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Finn MacCool and the Giant's Causeway

Name: Mrs Tarrach 8th November 2009
I like this story very much. I hope my class like it too.
Name: Mrs Tarrach's Class 9th November 2009
We think Finn is Cool but Oonagh saved the day. Well done.
Name: 123123 10th November 2009
thank you..glad that you liked it..;)))))))))))

Name: F8888888888888 11th November 2009
This story is off the chart
Name: Ayham 16th November 2009
I love the story but it can be improved by adding fierce creature.
Name: Mr Blakeman's Class 16th November 2009
We really want to travel across the rocks from Scotland to Ireland and challenge monsters and beasts on the way!
Name: Mr Blakeman's Class 16th November 2009
red giant is realy silly to challenge finn maccool because his wife will make him run away to scotland then finn and red giant will distroy the bridge.
Name: Ryan 16th November 2009
I like the bit when the man built a bridge
for the red giant.
I like the bit when the man was dressed
as a baby in the bath.
Name: POUNMYF 16th November 2009
Name: Laiba 17th November 2009
i liked it is good
Name: Ryan 19th November 2009
i love that story im gonna watch it again
Name: Ertyett 20th November 2009
This story does not really make sence
Name: Paige 21st November 2009
the best
Name: Anton 21st November 2009
I think finn is not very clever but his wife is.
Name: Daniel 26th November 2009
hi it is good
Name: Amarita 27th November 2009
this is awsome
Name: Holly Warner 5th December 2009
it was a fantastic story. I liked it very much.
Name: Jack 8th December 2009
totally awsome
Name: Myles 11th December 2009
Name: Prinsses 11th December 2009
liked it
Name: Warren Cooper 12th December 2009
It was great story
Name: Meg 13th December 2009
Name: Venus 15th December 2009
This is awsome i am going to watch it a hundred thousend times!
Name: Sydney 23rd December 2009
this is a fun game and i like to write storys.
Name: Orianna 27th December 2009
its a tiny bit boring and good aswell
Name: Junior 28th December 2009
The story is good and iv read this in school
Name: Balupanda 4th January 2010
This legend is very very nice. My parents even liked it.
Name: Kieron 4th January 2010
this story is a bit terrible, it made my eyes hurt
Name: Anisha 6th January 2010
Name: Zoe 11th January 2010
cool i love it
Name: Harkamal 15th January 2010
very good
Name: Casey L 16th January 2010
that wus not that bad actujy
Name: Bethany Hinchliffe 19th January 2010
this is very intresting but a bit bouring eventhough i do like stories like this because neally every day you find something new and that is true because i always learn something new .
Name: KerryrPearson 28th January 2010
Name: Emma Harper 30th January 2010
it's a legend and i guess the moral was, never pick a fight and someone will always be there for you, like if your a kid your mum loves you so she will be here for you to protect you, never doubt a person just cuz they are maybe annoying.We are doing this for school and this is an amazing website for morals and to tell the diffrence between myths and legends. thanks for reading my comment!
Name: R Bonney 5th February 2010
This is one of the best ones to me!my sis liked it too!
Name: Koolking9 6th February 2010
its alright
Name: Moiya 22nd February 2010
i loved this story and i saw it at school
Name: Gurkirat Singh 25th February 2010
This Story is Educational Yet Funny. Ask Your Teachers About Giants Cause Way Or Finn MacCool or Benandonner.You Never Know What You Might Expect!!
Name: Rhys 26th February 2010
I liked this story. We done it at school.
Name: William 28th February 2010
wicked story☺☺
Name: Er 1st March 2010
This is a bit funny but i like it
Name: Rosie Mc,partlin 1st March 2010
i love your story and it was scary but still cool
Name: Anthony 2nd March 2010
this story is really good.
Name: Louis Haggarty 9th March 2010
Name: Samuel 10th March 2010
it was so good I thoght it was a real story
Name: Brittany 12th March 2010
This was a good story.. thanks for helping me with my Geology project
Name: Emily Jones 14th March 2010
that was brill
Name: Meghna 15th March 2010
really cool I learned about it in year 3
Name: Amy 15th March 2010
It was very good
Name: Justin 15th March 2010
i think all the stories are great and exciting but can add more information
Name: Bob 18th March 2010
i think this story needs more information
Name: Emily 20th March 2010
it was very good I have been to scotland aswell
Name: Georgia 22nd March 2010
I like it butyou didn't put much connectives in it.
