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Restless Spirits and Ringing Bells

Name: Dave 26th September 2007
I have used your myths and legends to aid my teaching in a primary school. Thank you, they help bring lessons alive. Maybe a little more music to accompany inbetween.
Name: Parvin 20th November 2007
the best story as it is spoky i 9/10
Name: Chelsey 7th January 2008
it seamed scary at times and exiting thier is nothing to improve on.
Name: Natasha 22nd January 2008
I didn't really understand it but i thought it was pretty good. It just goes to show that ghosts just might be real...
Name: Linta Nasim 28th October 2008
great i love spooky stories and there is nothing to improve on
Name: Chloe 4th November 2008
i love spooky stuff
Name: Anyesha 21st November 2008
i loved it a very exciting story, and very scary!
Name: Curtis 6th January 2009
its good because it is spooky and funny
Name: Megan 7th January 2009
wow this story is absalotly amazing thank you for this magical story
Name: Char C 13th January 2009
hi yr 5 m its me its so cool i love u all
Name: Sehar 31st January 2009
im in yr 5
Name: Alexa 4th February 2009
Wow. i liked the movie. intense for the villagers....... i feel bad 4 them , i would kinda b frightened with the ghost n stuff.
Name: Scotty 21st February 2009
Name: Tayszea 7th April 2009
I loved it although it crept up my spine once or twice
Name: MAISIE 14th April 2009
that was great really scary thou
Name: Roger 15th May 2009
it was so funny i love it
Name: Roger 15th May 2009
hi i love it
Name: Kunle 8th July 2009
its was a bit SCARY
Name: Msgirlie 14th July 2009
is this a legend or myth??
Name: Skye.Stars.Moon 16th July 2009
Msgirlie - It is a myth. You can tell by the way it's set out.
Name: Alicia 3rd August 2009
it is a little scary because of the spirts
Name: Bert 18th August 2009
It's very good, wonderful!
Name: Ashley 19th September 2009
This story is a good story but no sound
Name: Hollie 30th September 2009
it is very good and a tiny bit scary
Name: Robert 9th November 2009
It was brillant. I like the bells.
Name: Zach 17th November 2009
it is scary
Name: Nathaniel 18th November 2009
but there is sound
Name: Junior 27th December 2009
Its a short story
Name: Shia 19th January 2010
I like this story:)
Name: Ben Miles 8th February 2010
i thought it could of been a little bit longer and spookier because it is myths and legends
Name: Luisa 17th February 2010
i just love u all so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: George 23rd February 2010
it is soooooooo scary and so cool
Name: Sam 23rd February 2010
it wasssssssss sooo cool
Name: CHLOE/VICKY 16th March 2010
liked the story but a tiny bit scary. you guys should be authors!! this book will get u far xxx
Name: Amy 20th March 2010
I never want to go near a bell again! Just joking though it was pretty scary1 Haha!!
Name: Sophia 22nd March 2010
never go to England EVER
Name: Zac 23rd March 2010
A bit scary but very good but if you like this youll like A mummys tale
Name: Me Xxx 9th July 2010
I got sort of scared but i liked the story.
Name: Lamitta 19th October 2010
That's cool.
Name: Jenni 8th January 2011
I loved this, it reminded me of a ghost story, which rock
Name: Bethanyxxx 20th January 2011
I cind of got scard but i really really liked it
Name: Nisha 27th January 2011
Name: Earl Paltrow Anand 18th February 2011
good as pie love it
Name: Riham 1st May 2011
Name: Maddy 7Aqua!!! 1st June 2011
Freaky!! not realy but made me be scared of sea mist! ^w^
Name: Megha 12th July 2011
a very intresting story (is it real?)
Name: Holly 20th July 2011
wow that wasn a little scary only a little ....... :)
Name: Doug 20th July 2011
Kinda creepy
Name: Chandini 13th August 2011
Name: Nerisha 18th September 2011
it was alright lil bit scary well only the bell thingy was
Name: Millie 28th November 2011
its bit wierd also creepy
Name: Romesha 11th December 2011
One spooky story alright. Made my sis jump.Im in secondary!!!
Name: Jayruler 31st January 2012
scary story!!!!!!!!!! made me have goosebumbs
Name: ELLA 14th February 2012
Name: Yasmin 22nd February 2012
This was not even scary! But it was very clever how it was put together.
Name: Danniella 4th March 2012
i think that story might be true!!!
Name: Tyshk 12th March 2012
Good story , slightly scary butmaybe it's true... Seems likely

Name: Emsy 23rd March 2012
That sounds freaky n true
Name: Miamia 21st April 2012
that story was freaky
Name: Fahima 18th June 2012
ok that was not freaky or scary i sleep near the atic im not scared
Name: Frankie 21st July 2012
wow that was a brilliant story, veryfreaky too!!
Name: Yoyo 2nd October 2012
a bit short but great
Name: Lolo 7th November 2012
Wow what wonderful story i might copy it in my test
Name: Jamie 27th November 2012
wow i have read alot of myths and legands but the ghost ones are by far the best
Name: Sophie 4th December 2012
You're right, Jamie ghost stories are the best ones so far but you also wrong because some of the non-ghost stories are also wonderful so I only half trust you, got it?
Name: Nick 10th December 2012
This legend is very interesting and mysterious. I like very much
Name: Mikey 12th December 2012
Man oh man i truly love ghost stories especial this one it is amazing good job writer.
Name: Kelly 13th December 2012
OMG this story is soo sweet i could marry it.
Name: Maddie 13th December 2012
good story ;)
Name: Rachel 18th December 2012
oh man this story is scary!
Name: Ellie 6th February 2013
gee it was creepy
Name: Abigail 17th February 2013
good but who is the main character
Name: Kelis 17th March 2013
this story is really scary
Name: Norman 3rd April 2013
AAAAHHHH I was dead scared!
Name: Zainab 23rd April 2013
this is the best legend ever i rate this a high level people should try ut
Name: Cannot Tell You 24th April 2013
this is dead scary i actually nearly cried.
Name: Regan 15th May 2013
Name: MoyaN10 2nd July 2013
I lve
5 star raiting
1000 red clay bells\1000 red clay bells (that is a lot of red clay bells)good job
Name: Senurayap 6th September 2013
who is the author for this story please tell me!!
Name: Aria 23rd November 2013
woah this was creepy !
Name: Ann Tidey 24th March 2014
I do like your site, and have used a few of your myths and legends with some appreciative students. However, is there something I need to do to get to hear the sound effects? I have got the speaker showing 'on', but cannot hear anything.
Thank you,

Name: Annabeth 12th December 2014
hey I have an issue with the speakers.they say on but the volume never come.
Name: Elise M 5th February 2015
My opinion is that this myth is the best one out of them all.
Name: Cristopher 18th March 2015
this was awsome
Name: Ava 2nd February 2016
I liked the author's imagination, but it wasn't very believable.
I did though like the story.
Name: Yeeun 1st March 2016
This is so creepy!!!!! I LOVE this story!
Name: Josephine 15th March 2016
i liked this but it needs more action. its really good still though!
Name: Shakira 14th May 2016
good sink it should have been story but i think it should have been much longer
Name: Mn 7th April 2017
Name: Taseen 7th April 2017
wow man
Name: Silver Bell 18th May 2017
It's kind of weird. I don't know why the spirits came so suddenly. But even it was MYSTERIOUS, it was kind of fun. I like the sound of [The Ringing Bells]


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