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The Wild Man of Orford

Name: Chloe 27th February 2008
i really enjoyed this story i am using it at school as a loocal legand story
Name: Pb 9th May 2008
Name: Kate 3rd June 2008
that was good,i enjoyed it,i got this website from my school.
Name: DIANA FRANSO 4th July 2008
i hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this story because its freeky
Name: Emma Bolingbroke 16th April 2009
wildly wicked
Name: Caylie 13th July 2009
Omg I LURVEEE These Stories, They're So Helpful At School AND In My Class We're Learning About Greeks :D Very Helpful AND Useful :D GO MYTHS AND LE-GENDS!!!Woooo!
Name: Lucy 16th October 2009
wow cool this is my favourite one!!:)
Name: Lucy 16th October 2009
wow this is my favourite one because my class are learning about myths and legents and it is so helpful.i went to the cinema today the 16.10.09 i whated into the west it was so cool!!!!!!:)
Name: Saad 25th November 2009
awesome it was great I LOVED IT
Name: Toni 3rd February 2010
this is a wierd story
Name: Nick 4th February 2010
this story is weird, i agree with toni
Name: Kimone 13th May 2010
i like it its kool
Name: Jade & Catherine 17th June 2010
It Was A Funny Myth But Weird And Uninque
Name: Ruby 23rd June 2010
Name: Me Xxx 10th July 2010
well it was ok i guess
Name: Shaun Mchutchison 28th July 2010
it was weird but ok
Name: NICKY GOODCHILD 15th September 2010
I love Kelly and Kevin's animation.Really great focus on the emotional content of the story. Lovely close ups and a really great ending.Fin! made me laugh out loud. Well done. I am going to be telling the story at the Colchester Free Festival on Saturday. Your animation has really inspired me!
Name: Rimsha 22nd September 2010
I really think it's too short! And hard to under stand!
Name: Freaky 1 Story 22nd December 2010
its to short but the stroy really puts a ending to it! :)
Name: Somebody 7th October 2011
It's a good story but in the actual ending he lived in the castle and escaped one night.
Name: Hannah 10th January 2012
i like this story
Name: Maeve 22nd January 2012
Wow. Just wow. I'm totaly speechlees.
Name: Bruno Afadam 6th April 2012
Your story is like a sleeping pill. I enjoy reading especially during night times to my children and it eventually put my children to sleep. I also enjoy the story very much.
Name: Elias 18th February 2013
apsalootly amazing and im speachless
Name: Xenia Stonehouse Gusewski 3rd June 2013
I thought is was quite good but it is rather short and maybe the poor merman couldn't talk becuase he was in water for the whole of his life
Name: MCSWAGGERS 25th February 2014
This story is a good but VERY short story.
It's like one of the stories you get in those fairy tale books with lots of stories in it. Anyway I think it is a story to be rated 3.5/5
Name: Sweetgirl1924 12th July 2016
Really cool but very short make it a bit longer please
Name: Alex 23rd May 2017
very good story i liked it but it was very short


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