Name: Eva 22nd March 2010
very interesting but needs more information and diagrams about it
Name: Faby 25th March 2010
very intresting but a bit scary
Name: Freya 26th March 2010
this story is awesome i am actually Scottish but i live in Australia bye or should i say peace out
Name: Aliyah 30th March 2010
i like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Ffion 3rd April 2010
Great I thought that was the best myth ever in my life is that real?I do not know
Name: Jadie 10th April 2010
very good story welldone
Name: Ayesha 16th April 2010
very very nice story and so on i really loved it thank you for making this wonderfull story
Name: Helena 22nd April 2010
really cool story
Name: Alisha 25th April 2010
i love myths and legends.
Name: Ariel 28th April 2010
its an amazing story, I loved it!
Name: Zaienab 28th April 2010
i like the story and where do u get it from? and its really nice like your stories
i am 10 years old and i love to read!!!!!!
Name: Rebecca 28th April 2010
wat is the irland supose to be?
Name: Ellie 6th May 2010
is the story true? how do you know its true?
Name: Alex 12th May 2010
i love your storys!! were do you get them from? please tell me.
i am 10 and love this webbsite xxx
Name: Polpy 12th May 2010
i like it
Name: Erin123 19th May 2010
I liked your story.. it was interesting
i could read them all day :)
from erin and alex
Name: Alex 20th May 2010
it was an awesome story. i especially liked the pictures of the basalt columns.
Name: Liam 21st May 2010
so do i
Name: Hayleysnell1 24th May 2010
Name: Trina 25th May 2010
i like the graphics they were cool.
Name: Tilly 27th May 2010
good funny and cool I fort that they should just be freinds and stop fighting and ackting like babys
Name: Michelle 27th May 2010
Name: Lol 4th June 2010
lol. dis site is wel cool and im shoing it 2 all of my mmates! dey wil be wel plzd!
Name: Jasmine. 14th June 2010
It was a scary story,I liked the bit when the bad giant cracked his teeth.
Name: Isabella Fuhiniu 16th July 2010
So stuborn giants
Name: Sapotot Louise Lokene 26th July 2010
hi my name is sapoto and i want to say thanks for this web sit it is cool and its fun
Name: Sam 16th August 2010
Our little boy was born last year and we called him Finn Aaron. OUr next door neighbour told us about Finn Maccool and we changed his name to finn maccool Aaron Vickery. I just listened to the tale and enjoyed it so thank you its very good
Name: Sorina 20th August 2010
thanks a lot for the story...i was looking for some ideas on how to use it,as i had the chance to visit the giant's causeway this summer and wanted to do some activities with my students at school, not just show them plain pictures..Good job! :)
Name: Zara 14th September 2010
I think this is a cool story! :-)
Name: Evange 17th September 2010
Name: Rimsha 19th September 2010
Thats a cool story never seen before!
Name: Colin 27th September 2010
Wow that story is emotional! Very wonderful it describes and explains the reason of the giants causeway and the isle of man and the loch in island. I'd better focus on this on plot at SCHOOL
Name: Jaki 1st October 2010
I went to Ireland years ago and heard this story. I'm now teaching 'World of Stories' to my year 8 English class and knew I had to add it.
Name: Lululu 6th November 2010
this is a reely nice story,
dno wether its reel or not...:D
Name: Nadia 15th November 2010
pretty cool story
Name: B Keown 17th November 2010
Just to say, The Giant's Causeway is in Co Antrim, N Ireland. Thanks.
Name: Kate 17th November 2010
this story is cooland nice
Name: Georgia 19th November 2010
Quite a cool story!!!
I would love to meet a REAL giant though!!
Name: Choco 24th November 2010
Name: JimJam 28th November 2010
No real moral of the story, and isnt that, like, what myths and legend are about.
Name: Alex Droggitis 1st December 2010
Name: Alex Droggitis 1st December 2010
make it scaryer
Name: Zak 6th December 2010
it is cool but you can make it a bit scary
Name: Tj 14th December 2010
A very nice story. Seems as if it could've had a better ending though.
