nd November 2016
RIP OF need a plugin
Name: Sahara 26th November 2016
Nice story listened to one at school
Name: Leona 3rd December 2016
That was not nice
Name: Nushee 6th December 2016
Facts about minotaur and theuse
Name: John 16th December 2016
this is nice
Name: Roberto 21st December 2016
that was okay but add more detail
Name: Sandy 17th January 2017
this is good
Name: Teni 17th January 2017
I think the prince should've did what Percy did in light Thief where Percy jumped to the back of the Minotaur and removed one of its horns:)
Name: Marcayh 17th January 2017
i love it but a little bit more action
Name: Chanel 19th January 2017
In the lightning theif percy killed a minotaur and in Theseus battle with the minotaur theseus killed a minotaur
Name: Samy 19th January 2017
i like it but it needs more acton
Name: Me 26th January 2017
the minotaur got RKOed
Name: Pro 27th January 2017
It's amazing
Name: Antonne 29th January 2017
Good stories
Name: Me 2nd February 2017
the minotaur got shrecked so hard that he died
Name: ESM 4th February 2017
this really helped me with my homework
Name: Ujuyhy 28th February 2017
Name: Criss Even 28th February 2017
Name: Milla 5th March 2017
I so remember watching this at school in third grade! :]
Name: Lily 7th March 2017
this was ok
Name: Poppy 14th March 2017
awesome I love it so much
Name: Proutinator 14th March 2017
i like Theseus he is so funny im in love with him.
Name: Emily 18th March 2017
it was good but not that good I like the moving parts!!!!
Name: Henry 29th March 2017
I liked the part about the string flying out of Theseus\'s hand.
Name: Berkavitch 3rd April 2017
It was dramatic i loved the part where the dead jumped off.
Name: Ephraim 4th April 2017
such a great story i cant wait to hear more of these myths!
Name: Kelldon 4th April 2017
Really cool. #MINOTAURS ARE AWESOME. Sorry if I spelled something wrong.
Name: Kelechi Oti 2nd May 2017
I love this!
Name: Tabi 16th May 2017
i love it!
such a great story i cant wait to hear more of these myths!
Name: Cheyene 17th May 2017
I like story #THIS STORY IS PAWSOME😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
Name: Alisha 10th June 2017
Name: Ellie 4th July 2017
Good story
Name: Shawn Ge 5th August 2017
Wow! that is the best story Ever!
You ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Lauren 17th August 2017
Wow i really liked the sound effects and it was the best thhing ever
Name: Gabrielle Vehlewald 17th August 2017
GREAT animations and sound effects.
Name: Annabell 5th September 2017
I like this it is a nice way of thinking 😍😍😍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
Name: Andrew 7th September 2017
good job
Name: Rosie 10th September 2017
Its cool
Name: Liam 2nd October 2017
i think its a great way of teaching people .about Greek mythology. i know i definitely enjoyed reading Theseus and the mini tour
Name: Sushimaster995 9th October 2017
Very good for Greek mythology.
Name: Milly 14th October 2017
I don't know any story's like this well I do know one but I am not Shure if it is similar so I will tell you anyway. It's called Pandora's box. I think you should make a PowerPoint online about Theseus and the minotaur.
Name: Pippy 6th November 2017
Good myth. Teaches you about Grèeķ mythology.☺
Name: !!!!???? 5th December 2017
this tale is very good. It teaches you the culture of ancient greece.😃🇬🇷

Name: Lola 2nd February 2018
Name: Audrey 6th February 2018
Nice job!
Name: Kayla Thomas 17th April 2018
This Is A Great Tail i have learned something i never really knew about greece


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