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How Giraffes Got Long Necks

Name: Daniel 14th December 2009
IT IS NOT A WINTER STORY.Anyway it is a nice story
Name: Jacob 17th December 2009
That was almost the best story I have ever read!
Name: Ayisha 23rd December 2009
i really enjoyed the story,but it was quiet funny but very nice and good to read
Name: Lauren 7th January 2010
I think your story sounds like an adult wrote it - it is so good! You are a good author
Name: Chloe 7th January 2010
I realy liked the story and the storyline was good but daniels right it isn't a winter story but my friends would love it and I am sure you will get lots of good comment and i didnt like the part when they were all tugging at his neck because it could of hurt him alot and I am not comfortbale with that
Name: Manugirlrocks 7th January 2010
REALY funny
Name: Daisy 12th January 2010
wow what a wonderful story is it a legend huh.
Name: Amtul 13th January 2010
amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing story i just thought the part were the pulled his neck was a little wierd:)
Name: Poppy 13th January 2010
i like the story but chloe is right it must of hurt the tim and are you an adult or did you get some help and my sis likes it
Name: Tiegan 14th January 2010
soooooooo funny
Name: Maisey 14th January 2010
i loved it
Name: Georgia 15th January 2010
This is a really good story. I liked the bit when Alvin hid the ball up the tree and Tim got his neck stuck. That could be a popular story!
Name: Dean Tregunno 18th January 2010
i love the story!its great!!!
Name: Georgia Panteli 20th January 2010
thats great
Name: Georgia Panteli 20th January 2010
this story is absolutley amazing i couldnt believe it
Name: Younger Kid 21st January 2010
This is a great storry.
Name: Alfie Metcalfe 21st January 2010
I would like to see more of your draffe story's.
Name: Ella Oxley 25th January 2010
brilliant story good working fab
Name: Zoha 24th March 2010
i liked the story but Chloe is right the part were they were tugging his neck it would really
hurt:( but a good story
Name: Abigail Tamre 15th November 2010
i love this story giraffes are my favorite animals
Name: Petr88051 7th March 2011
Name: Abin 29th May 2012
Name: Alina 27th August 2012
very funny and fantastic story I have ever heard!!!
Name: Brittney Mason 9th September 2012
ummm i need to know how why the nec of a girafe is so much longer then the humans
Name: Victor 13th September 2012
this is one of my best stories i have ever heard. I\'m very grateful. Thank u very much. Awesome
Name: Millie 10th October 2012
i love this story it encourages people my age 10 years old and maybe above to write stories like this i love this story because it is very funny and awsome so i do wonder how did the baboon get a red bottom hope that could be another story awsome keep writing them plz
Name: Una 9th December 2012
Nice story :)
Name: Nikita 16th December 2012
just the story i need thank you
Name: Gabby 18th December 2012
nice ur very creative
Name: Bob 15th January 2013
Wow... that was awesome!
Name: Island691 29th January 2013
This is awesome but so not true...l0l
Name: Malakia 7th March 2013
i lke the story
Name: Jade 10th March 2013
thank you your story was a realy good idea it really helped my write a story for my recption buddy!!!!!
Name: Amelia 10th May 2013
That story was great!
Name: Yolo 14th May 2013
Name: Yolo 24th June 2013
i loved it

Name: Amelia 1st August 2013
I loved it!
Name: Sophie 30th September 2013
I really liked that story especially when all the giraffes pulled his legs.
Name: Karabo 8th October 2013
it is very interesting
Name: Luz Rivera 7th November 2013
It's a nice story, my son actually has this topic for homework. :)
Name: Jessi 2nd December 2013
I am doing a paper on a myth. I have to pick it and I think this story will do just fine. :)
Name: Laura 3rd March 2014
It's an awesome story
Name: TOM Clark 4th March 2014
cool story
Name: Daisie 10th March 2014
I loved this myth because it tells you how giraffes got their long necks.We are learning about myths and legends and that is why i read this myth.THIS MYTH IS SO AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Airene 22nd May 2014

Name: Name 16th July 2014
Name: Mynameiskoolkyle 29th July 2014
I dont really like this sotry because, its a fake story. Giraffes always had long neck because so they could reach the trees.
Name: Utkarsh 12th September 2014
The story helped me in activity. This website is very nice.
Name: Name 21st September 2014
wonder full
Name: Anish 24th September 2014
very nice story.
thanks by the way
Name: SONU RAY 6th October 2014
lordable... and awesome story.
Name: Hi Hi 18th October 2014
Name: Stephan 20th October 2014
Cool story thanks
Name: Hhh 2nd November 2014
Name: Maria Camila Gonzalez David 21st November 2014
very cool the story
Name: Issac 28th November 2014
Name: Mahi 27th December 2014
very nice story
Name: Daniel 26th February 2015
It is the weirdest myth ever
Name: Tatum 28th February 2015
It is da best myth eva
Name: Kaitlyn 2nd March 2015
It is a nice story it helps wen u need a folktale
Name: Aaron 4th March 2015
I say that THIS EXCERPT is good for kid 5 - 7 years old
Name: Eliza :D 15th May 2015
Lol i'm ten and i love this xD
Name: Matilde Machiavello 28th May 2015
Thanks! I love the tale and I'll use should you allow me to...
It'll be great fun to tell and use a puppet...what do you think?Yey!
Thanks again!
Name: Rocky 3rd June 2015
Name: Emily 7th July 2015
This is actually a really good story
Name: Patricia 21st July 2015
Loved this story, I needed a gifaffe story to read to my summer camp. A friend of mine brought me a giraffe statue from Nigeria
Name: Wow 23rd August 2015
Wow really funny =D=D=D owl
Name: Katya 11th November 2015
I love this story. Helped me with school.
Name: Bobby Joe Fred 9th January 2016
i like it.
Name: Kesha 31st January 2016
very interesting
Name: Surabhi Vikram 2nd February 2016
wow!Love it so much it really helped me at school
Name: Kendall 1st March 2016
So good myth lovr it 😉🙊
Name: Kanzah 12th March 2016
This myth is really interesting and enjoy full everyone Please read it
Name: Bethany 14th March 2016
Name: Josh 3rd May 2016
Name: Kgosi 30th May 2016
My teacher told us about this story
Name: Andrew 6th June 2016
This is really creative!
Name: Sailor 9th June 2016
This is a good idea
Name: Rebecca 16th July 2016
I love the story it is so creative ♥♥
Name: Maryam 20th July 2016
Name: Venus 30th August 2016
It's really interesting but can guys also write it in Afrikaans
Name: Someone 9th September 2016
Is this real? 😪
Name: Emily 14th September 2016
Name: GoobVibes 26th September 2016
This is hilarious ! And this story is very nice too!! But I'm pretty sure it's NOt real -.- but nice anyway:) 😄😄😄😉😉😉
Name: Aliyah 9th October 2016
i love the way you told that story
Name: Aliyah 9th October 2016
Name: Nipun Gangrade 17th October 2016
Plzz post the story on.
Make up a story which describe how the girraf got a long neck and cuckoo got a melodious voice in about 150-200 words.
Name: Ms 10th January 2017
Amazing we need to write our own story about how the giraffe got its neck
Name: Fabbiha Yasmin 9th February 2017
Name: Dangal 30th April 2017
Good story
Name: Poorvi 30th April 2017
Is this a real story
Name: Hafsa 19th May 2017
its good
Name: Sarika 3rd August 2017
It's a fantastic story for my school work
Name: Kimani 18th August 2017
Name: Michael 25th September 2017
It\'s very funny lol
Name: Chloe 26th September 2017
this is such a funny story!


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