Name: Alexa2003 4th January 2011
Name: JAMES AND WESLEY 11th January 2011
IT was cool
Name: Leo 13th January 2011
Good story, love the way the story teller has a very Irish accent.
Name: Emma 16th January 2011
omg so weird!
Name: Bethany 26th January 2011
very good
Name: Jack 1st February 2011
It was alright and i liked it! :-)
Name: Lorna 2nd February 2011
omg that was freaky
Name: M.A 5th February 2011
Awesome story!
I loved it!
Name: Hannah 6th February 2011
I always loved the story
Name: Hannah 6th February 2011
Name: Ted 9th February 2011
i thought it was brlliant
Name: Emily Cheston 9th February 2011
I realy like this story because it\'s realy intresting!!!
Name: Aiza 11th February 2011
I love that mths and legends
Name: Aiza 11th February 2011
I love it yehhha
Name: Ciaran J 12th February 2011
it was awesome
Name: Faith 13th February 2011
I thought it was pretty cool!But is that a true story?
Name: Beatriz 15th February 2011
great story, read it 5 times already coz its SO good
Name: Kate And Maddy 16th February 2011
It was good but unusual. We like it!!!!!!!!!
Name: Fifi 22nd February 2011
this is the best how did you come up with such a good story.
Name: Fifi 22nd February 2011
so gooooooooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Jessica Devine St.Mary's College 22nd February 2011
i liked it a wee bit
Name: Lordwickedface 23rd February 2011
yeah good story is it true?
Name: Shane 28th February 2011
its gd
Name: JOHN 2nd March 2011

Name: Shanony 20th March 2011
two big feirce giants one big and red broke his teeth the other one was a big baby built something weird the wife is smarter girls are better ofcourse its epic
Name: Sarah 31st March 2011
its gd
Name: LARA 31st March 2011
Name: Sarah 8th April 2011
well done
Name: Amy 12th April 2011
this is gd
Name: Minniegg 25th April 2011
hi this is minniegg lov it mine is out tomoz its called minni pls comment or send me a message
Name: Riham 29th April 2011
Wow! that is brilliant keep it up!
Name: Manny 3rd May 2011
Name: Tsai 4th May 2011
this is good i like this game
Name: Joey 4th May 2011
very good
Name: Kayte 4th May 2011
it was disipionting then i thought it was
Name: Imran 4th May 2011
that was good you now that
Name: Sachin 10th May 2011
wow!supper good
Name: Loren 13th May 2011
awww im from ere its brill!
Name: Elizabeth Bowman 16th May 2011
The story was good but a bit more about it
Name: Octavia 18th May 2011
wow this is cooooooooooooooooooool
Name: Josh 20th May 2011
so cool i wont to read it again & again & oh you get the pitcher
Name: Court 31st May 2011
its ok i mean it needs to be a bit more exiting
Name: Kerri 2nd June 2011
cool but you should have more ladgends like the giants boot and himphery the camel!!!!
Name: Sean Dickens 5th June 2011
It was a very terrific story
Name: Rebecca 6th June 2011
i could say nothing love it
Name: Jaisun 7th June 2011
fuuny story
Name: Samiha 8th June 2011
Really great... I luved it........
Name: Ella 11th June 2011
i liked it
Name: Jamie 11th June 2011
I thought the story was great. It's a combination of all the legends of Finn Macool isn't it? Good story. My girlfriend said that proved boys were better then girls.
Name: Meghan 2nd July 2011
wow that was great I can't wait for the next story, this website is fun.
Name: Edward 5th July 2011
a good story, an old traditional tale from ireland. happily read it any time
Name: Hamza 10th July 2011
I love the accent.
Name: Doug 20th July 2011
Good story this is. really like it.
Name: Dylan 26th July 2011
its a nice story I showed my Nana because
the programme she was watching mentioned
said causeway!
