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Why A Snake Has No Legs

Name: Dd 2nd November 2009
i think it is alright but half of it dose not make sense.
Name: Missy 21st September 2010
I think this was a good fable, but the one I have read about how snake has no legs was different.
Name: Becca 25th October 2010
Pretty good!
Name: Andrew 12th November 2010
real reason is because of satan. satan tricked eve to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and satan was a serpent in disguise, so god punished him by forcing him to crawl on the ground all its life.
Name: Sian 29th January 2011
I't was diffrent to what ive heard about, mine is about snake traded his legs for some eyes.
But it was intresting for a long story like that.
I would never be able to do a story like that you are very brave from doing that.
Name: Talha Kamran 26th May 2011
it was interesting but not enough!!!
Name: Lola 20th July 2011
lol i am doing a progect on snakes
Name: Sarah.h 17th December 2011
Most ever, interesting I've ever heard from somebody talented like you!!!
Name: Belle 13th January 2012
lol it is so interesting i'll read it to my future grandchildren...
Name: Nina 7th February 2012
cool story i need to write on for school have any ideas?
Name: Sandra 8th March 2012
cool that why snake never nice to you because of that!
Name: GeminiGirl 12th March 2012
CooL...Awesome XD
Name: Sadan 27th March 2012
Name: Jaimee 12th July 2012
good story!

age 8 :-)
Name: Danil 25th July 2012
I thought god took. Them away
Name: Vincent 3rd August 2012
Name: Andy 3rd August 2012
good story ilike it
Name: Justin 16th August 2012
This story is so interesting and funny!
Name: Troy 10th September 2012
im using this story for my project lol...not pleadurisig...since some people care about that
Name: Angeline 28th December 2012
Name: Jessica 24th January 2013
its ok
Name: Isha 16th April 2013
nise story using it for my myth
Name: Abby 10th May 2013
I really like this book. I could read it all day because its so fabulious. I would give it a 10/10 if i could. I love it.
Name: Lottie And Harrison 10th May 2013
We think it was a strange
Name: Shanice And Emily 10th May 2013
It was a very good book but a snake no legs not. Nesscary :) exiting
Luv it
Name: Raya 4th June 2013
omgsh seiousouly thats what the snake gets but is really good
Name: Someone 11th June 2013
it was very shoort and didn\'t make sense if the snake got his leggs torn off how would he be ale to move and the amount of bood that the snake lost would have killed him, and the he couldn\'t repopulate.
Name: Abombabay 22nd August 2013
This is a good story but make it a bit longer next time :)
Well done!
Name: Miracle 20th September 2013
wow,so interesting...i didn't know why snakes didn't have legs,but now i know.. well done..:)
Name: Nunya 22nd October 2013
The story was awesome but did not make sense.
Name: Sandra Payson 10th November 2013
nice story
Name: Curtis 29th November 2013
you had some spelling misstakes and i didnt like it
Name: Mzingaye Tshuma 3rd March 2014
haaa nice story i like it
Name: Maryam 19th March 2014
i like it
Name: Kenzy 7th June 2014
wow i like this story
Name: Gilbert 26th June 2014
Haha ha!!! So who told u b coz at that time were no people at the earth?
Name: Kathy 3rd August 2014
sweet story :)
Name: Dandelion 8th September 2014
hi.that is very interesting story about snakes.its so useful for me.thanks
Name: Ellen 9th September 2014
Fix your spelling, but otherwise great!
Name: Julian 28th September 2014
Even tho this myth isnt true. But snakes really dont have legs because long ago when god made earth,satan got into the snake and the snake let him so therefore god said to the snake, "you will walk the earth slithering on your belly for the rest of your days here on earth".
Name: AWESOME 8th October 2014
this is awesome but.. i want a true fact
Name: Jasmine 12th January 2015
I like it because it is creative, thank you Ellen
Name: Manal 18th March 2015
It is great but i want a true fact because im reaserching on it every day
Name: Skydoesmine100 20th March 2015
It is true fact... I don't think so but I like that story not bad..
Name: Sfunukwazi 6th July 2015
No no i don\'t believe it this one is like Lamarckism idea
Name: Pooja Kori 23rd August 2015
its nice funny ........
but i dont no its true or false
Name: Lauren 9th September 2015
I think this story is very interesting and has helpful facts
Name: STEVEN 28th September 2015
It\'s interesting and keeps boredom away
Name: Josh 2nd December 2015
I can confirm this is biblically correct.
Name: Issac 7th March 2016
that\'s not how it works god made every animal and god just wanted snakes to not have feet and back then in Adam and eve and the devil trued him self into a snake and snakes never had legs because of god
Name: BOB 4th April 2016
in the last 3 lines , it says wheen instead of when
Name: Simon 4th April 2016
fine story
Name: Paras 30th May 2016
Very interesting,logical for kids
Name: Hanook 14th June 2016
Name: John.patterson 15th August 2016
It was a great story but there was a lot of spelling errors that set me back a little. Overall, it was a good story.
Name: Joshika 25th October 2016
it is a really really a great story.
Name: Jeff 13th January 2017
i copied it for school and got 100
Name: Savanna 4th May 2017
It\'s a great story I copied it for school and got a 100😜😀
Name: Nicole 12th May 2017
Super cute story
Name: Dhiya 14th June 2017
Cute used it for my homework
Name: Sarah 13th September 2017
the best myth ive ever seen and veru cute
Name: Caleb 20th October 2017
you messed up, you wrote snkae then snake.
Name: Mariana 25th October 2017
Used it for my project it was an amazing myth
Name: Joe Vincent 2nd November 2017
is this a foretale because i know monkey was no how to be a master
Name: Bangoma Ali 11th November 2017
wow!wow!!wow!! is that why the snake has no leg? mysterious!
Name: Kelvin 11th January 2018
wooooooooi!this is good one bt there is alot of spelling mistakes


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