Name: Charmaine 5th August 2011
i actually went to the giants causeway with my dad and sister... its a very beautiful place and i heard the story in the travel bus... but i wasn't convinced if the story was true or not... :/
Name: Faith 20th August 2011
that was scary
Name: Angleena 28th August 2011
Name: Myka Butorn 31st August 2011
i love it.:)
Name: Amy 9th September 2011
hi that is such a great story u no i heard a story just like that and it was called finn mccool aswell well done it is so good.
Name: Ellie Robinson 19th September 2011
I think the story is very good because the wrighter dscribed the story very well and explaned it.If I was the one who wrote the story I would of done it the same.Love ellie
Name: Ellie Robinson 19th September 2011
I love it.Love from Ellie
Name: Ellie Robinson 24th September 2011
I love this story.I think this story is very good because the writer has realy exprest the charactas realy good.Allso the writer has discribed the charictas in a verry good way. frrom Ellie.P.S.pleas can you put a new story up on this websut so that their is more peopel coming on the computer
Name: Alex 24th September 2011
That was a brilliant story and I love how you put so much feeling into it, very well done indeed
Name: Liyah 25th September 2011
it is a good legend
Name: Aardriana 30th September 2011
You are an awesome writer this is like the best story
Name: Bob 3rd October 2011
soooooooooooo coooooooooooooool
Name: Luke 7th October 2011
It is cool and I like it comment plzz
Name: Hannah 9th October 2011
l@wlz b3bz th!s iz 5uch a k3wl storayeee, im s33w gl@d th@t mummy m@d3 m3 s33 it !
Name: Sarah,sinead&medbh Ladd 14th October 2011
omg it is like the most unreal thing evaazz, forget facebook im going on this every night
Name: Chloe MacCool 16th October 2011
i am so lucky Finn MacCool is my great great great great grandfather
Name: X-IRISH-MAN 21st October 2011
funny but scary, one of the funny parts was when benendonnar tried to lift rockslol-_-
Name: Jake 1st November 2011
i love it it was amazing a ull give the movie a 100 out of 100
Name: Charandeep 3rd November 2011
Name: Iluvmyths 4th November 2011
love it i think it was great i actually think this was a legend too
Name: Imyxxxx 10th November 2011
i love this story it is AWESOME!
Name: Kelly 12th November 2011
A fantastic story, i remember my dad reading it to me as a child and then seeing the basalt formations is amazing. I story i will cherish and share with hundreds of other children.
Name: Sarah 15th November 2011
Name: Charlotte Smith 21st November 2011
The Finn Mccool story is really cool.You should listen to the stoy.It`s great!
Name: Imogen 29th November 2011
That story was cool and a great start off for my topic at school
Name: Frank 30th November 2011
cant hear siound
Name: Nelsa030.315 2nd December 2011
I THink it was funny because it was funny because the grown man was dressed as a babyy.
Name: AM 7th December 2011
OMG I live right beside the place it's set in!!!!!!!
Name: Selin 13th December 2011
that was brilliant.
Name: Mustaqeem 18th December 2011
awsmer than awssome!!!!
Name: Lucy 5th January 2012
this is a good website to use for my project in school on myths and legends
the film is a good idea it is more fun and if you want you can read along
Name: Sana 7th January 2012
this story is amazing and i like the animation
Name: Chloe 14th January 2012
i like this website xxxxxx
Name: Ketchina 18th January 2012
hi i liked it was interesting
Name: Caitilin 20th January 2012
love this story so much hepled me wth homework ♥♥♥ :)
Name: Caitilin Savage 20th January 2012
hey , class love the story thank the lord beacause it helped me wth my H/W soooooo coooooooooooooooo ♥♥♥♥
Name: Mythsrule 20th January 2012
goood i liked it
Name: Oketa 21st January 2012
I like this story because the man who is reading the story has expression.
Name: Kyran 23rd January 2012
i loved that story but where are there graves
Name: Alice 2nd February 2012
I thought it was interesting and ouna is very smart and good thinking !!!
Name: Kate 2nd February 2012
i thought this was very interesting and ouna was very good because she protected her husband from a very fierce giant
Name: Melody 10th February 2012
This story was cool :) Ooghna was really clever helping Finn from getting killed by the big one (can't remember his name)
Name: Luke 16th February 2012
Name: Abstar 20th February 2012
Really Cool!
I really thought it was clever of ooga to help her husband out.
Name: Romy 20th February 2012
i think the story of fin mcool is very interesting :) ....
Name: Izrath 27th February 2012
i like this story because it has good discription and powerful verbs. this could give you ideas to write a big story even do it is a little story.
Name: Paulo 27th February 2012
This story has powerful verbs good description
Name: Izah 27th February 2012
Name: Jay 27th February 2012
it was the best one
Name: Pasha 27th February 2012
I liked it and it was funny
Name: Georgina 27th February 2012
Name: Mason 27th February 2012
Name: Oneisha 27th February 2012
this story was good and who ever was reading was good
Name: Tyreese 27th February 2012
it was very good I liked the bit when the red man came that was very good
Name: Tyshk 12th March 2012
I really love that myth/legend. Ooonagh was a really quick thinker so maybe she should be included in the title.
Name: Srhys 19th March 2012
so good
Name: Asiya 20th March 2012
If i read all of the books they would be fantastic and i know they would
Name: Polly 2nd April 2012
It was realy good you should make some more.
Name: Jolie 16th April 2012
amazing im going to make one
Name: Holly 22nd April 2012
Wow! I,I,I it's STUNNING!!!
Name: Kaaa2756 28th April 2012
brilliant true story aye
Name: Amber Hunter 28th April 2012
WOW!!! this is a very intresting story ill be reading it again shortly ill neverforget this wonderfull/tremendous story your faithfully
Amber Hunter
Name: Jimbob 30th April 2012
that was rubbish
Name: 3e Mr E 30th April 2012
its cool for boys more then girls
Name: Sophie123123 1st May 2012
hey this story is really good
Name: Callum 2nd May 2012
Name: Beth 5th May 2012
WOW it was amazing
Name: Clue Butler 15th May 2012
Amazing in a interesting way i cant wait to read the rest if them truly Magnificent i hope all others who hear give you positive comments as well enjoy creating them and thank you i needed this and so did the rest of my family goodbye and Gracias
Name: Benandonner 12th June 2012
I enjoyed the animation and language presented in the feature. It was not too long or too boring. The voice of the speaker was appreciated greatly and the friendliness of the website.
Name: Sabrina 14th June 2012
wow i really like this interesting myth
Name: Liloj 22nd September 2012
that was very good
go the wife
Name: Kila 24th October 2012
Ive heard this story before!Its soooooooo not boringC Did you know that i
live in Ireland and I climbed the causeway!)
Name: Tom 21st November 2012
Great my Dad is Irish he loves Finn!
Epic story
Name: P6 Caledonia Primary, Saltcoats Scotland 22nd November 2012
Wa are doing a topic about myths. We found the story very entertaining
Name: Xena 7th December 2012
fin is the cutest i have irish imn my family and i love fin
Name: ARRIANNA 31st January 2013
Doing a project for my school and I found this very well explained and a great way to tell the tale. I also like the fact it says Northern Ireland at the top because Northern Ireland and Ireland are different (people say Ireland). I will use this website as much as I can and thanks to whoever made it. I also highly recommend this to others.
Name: Sophie 22nd February 2013
this is soooo cool
Name: Rachael 19th March 2013
Im from northern ireland and we've got into the tiniest little details in school like whereabouts the land split but this explains it so much better.
Name: Shola 20th March 2013
Clever story.
Name: Amber 23rd March 2013
really really good i loved it.
Name: Ismaeel 9th April 2013
i really enjoyed it
Name: Abi 1st May 2013
i fort it was really good but very long , could be shortened ?

Name: Tracy-anne 6th May 2013
Name: Regan 15th May 2013
Name: Naylor 22nd May 2013
Cool Story
Name: Asha Uddin 5th July 2013
i hate this !
Name: Naqi 17th July 2013
Name: Asia Man 28th July 2013
is this story a legend or a myth?
can you tell me?
Name: Joyce White 21st August 2013
I recently visited the amazing Giant's Causeway and look forward to sharing this story with a friend's children. I had seen photos and videos of the Causeway but it is much more dramatic seeing it in person. The Antrim coast of Ireland is beautiful and a place not to be missed if traveling in Ireland.
Name: Lucy 17th September 2013
Awesome story
Name: John Kelly 26th September 2013
hi im in shcool help me !!!!!
Name: Marielli 2nd October 2013
I'm american, and i am on the second year of Middle School, and this help me a lot on my homework, 'cause i was needing a myht or a legend from the UK (that was the country that my teacher choose 4 my team) so thanks a lot
Name: Adhik 28th October 2013
Name: Chelsea 28th October 2013
right this story is creeping me out
Name: Mai Murray 7th November 2013
This is an Irieh story not UK. Please inform people of this fact
Name: George Cox 11th November 2013
this is a pretty good story which I shall use for my geography project
Name: Jared Jaime 6th December 2013
it was ggggg oooooooooooooo ddddd
Name: Sky 7th December 2013
Love it!!!! Educational for kids!!!!: ) LOL.
Name: Daisy 30th December 2013
This legend is brilliant. I once read about it in the AQUILA magazine, and I decided to do a bit more research. I think Northern Island is a fascinating place, and I would like to visit it sometime. I'm very into Myths & Legends at the moment, so I might read about some more legends.
Name: Ehsan 27th January 2014
Hey guys guess what you know this place that the story is based on the picture of the place I have it on my computer...
Name: Roya 26th February 2014
this story is amaising!
it realy helped me with a prodject!
Name: Lily 3rd March 2014
yer very good i like it nice yer very nice just needs a little bit more do
Name: Teddy 3rd March 2014
well i know are similar story but i just can not remember
Name: Alice 13th March 2014

Name: Zaineb 17th April 2014
that was excellent
purely Irish!!!!!!!!:)
Name: Mia 9th May 2014
Never seen it before. I was scrolling down the page then found it Zaineb was right it is purely Irish.
Name: Izzfizz12 29th July 2014
I liked this story very much!
Name: Matthew 8th September 2014
Name: Olivia Donnelly 9th September 2014
iv been to the giants cause way is unbeliveable
Name: Conzo69 14th October 2014
#buzzin heading there next week
Name: Eric 19th October 2014
really good
Name: Celette 30th October 2014
i think that this story is similar to oisin and the land of youth.
Name: Finn 5th November 2014
OMG Thats me!

LOL im Finn
Name: Aimee 20th January 2015
Name: Heather 25th January 2015
it is a very good book and very well illustrated
Name: Daniel 6th February 2015
very good
Name: Adwoa 6th March 2015
Name: Saeaophi 31st March 2015
I love this book because it has my favouite Giant
Name: Jackson 14th April 2015
how do you pronounce Oonagh????
Name: AWall 17th April 2015
It's oo like in too then just na - oona!
Name: Erin 23rd April 2015
hi my name is erin and i really enjoy this because this story gets told inmy family loads its runs in the family half of us irish half of us welsh im quarter welsh quarter english quarter irish and quarter scotish
Name: Mary 19th October 2015
I like this story too. Thanks
Name: Issa 26th October 2015
I study religion in a PhD program. I love mythical tales and legends. We really need more exposure to them! These wonderful tales share a vast human and cultural history! This is actually a story i was told in the beautiful land of Ireland!
Name: Madison 24th November 2015
Name: Finn McCool 3rd February 2016
I´m sorry but I´m sooooo cool and that´s why my name is Finn McCool.
Name: Cdawgnasty 25th February 2016
Who is the author though?
Name: Elaine Doran 28th March 2016
it was the best storie ever we had a lovely time reading it
Name: Flora 24th June 2016
i love this so much
Name: Jim 28th September 2016
It was amazing and cool I liked Finmicool
Name: Jack 4th November 2016
very g00000ood
Name: Keiona 24th January 2017
good good book!!!
Name: The One 16th February 2017
it was ok but i think it needs more power then rocks but it is ok but you can put more work in it
Name: Angel 17th March 2017
This story got me a A plus in my report!
Name: Suraya 18th March 2017
Name: Yana 12th April 2017
I loved this story. It is much better than the other I have read.
Name: Tomasz 10th January 2018
Nice story. But a bit boring.
Name: Jarl 20th February 2018

How do i go about trying to create my own one of these.

They are very good - WELL DONE!




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